Info-eye app updated (1.7.05) with improved recognition for barcodes

by XB on 19th December 2014

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2014-12-19 17.46.00Sony has updated the Info-eye application which moves the build number from 1.6.07 to version 1.7.05.The 21.1 MB update brings improved recognition for barcodes, QR codes, text and business cards. For photos that aren’t recognised, Sony has improved the way that you can submit more details for that object or landmark.

DOWNLOAD: Info-eye (1.7.05)

2014-12-19 17.46.00

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • Ritwij

    Meh. Just meh.

  • Lame Sony

    Another useless app from Sony, same shit as always LoL

  • ????????



  • adneon0

    this app seriously requires great updates and performance improvement.. Most of the time it’s wrong !

  • Gareth Lloyd

    Not working for me z2 just can’t focus on the bar codes. Have used 3rd party barcode scanner, same problem with autofocus. But can take macro pics with normal camera. I used to scan barcode on much older phones. Can sony get anything right anymore they are their own downfall

  • Jecht_Sin

    Che testa di Cazzo

  • mUSICA

    too slow download..sum1 upload it on another site

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