Sony reveals CES 2015 tease: “Welcome to the New World”

by XB on 19th December 2014

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Sony Welcome to the New WorldSony has just published a very cryptic video teaser entitled: “Welcome to the New World”. The 43-second video doesn’t explicitly say what it relates to but there are numerous references to its mobile devices including our list below (please let us know your thoughts in the comments below). The title of the video is purposely vague, we’re eager to find out more.

Our thoughts on Sony’s “Welcome to the New World” video

1) A very thin piece of electronic hardware is teased at the beginning, which is possibly a new tablet (or maybe a smartphone). The fact that the hand looks to lift the device suggests this is a mobile device rather than a television for example.

Sony New World_1

2) Pressing number ‘5’ on the lift: Sony’s CES 2015 press conference takes place on 5 January 2015.

Sony New World_2

We’re not sure whether this particular still is meant to reveal anything. Could be something to do with colour of the device, given the emphasis on coat and red top underneath.

Sony New World_2b

We are stumped as to what this elevator shaft is meant to signify. It could just be there to be arty though!

Sony New World_2c

3) A girl eating a lollipop (this one is obvious): It hints that Sony is ready to show its version of Android 5.0 Lollipop to the world.

Sony New World_3

4) Sound waves: Could Sony be introducing new sound technology to its mobile devices?

Sony New World_4

5) A chameleon in different colours: Could be camera or display related.

Sony New World_5

6) Picture Start in 5: Once again likely reference to the Sony’s CES 2015 press date of 5 January 2015.

Sony New World_6a

Sony New World_6

7) “BRILLIANCE” written in coloured lights: At first take it looks like these are just words written out. However, as the small snippet plays out you can see they are being written people behind each word. This is the giveaway, showing it is using the “Firework” camera mode in the Xperia Z3 series.

Sony New World_7

Sony New World_7b

8) Paris by day and night: Could be hinting at low-light camera capabilities.

Sony New World_8

9) Shadow of a knight fighting a monster, whilst a girl in the foreground holds a mobile device: Obviously gaming related.

Sony New World_9

10) A very thin glass separates two hands: Not sure what this one is about. Certainly too thick for mobiles, perhaps related to an upcoming television? It could signify something else though.

Sony New World_10

11) Guy sitting on a bench seeing a rainbow made by coloured puffs of smoke: This one could be anything including camera or display.

Sony New World_11

12) Women opening a door in a dark room and then a close up of the eye: WTF!? No idea.

Sony New World_12

Sony New World_12b

13) Young girl with a close up of the eye: Look closely and you’ll see the silhouette of a phone.

Sony New World_13

Sony New World_13b

14) Hairs on an arm standing up: Obviously to signify we’re to witness something special.

Sony New World_14

15) Tears rolling down a cheek: Could be similar to above or have a wider meaning.

Sony New World_15

16) Young boy listening to pregnant mother’s tummy: Signifies that something new coming is coming from Sony.

Sony New World_16

17) Sony: Welcome to the New World

Sony New World_17

  • Ashroft

    Xperia SP2 and Z4 !!!

  • JP

    “Welcome to the New World”

    I am sure conspiracy theorists from Samsung, Apple, etc. will condemn Sony for taking part in the New World Order. Illuminati, anyone? Lol.

  • Micro

    for me it’s clear, smart glasses
    it’s Polish site but official one (you can see the glasses, no fakes).
    Makes sense for me, the thin glass on the beginning looks exactly like the one on that glasses photo. And images on the teaser, ppl see things in the air. Works for me, it’s about them.

  • JackMerson

    Hairs on the skin (or goosebumps) could indicate a technology on sound quality. Look at the Xperia Z3 video (the one with Iyes – Glow music on it) – it has almost the same goosebumps

    New technology on display and sound are more liekly though (which means new TVs) and the Paris could indicate new camera from Sony (plus a thin new device). Just a guess!

  • adneon0

    Sony is very good at teasers :) .. Hope the rumors go true.. !!

  • Micro

    sorry, I meant Smart EyeGlasses

  • Coolkid

    Awesome teaser indeed… Hope they’ll announce something great regarding Xperia…!!!

  • Gav

    Great teaser!!

  • One of the important teasers you missed out! “Welcome to the New World” was done as if translated from speech. This could be huge?

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  • mrninko

    to 12) i think it´s info eye;
    to 14) think something related with music

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  • Massimiliano

    New Z Ultra?

