Sony’s Smart B-Trainer prototype acts as your in-the-ear coach

by XB on 6th January 2015

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17SmartB-TrainerlifestyleOne of Sony’s new wearable concepts announced at CES 2015 is called the Smart B-Trainer. Think of it as a wireless round-the-neck band that has earbuds for each ear. Designed for runners, the waterproof all-in-one headset has a number of sensors baked into it that will provide voice coaching and will also intelligently suggest the most suitable tunes whilst out on a run.

Sony hasn’t made it clear what sensors are included within the Smart B-Trainer, however we would expect to see a heart rate monitor, accelerometer and maybe even GPS. The Smart B-Trainer has internal storage and built-in controls, which means it can be used without a phone if needed. If Sony decides to release the Smart B-Trainer to the market, we’ll keep you posted.

  • Tech Gospel

    Sorry, but the behind-the-neck style is kinda dated for current BT headset. The DASH by Bragi looks more promising. This looks like something from back in 2000

  • Timel


  • Battal Aljadei

    I got the W Walkman it’s just like this one and guess what ?
    After 5 to 10 minutes of use it cause a massive headache behind your ears, so i replaced it with a air tube headset which is better now .

    Sony need to do some medical test on some of their products and put safety instruction like the one on PS !

  • goldenblls

    Good video and a great concept. Made me want to go for a run but it’s too cold and dark ha ha.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Is this just for running? That’s dumb.

  • Pete W

    Dash by Braggi looks more promising?? Have you seen their latest updates? They cannot get it to connect well enough wirelessly right to left ear piece. Behind the neck is actually secure and better than in ear that slips when you sweat. Beats style is not for training.

  • Pete W

    If Sony use GPS and bluetooth, battery will be TERRIBLE. Better using the dedicated devices, especially for heart rate which will not be as accurate as a chest strap. Fully waterproof also limits their music quality.

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