Sony to streamline portfolio and focus on customer retention

by XB on 25th November 2014

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sony-logoSony held an Investor Day for its Electronics business in Japan earlier today, where it gave some initial insights into its plans for the mobile division. Sony will be providing a full strategic update on the mobile business in early 2015, but some of the key themes were laid bare now.

Sony has had success in its premium Xperia Z series range, reporting an increase in FY2014 sales within this segment, however the low/mid-range segment saw a significant year-on-year decline, as previously reported. So how does Sony plan to address this situation?

First of all, Sony will streamline its product portfolio. Sony specifically mentions that by reducing the number of products it will be able to improve the “resource allocation per product”. This is what many readers of this blog have been shouting about for years now: less phones, better support.

One of the slides attached below, show a number of competitor companies that have reduced their portfolio over the last couple of years. According to Sony, it has reduced its portfolio by 30% from 2012 to 2014. However, we don’t know where this number has come from as we count 14 models released this year (not including dual-SIM variants), which is the same number as in 2012.

What we did find really interesting from today’s event was how Sony’s customer retention rate has been steadily increasing. The customer retention rate currently stands at 35%, with Sony targeting 50% by 2017. This shows that customers that buy an Xperia device is increasingly likely to buy another.

Customer satisfaction will become a key driver in Sony’s future strategy. Sony says that a focus on retained customers will take precedence over acquired customers. One of the charts below, shows Sony’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) of Sony Xperia’s retained customers versus an acquired customer. The NPS for retained customers is significantly higher than for acquired customers.

By shifting marketing towards retained customers and increasing support of existing products, Sony should have a good chance of driving profitability and increasing customer satisfaction at the same time. Now we need to start seeing all of this put into practice.

In your view, what should Sony be doing to reverse its mobile slump? Are the above steps the right ones? If not, let us hear what you would do different.









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Thanks Clarence and Hendra!

  • ShinOrochiX

    This sounds good, so hopefully the successor to my Xperia SP will be a mid range 2015 Xperia device with good support.

  • thoughts

    there is some work to do in the accessories department i like to see cheaper docks they are overpriced for a piece of plastic with a cable, there should be production and price optimization there, to sell more products without hurting the profit too much, hopefully the z3 compact tablet will help improve the the sales of sony tablets, sony should do more research in the phone blog articles and comments filtering out the trash and keeping the valuable advice to improve.

  • Michael Hofmann

    I think sony should re-boot their Z series with a fresh design, that doesn’t have to be an all aluminium phone, but just give us something new. In addition to this I believe if they focus on delivering truly great products each time, something that really does make you go wow! with great innovation, like sony is doing with its high end camera line-up, then the sales will come.

  • Coolät

    This is good, right?

  • Ritwij

    I guess I read somewhere that Sony would pull out of the Mid Range segment.

  • HunsonAbadeer

    Too late for me, had a Xperia E1, good phone but way too expensive for what it offers and waaaaaay too buggy. Right now people on XDA is trying to port CM11 to it and its rather looking good since a couple weeks we aint had recovery and now we do :D

  • Lalala

    “focus on retained customers will take precedence over acquired customers”
    “increasing support of existing products”

    Don’t get fooled midrange buyers, these are all for the high class flagship buyers.

  • RealityCheck2014

    Thank GOD for the PS4 at the moment for SONY :P
    So no –
    Z4 in January
    Z5 in February
    Z6 in March… :D (it seemed that way with the past ‘Z’ phones which i thought was stupid really)
    + I would like them to do 1 good quality ‘Z’ phone a year + a few Cool 4K TV’s(that don’t cost to much & cost the same as the other companies are doing them at now) then that would be cool for now & see how that goes ;)

  • Too buggy? Mine (E1 Dual) is working fine here with rare random reboots.

  • Yes, it should be.

  • azzido

    It’s simple, give us in Z4:
    – 2K 5,5″ sapphire glass (both sides), oleophobic LASER screen
    – new design made of premium materials only, remind ARC or W980 designs (maybe Orange, transparent LED again?)
    – new Cyber-Shot curved camera that will pull competitors into shame
    – Snap 810 + 4GB of RAM
    – 32/64GB internal storage
    – dedicated amplifier + stereo speakers like in Z2 (with its notification led) + Mega BASS + noise cancellation headphones with longer cable APPLE quality = it will not break, we want it flexible, strong, made of premium materials
    – BATTERY life
    – Redesign UI full of nice animations (current one is good, but too long the same)
    – video calls
    – New Innovations
    – dedicated apps for gym, running, free offline GPS navigation

    – weak speaker for calling
    – weak front facing camera
    – weak traditional way of selling, advert

  • azzido

    Forgot to add:

    XENON FLASH + LED LIGHT for flashlight is a must!!!


  • azzido

    Dear Sony, while focusing on every feature of a Smartphone please do not forgot about traditional functions of a phone as it is its background. It is designed for calling and messaging. Please improve.