  • Enzo Jarata

    Number 12 could signify low light capabilities of a camera as if the girl looks at the dark room. :)

  • Trueway

    to 1) Because of the way of holding the item, it is a tablet I believe.

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  • Lame Sony

    This is absolutely just a marketing hype. “Welcome to the New world… Same Shit! ”

    Shit sound, Shit camera, Shit display like always

  • LENX

    Agree! But honestly Its name isn’t cool at all, hope sony will change the name of the smart eyeglasses.

  • I think the first one is an OLED Tv…..

  • Dreamer

    Until this day I still don’t see the real OneSony device so Hopefully Sony will reboot the vision, especially for the XPERIA division, Maybe with products like these.

    1) Xperia Z series (this is Cyber-shot+Walkman flagship phone, have two size full HD 4.7″ / 5.5″ Cyber-shot phone features; greatest h/w(sensor, image processor, flash, OIS) and s/w camera, redesign the CAMERA UI. Walkman phone features; Walkman music app+S-Master chip (or at least put some real good Amp/DAC for better music experience),  responsive and sensitive display that can use finger, pencil or any stylus to write note and sketch+Note/Writing/Sketch software features, Of course water and dust resistant)

    3) Xperia PLAY series (full HD 5″ PlayStation Phone; dual-boot android/VitaOS, has PSVita card game slot, slide PS controller)

    4) Xperia M series (5″ Selfie midrange phone)

    5) Xperia E series (4.7″ dual sim budget phone)

    6) Xperia Pad series (8.9″ / 13″, tablet for entertainment and creative; 4K display, dual-boot android/VitaOS(for gaming), have PSVita card game slot, responsive and sensitive display that can use finger, pencil or any stylus to write note and sketch + Note/Writing/Sketch software features, water and dust resistant)

  • xperiaDROID

    1) A very thin Xperia Z4

    2) Pressing the number “5” button on the elevator: 5 new devices to be unveiled at CES 2015 – Xperia Z4, Z4 Ultra, Z4 Compact, Z4 Tablet and E4

    Close-up on the girl’s coat: New layered colors for the Xperia devices like on the Lenovo Vibe X2 and HTC Desire Eye

    A deep down look at the elevator shift: Bigger and longer battery life

    3) Obviously a hint of the Android 5.0 Lollipop

    4) New sound technology or better speakers with amplifiers on Xperia devices

    5) Improved Triluminos IPS display on Xperia devices that shows vibrant, sharp, and colorful pictures

    6) Sony’s CES press event date – 5 January 2015

    7) Maybe a tag line for their Xperia devices that one of the word is “Brilliance”?

    8) Better low light performance from the camera on Xperia Z4 series

    9) Better gaming experience on Xperia Z4 series thanks to the Snapdragon 810 and Adreno 440 GPU

    10) A crazy thin Xperia Z4 Tablet or a crazy thin Bravia TV

    11) Wider camera angle, also takes vibrant, sharp and clear pictures

    12) First smartphone manufacturer to offer an eye scanner on their mobile devices that even detects your eye in dark environments

    13) With a scan of the eye, it brings you to the world of colorful experience

    14) Something irrestible and tempting is coming

    15) Brings back old memories, maybe the Xperia devices brings back the old Arc design or maybe a Walkman device that brings back the old Walkman player design?

    16) Born of the new legend – Xperia Z4?

    17) Welcome to the new world.

  • mUSICA


  • Diogo Simões

    Could be a new Walkman…

  • mUSICA

    i hope sometng new in walkman…. ever sony phones iv used are all walkman series

  • har

    12 could be retina display lol! Or just signifies a lens

  • Some ideas:
    2) Again, Lollipop. Or perhaps that they have plans to release the Z5 at the end of 2015? Unlikely, as they’ve shifted to a 12 month flagship release cycle now.
    10) Keeping people in touch, even when they’re separated.
    11) Perhaps signifying dreamers, ideas, thinking. The colours remind me of the Sketch application to be honest.
    12) We’re going to get a small sneak peak at something hidden. Or perhaps it’s a reference to this teaser video itself: it’s a sneak peek.

  • Snorky112

    LoL Z3 series is absolutely no shit bro! they’re really good, and hopefully they continue getting better in next releases

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  • psyche

    TrackID could not find a match for your music clip.

    Anyone know what this is from?

