Would you pay $1120 for a dedicated Walkman player?

by XB on 9th January 2015

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Sony Walkman NW-ZX2Earlier this week Sony announced the Walkman NW-ZX2 Android-based portable music player. The model is the follow-up to the NW-ZX1 that was announced back in October 2013. The “High-Resolution” NW-ZX2 Walkman is premium in every sense of the word.

It combines a machined aluminium frame with rubber grip on the back for an easy grip. The aluminium alloy frame produces a highly rigid case that’s resistive to electrical noise. Sony says that a gold-plated copper chassis help produce clear and powerful sound in the low frequency range. In addition, large play/pause, music-selection and volume buttons are located on the side for easy operation.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX2

Internally, the Walkman NW-ZX2 has 128GB of storage, a double-layer capacitor for signal accuracy and seven OS-CON capacitors for stable frequency characteristics. Other features to minimise distortion and interference includes the use of a film condenser, a low-resistance OFC cable and an over-99.99% pure tin solder.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX2_2

Other additions for the best possible sound include a S-Master HX digital amp, the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE HX) to upscale music to near high-resolution sound quality. It includes a bunch of codecs including DSD (Direct Stream Digital) and the new audio technology from Sony called LDAC, providing 3x the data transmitted for an enhanced wireless Bluetooth listening experience. Finally, the Walkman NW-ZX2 has a 4-inch TRILUMINOS display and supports Android 4.2.

There’s no doubt that the Walkman NW-ZX2 probably sounds like a beast, however we do wonder how much worth you could get out of such a device. The inherent nature of listening to music on the go is background noise whilst out and about. So even with a very good pair of headphones and amp, you probably wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate the lossless audio.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX2_3

Then there is the cost at $1199.99 (€1199 in mainland Europe and £949 in the UK), it certainly is catering to the high-end. The device is Google Play certified so the Walkman NW-ZX2 could double up as a device to play games on the go, but it seems strange that Sony wouldn’t release it with a newer build of Android (Sony has loaded the Walkman with Android 4.2).

Given that most people listen to music on their phones and some of the latest audio technology is already included in the latest Xperia phones such as DSEE HX. Obviously the phone does not have the dedicated hardware that is found in the Walkman NW-ZX2, but we do wonder how many would really notice the difference whilst listening to music on the move.

Sony has already said that this is a niche device, but we wanted to ask our readers – would you buy the Walkman NW-ZX2 for $1120? Would you be crazy to even contemplate it? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

  • Gantrioch

    I paid 700 dollars for the NW-ZX1, so sure (^_^).

  • OneToRuleThemAll

    Even Neil Youngs Pono player is almost 3x cheaper. No, thanks…

  • I would just buy Meizu mx4 pro

  • thoughts

    NO, this is for the rich, billionair gadget, we ordinary people have to manage with down to earth mp3 lol.

    It is overpriced too 450 dollars is the max i think.

  • Ritwij

    Pretty much impressed with My HTC One M8 in this section!

  • IIAlparslan

    Are You Serious? WTF Just NO!

  • Wolf0491

    Pretty sure I read it has 4.4.2 not 4.2. Does not matter anyway I’m no audiophile. My Z3 and the sbh80 headset sound fine to me

  • Mike Gonzalez

    why would anybody pay such amount of money for an outdated player? with that price it should come with Android 5.0 out of the box, 4.2 is just unacceptable

  • SeaTHX

    I´m stick with the Xperia Z2 or Z3 with Hi-Res Audio and a new Sony MDR-1A headphone for now…good enough audio quality for me :)

  • Rodney

    I don’t think people concerned with Hi-Res audio and best on the market audio specs give a shit about Android version…

  • Khaled

    If it had a telephone functionality, 4.7″ HD IPS display , snapdragon 801 processor, 3gb ram (don’t really care about the camera) I might. Why can’t they release a Xperia Walkman Edition with similar design and audio capability?!

  • Simo

    Z4 music…

  • Wolf0491

    I read other sites that according to Sony it comes with 4.4.2 because that is the most stable version of Android. For a audio player that’s is truly all that matters.

  • Khaled

    You think that Z4 Music render on Esato is legit? I highly doubt it!!

