Free third-party (eXPERIAnZ) Xperia Themes to check out: Love, Winter and Football

by XB on 8th December 2014

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Theme eXPERIAnZ - Love_3_resultThird-party developer Ven1aONE has released a number of new Xperia Themes into the Google Play Store. Seven “eXPERIAnZ” themes have been released and three of those are free right now including Love, Winter and Football. You will find the download links of all three below.

Theme eXPERIAnZ – Love

Theme eXPERIAnZ - Love_1_result

Theme eXPERIAnZ - Love_2_result Theme eXPERIAnZ - Love_3_result

Theme eXPERIAnZ - Love_4_result Theme eXPERIAnZ - Love_5_result

Theme eXPERIAnZ – Winter

Theme eXPERIAnZ - Winter_1_result

Theme eXPERIAnZ - Winter_2_result Theme eXPERIAnZ - Winter_4_result

Theme eXPERIAnZ – Football

Theme eXPERIAnZ - Football_1_result

Theme eXPERIAnZ - Football_3_result Theme eXPERIAnZ - Football_4_result

  • Shehab Skull

    I think xperia blog shouldn’t share those themes because they are sucks. ._.

  • Alexx

    Is this a joke

  • peter

    As usual, complete cr…. With a due respect to the person who made them, but please, stop sharing these, they are just awful.

  • GregLu

    Some people like these kind of theme. That’s the beauty of this : YOU ACTUALLY HAVE THE CHOICE TO USE IT OR NOT.

  • jookka

    Theme makers going overboard, themes should be more subtle imo.

  • gmfady

    .. accordin 2 wt song he is listinin in the 1st Theme Love! .. hmmmm may be he must change the theme Name :D

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    OMG stop complaining. They just sharing the news.

  • mah

    Your site is re-activated.;-)This is great

  • Guest

    These are actually better than the usual tbh.

  • Murad

    Does anyone know how to solve , when applying theme back , menu and task icons doesnt change ?

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    As in live wallpaper?

  • Murad

    walpaper changing , icons below

  • You need to be running android kitkat to change the navigation buttons.

  • Murad

    But before it was changing . using jeally bean 4.3

  • Shehab Skull

    Yes u re right but why xperia blog doesn’t share another themes like my palAtial theme for example?
    They have shared noob themes!

  • inspire

    More theme crap. It’s not the Sony Ericsson non smartphone era where themes made sense (only way to see some changes in your phone).
    Either try to be more subtle next time or just stop this trolling (Samsung and LG are enough to irritate me with their ugly and childish UI, please don’t do this with beautiful xperias)

  • GregLu

    IDK. Did you contact XperiaBlog about it/them if you have several theme ? I’m sure they will be gladly share more theme for Xperia users :)

  • Dany MID Zero

    Hi, I used your theme, really nice, and waiting for your full version (because in xda is only beta)
    Grettings from Mexico

  • Guest

    Maybe you shouldn’t share your comments in English because your English sucks.

  • Shehab Skull

    I will release the stable virsion on Thursday :) with a flat iconpak and material calculator (this what themers should do) and I am really glad to see my theme arrived to Mexico <3

  • Jiyeon90

    What music widget is that?

  • David Hvatov

    They all suck.

  • Guest

    LOL are u kidding me ?

  • Shehab Skull

    Or maybe u don’t understand English will .

  • Dany MID Zero

    Ok bro, I’ll be waiting, thanks a lot

  • Dash

    This themes need to be rooted for certain developer themes for android 4.3

  • EPGuest

    There should be a nice Christmas Theme
    I’ve now downloaded a Christmas wallpaper, but the rest is still a little meh

  • Aima Akhtar

    i think xperia should make some comic font themes :/ i really want comic fonts in my phone

  • Aima Akhtar

    please sony make some comic fonts for xperia z

  • Deckard_Cain

    The best themes still are the Triflat and Lolipop themes. No contest.

    Would love to see a theme with properly designed menu buttons because in most of them, the menu buttons are ugly as sin.


  • GregLu

    I’ve shouted just to make think clear at first haha

  • Sho Firdaus

    maybe because people can actually find these themes on google play? i search “palAtial theme” i get 1 search result: monopoly millionaire app … LOL

  • Sho Firdaus

    ah hell no. no no no no no no no no no no no! :P

  • Azam
  • Azam
  • Azam
  • Azam
  • Azam
  • sam

    works without root?

  • Guest

    1) It’s well not will
    2) It’s version not virsion
    3)”they are suck” what is that?
    I see it’s OK for you to criticize someone’s efforts, yet you get on the defensive when you are criticize.

  • Erol ?AH?N
  • Shehab Skull

    I will release it on market tonight :P

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