  • azzido

    conference calls :)

  • Dan Vafidis

    Midrange buyers will buy last years flagship at midrange price, that’s good

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    It seems like they’ll end the 6 month cycle after the Z4. Hopefully they can properly advertise and get a lot of carrier coverage for the Z4, Z4 Ultra and all the other tech that could be released alongside them.

    I agree with a new refreshed design, but most rumors are directed towards a smaller more rounded Z3. There cameras really need the that great Sony camera software from there Camera division to back that great camera sensor that all the other OEMs are clamoring for.

    Personally an aluminum Xperia Z device really excites me. My first Sony phone was the Z, never got the chance to try out there aluminum Xperia P

  • apolloa

    Don’t know why more people don’t buy their tablets are they are fantastic! Better than Samsung IMO and a match for Apple.
    But does this mean we will not get an Xperia Z4 Compact? Because if not I’ll grab a bargain priced Z3 Compact next year.

  • anonymous
  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I also lust for Sapphire glass. But alas that will never happen, Apple failed at it horribly, but if Sony could somehow find the funding and opportunity where they can successfully manufacturer it then that could be a huge game changer. No idea what you mean by “LASER screen”.

    If Sony is going to downsize there smartphone portfolio then maybe then can take some great mid range ideas and implement them into their flagship line. Such as the Xperia SP translucent bar, after they shrink the bezels down a little more.

    A new, and better camera sensor would be awesome, especially if the software behind it is as good as their software in their cameras.

    Agree on storage room and ram, as well as the SnapDragon chip, but most “leaks” so far point to 805.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I think it was to release less than what they are currently releasing.

  • Mark

    Nothing wrong with 6 month release cycles. Portfolio means dropping niche products. If Sony really want to spur intetest. A nexus like clean experience, where less is more. Nobody wants all the crap they fill their tablets with

  • shanefalco

    A good medium range: 4.3″ 960×540 8mpx snap410quad1.2ghz 8grom+sdcard 1gram with dimensions as z3compact at 199euro (xperia p3?). Sony must create tvspot if want to sell more smartphone!

  • lalala

    Here with their pricing, only in two years a sony flagship comes to midrange segment. Even their midrange is expensive (for nothing, none of the old sony charm is there, no good sound, no good cam, no aftersales supprt …) I guess we’ll wait and see.

  • jonoave

    Need to provide better software. They have good hardware: now just need to make sure their software is up to par.
    1. Sony makes among the best camera sensors, which is supplied to other phones too. Why doesn’t the Z3 takes the best pictures?
    2. Music Unlimited: Better audio quality than Spotify and Google Play Music. But the Android app is not stable, doesn’t offer high quality offline listening and the music catalogue is occasionally broken. With better software, they can give Spotify a run for their money with the tight integration between Xperia and PSN as well as their Walkman devices. Sony should offer more promotion and benefits to Xperia and Walkman users, not just PS users.

  • Luis

    128gb storage to add to what everyone else said. Plus add play editions, not everyone wants the manufacturer experience. This will rake in sales. Upgrade low/mid phones to kitkat and possibly lollipop. No more 8gb low cost phones. 16gb for low, 16/32 for mid, 32/64/128 for high end phones.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Still, I love to see my Z4 the real deal.

    – 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC (A57+A53 big.LITTLE CPU, Adreno 430 GPU, Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0)
    – 4 GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory, microSDXC up to 128 GB
    – 21 megapixel, 1/2.4-type IMX 230 Exmor RS Sensor w/ 192-point Phase Detection Autofocus for faster focusing speed
    – f/2.0, 25mm Sony G lens with Optical and Electronic Steadyshot for mobile w/ Active Mode
    – BIONZ X for mobile with ISO 12800
    – 5 megapixel front camera with 1/3″ Exmor RS sensor and autofocus, f/1.8 , 25mm Sony G lens
    – 4K, 30fps video recording in HEVC (H.265) format, 1080p-120 fps and 720p-240 fps slo-mo video
    – 5.2″ 1080p JDI IPS-NEO Triluminos display, X-Reality for mobile
    – LTE Cat.6 (300 Mbps)
    – USB 3.1 Type-C (reversible), NFC, WiFi 802.11ad WiGig, Bluetooth 4.1, MHL 3.0, Miracast, MirrorLink
    – Front facing stereo speakers with S-Force Front Surround Sound, Hi-Res Audio (24-bit, 192 kHz), ClearAudio and ClearBass, DSEE HX, S-Master Digital Amp for USB Audio
    – 3500 mAh battery, IP68 waterproof cert w/ microUSB and headset port open
    – Android 5.0 Lollipop

  • Felipe Pimenta

    While Sapphire Glass is REALLY resistant to scratches, it also breaks VERY easily, if dropped, for example. The better would be Gorilla Glass 4

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I’m honestly fine with either. If song continues to go with this beautiful glass and aluminum sandwich I’d prefer if it was scratch resistant. I have a black Z1 and Z3, fingerprints and smudges are temporary, scratches are forever.

  • jonyah

    apparently, the Z3V will be free on contract at the big V on black friday. Just thought I’d share.

