Sketch app updated (6.0.A.0.5) with new design and ability to share sketches

by XB on 18th December 2014

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Sketch update_1_resultSony has updated its Sketch application moving the build number from 5.0.A.0.2 to version 6.0.A.0.5. One of the big new changes in this update is a new UI – an almost material-like design, with bright colours and a flat design across certain elements. In addition, Sony now lets you share sketches with other users, allowing them to join the fun. The latest update can be found on the Google Play Store.

DOWNLOAD: Sketch (6.0.A.0.5)

Sketch_1 Sketch_2

Sketch_3 Sketch_4

Sketch update_1_result Sketch update_2_result

Sketch update_3_result Sketch update_4_result

Thanks Armaan, Ben and Lukáš!

  • Android 5.0?

  • Hasan Aleadani

    maybe a wink, but the clock widget is Z2’s one

  • yes, but you can change

  • ali khanyabi

    where did u got this pic???

  • Diogo Simões

    What picture??

  • jumbo3220

    he took it from the promo video of new sketch app

  • Maggard

    iOS Versions
    Would be good marketing to create an iOS
    version able to share sketches between Android systems. I’ve got four
    iPhone users I’d like to get over to Xperia devices, and sharing
    creative creations in Sony apps would definitely help.
    PlayStation Versions
    providing this on the PS-Vita, PS3 and PS4 would be nice benefit.
    Perhaps the PSP w/Camera attachment if possible. I’d love to take
    screen shots from a game, mark up & highlight key areas and send off
    to fellow PS-Vita owners. Perhaps pushing this onto PS-Mobile while
    the PlayStation App is developed is posssible.
    PS-Mobile Apps
    that note, I’d love to see many of the Android Apps from Sony available
    on the PS-Vita via PSM Apps. Loosing PSM support on my Xperia is rough
    enough, so showing a bit of love by making apps from Sony available
    would be an appreciated kindness.

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    New app updates for photo editor and info eye

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Photo editor

  • Ritwij

    Very highly likely

  • Matthias

    Apart from the Floating Action Button, the new Sketch app doesn’t have much to do with Material Design…

    Personally I think it’s not bad, but they should have gone the whole way. It just feels incomplete and somehow messed up.

    They’re even using the old Jelly Bean style handle for the Navigation Drawer… (the far left side of the Action Bar).

  • Hasan Aleadani

    HOW??? without root??

  • Yes. I don’t have root on my Z2

  • Hasan Aleadani

    but how can you do that, whenever i try to install it it gives me a message saying “a package with the same signature and conflicting name is already installed

  • R. Vesker

    Android is free and open am I right?
    So why Sony gotta follow google every steps

    Sony should create their own style of the UI, I think something like Aero Glass transparency is much more beautiful and premium than the material design which looks boring and cheap.

  • Alexandre

    My concept icons with material design haha

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