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  • Nathaniel Fynn Sackey

    12 &13 will happen in an utopian world

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  • DD

    the curved sensor was designed like an eye, so… but sony loves eyes. eyes were there from the first Z ad. Evil Eyeeee!

  • kira
  • mUSICA

    Pregnant pic could be the z4 compact :d hahah if im not wrong

  • conspirella

    Though it is too much to be just a coincidence. Also apple is #1 in this kind of symbolism: rainbow logo, bitten forbiden fruit, “i” devices…

  • Lame Sony

    Just delete this shit and get the Shazam

    TrackID is pure shit!

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  • Ritwij

    No one’s gonna buy SP2 after what Sony did to the SP :’D

  • wared

    I think the colors prefer to the display, I hope it will be OLED.

  • mUSICA

    Shazam is no better than the track id dude, shazam cnt even find shongs that are unknown or in any languages from india..but trackid could find it easly

  • Snorky112

    Darude – Sandstorm

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  • Peter Jungmann

    PicoP in there somewhere!

  • Android Police

    Sony did great with the commercial but the real product is pretty disappointed especially the Xperia smartphones, big disappointed!

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  • SK

    Thank you for ur useless comment troll.

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  • Please, don’t be sarcastic dude… he is seriously seeking for an answer.

  • Seems like he is a troll or something…

  • LiterofCola

    you’re an idiot.

  • Nguyen Eazy

    I’m dying waiting for Sony RX1s/2!!

  • Popescu Catalin

    Brilliance wrote with mobile phones may be shutter opening control, like the one in Lumia 1020

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  • Timel

    It’s may good for you but not for people outside the sony crave LoL

    For example the camera that the Z3 is clearly can not win Note 4, iPhone 6, Lumia 1020 or even Chinese brands like Hauwei, Oppo, vivo, Xiaomi camera quality of them are much better than the Sony Xperia Z3

    the sound quality also, Z3 is too normal at least Note 4 and iPhone 6 have wolfson DAC or even Chinese brands like Oppo, vivo, Xiaomi, Meizu, Hauwei they have very great DAC and AMP built-in but the Z3 is empty but sony still lies people with stupid software like Walkman app and etc LoL

    software and UI, Samsung, iPhone, HTC, Nokia N tablet(its Z launcher) and Chinese brands are all have their own unique UX, beautiful interface, smooth, useful and fun to use but the Xperia UI is just so boring, laggy cheap animations and creativeless

    And the price, of course the Xperia Z3 is not an expensive phone but when think about what sony products give customers Or Compare the Z3 with others flagship phones, people found that Z3 has only beautiful design and not worth their money at all and clear that in android world Samsung and Chinese brands are better choices, much better than Sony!

    No wonder why Sony can’t sell their phones lol suck products with suck marketing, only beautiful commercial and some retarded fanboys that save sony from the bankrupt

  • xperiafan324

    Sound(clarity, accuracy, and amplification) , camera(better in all respects), display (could be oled as that would be a significant improvement over even Live Colour led triluminos ips screens) and thin. That’s what I think the Z4 wull be.

  • seven2k

    you kind of did us a favor by comparing the z3 to the top selling phones. If you are saying that the z3 is is #3 or #4 right next to the iphone, note, and nokia than ill take it.

    I have had many android phones…heck i even workied for apple as a tech. The Z3 is my first sony phone. And OMFG I LOVE THIS PHONE!! I dont even mind not having Lollipop on this ….its that good.

    Sounds like you have a gripe Sony. Sony has been quiet in the US. I have said this before years ago…the day Sony decides to pay full attention at the US market is the day all other OEMs including Apple should worry.

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  • adibuyono

    Cant see something related with nex generation 64 bit processor

  • Nawi

    Hmm.. Maybe Min 0:16?
    2 people (1 active, 1 passive), 1 Dragon

    And the phrase Welcome to the New World

  • Johan

    10: Not entirely impossible that it actually is a tablet that is that thin. What could this be, about 5 mm? There are already devices that push these boundaries. With Sony having shown a particularly keen interest in this these recent years. Especially with their mobile devices with bigger screens (Xperia Z Ultra at 6.5 mm and Xperia Tablet Z3 Compact at 6.4 mm comes to mind).

    12: Probably just to emphasize the camera’s low light capabilities (to see in darkness), like it might already have been implied with the shouts of Paris in nr.8.