  • jonyah

    Agree, Sapphire isn’t the answer. Shattered screens are worse than ones that can scratch. There’s a good reason Apple didn’t use it. Using it on their watch is completely different because there is little change of dropping something that is attached to you. I just use a tempered glass screen protector for my Z3. Provides the scratch resistance and if it shatters, I just replace it with another.

  • Cheng

    China slowing down in low-end? I don’t think so…millions of Iphone 6 and Note 4, Galaxy S5 is sold here. High-end is going to be more and more demanding in China. With just 0.9% it’s still the largest of 7.5 trillion Yen, so you shouldn’t underestimate the buying power here. Focus on high-ends but make the pricing competitive, keep under the Iphone range, then you will get a growth soon.

  • stitch

    I was a proud owner of Xperia P, the build quality is good, and the in hand feeling is just superb for a midranger that time. one nit to pick would be the flap, it is easily torn.
    Now i’ve changed to Galaxy S3, while it runs faster with bigger screen, the build quality is just, meh, plasticky and gets greasy easily
    I have high hope for Z4, as im intending to bury my S3 into the ground ASAP, i was hoping for some wow feature instead of just incremental upgrade, otherwise i might just settle for the Z3

  • Singh Noni

    Just reduce the prices of flagship after 6 months and make them mid range. It’ll help clear out the dead inventories and increase mkt share. In India the z3 compact is priced at 43000 rs where as in Australia its 500 dollars which converts to rs.25000. Its stupid

  • Zeke

    I’d suggest much the same.

    8GB internal flash storage min (~6GB for user), 125-135kg in weight, 128x65mm in size and at least 2000mAh battery.

    Really we are just taking about a mid-range Xperia Z3C with a 8MP camera instead of the 20MP camera and a mid-range Quad-Core chipset.
    Would that be so hard?
    Anyway, phones are off my list until 64-bit chipsets become more common.

  • ratnesh

    No update to XSP….no more sony smartphone. they all r lie.

  • Xajel

    I think that Sony should think about the bootloader and DRM thing they have… enthusiasts are dying to find a method to root the device without unlocking the bootloader, and if they found one, then Sony will patch it because it’s a security issue… and they say if you want then unlock the bootloader.. it’s very easy…

    Yes it’s very easy, but we will loose a lot of Sony’s features that we bought an Xperia for… If we just want to unlock the bootloader and install ROM’s then we will buy a Nexus or other phones… we’re unlocking the bootloader not because we wanted to unlock the bootloader, but we want to root it as quick as possible ( no waiting for new exploit to be found )… so please Sony re think again about your DRM’s and bootloader unlocking… we don’t mind unlocking to be able to have root, but we don’t want to loose Xperia features for ever !!

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Play phones are picked by Google.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Blame the indian taxes for that.

  • OMG. 35% retention rate ? 35% ? All this bla-bla’s and fancy graphs are BS. The only 3 letters wich remain: 3, 5 and %.

  • Prasad Daki

    Yes , its a good idea to focus more on retaining customers….by providing best customer support possible….it will make the customers more reliable to buy the company’s phones in future…no one would like to get their device to get outdated soon and buy a new one….from years before I’m a great fan of Sony because I’m using Sony phones from years…started from Ericsson and used many Xperia devices till now….Sony phone are much durable ones…the best one goes with the Walkman which is unbeatable….I’m a great lover of Sony in terms of it’s quality…just experienced a thing which annoys me a little…the lower and mid range Sony devices get outdated soon…rest all, just Hats off to Sony!!!!

  • Dmitry Perets

    1. Introduce an official way to provide feedback and submit suggestions. Right now there is no such mechanism, so whatever I will write below Sony will not hear. Retaining customers would really appreciate such a feedback.

    2. Respond like a serious company to customer complains. “Like a serious company” = “like Apple”. How long did it take Apple to respond to the complains about bending iPhone 6? Few days? How long did it take them to fix their terrible software upgrade 8.0.1? Few days? Now where is the statement from Sony about self-breaking glass on Z3C?

    3. Stop this crazy 6-month release cycle. Xperia Z2 is the phone that shouldn’t have been released. It should have been directly Z3, for similar price. Now people whi wants a phone think: “Z2 is not as cool as Z3, but Z3 is still too expensive, so let’s just go somewhere else”.

    4. Re-design the website. When I enter the phones section on, I see 24 phones including the entire alphabet after the word Xperia, things like Xperia sola etc. How am I supposed to focus on it?! I should see max 5 new phones there and a link to “Archived models” or something like this.

    5. Release a mid-range waterproof phone like Xperia M2 Aqua, but with 4.3-4.6″ screen and dimensions similar to Z3C. And release it worldwide, not like M2 Aqua. Why? Because people who want a mid-range phone are often not smartphone geeks, and such people are often looking for a compact phone. Waterproofness will make them prefer Sony over others. And now is the right time, because Motorolla left this corner empty by releasing the new Moto G with 5″, so it is not compact anymore.

