Xperia Z3 drop test: phone nearly holds out till the end

by XB on 23rd December 2014

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Xperia Z3 drop testDespite the Xperia Z3 being released months ago, we have only just now seen a decent drop test video for the device. The video below isn’t in English, but you’ll easily get the jist if you’ve seen any drop test video before. The handset is dropped at various heights to see how much punishment the Xperia Z3 can take.

The build quality of the Xperia Z3 shines through, but it is not indestructible. It finally succumbs after a fifth drop from above head height with the person standing on a park bench. Pretty impressive, especially considering the glass front and back construction. Check out the video below.

Via Digiato [via PhoneArena].

Thanks Armaan!

  • Gav

    Hoping for Sapphire glass on the Z4!!!!

  • isaias

    A plastic device will never survive this torture test

  • isaias

    Sony always made resistant products look drop test from xperia z, z1,z2 all survive this kind of test

  • Adam

    Why wouldn’t it? Plastic tends to be more durable than aluminum and glass in devices as thin as phones. There’s a good reason why the corners of the Xperia Z3 are made of plastic.

  • Ashroft

    Better than Z1 and Z2!!!

  • JustaNickname

    Droptests make really no fucking sense! Sorry to say this! Buy a phone, use it or donate the money to really just anyone instead of destroying it!

  • ????????

    Xperia Z3 = best phone ever

  • Meanwhile many people have 3 year old phones wishing they could upgrade, and we got twits like this just trashing them… Sorry to be the grinch, I’m just so against drop tests… It’s like dumping perfectly good rice in the garbage when there’s lots of hungry people watching you do it.

  • ShinOrochiX

    It hurts to see a Sony Xperia phone being abused, no matter how good/shit it is.

  • Timel

    Stop lying yourself and get out of Sony’s cave please

  • DanielGearSolid

    Mine broke on the first drop

    I sent it in for repair

    maybe the repaired materials will be as good as this guys

  • Phat-t

    Yea cuz one in a million chance the phone will drop the exact same way. So drop test are really stupid

  • Timel

    If Xperia Z3 is the best phone so this phone gotta be the best of the best phone, the ONE ABOVE ALL!!!×578/a217dbbf41dd9692261cfb63214f2515/samsung-galaxy-note-4-9024.jpg

  • iESmedia

    I accidentally dropped it once in a case – it was fine; dropped it accidentally a second time, but onto concrete – didn’t survive. Sent it in for repair at Sony’s Laredo repair center and it’s finally coming back tomorrow! Hopefully I don’t break it again -_-

  • Nawi

    jajajaja that piece of plastic is for you the best phone? (the one above all?)

    You are a very funny guy ^^

  • DanielGearSolid

    how long did yours take? mine is taking forever

  • doraemonboi

    With those bloatware. Meh!

  • iESmedia

    I first contacted them 11/18, then shipped my phone via USPS. Got a response back from them about receiving the phone and it took them roughly a week to evaluate; got a response back 12/2 and asked them to repair the Z3.

    From then, it took roughly two weeks to get the actual repair done because, apparently, a part was back-ordered. I finally got an email back from Texas saying it’ll be shipped back to Indiana with UPS Next Day Air. In the end, the repair cost me $160 and I’m not sure what they exactly replaced, but I’m certain they replaced the touch screen digitizer and IPS LCD.

  • Hamed Azizi

    My 2 years old daughter drops my z ultra at least once a day on different surfaces and every time it survives.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Hopefully the Z4 uses Gorilla Glass 4 and doesn’t get any thinner!

  • Timel

    what material is used to make the note 4 is the only one point that brainless fanboy like you can troll back?

    So funny even the Xperia Z3 is made of good materials but still can’t sell as much as Note 4 and iPhone 6 and oh! Actually the LG G3 is also can sell more than Xperia Z2+Z3 ten times LoL shame on sony!!

    So You don’t understand? Sony may be always good to some blind fanboys but people outside the sony’s cave they not care about Sony at all because Sony is suck and boring!

    and you know Those good materials like.. What? Glass and aluminium? Right? common It is just a normal feature and if everyone seriously care only about what the phone is made of, so there’s no reason to buy Sony phone because they can find some great materials phone in chinese brands like HAUWEI’s Ascend Mate 7 or LENOVO or OPPO’s N1 and Find 7 or ASUS Zenphone series and etc and they’re much cheaper than Sony

    SO all I just wanna say is phone’s material is important but not deeply important than s/w and h/w innovative, which Samsung and Apple have gave to their customers.

    People are always want the coolest Smartphone, they’re always looking for new innovations not just a boring beautiful-looking phone which packed with a bunch of mistakes like bad camera, worst screen display, less creative software features and more.