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  • How can you say Shit to Sony launcher although I personally hate Sony idea of repacking old stuff in new package for e.g Xperia Z1 and Z2 .

    But Sony devices are excellent in terms of design, it has least bloatware with greatest launcher of all time and its so minimal.

    Lastly updates and support for developers is Sony forte they dont behave like they can do everything on their own and actively allow developers to contribute for enhancing already great machines.

    Sony camera with more megapixels isn’t helping them but practically speaking they are not as bad as you are making them look like. Even almost all manufacturers use Sony sensor i.e IMX 214 in most of them…. To name a few Desire Eye, HTC One M8 Eye, OnePlus One, Mi4, Oppo famous Find 7 and countless others……

    So don’t be over critical as sometimes the spec sheet or first experience is not all ….. And for the record I am not a Sony Fanboy but HTC’s but I know to give respect to others who in some way have been delivering innovation repeatedly……. It’s for Sony efforts that manufacturers are making water resistant devices….

  • Micro

    Hi troll, how are you?
    Bored playing with your best-on-the-planet bent iphone, huh..? Don’t worry, Sony will never make such a phone, you can sleep well.

  • Kazuo Sat?

    My prediction:
    The Z4 range will follow the Quartz design style of Sony’s TVs.
    5.2 inch 1080p IPS (more likely) or 5.5 QHD IPS (unlikely but possible)
    Improved front facing speakers
    S- master digital amplifier for mobile.
    Snapdragon 805/810
    3/4GB RAM
    140~ grams
    7-7.2mm thick
    21MP camera (possibly new larger sensor)
    3300+mAh battery ( up to 2.5-3 days battery life)

    Design language similar to below:

  • Toh Ler Kang

    I spotted there are a lot of the appearances of red color… So, would it be the new color for coming smartphone ?

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  • Stanley Lu

    Jan 5 Android 5.0 Lollipop roll-out for Z3 along with all their other surprises.

  • Snorky112

    it’s a matter of taste, all you say is bullshit to me, Z3 screen is very good, I don’t see any difference with iPhone or other phone, sound is good too, I don’t use my phone as a speaker anyway it’s a phone, and a beautifull phone, well built, beautiful design, and Xperia UI is by far the best Android UI for me, you can even apply themes, and use small apps, no other brand can compete with sony

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  • hocestquisumus

    5… Lollipop? Or maybe it’s the new lineup. Three phones, two tablets, thankyouverymuch. Didn’t Sony say they would stop making so many different models and condense the lineup? Time to kick out the rest of the alphabet and concentrate on only a few well maintained models IMHO.

  • Snorky112

    it’s january 5th 2015

  • hocestquisumus

    That too, yes.

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  • shanefalco

    Return of the light belt used in the xperia u ??? i hope yes!!!

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  • ????????

    About “5) A chameleon in different colours”.

    Article – “Has the Xperia Z4 leaked in Bond product pitch?”,
    source – “Via Gizmodo”…

    The glassy concept you see below isn’t quite
    the same phone as what’s above; it lacks that bizarre semi-cushioned
    back, which looks to be the main differentiator between this phone and its predecessor.
    What seems
    to be the phone’s resting display also has a futuristic feel. It looks
    as though one concept for the Z4’s new lock screen is that it would
    adjust to the color of your (metal!) phone, with a fancy new clock
    format to boot

    Mm? :)

  • Maxx Tan

    Really? Why don’t you let us know what you were disappointed at and what you were expecting. Because if you don’t you’re being a pointless troll expressing pointless comments

  • naru

    okay yeah its a very slim device. My bets are that it is th Z4 tablet and Z4 ultra. But I doubt they would release them before the Z4 phone.

    Reasons why it is not the z4 phone:

    -too thin, looks like less than 6mm ( Tablet, or walkman )

    -nothing shouts out phone, but sound technologies ( wave lengths, and arm hairs)

    -noticing that there are alot of reds, and then blue,yellow, and purple ( might mean new display tech) JOLED display?

    Im very concerned if Sony release Z4, Its simply too soon.

    But a Z4 tablet? fuck yeah i want some!

    SONY – ” You want some? I’ll give it ya! ” ahaha please tell me people have seen this

  • Timel

    you should get out of Sony cave first brainless fanboy!