  • How beautiful it is to spend money for the development of funny ideas. They need to hire more people who will develop products of the future, not back to the old idea that can not live anymore in the market after seven generations of smartphones.

  • SeaTHX

    No sturrering on my Z2 when playing FLAC Hi-Res Audio, at least not on 4.4.4…
    The audio is a bit too low maybe…

  • Simo

    The render no…but the device….i think yes…

  • dan

    Why my z2 doesn’t have a problem in playing flac files with screen on and off with headphones or not and your do and it’s quite fluid too and btw i don’t see something wrong with the software on z2, i really think most of youvpeoples are telling lies and never used an xperia phone, it’s not perfect but it’s not like most of you say.

  • lasttodie

    I wonder why it is so expensive? Probably a better amp in it than on the Xperia Z2 and Z3 but it plays the same hires files, so why so expensive.

  • lunkz

    The NW-ZX1 has a price tag of 700€

  • stupid title… it’s like asking the average guy: would you play $200k for a car? Still there’s a market for those cars and lots of folks are drooling over them.

  • Nils Westhoff

    On the go my Z3 + Sennheiser HD25 is fine. But at home I definitely have some audiophile grade stuff lying around :)

  • RealityCheck2015

    I will stick with my Cassette tapes :D I LOVE SONY & their products are pure quality but sometimes they price their stuff to high :-/ I want that thin 4K TV but i guess it will cost double(hmm even more than that i bet) than other TV’s that are similar’ish. Oh well.

  • lkh

    If I made more than 75K a year I would probably buy it.

  • theskig

    you need stable and fast system not stupid gimmicks

  • Battal Aljadei

    I will pay $1500 to whom ever kicks this alien out of Sony and send him to apple in a gift box .

  • Mike Gonzalez

    that’s precisely why it should be running 5.0… it’s much faster, consumes less resources thus giving better battery life

  • Sony Being Apple is retard


  • apolloa

    If it gave you the best music quality you can get and you wanted a portable device then yes I would pay the money. I mean why else do people spend thousands on top end home cinema speakers? They want the best.

  • Reon

    What were they thinking putting Android 4.2 in their most expensive handset..

  • imparanoic

    too be honest, if they had their own dedicated os, probably best for dedicated walkman, android os still consume quite of bit of power when on stand by, i purchased my bosses NWZ-F886 ( HK$2600/US$350/GBP200) the battery only last max 5 days even if the power is on standby and very rare usage, but my 6 year old NWZ-X1050 can last up to 2 weeks on same conditions

  • imparanoic

    It’s noted that based on the same high bit rate mp3, my 6 year old NWZ-X1050 ( cost US$350/GBP250/HK$3000) in 2009 sounds better than xperia tx, z2, LG G2, with standard headphones, mid range ear phones and finally high end ( ish) akg 550, so sound is much better than a phone, even though the phone are decent, the quality of components is immense.

    It’s like comparing the best camera phone with a nice large sensor aps-c mirrorless interchangable camera, two different league of performance

  • Alvin Lu

    yeah i will.. you’ll get what you paid for.

  • MarkG54321

    Quality costs money, version of android is irevellant and this article is fanboy click bait bullcrap.

    This is all you need to know. This device is not mass market, and the writer of this tripe is an idiot if he can’t grasp this.

  • MarkG54321

    You are not their target market. You are a brainwashed fanboy that has been told to believe is versions matter in consumer devices.

    Your low intelligence means you will never earn enough to buy one anyway, just head to Walmart and see what’s in the bargain bin.

  • Phat-t

    Yea new firmware don’t mean shit if it’s not stable. Just cuz it’s the latest, doesn’t mean it’s the greatest

  • Phat-t

    I’ll take 5 of these!!

  • shanefalco

    No! i don’t buy it! it’s only for music expert and not for common people.

  • shanefalco

    it’s a super fake!

  • xperiaDROID

    HELL NO! Cuz I’m not an audiophile or a guy that listens to songs every day. Gimme something like Xperia Z4 Play.

  • kaostheory

    This should have been a phone. I’ve had Sony phones for a long time because they were one of the best for listening and loading music. I’ve never owned an iPod because I can’t hear my phone.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    who is he ?

