Xperia Blog Xmas Competition: Win a DevilCase Aluminium Bumper for Xperia Z2 and Z1 Compact [Update]

by XB on 20th December 2014

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DevilCaseToday’s competition prize comes courtesy of DevilCase, who are fast building a reputation for premium stylish aluminium bumpers for smartphones. We have on offer a bumper for both the Xperia Z2 (Black) and Xperia Z1 Compact (Red).

To enter the competition all you have to do is follow @XperiaBlog and @DevilCase_USA. Then leave a comment below to log your entry (please highlight which bumper you are after). We will pick a winner randomly when the competition closes at 12.00 (GMT) tomorrow (Sunday 21 December 2014). Good luck!

Rules: 1) Please make sure your Disqus profile has a valid email address as we will be using this to contact you, 2) once contacted, if we do not hear from you within 48 hours we will draw another winner, 3) only one entry per household (remember we can see your IP address), 4) this competition is open to our readers worldwide.

Update: Thanks to all that entered. Our two winners are listed below. Many congratulations!

DevilCase Aluminium Bumper for Xperia Z2 won by J King from USA
DevilCase Aluminium Bumper for Z1 Compact won by H Petersen from Greenland


  • Ben Ling

    A DevilCase Aluminium Bumper for Xperia Z2


    Wow I want a Xperia Z2 devilcase

  • jorge guix

    I need this one for my Sony Xperia Z2, please!!

  • Dermit Roi

    please may I have a sony z2 devilcase, thanks for the giveaway
    good luck
    Happy Christmas

  • DevilCase for the Xperia Z2 (Black).

  • omar

    Im in, xperia z2 case :)

  • ingozelaskowski

    Bumper for the Z1 compact.

  • Paolo Carvajal

    BUMPER FOR MY Z1 Compact. perfectly fit.. Hope i win! :D happy holidays

  • Zohaib Anwar

    Seriously needing a bumper case for my all time favorite Xperia ™ Z2. Would love to win it. @xperiablog

  • Pete Le Boydre

    Orange for my z2 thanks @ I

  • for z2

  • Mzr7

    Z2 devil case please.

  • omar3tman

    Xperia Z2 (Black)

  • rudimcd63

    Z2 case would be fantastic,thanks.

  • Romany

    Sony xperia z2 DevilCase pumper would be great for me is hope to win it. Merry Christmas


    Xperia z2 black

  • Swapnil Bangar

    xperia z2 black

  • Joshua Swingle

    Xperia z2 (Black)

  • In Amber Clad
  • Sin-Hang Yu
  • Aditya Dharkar

    Xperia Z2 (Black) here.

  • Mehmet Erhan

    A DevilCase Aluminium Bumper for Xperia Z2

  • Timmy

    I choose Xperia Z1 Compact devilcase

  • pjlk

    Devilcase for Xperia Z2 (Black)

  • hritik623

    devil case z1 compact

  • arun
  • Hussain Quadri


  • Vince Xavier Divinagracia

    DevilCase for Xperia Z1(BLACK)

  • SF

    Z2 please!

  • Andreas Shiak

    Xperia z1 compact time to win ;-)

  • Chong Weng Sun

    i want it for my xperia z2!!! thanks :)

  • Sergey Filippov

    Z1 Compact

  • SF Lee

    Need it for my Xperia Z2

  • Sadab Khan

    Xperia Z1 compact :D

  • Oscar Moreno

    Entering to win the xperia Z2 bumper.


    Happy Xmas

  • blackhats

    Need the bumper for my Xperia Z2!

  • FredrikLarsson

    @feskil white Z2

  • Omar Einea

    I’d love to have it on my Z1 Compact :)

  • Awwwwww really need one for my z1 compact :3!!!

