Movie Creator update (2.2.A.0.8) brings manual creation

by XB on 27th November 2014

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Movie Creator 2.2.A.0.8_3The Sony Movie Creator app has received an update that moves the build number from version 2.1.A.0.7 to 2.2.A.0.8. The 8.7 MB update allows you to manually create your own movie highlight – simply hit the “Create” button in the “Coming soon” page. Sony says that you also have access to more music on the cloud but we’re not sure what this means in practice. The update should be rolling to Sony Xperia phones right now, or you can download from the link below.

DOWNLOAD: Movie Creator (2.2.A.0.8)

Movie Creator 2.2.A.0.8_1 Movie Creator 2.2.A.0.8_2

Movie Creator 2.2.A.0.8_3 Movie Creator 2.2.A.0.8_4

Movie Creator 2.2.A.0.8_5

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • Deki

    Just updated. Don’t have create button :-/
    Don’t know why…

  • doministry

    Me either! No create button

  • gtop

    Nope, no Create button here. Yet another Sony feature mentioned in release notes that doesn’t make it to the actual updated app, it seems … or maybe there’s some magical incantation to summon it somehow.

  • NardV

    Nope, no create button either.

  • fnnoname

    You need to summon the dark lord for it to appear

  • Rene Pedroso


  • Xperia Z3 D6653. I updated and I can see the create button, don’t know why everyone can’t see it.

  • mrnino

    probably u dont have take enought photos/videos to creat movie

  • niki

    same here no create button on xperia z3 also……………..

  • Marinko Agic

    Same here!

  • rohorubo

    Have 98 fotos in camera roll but no create button. Don’t understand the way Sony creates this Movie Creator. I’m coming from HTC and ZOE was just great and it was always possible to create a short movie no matter of date, time, amount of fotos or whatever…

  • Aigars Vilc?ns

    Xperia Z3 Compact – no create button!


    updated they will soon make create button available

  • Deki

    We’ll see about that…

  • rohorubo

    ok…hopefully Sony will cut this. I would like to be able to create movies whenever I want. So this update is not really “manually create movies”.

  • lynx

    useless app for me and no way to uninstall. — bloatware!

  • Gokberk

    Same problem -.-“

  • Disable the app (?)

  • Deki

    Ok, I shot more photos and I got the Create button… :-)

    Problem solved! :-)

  • simply the app is not for everyone but its something special for the one with interest.

  • ash

    go to setting –> apps and search that app ta and then tap uninstall

  • ash

    click some photos after installation and it will be available

  • AeronMcaerhon

    No.. Star – Lord

  • lynx

    it is an system app! –> there is no uninstall only “uninstall updates”!

  • lynx

    nice idea. :-)

  • iks

    It’s working! I made 50 pictures and create button appeared

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  • conny

    Useless app and no way to uninstall Bloatware

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