  • Kines

    I would rather pay for a up to 1500$ Sony qualia xperia smartphone
    With all the best component we can have and J+1 5 year warranty

    Ufs memory, super premium design, more than 300gb storage like the smartphone v2, usb 3.1, supermhl, solid smartphone, good audio like this walkman, world 4g band, trimaster oled, powerful processor, etc

    Only sony can do it, qualia was the best

  • Battal Aljadei

    Kazuo Hirai president and chief executive officer of Sony since April/2012 which’s the month and the year that Sony start going down by his stupid decisions like Shutting down Sony Computer Vaio brand and making a new Xperia competing with another new Xperia and most stupidity that he separated most of Sony Ericsson featured smartphone s into a small gadgets and shift them to another products

    He turn “Sony Ericsson Live with walkman” from a smartphone into an mp3 player like as it was in the 70’s and price it at 10 times more than the Walkman smartphone !

    He’s refusing to make a new Xperia play 2 smartphone because he is thinking that will slowdown the selling of PS Vita and on the PS Vita he changed the memory card into an exclusive type of Sony
    you can’t use any other micro sd card for PS Vita unless you buy it from Sony which’s double the price of any type of other micro sd card ( which’s was available on the old PSP ), but after this money sucker become a President of Sony he change it so he can get paid an Extra money

    This guy is cheap and he should work at a bank not in a company like Sony .

  • jonoave

    Well both devices has different use cases. With F886 that runs Android (which I have), I can use to to stream music online from services like Spotify. And if I’m not happy with the built in music player, there are tonnes of music player apps I can choose from the Play store.

    So it comes to a tradeoff between flexibility and battery life.

  • jonoave

    Xperia blog, please update this post with more information on the hardware differences:


  • Katoi

    but isn’t he retired from that position, and now at work at different position?

  • M Usman

    Of course I would. Are you joking? Just as long as you have the right headphones. I have a pair of shure se530. I need something more powerful and dedicated to enjoy the sound. Not to mention it would save space on your phone. Then again maybe I’m a rich bitch millionaire. Hmm…

  • M Usman

    He is no longer CEO. I’ll send you as a gift to Apple

  • M Usman

    He’s so stupid

  • M Usman

    Spot on my man

  • M Usman

    Some of us are not common

  • M Usman

    Maybe he was high while writing this but the title is very appropriate

  • Alexsandro Peres

    Alguém aqui que é do Brasil? Se vendesse no Brasil kkkk 10.000 reais ahauhauaha

  • Battal Aljadei

    Representative Corporate Executive Officers
    President and CEO
    Kazuo Hirai

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    I see. Yes this kind of person will ruined the company.

  • jag

    If i had the money, i would buy it! But i think i can live with the NWZ-A17. seems good as they said in the reviews.

  • xperiaDROID

    Sony needs a CEO like John Chen which is the CEO of BlackBerry, this guy saved BlackBerry from going down further and maybe even bankruptcy.

  • jonyah

    Personally I wouldn’t buy this, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for it. If they can make it profitable, it doesn’t really matter does it?



  • Sadman Khan

    I’d love those volume up and down buttons on an xperia

  • Vuyo Ncube

    It would help if there were other recent DAPs to compare this to. People keep comparing this product to smartphones for some stupid reason!!!

  • Ritwij

    Doesn’t stutter on my Z2 till 4000 Kbps FLAC. This file which I wrote about is an 8min song with size 450MB. (Avg 7680 Kbps)

  • Ritwij

    Trust me, I’ve been using a lot of Xperia phones.

    Xperia mini pro -> Xperia pro -> Xperia S -> Xperia Z -> Xperia Z2

    All were my primary phones, so I’ve used them the most. The phones were very nice but since ICS, Sony’s software became really poor in comparison to others. Try using an HTC One M8 and Z2 together and tell me about your experience!

  • Adrian Dela Cruz


  • Sony Fan

    One Sony will never happen because Now Sony stuck with Android too much and it isn’t good for Sony in long term, Sony has to focus on software as much as hardware, Sony should make its own OS.

  • matilda

    What’s your source?