    Something like this…

  • Dan Vafidis

    I don’t think so, Z1 compact costs 199€ now for example. and it’s last years compact. Z2 also can be found for 299€, very good price you know Z2 is still a very good phone

  • OMG.… 35% of user retention is so low! This means that most users look elsewhere after buying a Sony, why did they wait so much before starting to work on customer satisfaction? Apple has something close to 80%, and I bet Samsung has a much higher percentage too!

  • Are you joking? This would be an entry level, not a good mid range. A phone with those specs now costs 99 euros. And every decent phone has at least an HD screen now (see the moto G).

  • Sepehr Estaki

    but dude, I am a geek and I realy wait for a 64-bit compact and waterproof from SONY (4.7″-4.7″).

  • Dmitry Perets

    Sure, but this doesn’t contradict what I was saying =) I am not saying that “geeks” want only big phones. I am saying that “non-geeks” often want compact phones.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Most probably 2nd half of 2015.

  • mehhh

    what are you the figging hulk? to carry a 125-135kg phone in your pocket

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Main thing is distinguish itself from crowd !!
    Like hardly anyone one if m using Xperia Z1, Z2 or Z3 as they are almost same..release one standard flagship 5.2″ or 5.5″ in Feb-Mar, then one phablet in Oct-Nov 6″ Z Ultra series.
    And one or two budget phones anytime in year !!

    Develop and focus on your VITA platform to make it mobile OS, so that we can see hybrid of Sony Xperia Play & PS Vita – gamers will be yours by default !!

  • Zeke

    How about 125 -130grams.

  • dui

    How about 125kg

  • apolloa

    That would be great, I would certainly buy one then.

  • Dwayne Edwards

    I don’t think the issue is with Sony products, they come with great design and specs. I think the issue is with how Sony market them, especially their Xperia smartphone. This is the age of social networking and, online media. Sony need to get their phones in the hands of as many reviewers as possible, word travels fast. Some reviewers Such as MKBHD have 1 million subscribers on YouTube and I think a good review form them could greatly bolster Sony status. I also don’t think I have ever seen an decent non carrier Ad for a Xperia phone in the UK. I could be wrong however. Sony should continue on the path of amking great hardware, but take a notes from other smartphone makers on how to market their phone. Even if they say they dont have the budget they can look at ones such as Xioami and Oneplus. My 2 cents

  • P9

    see u 2015, sony, u r still king. :)

  • P9

    for me, i prefer getting a previous-generation awesome flagship than a downed-specs-midrange, I mean the previous flagship is more acceptable.

  • roeshak

    Well it seems the new CEO has a lot more common sense than the last idiot. But a lot of what they said was bull. Xperia blog are right to highlight the case with reduced portfolio. That’s bull! They reduced nothing so far. Also this talk of the flagships doing well is just investor confidence bull. The original Z was their only notable success story.
    At least it seems the 6 month madness is finally coming to an end which is very promising! Trouble is with apple and Samsung reinvigorated, it’s a very steep climb back up for Sony. Analyst estimate that apple will sell over 70 million iPhones this quarter. That’s just insane!! Samsung too after the poor performance of the S5 by their own standards are moving towards producing more premium devices. The alpha and note 4 are doing well and I expect the s6 to do well too.
    Sony had Samsung in its sights but the idiotic strategy of the old guy just hampered their progress.
    This year was a low point. To release a device as great as the z2 only to release the same device again 6 months later with some extremely modest refinements just shows their insanity!

  • kjmok

    Sony has caught my attention when they released Xperia Z and immediately i bought it without needing to think twice. Now with their Z series releasing one incarnation every 6 months, plus a very minimal upgrade from the previous, they’ve disappointed me. Now its almost 2 years after i got my Z, i dont wanna leave my Z hence i wanna get a second phone to be used alongside Z. No way im gonna get a Z4 unless they come up with something as impressive as HTC One and otherwise i’ll get an HTC One M9. Sorry Sony, your 6-month flagship cycle seriously let many down.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Snapdragon 400 sucks big time :( more a low end soc then mid

  • JEvans

    That’s a $hit phone.

  • Clavian Candrian

    I’m still hoping for Xperia Play’s successor… And i want Sony to give us longer sofware support. Those will be enough for me. Sorry for my bad english

  • Dean Weaver

    Sony make some great hardware (that even gets good reviews) YET only manages poor sales – could the appalling service & awful attitude of Sonymobile have anything to do with this I wonder…

  • Sony Entertainment Network

    Now People’ve got confused about Sony’s media apps, Sony gotta merge them together, for example
    – Album app merge into PlayMemories
    – Walkman app merge into Music Unilimited
    – Movie app merge into Video Unlimited
    – Sony Select merge into Xperia Lounge

    And it would be so great if I can use some cool apps like PlayStation Now and Vue (PlayStation Vue) on my Xperia flagship phone as well