  • ????????


  • David

    I ever have iphone n taste samsung..
    Iphone still good looking n performance
    But samsung? Its horrible, yeah they have much feature than competitor but for what? I dont ever seen people really use that feature..
    From outside note 4 enough good but material? In my country that phone is around 900$ wtf, its make that phone more horrible

  • Timel

    Sorry but look like Apple is the only company that can pridely bully Samsung “plastic” and Sony is not Apple because many Sony’s products are made of plastic even Xperia phones LoL

    And gotta say something, plastic now runs the world and at least it’s still much worth than junk toys especially junk toys from junk company LoL

  • Nawi

    “what material is used to make the note 4 is the only one point that …?”

    Of course not =)

    NO front speakers
    NO stereo speakers
    NO FM radio
    NO dust proof
    NO water resistant
    NO high battery duration

    Goodbye troll. “Hasta la bye bye…”


    PD: Is very obvious your +1 Guest Votes ;)
    Stop with that

  • Timel

    Junky LoL

    Shame on Sony and its brainless fanboys LoL

  • Me

    The corners are made of nylon

  • Husam

    the number of sales doesn’t mean a better product, genius!
    Toyota corola sales better than Bentley… does that mean that the Corolla is better?!

  • Sridhar D

    Samsung best phone – LOL. You really made me laugh so much. Thank you friend. Happy new year. Hope atleast next year you buy a decent phone :)

  • Håkan Andersson

    My experience, after 2 broken screens during less than a month, tells me that you need to wrap it in cotton…

  • And do you have any proof Sony bullied Samsung?
    Come on, just give me the proof that Sony bullied Samsung, and you be happy and I’m just, well, okay I guess

  • Ritwij

    I’m an Xperia fan, but according to GSMArena battery tests, Z3 has an endurance of 85hrs while Note 4 has an endurance of 87 hrs.

  • Sean

    I like my Z3compact also, but the drop test isn’t representative at all. My Z3c fell from 30cm (11inch) on a thick carpet and still carried away a brocken backside.

  • Mercast

    I want a phone that actually fits in my pocket. So Xperia Z3c is the way to go. If Samsung or any other brand makes a flagship which is under 5 inches I MIGHT consider switching. Until then…

  • Timothy Crayon

    Are you kidding?? Please bring back this Korean crap to where it originated from (Sucksung …. Korea) LoL
    Or if you are STUPID enough to spend a futune to get this PLASTIC trash and still feeling that it is a very eye catching gadget…….
    We understand that you guys loving Sucksung stuff are really SUCK also.

  • Anonymous Cunt

    coz SCAMsung advertise there product as hell and many people know coz they have china made replica’s many people with average knowledge choose samsung for popularity while xperia fans are looking for sexiness and performance .. did you know many knowledgeable in technology choose xperia than samsung?

  • I commend you for trying hard timel. Come and try again next time ok.

  • what brought you to XPERIA blog if you hate Sony?

    Oh yes, a Troll.

  • Timel

    LoL Bullshit! What’s on your mind? wake up! That’s so funny because Your Sony is not Bentley your sony is just ford escort

    You can lost in Sony’s cave but the Xperia Z3 can’t compare with iPhone 6 not even with Note 4

  • kiss my ass

    Clearly, you don’t know shit about phones, you can shove your note and iphone up your ass and enjoy them…

  • Danny Xue

    Are you one of those paid Samsung trolls?
    “14 guest votes”

  • Timel

    Thank you for your encouragement dude! ^_^

  • Timel

    If your life depends on those votes up…

    This Web is full of Sony fanboys so Why should I care those stupid bias votes up or down?

  • Ali G
    As you can see Note 4 is cracked in first front face drop. So Xperia Z3 is cracked at 3rd (over the head) drop.

  • seriously who cares use whatever you want? i like sony for it’s design i guess that makes me reeeeally stupid

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  • Timel

    I don’t hate Sony to be honest

  • aw.. really? well, I appreciate you, just for being honest, but make sure you don’t offend any company on their fan sites, I’m just saying…

  • Nawi

    I also note that because it is very weird but i’m sure is wrong.
    I see many reviews of both.

  • Nawi

    Totally yes. Is very obvious

  • Nawi

    brainless fanboy?

    Wow! finally you looked in the mirror

    Bravo! ^^

  • HamedMJ

    Best SmartPhone Ever , I Love You Sony You Make Great Phone Ever ?

  • Rene Pedroso

    Sapphire won’t survive the first drop test

  • Micro

    nobody pay kids.. lol
    no school = trolling around
    just ignore him haha

  • Timel

    I’m so pity on you so fucking fucking much
    Only these? Sony gave you only these?
    LOL fucking crappy!!!!!!!