  • Timel

    So pity on you that you’ve restrained yourself in Sony cave lol How long you did this?, just get out, there’s many choices and better than sony

  • apolloa

    With any luck they will announce the Xperia Z4 Compact, because I will be interested in one haha. Who knows with CES? It covers their entire range so tablets, phones, TV, actually would be great if they launch a 40 to 42″ 4K TV with some tasty specs.

  • Mikiko

    I’m not really convinced the Z4 will be unveiled during CES. Despite the lollipop (Yes, Android L for Sony will be released to Z3 and Z2 series) I don’t think this CES will be focusing much on phones.

    A very thin BRAVIA TV with PlayStation connectivity and Google Android for TV OS will be released, which explains #1 and #13 (which looks like a phone) and frankly a lot of the other screen shots (to include the PlayStation gaming screen shot #9 and the colorful gecko, highlighting the screen color upgrades).

    Sony will also release their own Smartglass which explains the other eye ball screen shot.Sony will also release the successor to the Walkman ZX1 which has already passed through the FCC but doesn’t seem to be part of the teaser.

    Meanwhile, Sony will release the Z4 family during MWC as Z3 was just released in September. They can’t announce Z4 this early as the newly developed curved sensor and chip for it aren’t ready till the next few months.

    If Sony were to release Andoid L to Z3/Z2 and also the Z4 at the same time, the Z3/2 would be quickly overshadowed and no sense in highlighting CES as the Lollipop launch date so that is a giveaway that this may not be the Z4 announcement just yet.

  • atdc

    Sony always made better than any other brand!! Sony always focus on every details of the design.. Unlike samsung S1-S5 look the same and that is the real shit! The only diff.s is the size of the screen and the chip inside their phones, the “UI”? nothings new..But Sony always make a difference specially to the UI its look fucking awesome.. The Themes, wallpapers, live Wallp., Their unique apps is Good too walkman movies album etc. Why dont you try one? Haters haha.

  • JapPhone

    Well.. Time to choose Sharp, Fujitsu, Kyocera, or Panasonic, I prefer japanese smartphones :)

  • goldenblls

    I’m pretty excited. I’m very pleased with my Z3 Compact but always looking forward to new hardware coming out.

    May be it’s a 5mm thick Z4 Ultra.


    watch out

  • the future is now



    enough with xperia sp jfc when will people stop bitching about that old mid range phone ugh seriously buy a premium and newer phone and stop complaining about not getting 4.4.4 update

  • Vincentius Phang

    this could a Z3 Ultra, if Z4 is to be a yearly update

  • Nawi

    I think you are right

    CES: TV and software news
    MWC: Xperia Z4

    “Sony MOBILE has now provided us with the needed visuals of the new Z4
    Phones. These phones are the planned phones for MAY/NOVEMBER of 2015.”

  • Vincentius Phang

    it would be best to launch the Z4 nearby the new Bond movie spectre
    the hype would be crazier, but depend on the movie
    hope the movie show’s so many shots of Z4 like equalizer did to Z1

  • Rizky Maulana

    and really, note 4 use sony sensor, oh thanks sony :*

  • Rizky Maulana

    dafuq y u here ? :v

  • Timel

    LoL but the Z3’s camera is ten times worse than note 4, iPhone 6, Hauwei Ascend Mate 7, Oppo Find 7, vivo Xshot and Xiaomi Mi4 LoL ridiculous! proud of that fanboy? Haha Actually it emphasizesd that sony is so fucking ineffective! What a shame! Shame on sony and its brainless fanboys LoL

    Like I said, you guys need to get out of Sony cave and you’ll see the world, real new world LoL

    just goodbye sony cave… welcome to the new world!

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  • adneon0

    Point to be noted…

    1.You are comparing Xperia UI to Z Launcher of Nokia
    2. Z3 camera is second in rank to all its competitors as compared by DxOMark.. First is iPhone 6 which uses Sony sensors but thanks to apples optimized software it shoots great in auto mode
    3.If you know how to click .. Manual mode of Z3 is killer then
    4.UI-Clean,Neat,No bloatware,Simple,Minimal..

    5.Audio quality…”LOL”

    6.Then you compare it with Chinese companies -_-
    . Come on man .. Improve your taste .. !!

  • a.hamameh

    OK in my opinion I think there will be
    New phone
    New tablet
    New camera sensor
    Lollipop update
    New sound technology
    New display technology
    Better low light pictures
    New camera apps
    Near photos with high quality or something like new Maximum aperture

  • adneon0

    Same sound which you are talking about has till now Digital Sound enhancement engine,Digital Noise Cancelling,Hi-Res Audio.!

