WALKMAN app update (8.5.A.0.6) brings Android Wear support

by XB on 26th November 2014

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Walkman update_3A new update to the Sony WALKMAN application is now rolling which moves the build number from version 8.4.A.5.4 to 8.5.A.0.6. The main new feature is Android Wear support – you can control music playback from your Android Wear device. In addition, you can also download playlists to your Android Wear device. Seems like a great update if you recently bought the SmartWatch 3.


Walkman update_0

Walkman update_1 Walkman update_2

Walkman update_4 Walkman update_5

Thanks Ashish!

  • Nate

    I also received an update for the weather widget that allows for re-sizing

  • Zivan Dolor Del Monte

    Nice one.. Keep it rolling

  • Silas Arentsen


  • Rene Pedroso

    I updated but there is not wearable link in the app as illustrated in the above pics in the posts. Am I missing a step????

  • jmaxim917

    Sony needs to change the layout of the home screen to show “Playing Now” in focus and “Listen Next” at the bottom. This would allow the artist art to match the artist of the album that’s playing and in focus. Pic 1 shows what it is now, however, it should look like pic 2 with the wording changed.

  • thoughts

    sony should give option to hide album art because my music and audio has no album art and it eats all my screen space and brings confusion

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  • All you suggestions are great, but what sony REALLY needs is a cast button to work with Chromecast. They have the ability to cast your screen in the Xperia Connect, so clearly there’s some support going on.

  • P9

    still not yet see queue artist feature to come back, and even want the holding volume key to next and previous. ^^

  • Pete

    Walkman UI is fucking mess, it needs completely redesign!

  • I wish Sony adds the option to pin things to the Walkman homescreen. With my Xperia S I used to pin my Favorites playlist and some songs straight to the main menu, so I could play them with one touch. Now with the Z3 I have to drag the side menu, click on playlists, click on Favorites and shuffle. I wish I could pin playlists to the main menu.

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  • New update

  • New update movie creator

  • Pupil22

    How did u change the top picture? I have that girl with a guitat and I dont like it :(

  • jmaxim917
  • usa_azteca

    selecting to dowload this update creates my xperia zL to crash. have to reboot and not try to update to normalize phone funcions

  • Kevin Kung

    Walkman has the best UI!!!!!

  • Supriyo

    They have removed the option to like/share in Facebook. Any reason? Or there is some other process for it?

  • Music Lover

    Waiting for Pitch Control ability

  • Killian Khoo

    So many anime High-Resolution Audio files WOW ~
    Wish can effort it sadly dont have so much money T.T

  • Niemand23

    Hello there. I have a Xperia V. Whenever I try to update my Walkman to this version using the Update Center I get an error: Impossible to update and the Update Center stopps working. I’ve tried clearing the cache but no succes. What should I do?

  • Gutt Grinder

    I wish they’ve could just improve the volume or make it louder.. XD Is there a way for me to increase the volume without rooting my xperia? Its one of the main reason’s I can’t let go of my iphone 4 since it gives me the better audio experience other than my xperia v..

  • Andrew Dodd

    The Android Wear support is an utter nightmare. If you don’t USE the feature, it creates a notification on the Wear device 2-3 time PER HOUR telling you to sync music. There is no way to turn this crap off.

  • Jacob Kral

    Glad this was on here, needed it to fix the hideous new version with bland “material design” and a terribad icon that didn’t fit in.

  • Wallflower11

    Please help me too, i can’t installed as it say the app is not installed.. Please ='(

  • Wallflower11

    Disappointed with sony latest ui why sony why are you so dumb ?!

  • Jacob Kral

    I just found the app in system settings and clicked “uninstall updates” to revert it back to the factory version, then installed this apk.

    Also you might need to go to Security > Allow unknown apps to be installed and make sure that is check marked

    I’m on the Z3 btw

  • Jacob Kral

    :S the xperia has wayyyy louder and better sound than iPhone.. Lol.. If you go to sound and hit the clear audio + it gets better. Or there’s a headphone booster too.

  • Pickicool

    Yeah, finally found it

  • Wallflower11

    Tq bro, i think i will stick a little bit longer with this new version until

  • peedoffwithsite

    do not use this website or any of the downloads. full of adware and viruses. totally dodgy website. should be ashamed.

  • Sorren Godley

    I’d like to see an option to save your play que as a playlist, rather than having to add every song individualy to a playlist

  • Pooja Seenauth

    Can anyone tell me how do i change the ‘home’ back to how it used to be.. i’ve changed it by mistake :(
    Here is a pic which could help of how i want it to be :(

  • Vasanth Kumar

    Hey, just move on Walkman
    home screen with your two fingers (like zoom out). The home screen layout will
    be reduce by size. Choose best size and layout for you. Final size is default
    layout (as you liked in earlier)

  • Vasanth Kumar

    Hey, just move on Walkman
    home screen with your two fingers (like zoom out). The home screen layout will be reduce by size. Choose best size and layout for you. Final size is default layout (as you liked in earlier)

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