  • Jonfensu

    DevilCase for Z1 Compact…. I wanna win something in my life, please :s

  • raju

    DevilCase for Z1 Compact,plz I really need it, thanks alot Xperiablog. net

  • lerma14

    Saluti dall italia! Xperia z2

  • adibuyono

    DevilCase for the Xperia Z2 (Black)
    wish me luck :D

  • Leon

    One DevilCase Aluminium Bumper for my Xperia Z1 Compact would be great :)

  • Robson Kanyama

    Thanks for the competition.
    Wish me lucky

  • doministry

    XPERIA Z2 please :-)

  • ?????? ?.

    The Best Sony Xperia Z2

  • xxZer0

    Z1 compact Bumper Case pls.

  • Tasfique Enam
  • MrTheenD

    Xperia Z2 black bumper.

  • Trueway

    Xperia Z2 please…

  • Camilo Uribe

    Z2 Yeah !!!

  • mjmdroid

    Now can I win atleast for the first time?

  • Michael Renee Tan Reyes

    Hello XperiaBlog, Love that Case for My Xperia Z2 :D

  • Saurabh

    Hope i win for Z1 Compact.

  • Tsakane

    Xperia Z2 please :)

  • Guest

    My experia Z1 compact needs really a case! It would be a pleasure to win.

  • Guest

    My experia Z1 compact needs really a case! It would be a pleasure to win.

  • Axel Claeijs

    My xperia Z1 compact needs really a case! It would be a pleasure to win.

  • Seik

    Xperia Z1 Compact

  • Elina

    Xperia z1 compact

  • Beni8978

    Xperia Z2 white case please:)

  • fraulein

    DevilCase Aluminium Bumper for Xperia Z2
    thank you!

  • Utham

    for my xperia z2 plz…

  • Xperia z1 :-) i owN if i won fell glad

  • Keka
  • ztryfe

    Wow, Devilcase and Xperia blog are great, my z1c would look amazing with the bumper!

  • Spectre51

    My Z2 would love one of these bumpers.

  • akshay jadhav

    Xperia Z2 black, i really like 2 get one of those

  • CopperStew

    I want the Z2

  • Hitesh Kaushik

    I will prefer xperia z2 bumper

  • Dexter Moregan

    My Xperia Z2 will be suitable for that nice bumper

  • Pablo Arribas

    That black bumper for my Z2 would really help. @blo_arribas ;-)

  • Xperia Z2 !!!! :D

  • Deki

    I don’t have Z1C or Z2, but good luck to everyone else. :-)

  • Zarko Karamicev

    I would love to have a bumper for my new Xperia Z2. I prefer red one but black is fine too :)
    Thank you.

  • basturk

    Wish me luck

  • Muzaffer Bayraktar

    Z2 case please

  • rsguest

    Xperia z2 bumper case

  • Shyam4ever

    I love devil case for Xperia Z1 Compact.

  • arvin

    i would love to win the case for my z1 compact

  • rland

    My Xperia Z1 Compact need this bumper

  • Hector Jesus Ramirez

    I would like the Xperia z2 bumper

  • brocnical

    Could be useful for the Z1C.

  • Ritwij
  • Steffen Roegiers

    I would love the Z1 compact bumper case.

  • Eldair

    Xperia Z2 please

  • Bluetoo

    Z1 compact please


  • dogbone

    Z1 compact

  • Andrew Kmet

    Really would love that Z1 Compact bumper case. Black if possibile. Thank you.

  • Murad

    Xperia z2 ,

  • Ritwick Priyadarshi

    The case looks awesome!!!

  • Zanet Dan

    I’d like a Black Bumper!

  • Eric Solinas Stifler

    Xperia Z2

  • Michael Paul Granberg

    A Devices would look awesome on my Z2

  • Takis

    Merry Christmas everyone… Z1 compact..

  • Batoem

    pick me :D for Z2

  • Dantorrecilla

    for the z2, please

    merry christmas!!!

  • giangio

    the winner is….
    Xperia Z2

  • Ibrahim Yusuf

    I need one for my Z1 Compact
    twitter: @iboalali

  • Shane Yorston

    Xperia Z2, please!