  • Yurikaneko????


  • Sony Fan

    Sony needs CEO like Carlos Ghosn… People like him can reboot Sony Corporation!

  • Timel

    I’m so pity you

    You should stop lying yourself , the Sound quality of Xperia phones even flagships is very suck, Sony lies their costumers by using WALKMAN name, just its name, no its soul and the hi-res software which sony put in the lastest flagship phone is just fake, just normal LoL

    How the sound quality of Xperia devices would be great.. sony is not even put a good DAC in them, so music lovers can’t find great music experience in any Xperia phone or tablet, It’s all just maketing hype.

    And again “I’m not Samsung fan” but at least Samsung has put wolfson DAC in their Galaxy S/Note series and the lastest news tell that Samsung will partner with Sennheiser for Galaxy S6’s headphone… And What about Sony?

  • Melfes Wired

    still no, i the guy who did this ps work XD

  • David van der Zande

    Dude, what are you talking about? The DAC in the Xperia Z line-up is of very high quality. Samsung only uses Wolfson in Exynos chips, not in Snapdragon.

    Please go away.

  • Faisal Armand


    Dude, my friends and families that uses iphone 5s, note 4, iphone 6, LG G3, are completely drooling over my Z2’s NOISE CANCELLING HEADSET.

  • Aiden Pearce

    stupid gadget…its the reason we are not getting exceptional audio in our Xperia..this stupid item is responsible…Sony gives sh** to Xperia and exceptional audio quality to so callled walkman…instead they should be like Apple atleast in this manner..their ipod and iphone both have same audio quality..damn you sony when will learn…

  • goldenblls

    It’s a luxury item so if I had that much money to throw around I’d buy one because I do like better audio.

    I have HI Res Audio, Digital Noise Cancellation and Qobuz on my Z3 Compact for an improved audio experience. It’s pretty good.

  • Juanchoreaper

    1120 for a walkman player?… I love Sony but… i do’t pay that money for this… i use thatr money to buy a Z4 or Z5 or Z6… definitely NO!

  • Niels d. G.

    You’d pay $1120 for a Z4?

  • roeshak

    For that price? They can shove it!!!

  • Reon

    I see a dumbo here. Well if you are dumb enough to get an old tech for the cost that doubles the latest. You should probably be on a luxury site rather than a tech one.

  • Cheiron

    500 Maximum

  • Vasilis K.

    Simply no. No need for further explanation.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    No way, with thats price i will buy a z4 and other stuffs, or a dslr camera

  • David Hvatov

    Nooooooo! They’re ugly! I prefer current ones.

  • zuhair zainal

    I would. Mind you, we’re not talking about a phone here so no point comparing it to one. Sure the phone comes with Walkman, Playstation, Smart connect (which makes you feel like Master of the Universe) and gadgets. Consider the phones as a Swiss army knife…now,.. This is THE Walkman folks. Back then walkmans were smart enough to fast forward your cassette tapes to the next song all on it’s own. Same time other folks carried mini compos over their shoulders ;).. This is more for the adult with sentimental feelings for the Walkman… Like visual experience there is audio re experience. Tunes which would make heartbeats feel so much more alive

  • xDDDD

    xDDD I still have the XZ and with my bluetooth headset the sound is wonderful…I can’t imagine how much better it’ll be with the noise cancelling in x2 and upwards…

  • Flavio Lemos


  • Kazuo Hirai is pure shit!

    Sony should be unstoppable. No other company has such a potent mix of content, brand cachet, and hardware design in multiple areas. But the story with Sony for well over a decade has been its ineptitude at bringing all these things together to form a coherent whole.

    CEO Kaz Hirai acknowledged this when taking over in early 2012, presenting a strategy called “One Sony” in an attempt to unify and streamline the company’s businesses. But that followed previous chief Howard Stringer’s “Sony United” concept; the dream of a slick machine that can draw on the best of each division is a unicorn that the company continues to chase.

    At CES 2015, Sony’s predicament remains clear. Almost nothing in their gargantuan booth appears to be a bad product. There are gorgeous TVs, a thriving game platform, some of the most advanced cameras in the world, and much more, yet the connective tissue between all of this is little stronger than in years before. However, there’s a new wildcard that could have serious implications for Sony’s ecosystem: Google.