  • Dickson

    Xperia Z4 Specification :
    ANDROIDID 5.1/5.2 Lollipop
    Dimension = 147, 5mmx74,3mmx7.1mm
    Weight = 138 gram
    5, 5 inch , IPS LCD Digitizer Touch and 2K Display, 17 M Colour, pixel density 550ppi
    Xperia Z4 Display = TRILUMINOS Display for mobile, Live Color LED+ for mobile / super vivid mode, X-Reality Engine for mobile, and Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine 3 for mobile.
    XPERIA Z4 Protection = Scratch Resistant ( Corning Gorilla Glass 4 ) and Shatterproof ( Dragontrail )
    XPERIA Z4 Material = Glass , Aluminium Frame , Metal Frame
    Camera = Rear Camera 22, 7 Megapixel with Dual LED Flash/LED Flash 4K30fps, 2160p60fps, 1440p90fps, 1080p120fps, 720p150fps and Front Camera 5 Megapixel 2160p30fps, 1080p60fps, 720p120fps
    Wide Lens = 23mm
    ISO = 13000
    Camera Sensor Size = 1/2.4
    New Camera Key Feature = Image Plane Phase Detection AF , White Correction, Fast Auto Focus, Super HDR, Brightness and Nightness Phase Detection , Continueos Video, Auto Burst Mode Capture, Faster Capture Camera , Video Sharing, and Auto Focus To Scenes
    Internet Connect = WiFi/Dual WiFi, Mobile Data for 5G, 4G and 3G
    Bluetooth = 4.1/4.2

  • Dmitry Perets

    Regarding PlayMemories – I don’t even understand WHY it exists when there is Google Photos. Regarding the app for controlling external cameras – this should be definitely integrated in a stock Xperia camera app.

    Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited – OK, I can understand that Sony wants to get some money from those. Although even there competing with Google Music & Movies on a phone running Android is not a very smart decision IMHO. And yes, they should be integrated into Walkman and Movies.

    Sony Select, Xperia Lounge and What’s New – those are three things that I fail even to see the difference between them, not to mention that I can’t find any use in any of those. Their only impact is that when you come to MediaMarkt, you see this terrible What’s New widget on Xperia Z3, then you say “Wow, it is such a mess, full of ads!” and go to Apple stand =D

  • Sony Fan since was born

    I feel today Sony has no passion to create their products or to allure people with new real cool innovations and people too they didn’t excited about any sony products! For example Look at Sony smartphone and Smartwatch thats just so so, so normal, so boring, nothing wow, nothing special… apple try to present their TouchID and Samsung or even Kyocera try to present their flexible oled phone but Sony… Empty and Nothing, Sony gotta change their image!!!

    and you know it’s so weird that company like Nokia can make the camera phone better than Sony, that’s a shame, so shame indeed so all Sony needs to do is quickly and seriously improve the camera quality(using Cyber-shot name instead camera, redesign camera UI, improve software algorithm and automode, greater camera sensor, look what Nokia did with their Lumia 1020 it’s very cool) and Sound quality(sony gotta put the real good DAC in their flagship phone not just those fake and lame sound software, Xperia’s music player app has nothing for music lovers Sony just use the WALKMAN name for marketing their phone… WALKMAN app is in Xperia flagship phone is just a hype)

    and yeah of course Sony gotta do something fresh like new UI (beautiful animations and useful, all circle icons like VitaOS) new phone design(Maybe sony should walk away from outdated classy design and move to cool futuristic style It would be so cool if sony will hire Daniel Simon as Xperia designer lol)

  • HJK

    Maybe just new UI is not enough Sony gotta add more geogerous wallpapers and more cool live wallpapers!!!

  • Guest

    You are correct, Sony does make some great hardware. However, while they are great, they are not perfect. Sony faltered a lot with the poor display on their Z, Z1 and to an extent the Z2 which I own. I always found it strange that for a company that has been in the TV and Display business for so long how could they not have a perfect display for their flagship phones. It was something every reviewer criticized with the Z and Z1. The Z2 was praised to be much improved until the Z3 was released. Now that the Z3 is released you get to understand that the Z2s display wasn’t so great after all. Another problem for Sony is high pricing. I am pretty sure even their low end phones are more expensive than offerings from other manufacturers. In general, Sony’s products have always been overpriced and they are now facing a more educated consumer.

  • Dickson

    Xperia Z4 Continue Specification
    Camera Size 23mm
    Camera Feature DIS, HDR, Video Sharing, Picture taking during video recording, Continuous Auto Focus, Continuous Video
    Bluetooth 4.1 EDR
    Mobile Hotspot
    USB 3.0/3.5
    MHL 4.0
    Other = Miracast, ANT+NFC, DLNA, MHL, Tethering, Computer sync, OTA sync, ANT+, Infared, MirrorLink
    Sensor =
    Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Gesture, Barometer, Step detector, Step counter, Hall, Fingerprint ID, Gesture, Barometer Hearing aid compatibility
    Security = Fingerprint ID
    Health Sensor
    Thanks Xperia Z4 but spec a reading my comment .Very Good

  • Dickson

    Details Make The Different Sony Details Xperia Z4 Best Higher Perfomance , Best Camera, Creative, Brilliant Display, Colourful. Faster Processor, Beauty Design, and Best Selfie Camera .
    I wait for xperia z4.