    Same camera has improved now and has highest sensitivity of 12800.!

    Same display has LEDs,IPS,Triluminos display,X-Reality Engine .!

    And this teaser is for showcasing the improvement in “Same Shit” !

  • alice

    I agree. I think the Xperia E3 or entry level phone will be released but not the Z4.

  • shubham

    irony is they all use sony’s image sensor.. apple’s iphone 6,5s,5c used their sensor.. note 4 uses sony’s again.. so wtf are you talking about huh? it’s just their algorithm that does the trick well.. if sony could fix it.. i don’t see anyone even coming close to it..

  • shubham

    if you don’t like em.. just don’t come here and spoil people’s interest!

    there are people who love sony and what sony does! that’s brand loyalty that we have.. and z3 is no big a shame that you are talking about.. it’s among the best smartphones money can buy! by the way what phone do you use?

  • arcu de triumf

    I wouldn’t keep my hopes up. Let’s see first. It’s not the first time when people were disappointed. Of course, fans would be pleased with anything :)

  • shubham

    fans have the most disappointment! but when the product is tested in real life.. it satisfies the claims that sony made.. and with any more effort the product climbs up top and is already popular!

  • shubham

    same here!:)

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  • Emil Oskarsson

    Even my Xperia z is still awesome so just get the h*ll out of here thank you

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Go away Sammy boy we don’t want trolls like you here enjoy your shitty TouchWiz

  • Kenny Liao

    Some Chinese staff from Sony said that there will be a purple version of Z3. So new phone would be the purple Z3. We won’t see Z4 until May, I guess.

  • mikiko

    What will be released at CES:
    1. BRAVIA TV, extra slim with Android OS and PS4 remote play
    2. Walkman Z 2015
    3. Smart Glass
    4. Android Lollipop for Z3 and Z2
    5. Sony Cyber Shot RX 2015
    All of which were previously rumored and /or have passed the FCC

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  • Sky

    You ain’t tired writing every Chinese phones’ name in almost all of your comment? What you’re saying is plain rubbish. Xiaomi UI is great, come on, it’s boring (I know one can change but almost all ordinary guys don’t even bother it). Oppo, vivo- nobody outside of China doesn’t even know about them. Go troll somewhere else. If you hate Sony, don’t come to this blog. Sony camera might not be the best, but Chinese phones have much better camera?? You must be out of your mind.

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  • nirmal

    Nothing can match sony in day light camera capabilities, look at th finish they give for their phones, plz don’t compare samsung with their fucked up touch wiz nd u clearly don’t understand the meaning of premium

  • nirmal

    From the replies u get u better knw urself that u r wrong lame boy

  • nirmal

    Dude high five for sony!!!

  • Lorenz

    Shit camera? That´s right, but only when you use the Sony camera app… Just use another app and you can see how good the camera quality f.e. of the Z3 really is. The display is very fine, the sound with their headphones too. Sony has to invest in their software development, but I trust them that some things get better with Android 5.0 And I don´t think that the copy cat Samsung with that ugly devices and UI is much better than Sony.

  • RealityCheck2014

    5? PS5? :D (To soon) :D

  • Rizky Maulana

    thanks sony :*

  • Rizky Maulana

    may be all new Xperia Z :v

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  • Timel

    Premium for sony xperia Z series is just a lie and their good-looking phone and beautiful commercial can’t help sony sell phones more than Apple and Samsung, because Sony Xperia Z series is just good-looking toy

    If people want premium phone they will buy Apple iPhone but if want innovative things they will buy Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S/Note series

  • Timel

    Blahahahahaha oh my… U refer to DxOMark??? Bullfuckingshit!!!! I even have no idea to say with you anymore

    Just wonder When do sony fanboys stop lying themselves and admit the truth that sony smartphone flagship is fucking suck and Apple, Samsung and Chinese bands have much better camera and sound quality?

    Fanboys try to defend sony by saying that samsung is plastic phones and lookdown chinese phones as tasteless(what a blind and narrow minded) while in reality Sony xperia is still so much worse than those competitors LoL I know it hurts but
    Now What’s the real weapon of Xperia Z series that cool enough to fight with competitors.. Warter proof? LoL Thanks no!

    So Fanboys need to leave sony cave before too late hahaha

    And Watch out! Sony fanboys bcus not just Korean and american but Chinese companies are also crushing Sony so hard.