  • YHT
  • Arnau TH

    One bumper for my XPERIA Z2!!!

  • Rashvinder Bedi

    One for my xperia z2,

  • Johan Van de Weerdt

    Xperia Z1 Compact: preferably in black.

  • Shuhad Muntasi?

    Mobile bumpers at its best!!
    A bumper for my Xperia ™ Z2 will be great. Thanks in advance.

  • MOooooO


  • ali khanyabi

    Z2 please…

  • Selçuk Kahraman

    Sony Xperia Z2

  • Jayson Hull

    Xperia z2 Black!

  • Nander

    Black one for Z2 please!

  • kai1106

    Those Devilcases look awesome!!! Dear

  • a.hamameh

    This will look awesome on my Z2 :)
    Good luck for all ;)

  • Vincent

    Me want too..

  • Jet Velunta

    The black Xperia Z2 case Please, thanks!

  • Andrea Atzeni

    Xperia Z2 (Black)

  • maximum

    Xperia Z2 (Black)

  • Adrian Rana

    dam good cases for the Z2

  • GJ Jacobse

    I would like to have the Z2 Bumper case.

  • Usman Rafiq

    Xperia Z2

  • Richy Lordy Gifty Watulingas

    Xperia Z2 (Black) devilcase bumper

  • Tobias

    I would really like to win the Xperia Z2 bumper! Christmas greets from Germany!

  • DevilCase for Xperia Z2 (Black)

  • Screw Driver

    Be great to have that Xperia Z2 bumper in black

  • Z2 Black pls!

  • Emil Fernlund

    Would love a bumper case for my favorite Xperia Z2!

  • Valetto Pereira

    would love the cool bumper on my z2

  • skyxz

    Wish I had a Z2, for this case!

  • patryk h

    Sony Xperia is the best

  • Gurdas Singh

    Sony xperia z2

  • Herr Madler

    Loving my new z2. It woukd be even better with a Devilcase bumper!

  • Hendrik We

    Great to see this competition! Loving my Xperia Z1 compact – and I think it will perfectly complete the user and handling experience.
    I prefer the black DevilCase aluminium bumper :)

  • Yusuf Desai

    I’d love to get my hands on that Z1 Compact bumper case!

  • thoughts

    wake up christmas is not a case of the devil, it is the birth of the eternal Son of God into the world, with the mission to crush the head of the devil.

  • Prateek Bhanushali


  • Kareem Safwat

    Xperia z2 bumper black

  • Burak

    ok then.

  • Sean Crockenberg
  • ????????? ?.

    DevilCase for Xperia Z2 (white)

  • Kimi Kyllönen

    I’d really like a bumper for the Z1 Compact ! Those things are awesome.

  • harrold

    done :D, Z2 Please

  • Arek

    Love my Xperia Z2 and xperiablog!

  • Aadil

    A Z2 case

  • keyrocerebro

    Hope to win this time only….. Want this cover for my z2

  • Alzshaz

    z2 bumper case ftw

  • sicshootspeople

    Xperia Z2 (Black)!

  • ?? ??

    Xperia Z2 (Black)!

  • Leomer Remorin

    I would choose Xperia Z2 Case.

  • miguel deus

    Would love that z2 bumper case *.*

  • lastguru

    Z1 Compact. Thanks

  • Shravan SP

    But i have a ZR :(

  • Ewa2t

    Need some loving protection for my Z2

  • Dean Newell

    I would love an Xperia Z2 bumper! :D

  • Ben Su

    I prefer Kewers!
    Both have it and finally love the Kewers..

  • Victor Ling

    Z2 case please!

  • Victor Ling

    Z2 case please!

  • Wildy

    Love to have it for my xperia z2

  • Ray Tan

    I’d like it for my Xperia Z2 :)

  • juan diego ayala ayuso

    I would love a red bumper for my Xperia Z1 compact! since i cant find devil cases in my country :D please guys!