  • Kaostheory

    hTC upgraded their phone halfway through the cycle, so has Samsung. If the yearly cycle is your most important feature buy an iPhone.

  • Kaostheory

    Sony’s biggest mistake was not making the phones compatible with ps, a feature rumoured as early as the X10. Moving forward they should put a proprietary chip that allows older ps game exclusivity. Throwing in a free movie or music title a little more often wouldn’t hurt either.

  • Kaostheory

    The only problem I see is the naming scheme. The Z3 would have been better received as the Z2S. All the major manufacturers updated their phones halfway through the year with the exception of Apple. That being said I think with the release of their most complete phone to date (Z3), that being said they should hold off on the Z4 until they can get the 810.

  • Sony Entertainment Network

    HEY! this is Xperia! This is Sony mobile device! Sony culture! So it’s better that sony don’t want to depend on Google too much and try to make their own ecosystems Sony don’t like Samsung, HTC, LG or Xiaomi, Sony is electronics[Devices and Services] and entertainment[Movie, Game and Music] company, it’s unique!

    and Look what Apple did with iTunes man, You can listen your device’s media files or buy or streaming music and movies in one place, that’s such a great and simple idea!

    And PlayMemories app’s pretty useful as well especially if you have alpha or alpha NEX camera.

    Music Unilimited, Video Unlimite, PlayMemories and PlayStation Now, these cloud services apps(of course you can use offline) are future and I support Sony!

  • Abdul Ghani
  • Yasir Fawad

    Just heard a rumor Sony is using SD805 in Z4, now they are really gonna kill themselves. They are doing just non-sense if they do so.

  • Yasir Fawad

    Don’t day dream dear, rumors are of a SD 805.

  • Dmitry Perets

    First, your comparison is not really correct. Apple for iOS = Google for Android. So if you talk about Apple eco-system, you need to compare it to Google eco-system, not to Sony eco-system. And indeed, Google Music allows you to do what you describe. And you have Google Photos, Google Movies, Google Books etc. – all the Google eco-system that Android world enjoys.

    What Sony is trying to do is to compete with Google eco-system on the same device! They cannot REPLACE the Google eco-system, because this would be really sad for Android users. I hope you agree. So they are just duplicating it. So you have two photo clouds, two music clouds and two video clouds on the same device. Now, to be honest, I don’t care if they don’t force me to use it. I just think it is a waste of their resources. What I do care is that their apps are not well-integrated with Google eco-system – Album is not well-integrated with Google Photos, Walkman – with Google Music, Movies – with Google Movies. And this is wrong.

    This is wrong because most people probably prefer Google eco-system – why wouldn’t they, it is much more flexible, vendor-independent and popular in the world! And now this doesn’t work well with Sony apps – this is a mess…

    Regarding PlayMemories for external cameras – this is ANOTHER app (you see, they have a complete mess with it), and I agree that it is cool. But why not make it a part of the standard Xperia camera app?

  • Alzshaz

    New UI New UI New UI (for crying out loud)
    Better camera color reproduction (multiple tests from websites)
    Lesser bezels (fans preference)
    More carrier support (especially US market)
    Better marketing (my friend saw S5 dipped in water and it was the coolest thing he ever saw! I was like really and 90% of my friends didn’t know sony could do that)
    All that power and lack of communication or carrier support will still take sony into a whirlpool of loss

  • Alzshaz

    I love sony but if they don’t change their UI and a few finishes that the phones need I am afraid I will never return to android as the only android that I am ever gonna buy after having the iPhone (plz don’t hate this is my first iPhone) is a Sony (quality and perfection)

  • Sony Entertainment Network

    I respect and 70% agree with your comment especially about the bad integration of Sony apps but if sony kills them(I mean only media apps like Walkman/Album/Movie and cloud services like Movie and Music Unilimited apps and PlayMemories)… you know It sounds like… Sony is just a hardware maker, just that??

    OK I got Xperia phones because I want Sonyness but it only packed with a bunch of Google services? I don’t say Google photo, camera, movie and Music are bad they’re actually great but… U know those Sony’s media apps and cloud services are just another choices and at least they’ve made Xperia devices different and unique and also made Xperia phones can work perfectly with Bravia TV and PlayStation, this is Sony World!

  • Dmitry Perets

    For me “Sonyness” in software is a stylish Xperia UI, beautiful internal apps that I definitely want them to keep, great out-of-the-box experience that their phones bring etc. And of course hardware design, ergonimics, accessories – but we are not talking about hardware. So basically there are many things that form Sony Style, and I am the last one who wants them to become Yet Another Nexus Clone! But I just think that on server-side there is no point to compete with Google services. It is better to invest in their integratiom with custom Sony apps.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Still. Impossible of a Snapdragon 805 due to lack of modem inside SoC. Remember Z Ultra coming in with the first Snapdragon 800 SoC? Hmmm…

  • Siberian Messenger

    Sony’s JPEG compressing algorithm from its own camera department is EVEN NO BETTER than Canon or Nikon’s in professional DSLR area… So that’s the reason why Sony couldn’t make big progress in its software, and I don’t pay much hope to later Xperia’s image quality.