    Sony’s SmartWatch 3 improves on its predecessor in some minor ways — the new metal band feels better than most, and its integrated GPS chip makes it less reliant on a tethered smartphone — but the biggest difference is its software. The latest model runs Android Wear, Google’s new operating system for wearables. The story’s the same with Sony’s 2015 TVs: every set will run Android TV rather than the proprietary software on prior models. But unlike Android on phones, hardware companies can’t adapt Android Wear or TV; what Google gives is what Sony gets.

    “We looked at it and said people want to be familiar with their device,” says Phil Jones (pictured below), product information manager for TVs at Sony. “They want to be able to walk up to their TV and within a minute be able to use it. Google Android devices have dramatic marketshare — it’s like 80 percent of the phones worldwide use this operating system. Even if you’re an iOS person you probably have a Chromecast, or you have some sort of relationship with Google. So people are familiar, and what is familiar becomes simple.”

    Sony has linked up with Google initiatives in the past, of course — its first Android phone was released in 2010, and it was one of the biggest backers of the ill-fated Google TV project. But Android TV is a simpler system far more likely to succeed, and Android Wear has much more momentum. From the consumer’s point of view, it’s probably for the best that Sony is abandoning its often clunky home-baked solutions. And, with the sale of VAIO, the company has severed its ties to Microsoft and gone all-in with Google as a third-party software provider. All of this is great news for Google, which will get some of the most attractive vessels for its services yet.

    The problem for Sony is that a Sony smartwatch is now functionally the same as an LG or Samsung or Motorola smartwatch. A Sony TV now runs the same interface as a Sharp or Philips TV, or any other set with an Android TV-compatible box plugged in. Unlike with phones, where the likes of Samsung and HTC were allowed to run wild and customise Android to their own benefit, Google has adopted a stricter attitude to what Android looks and feels like on other types of device.

    With the Google partnership, Sony’s business model is even more reliant on wooing customers with beautiful hardware and high performance; a risky strategy in the current consumer tech landscape. Will anyone really feel compelled to buy a Sony TV or watch to match their phone when competing products run the exact same software? If Sony’s financial results over the past few years are anything to go by, the company’s undeniable knack for design isn’t the silver bullet it once was.

    “Maybe we could’ve built our own infrastructure,” says Jones. “But what is the center of the house? For some people it’s TV, some people that’s the tablet, and for some people it’s the phone. But for all those things, the other two devices are running on Android for most people. Why not make sure that, regardless of whether the TV, the tablet, or the phone is the hub, that Google connects them?”

    Well, Sony has a lot more than three product categories. Take the new audiophile-focused Walkman ZX2. On one hand, it feels like a return to the old Sony spirit; let’s engineer an amazing, niche device, sell it for nearly $1,200, and see if anyone bites. But it runs 2012’s Android 4.2, and the basic interface is laggy beyond belief. I asked Xperia product marketing manager Stephen Sneeden if Sony’s mobile team had any input into the new Walkman’s design, and he said that the device was outside his purview. The ZX2 doesn’t feel like a product of One Sony; it’s a product created by one of many Sonys.

    The PlayStation 4 is another example. It’s an excellent, popular games console, but Sony’s woes with building out PlayStation Network have been well documented, and the company’s gaming devices still don’t interact much with other products. While there’s a rudimentary PlayStation app that lets you check your profile and takes you to a web store, and Xperia phones are starting to allow streaming from PlayStation Now, that’s about as far as it goes. A powerful $399 box connected to the TV could be the center of any product lineup, but Sony seems content to sequester it away as a curio separate from the rest of its devices. That dissonance is only going to get worse as the reliance on Google takes hold.

    Sony has made efforts to unify its strategy. “When you’re a big company it’s easy to become siloed, and we’re working really hard not to be siloed and to communicate so our products work seamlessly together,” says Jones, who notes that he now works in the same buildings as people from other divisions rather than having to go to another office “literally a mile away.” Jones also cites examples where knowledge has been shared to improve products on a technical level; the company’s 4K TVs, for instance, use image processing technology informed by the output from its professional 4K movie cameras. “That experience of making the cameras, making the content, displaying it in 4K, helps us make a better TV,” says Jones. “Because everybody else, this is their first time at the rodeo. We’ve been doing it for a while, and we can do a better job of it.”