  • DIsChaos

    Would love For Xperia Z2 , it’s look awsome

  • danieltou

    Would love it for my xperia z2 a good holiday gift

  • Juanito Casiño

    Xperiaz2 case. Maan xperia phones are the best. Pair it with the devilcase? More awesomnesssss

  • lucasakakarl

    I’m from malaysia and I seriously need a red bumper for my z2! :D

  • Juanchoreaper

    Can i have the DevilCase for my Xperia z2… Please!!! Please.. :'(

  • zzsetozz

    Xperia Z1 compact for me

  • Pramod Kumar


  • Dhaval Vasani

    Eagerly waiting to get a Z2 bumper case. Thanks in advance

  • Aaron

    Hope I win a cover for my Z2.

  • Shawn Karl Maramba

    Even if I win, I have nowhere to use because I don’t have Xperia Z2 nor Xperia Z1. I only have Xperia V.

  • Azam

    I am here to win my Xperia Z2 Case.. I’m waiting…

  • Esteban Lopez

    i love my sony xperia z2 this is the best smartphone 2014 and devilcase aluminium.

  • Shehab Skull

    I want one ;3

  • Jenge Engelbrecht

    Xperia Z2 bumper, it would be a great price as I have exhausted all other options to get one=)

  • Sáu Mi?n Tây

    Xperia z1 compact for me

  • Von Carlo Evangelista

    Give me that Xperia Z2 case

  • Praviraaz

    This is the time to win christmas gift as a devil case to my Xperia Z2. I am feeling very happy to wait…….

  • Sapan Doshi

    Love to have bumper case for my Xperia Z2….

  • Alexandru Ancu?a

    I think my phone is ready for a bumper! i know it!

  • Barend Stapelberg

    Can I please have this awesome bumper case?

  • Rameez Ahmed

    would love to have a case for my Z2

  • haesslich

    The Z1 Compact case looks great, and would go well with my Z1C.

  • Pobalan Sreedharan

    Love to have the bumper case for Sony Xperia Z2.

  • Rafsanjany

    I think bumper case will make my Xperia Z 2 more smart.

  • Majd

    Xperia Z2 cheers!

  • Amin Ejazz


  • Remi Ogierman

    Z2| great blog and happy holidays

  • Jazawn

    Z1 case would be divine! please and thanyou

  • RD Pramana

    I want this bumper for my Xperia Z1 Compact. Red Bumper will be great!!!

  • Xander Echten

    I can use a bumper case for my Z1 Compact!

  • Marko Flac


  • Kevin Garingo

    I would want to win the xperia Z2!! this would be a great gift for me this christmas :)

  • Bezk

    Love a case for Z1 Compact!

  • Djol Badin

    A Xperia Z2 bumper case are needed for me now.

  • I would love to have the case for my Z2 or Z1 Compact

  • penubag

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Keifer Costa

    DevilCase for my Xperia z2… That’ll be a nice Christmas present…

  • Marc Jim Gregorio
  • Ruub

    Merry Christmas!
    Z1 Compact user ^^

  • Maciek Stokfisz

    Z1 Compact

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Z2 (

  • Mareks Matisons

    Hi! I will be happy to tune up my Z1 Compact with a durable bumper case #KeepingFingersCrossed :)

  • Tian Ti

    Mine is Z2..

  • Stephen Lane

    Good luck!! Z2 Black….

  • PTH

    Nice! Xperia Z2

  • Birkir R Gudjonsson

    Xperia Z2 ftw!

  • GaNi Stryker

    Z1 Compact :3

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks for all the entries – the two winners will be announced in the next 24 hours. Good luck!

  • InspectorGadget80

    I seriously need a GOOD ass case for my Z1 three times i drop it on pavement thank goodness my scree didn’t crack but a few scrapes. I never heard of this brand say it have great reviews on amazon now it’s not availble :( please help me

  • Azam

    2 days passed :-(

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