  • mimic

    The problem of the Z3’s camera is its software, Sony make a great h/w but weak at s/w.

  • seven2k

    This is my first Sony phone. I have owned all nexus devices. Like I said I’m impressed

  • Timel

    So the Sony Xperia is well-known than Chinese brands??????? LoL That’s funny that your famous and popular brand like XPERIA can’t sell as much as unpopular chinese brands like Hauwei, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Oppo.

    That’s really funny and pity. Sony Xperia, known-well brand but can’t sell, but you know? no wonder at all, because who will buy the bad camera with normal sound quality and less smart software features, less innovative and same old boring design like Sony Xperia Z series, true? It not worth the money at all

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  • Timel

    jap phone like Sharp Aquos “Crystal X” is still much more innovative and so interesting than the entire Xperia Z series as well.
    Unfortunately awesome phone like Aquos Crystal X is only for Japan market, so fuck you Sharp! Fuck japanese small dick! Go to hell Sharp!

  • titanium

    yeah know maybe not.. but back in the day when they releasing xperia z… become in a top list… now maybe its time to born new again….

  • ck

    sometimes i really don’t understand what’s in the mind of a troller… if u don’t like a brand, stay out of it. don’t go into their blog and make a big fuss out of it. what’s in for them to do so? trollers really have nothing better in life to do? there are so many conflicts in this world and all because of such people… nothing better to do and just go troll around and disturb others peace and harmony. they should really go back and rethink their life

  • Shubham Mutreja


  • LiterofCola

    English MF, do you speak it?

  • Dickson

    DIMENSION 147, 5mm x 74, 5mm x 7.1mm
    WEIGHT : 140 Gram 
    SCREEN : 5, 5inch IPS LCD +Digitizer Touchscreen Capacitive, 16M Colour, 550ppi
    DISPLAY : TRILUMINOS Display , X-Reality Engine for mobile picture engine, Bravia Engine 3 for mobile picture engine , and Live Color LED+PROTECTION : Shatterproof , Shockproof, and Scratch Resistant . And Dragontrail Front Glass and New Corning Gorilla Glass 4 Back Glass 
    DESIGN : Solid One Piece , Stainless Frame, Tempered Glass, OmniBalance , Anti Shutter Film, Shutter Camera.
    CAMERA : Rear Camera 21 MP with LED Flash and Front Camera 5, 2 MP with LED FLASH (PROSelfie) EXMOR RS for mobile, CMOS Image Sensor , BIONZ X for image processing sensor , Exmor R For Mobile ( Selfie ), Sony G Lens , Wider Angle Lens 23mm, ISO 15000, Sony APCS Sensor ( Active Pixel Colour Sampling ) Clear Image Zoom 2x, Slow Motion Capture, Fast Auto Focus , Fast Capture, Image Plane Phase Detection AF,Smile Detection, Smile Shutter, Face Detection, Auto Focus, Digital Image Stabilization, HDR, Super HDR, BSI , FSI, Continous Image, 4K Video Recording , Burst Mode, Perfect Camera / Photo2K and 4K Camera , PhotoLight and Night, Season Mode,Geo-Tagging, Sweep Panorama, Self-Timer, Self-Portrait, Anti Shake, Touch Focus, Touch Capture, White Balance, Red Eye Reduction, Object Tracking, Image Stabiliser, Video Light, Video Sharing, Photo Sharing, Edit Photo, Natural Colour Photo, Panoramic, and SteadyShot with Intelligent Active Mode, Motion Capture , Colour Phase, Colour Focus , Scenes, Continuos Video, Low Light

    CPU/Processor = 3.0GHz Chipset Qualcomnn 810 snapdragon krait 450

     MUSIC : StereoSpeaker, StereoSound, Bass, BoomSound, S-Force Surround, Dual Front Speaker, DSEE HX, Hi-Ress, ClearAudio+, S-Master Digital Amplifier , Auto Sound, Digital Noise Cancelling, Instrument Sound , and 100% Sound Quality.
    RAM 4GB
     BATTERY 3500mAh Li-Ion
    Video Playback 12 hours
    Music Playback 145

    Feature Wifi Calling, Fingerprint Scanner , Smart Feature from SAMSUNG, Faster Test, Download Booster/Faster Download , ULTRA STAMINA MODE, Infared Red / Remote , Documents, Sylus pen for XPERIA Z4 andXperia Z4 Ultra not Z4 Compact , Science for XPERIA ( School ) , Xperia Dual Wifi, Xperia Smart Drive, IR Blaster, Pedometer , Lifelog Update, Xperia All App Update , and Google App Update / Android App-Software Update ( Android 5.2 /5.3 ), New Camera App, Camera App Update, New Xperia App, Dual Wifi , Dual Bluetooth, EXTREME DISPLAY ( X-REALITY Engine , BRAVIA Engine 3 , TRILUMINOS, Super Vivid Mode, and Live Color LED+)

  • Nawi

    Any source?