    The thing is, Sony seems to think that Google can do a better job of the cloud infrastructure that customers have come to expect. And it’s almost certainly right. But the trouble with bunting to Google is that there’s little room for Sony to innovate or leverage the things it has that no-one else can offer. The company’s most eye-catching successes have been in divisions that Google has little to do with — cameras, gaming, image sensors, movies. What could be a more illustrative example of Sony’s ecosystem woes than The Interview — a movie from its own studio — coming to Xbox and Google Play before the PS4? It’s as if Sony has given up on its role as a content provider.

    The shift to Android software will make Sony TVs and watches better in the short term, but it’s far from a forward-looking strategy. As Sony itself has said repeatedly over the years, it needs to pull itself together if it’s ever going to realize its potential. But the vision at CES is for several Sonys, and the most important one is Google.

  • thumble

    Hey xperia blog net their is a new rumor about a xperia z4 music walkman is a smartphone you can read more on gizmo bolt com webbside

  • ryq24

    Walkman is dead and Sony need to realize that and learn to let it go. Sony should fire whoever approve this project.

  • Battal Aljadei

    I totally agree with you, Sony has a great start with the software but they almost stop on some level of the hardware it’s self, take the PS for example and PSP and PS Vita and the camera and the walkman when you combine them you will get a Game/Music/Camera all they need is an OS that can manage to run these features in a systematic way, but Sony CEO trying hard to not to because he think that sticking with Google will avoid much spending and give them access to more consumers,

    i expect this CEO some day will turn PS OS into a chrome cast or something instead of developing because when you look at the PS3 and 4 OS you only see a few apps that isn’t much for such a console,

    All i can see is this can is turning Sony into a small pieces and soon or after we will have nothing but a small gadgets from Sony that working on other company benefits like Google and Microsoft and soon Apple .

  • Faisal Armand

    I think the ones that thinks sony xperia phones have mediocre sound quality must have blatantly believe gsmarena’s audio quality test that’s full of numbers and sh*t.

    Well those numbers mean doesn’t mean sh*t in real life. Sites like gsmarena and phonearena don’t even mentioned noise cancelling headset which is praised by many sites including pocketnow, and android authority. Even Michael Fisher from pocketnow hails Z2’s NC headset even better than HTC One M8 Harman Kardonn edition

  • Anton

    ZX2 is Sony’s effort to push Walkman to enter the high-end Digital Audio Player (DAP) market. It is not in the same category as Smartphones, regardless it’s usage of Android platform.
    ZX1 and ZX2 competitors are Astell&Kern AKs, iBasso DX50 and DX90, FIIO X3 and X5. Those DAPs are priced ranging from $300 – over $2000, so Sony’s ZX2 doesn’t even come close to the top price.
    As a ZX1 owner and user, portable DAP is a different experience in music listening. Smartphones are suitable music listening device for casual music listeners, but annoying notifications and the burden of processing 24bit music files are less than ideal.
    Sony deliver Portable high-end DAP as an alternative. For those who wants the more affordable ones, Sony NWZ-A series, SanDisk Sansa series, and FIIO X1 are the choise, pricing between $30 – $200.
    So would I buy ZX2? It depends on how far of an upgrade ZX2 is. ZX1, despite of it’s excellent music playing quality and features, it came short on power to be paired with top-line headphones. Should Sony bump up the power in ZX2, it could compete with the current champions of high-end DAP market players (Astell&Kern, FIIO, iBasso, and more).
    Fun note: High end DAP is a totally different world. The top of the line high resolution 24 bit WAV player is Altmann Tera-Player: no screen and just a block that plays only Wav format file in it’s purity. A new one is priced around Euro 3400, a used one can be sold over $1200.

  • Sumo

    This is a perfect example of how good things can go to utter shit by people. Same happened to the Playstation when they kicked out the father of PS and then look what happened. Despite what he did, he was the key of making Sony into the gaming sector. Kaz is the demise for Sony, he only cares about money. While in a business that is important, but the margin and market man… sometimes being too high up there and if you don’t look down there, you don’t know jackshit what is going on overall.