  • shubham

    you just read some shit and type it here.. sapphire glass is coating given on a glass to make it more scratch resistant! if sony emplys this in z4 the price will go crazy high! and you’ll be the first one to say.. OMG SONY YOU MADE Z4 SO EXPENSIVE:( I GOTTA SELL MY ORGANS FOR IT:(

  • shubham

    805 has lack of modem??? are you nuts or somewhere in Antarctica? it does have a modem.. it can support cat 4 4g!

  • shubham

    samsung’s retention rate is going down drastically.. well that’s because sony has too many devices to offer and it can’t or doesn’t to update those devices!

  • shubham

    a lil upgrades? z3 is any day better and faster than z.. i don’t know what your complaining about.. but here something sony might actual do away with bi annual flagship release!

  • Battal Aljadei

    Two flagships:
    One Flagship (5.2″ FHD Display, 20MP Camera, 810 Octacore, 3GB Ram, 32Gb Storage, 3500mAh Battery),
    One Compact (4.7″ HD Display, 16MP Camera, 808 Hexacore, 2GB Ram, 32Gb Storage, 2850 mAh Battery)
    Both are IP68 certified .

    Two Mid-rangers:
    The lowest one’s (4.5″ qHD Display, 1.3Ghz Quadcore, 1GB Ram, 8MP Camera, 8Gb storage, 2000mAh Battery)
    The Higher one’s ( 5″ HD Display, IP58 Certified, 1.8Ghz quadcore, 1.5GB Ram, 13MP Camera, 16GB Storage, 2350mAh Battery )

    Two Low-ends:
    The lowest one’s WVGA 4″ Display 5MP, 768MB Ram, 1.3Ghz dualcore, 4Gb storage 1500mAh Battery),
    The second’s qHD 4.3″ Display, IP57 Certified, 8MP Camera, 1GB RAM, 1.2Ghz Quadcore, 8GB Storage 1850 mAh Battery)

    Less bezels and stop making the phone more bigger each time !

  • shubham

    just go man.. just go! don’t even turn back to sony!! if you do i swear to god i swill run a speeding train over you.. or may be try n land airbus a380 on you!

  • shubham

    explain me why..

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Funny you didn’t take a research on it. SD805 has no integrated LTE modem, in which you still need to pair it with a Qualcomm LTE modem. This makes it power hungrier than SD801 since it has both made of 28nm die size, whereas the latter has integrated LTE modem in the SoC.

  • goldenblls

    I think any design they produce should be at least as good as the Z3 Compact. Small bezels.

    They should take a gamble on a high end Z series Walkman edition with built in S Master and other enhanced audio features, may be with a free six month musicunlimited subscription, exclusive content, money off MDR Hi Res headphones etc.

    I’d love something like that.

  • BioRobot

    Before Apple have iPhone they have iPod touch, Apple is very sucess with iPod touch first and then they develope it and becomes iPhone / iPad

    Sony too, Sony have great success with PlayStation, Sony should develop and expand PlayStation platform to other spaces like smart mobile Maybe Sony should make PlayStation Phone or make hybrid android/Vita OS smartphone… Something like Xperia Play II

  • Omarion07
  • Omarion07
  • Omarion07
  • no no

    Customer Retention while stopping wireless charger for z2 and make it z3 exclusive afterwards? bad joke!

  • shubham

    Haha! Funny and so ironic! Your research is wrong not mine! You should take a research on it.. man I can’t stop laughing at your comment! you’re quite hilarious! Now I’m pretty aure you live in Antarctica! Here is link from the qualcomm’s site.. you know qualcomm? The company that manufactures snapdragon! See the specs of the snapdragon 805 and especially the modem part ok? It does have an integrated modem that supports cat 4 4g!

    Think twice before typing shit that you don’t know and atleast don’t copy paste shit from stupid website and your imagination! Atleast from now on get your research verified from official site!

  • OLED
  • Clarence Alvarado

    Hope you know Anandtech and read every effin’ word.

    “Since the Snapdragon 805 is an APQ part, it lacks the integrated modem of the MSM SoCs we’ve found in most of Qualcomm’s recent flagships.”

    Now go pack yourself up and live at Antarctica.

    See for your own shxx dude, even Qualcomm knows how to shake its own axx off..

    “Integrated 4G LTE Advanced World Mode, supporting LTE FDD, LTE TDD, WCDMA (DC-HSPA+, DC-HSUPA), CDMA1x, EV-DO Rev. B, TD-SCDMA and GSM/EDGE (when paired with 3rd or 4th gen. Integrated LTE modem)”


    Now search for your own laughter dude. Hopefully you’re now reading the 810 architecture and go back to me if you already know the big.LITTLE configuration used in the 810.