  • adneon0

    We don’t have any reasons for defending ! Because there’s no such reason for it…

    But i appreciateate your support and love for those Chinese companies.

  • silverfox007

    Ohhh that’s a pregnant lady, got it. Thought the boy had his ear against a woman’s ass, and was wondering what was up with the wart on her behind.

  • silverfox007

    Which phones are you using, big boy?

  • Sibtain72

    In my opinion, Sony are good the way they are. Not fully, but up there. In the 2015 division, the first thing they should do is NOT make a mid-range/low-range device (e.g. Xperia M4/Xperia E4) unless they make it good (Snapdragon 600, 720p screen etc..) and try and make the Z4 series future-proof and overpowered. Here’s what they need to include in the Z4 series:-
    1. 4 main devices:- Z4, Z4 Ultra, Z4 Compact, Z4 Tablet (maybe Compact)
    2. Snapdragon 810 (2.9GHz to 3.5GHz)
    3. 64-bit architecture
    4. 4GB RAM
    5. Latest version of Android Lollipop (5.0.3 or something)
    6. Quad HD screen for sure
    7. 16:9 Resolution for the 20.7MP mode in the camera
    8. Maybe more megapixels
    9. A NEW SENSOR FOR THE CAMERA (They’ve been using the same sensor since the Z1)
    10. Adreno 420 (or something better)
    11. More durabilty (Metallic body all-around)
    12. Something innovative for the design (maybe modify the OmniBalance)
    13. I don’t know if this has been made yet, but a finger-scanning screen
    14. Something innovative for the UI (I personally find UI great, but many do not)
    15. Better speakers than what was already quite good on the Z3
    And if Sony includes all of these, believe me, Samsung, HTC, LG, iPhone and the rest will be finding ways to copy Sony soon.

  • Sibtain72

    I forgot to add ’16. and 17.’
    16. Waterproofing without the flap
    17. This isn’t really needed, but USB 3.0

  • Sibtain72

    If all of you think that Sony’s camera is so crappy and all that, why is it that you like the iPhone’s and Note 4’s cameras? They use a crappier edition of Sony’s good sensor!

  • Agreed but Sony Launcher did my job…. its minimal and looks classy…. I like it but I don’t own Sony device now and I am on Liquid Smooth Android Lollipop on OnePlus One with Now Launcher and I am fine with it………………….

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  • Bert not ernie

    Forget about all the fancy specs. Sony should get its basics right first.

    Its stock keyboards are pathetic, compared to the ones from Samsung and HTC, switching between languages during a message is painful, and there’s no official Xperia Korean keyboard.

    The phone dialer, contact and calendar apps can be further improved. Then again, maybe Android Lollipop by default improves on all of them.

    I was at a phone shop with all the phones on display plugged into a charger. The rear side of the Xperia Z3 phones were extremely hot to touch. Not good.

    Camera app UI needs to be more intuitive, autofocus is sometimes not responsive. The controls for the front and rear camera need to be combined.

    Lastly, the Sony/Xperia bundled apps can be integrated and streamlined… there are just too many of them, Track ID, Track ID for TV, Walkman, Lifelog, Movie Creator, Social life news etc. Learn something from Apple.

  • adrianeds

    What a proper sado you are, you need to get out more!

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  • Sebastian Solaeche

    Any leaked picture of lollipop yet???

  • Bert not ernie

    The sensor is only one aspect. Optics and post-processing are much more important. Sony’s optics are only okay, and post-processing is horrible. You can see for yourself the camera photo comparisons.

  • d

    Wait until Lollipop
    Everything you said has been addressed
    -Lollipop Beta Tester
    I’ve sent photos to XperiaBlog I dunno y they haven’t posted

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  • Tempering Cub


  • Mrox2


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