  • thoughts

    Ok…. Make us a video, show me you paying for 5 of these…. See you in youtube…

  • InspectorGadget80

    If I have the money hell yes better quality than the shytty glass toy iPod touch. You guys must realize you’re paying for sound quality not the brand. So quit bytching bout the price tag.

  • Jeff Martinez

    Haha No, I’m a fan of Sony products but I wouldnt buy this.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Sure, I mean it’s not like Kaz has brought the company back into making a profit. You need to realize Sony has a stake in a lot of places. They aren’t the tech giant of before, and making money will open more doors for them when it comes to releasing better tech. The fact that they don’t release something you want isn’t grounds to kick the guy out, especially since he’s taken control Sony is starting to see some profit again. Sure, releasing crappy low to mid range phones with a hefty price tag doesn’t help, but their flagships are among the best, with his One Sony has has brought Playstation gaming and Sony Xperia devices closer than ever before (something Microsoft is still trying to do), and with Playstation Now their gaming arm is slowly connecting to their TVs.

    Sony has always been a high end tech company, only difference between them and Apple or Samsung is that they are no longer in the spotlight and because of that when they release devices with a “1000+ price tag it seems stupid to most.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    If he can save Blackberry again that would be incredible. I don’t see that happening, I wish they could make a comeback though, get some good competition going with the other OEMs, but Blackberry is in a very deep hole and barely surviving on the few company contracts they still have.

    Blackberry has great mobile security, but it’s not as “free” as Samsung or Apple. And now with Apple and Samsung “claiming” they have better security over everyone else, coupled with their huge popularity it only makes Chen’s job, to bring Blackberry back, even harder.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I like how he says “partner” when talking about Samsung and Sennheiser. If Samsung is supposed to be “the best” then why do they have to partner with someone for better sound quality? Especially if they are going to try and compete with Apple and Beats. Sony has been in the sound industry for years, they don’t need to purchase or partner with anyone, they just need to implement their knowledge and knowhow into their Xperia line better.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Honestly, I love my Xperia devices sound quality, and the noise cancelling lifts it higher. Personally, it’s not about being louder, which still would be great, but more the quality. And Sony and HTC seem to be the only few who actually focus on quality.

    Part of reason I think some Xperia users, myself included sometimes, is when Sony releases a Walkman device like the one above. All this great innovation to deliver better sound quality and they can’t put that into their Xperia line. Alone the Xperia devices have great sound quality, put some of that Walkman tech in and it’ll just take it over the top. But, say Sony does FINALLY implement their Walkman line with their Xperia line. I’m sure half the people here will applaud and they other half rage because the price will be too high, even though we finally get the best sound quality ever produced on a mobile device

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I’m curious to know, was it worth it? I have a bunch of MP3’s that prolly can’t be upscaled. But is dropping a flagship level amount of cash for a standalone music device worth it? I know Sony has great knowledge when it comes to sound quality, but are these, rather expensive devices, worth carrying around? Serious question, sorry if it might sound a little dick-ish.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Agreed, Sony no longer shows off the Sony Select but their Playstation app

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    “99.99% pure tin solder”, how will Sony be able to avoid tin whiskers failures?

    I woud not even pay $200 for ZX2 if I knew it would fail after a year ot two.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Agree with him? Sure, that’s your opinion, but that whole statement was plagiarized straight off TheVerge. If someones going to use something for their argument they should at least site their source.


  • Axel

    Well, i have a Z3, and a DSLR with a collection of lenses worth over 5000. So i will probably buy this. I love premium quality music.

  • asian101

    The ignorance in this thread is astounding. There is another world wherein people called audiophiles live, and would find this a bargain. I suggest my fellow xperia fans here to google Astell & Kern A240, a DSD player worth USD2,500. Better yet, try to make some research in headfi.org. I am not an audiophile (yet), and consider myself an enthusiast, but my low impedance iem collection namely senn ie800, dunu dn2000, and hifiman re600 will be waiting to audition this new masterpiece from Sony.