    It’s clear there’s nothing that the entire Xperia Z series can compare to the Note 4. Only the S-Pan and its software features made the Z3 becomes just a crappy cheap toy LoL

  • Timel

    S-pen made the Z3 becomes just a crappy cheap toy LoL

    Note 4’s display is also the world best smartphone display so far, their smart software and Note features and more

  • Timel

    Are you dreaming?
    The whole world said iPhone 6 and Note 4 is much cooler than the suckky Z3, Z3 is just normal. Especially compare with Note 4, which is android phone like Z3, Note 4 packed with bunch of coolest h/w and s/w features, all smart software features, multi windows, smart gallery, S-pen and Note and writing features, Note 4 is one of the best camera phone(much fucking better than Z3) so far, also has better sound quality than Z3, has the world best smartphone display so far and more… Long list.. You gotta open you eyes

    while Z3 has… What? Beautiful design, great materials and waterproof, bad sound quality worst camera, less software features So I just wanna know what is Sony thinking? Sony is trying to save its premium image(that’s good) but Sony is not Apple, Sony is one of android headset makers and especially in Android world we’re fight each others with s/w and h/w innovations because the king of Android world like Samsung did that!

  • Nawi

    I told you. Of course not =)

    sales determine who is the best? Ja!

    good troll this brainless fanboy

  • Nawi

    “their smart software”

    Yes, Lagwiz =)

    Your “world best smartphone” is pure hardware talk. Software sucks

  • No Shamsung

    You come onto a Sony blog then complain it’s full of Sony fans??? Really Shamsung fanboys are even more dumber than I thought!!

  • frog

    I thought he was raping at the beginning of the video

  • Timel

    LoL I’m a Samsung fanboy? Really? why did you think that? genius!

  • William Blanco

    3 days after it came out in the United States, I dropped from the bed by mistake.

    It landed on its bottom corner and cracked the whole front screen.

    Nonetheless I doubt that it has Corning Gorilla Glass or Asashi Dragontrail.

  • sony be moved

    i hope xperia z4 ultra will shut up sam troll …and will kill them

  • drzfr3shboialex

    I had a galaxy s2 when it was new and hated TouchWiz, so that was my last Samsung phone. I’ve always wanted an xperia but in the US (when the android xperia first came out) it was always on ATT. I became an HTC advocate and recently bought the Z3, and all I have to say is in sticking to Sony for now. I regret not pulling the trigger sooner, it’s so outstanding, every feature and that ps4 remote play is just the icing on the cake.

  • Nemanja Raškovi?

    PlasticFantastic Samsuck, only difrences because of Stylus. Pure shit samsung

  • Nemanja Raškovi?

    GSM arena are fan of Samsung, and they are stupid

  • Nemanja Raškovi?

    Sony has the best camera, and Sumsuck use sony lens ;)

  • Shubham Mutreja


  • jonyah

    It all depends on how it lands. Had one shatter from a 2 foot drop due to how it landed (thank goodness for ins on that one). Another has been dropped multiple times with not even a scratch.

  • jonyah

    Ya, sapphire only resists scratches. Unfortunately it shatters easily. That’s why Apple only used it on their watch. There’s little chance of dropping a watch that is tied on to you.

  • aja

    I’ve always had Sony phones and never had any problems. Al of my friends use Samsungs and after a year they stop working or behave strangely. Never had such problems with Sony phones…

  • ShittySony

    Sony with shitty software.

  • Steve12321

    It probably does. Hard materials are more difficult to scratch, but easier to crack. Soft materials scratch easily, but are difficult to crack. So a hard screen such as Dragontrail will be easier to crack than a regular glass screen. Material Physics 101.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Nylon is a type of plastic..

  • Sumo

    It doesn’t matter what kind of material the phone is made of, but the ‘name’ to begin with is fucking lame… Another Korean brand I would prefer is LG. Who the fuck names their brand Samsung… really? Samsung? That alone shows what a rejected brand this is. And then we get the Galaxy S… Galaxy Ass or S? Seriously? There is no style there. Calling others fanboy, well you have nor ight to say about others when you are a fanboy yourself. I can imagine you wearing hotpants shagging your ass with a plastic surgery face and perhaps chest too giving us this lame BS of yours. Fuck man, Sony despite how they are doing in the mobile market is still the brand will the innovation. Face it fool, time to switch is what I say to you! And as for Apple goes, at least Xperia phones don’t fucking bend!

  • David

    Yeah. Knocked mine off of a ledge lower than knee height and the screen cracked…

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