  • Valder

    So what are you waiting for? Get Google Nexus man. You don’t deserve Sony Xperia devices.

  • Dmitry Perets

    On which cloud do you store your photos and how do you share them with the others?

  • shubham

    Well am sorry man! I really am.. I looked over the image of snapdragon 805 on qualcomms site and saw the integration of 4g modem on the soc and then when I thought that the modem integration that is the 4th generation and 3rd generation was done according to the company’s requirements! Based on what region they are gonna sell.. and in vague anger wrote it! I thought the 3 and 4th generation modems were an integral part of the soc! Sorry about being rude!

  • shubham

    Well I do know certain things about 810! Its an octa core unit.. typical ARM architecture build! Has two quad core units CORTEX A53 AND CORTEX A57 both can be active due to global task scheduling identical to exynos’s heterogeneous multitasking! For GPU Unit it has adreno 430 about 80% more efficient than adreno 330.. the cpu’s are made on a 20nm architecture compared to 28nm on the 805! Only problem is that doesn’t have an integrated wifi! It can support LPDDR4 RAM chip upto 4GB.. for camera it has a 14bit dual isp with speeds of 1.2gpixels/s! It can support cat6 and display resolution upto 4k at refresh rate of 60 hertz!

  • Very nice.

  • Gareth Berty

    Since when is apple quality? IPhones are the most returned phone on the market! So you seem to be clouded by apple’s marketing

  • Gareth Berty

    Since when is an iPhone exciting? When I see someone with an iPhone I think they are a sheep and follow other people and don’t actually look into which phone is better an xperia phone (z2/3) are far superior. Ok they don’t have touch id but let’s be honest it’s just a marketing gimmick which Samsung are trying to copy at least Sony don’t copy from others.

  • Faizal Mohd Ya Mustapa

    i think the biggest problem with sony is they try to sell phone slightly cheaper than everyone else, but people will always think why not pay a bit more and get ir blaster with whatever from competing company. i dont mind the 6 month live cycle, it make phone cheaper and better that I always upgrade every 6 months targeting last flagship when new one arrived.

    thing i hate most is different phone having different things, why make z and zl? why make t3 and c3 just put everything in one phone, thats what smartphone supposed to mean.

    but not for the z3 though, i like it, its look great, its perform wonderfully, it got all the basis right, so why not start adding on hype, add few things on the hardware side, things like dual led flashlight, wireless charging, ir blaster, light bar, more storage options, supersonic stylus pen, turbo charging is something that could be implemented and I don’t mind being charged more as the phone is already expensive as it is. other things might be 2nd screen n the back like yota, selfie cam and flash.

    and do more on the software side, used your branding, cybershot instead of camera, bravia instead of movie, or play memories instead of album. people love branding, nokia phone is full of them. other than that just put a lot of add on to native apps, like call recording, some gesture, do a nokia, give fast stock update, but launch new phone with Sony exclusive update like cyan, danime that nokia does.

    seriously sony got solid ip but they never used them, instead samsung used them and risk themselves getting sue by apple, Microsoft and nokia. push more play station stuff, why not give us a play station store, where we could buy theme or apps, and why not resell those ps1, psp title to us instead of making it exclusive to vita?

  • Sony Entertainment Networks

    Another Sony Corp’s big problem is every divisions have operated as separate units (just don’t get it why Apple and Google can manage their whole company by without splitting any division as a separate unit like Sony?) and that make Sony engineering teams are far apart and couldn’t work closely together that’s why OneSony plan will never happen or so Inefficient…

    For example Sony has devices like Xperia smartphone Z series and online services like Video Unlimited, Music Unilimited and PlayMemories but Sony can’t integrate their devices with online services and also release other nonsense apps like Sony Select which overlap with What’s new apps, Xperia Link and Smart Connect which overlap with PlayMemories Mobile (that’s so stupid and make people so confused)

    so You’ll see that Sony device and services are scattered apart in opposite directions so It’s better if sony’ll merge their Media apps and cloud service apps together, for example

    – Album app merge with PlayMemories Online/Home

    – Walkman app merge into Music Unilimited because sound quality of Walkman app’s in Xperia smartphone is not great as Walkman player so there’s no reason to use Walkman name and sony should merge their music player app into Music Unilimited app (now like APPLE did with its iTunes) So customers can listen mp3 songs and lossless files or streaming music all in one place (of course you can use offline mode) that’s a pretty smart idea and more easier to listen music

    – Movie app merge into Video Unlimited (Watch videos and streaming movies or TV programs in one place, of course you can use offline mode)

    – Merge PlayMemories Camera and PlayMemories Mobile features into Xperia’s Camera apps

    – defeat Sony Select app and merge What’s New with Xperia Lounge app

    And it would be so great if costumers can use PlayStation Now and Vue on their Xperia flagship as well!!!

  • What sony should do its as say in the post one year phone

  • Also they should make high end phones and forget the mid range

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