    Again, the world is (much) bigger than you think it is.

  • Mark

    With a price tag of £949 I think I’ll stick to using my Xperia phone which runs on Android 4.4.4..

  • I’m lining up for this on release day and buying at least one. The previous version, zx1, was a beautifully designed , brilliant masterpiece which lifted the veil on music when used with Sonys hi red audio headphones and WAV music files, and this one only improves on the master build we had last year.
    This one is underpriced!
    Bravo to Sony for making an attempt to move us away from the awful mediocre world of discounted cheapo junk consumer products!
    I’m a producer of thousands of products and I can tell you with certainty this could have sold for more than $1200 , and there is a market for it. The line at Yodabashi for the ZX1 Walkman ($800) was around the block last year, I just barely got one. This year will be an even larger turnout now that HiRes audio is catching on.
    Bravo Sony.

  • Why is this only for rich people? Isn’t it for people who buy less things, but who want the things they DO buy to be brilliantly well made? Most people I know are not “rich” and spend so much on Purchases which add up to way more than $1200. You can make twelve $100 purchases on various items over a year or two, or you can save your money for something like this.

  • David Hvatov

    I hope it’s fake.

  • Battal Aljadei

    Yes they aren’t the tech giant as before because Kaz has sold out one of Sony giant hand ( Vaio Computer ) while competitors like samsung and hp and apple and microsoft are just starting to compete in that business ! because mr kaz claim he want to focus on smartphone more which’s obvious now ? tell me what has been developed on Sony smartphone since kaz sold out Vaio ? ( Nothing )

    One Sony is not kaz idea, it was his predecessor Howard Stringer’s Sony United, kaz only change the name and what he did to the idea ? exactly the opposite !

    You want better Camera for your Xperia ? buy our QX Lens
    You want louder Speakers for your Xperia ? buy our SRS-BTV2
    You want better Quality for your Xperia music ? buy our NW-ZX1/2
    You want more memory for your PS Vita ? buy our memory

    This is Many Sonys not One Sony .

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    The Vaio line wasn’t making enough profit. Look at the Surface Pro 3, a great combination of a tablet and a laptop. But it’s more tablet driven, Kaz made the decision to drop the Vaio line which wasn’t making money to invest more in their tablet line, which succeeds could result in their own Surface Pro line or a revival of their laptops. Why should Sony waste time and money developing two devices that battle each other on the markets constantly.

    Youre absolutely right, One Sony isn’t his idea, but unlike his predecessor he has done more than any one in Sony or any other tech company with a variety Sony has to pull them together. On Sony was announced a little over 3 years ago and Sony has already begun to merge their gaming expertise to their mobile devices. Something no other company has done. It’s still in its infancy, yes, still has bugs, of course, but in the short while he’s been in charge he’s brought more of Sony’s wide spread expertise together than anyone before him.

    Under Kaz Sony has made a profit again. The change is slow but eventually either Kaz or his predecessor will continue to pull Sony together. As of now Sony is still fragmented, still producing individual devices from their individual groups. You think Sony can just snap everything together with a flick of the wrist? And apart from the devices you listed above two are accessories for mobile devices, be it Xperia or not. And the Walkman is just a simple device that shows Sony still wants to try and make it in a market where something Really shouldn’t be, and that’s where Kaz and Sony as a company should focus on weeding out. Focus on the core devices the consumers want, then put all of your best tech and effort into it.

  • Gantrioch

    If you have or can obtain high resolution files, and you have excellent headphones, and you’re someplace where you can really focus on the music, then yes, it’s worth it. Also, the NW-ZX1 really shines when you pair it with the PHA-2 or PHA-3, but that’s really getting up there with money. I read quite a bit of this thread before deciding to purchase http://www.head-fi.org/t/680853/sony-nwz-zx1-35th-walkman-anniversary-model.

  • Faisal Armand

    100% agree with ya, mate.

    But what bothers me here, is that some people actually says Xperia Z2 or Z3’s sound quality is no better than samsung s5 or note 4 which has back mounted mono speaker. Which is bullsh*t.

    I tested my Z2’s NC headset against $200 beats tour headset. And Sony’s NC headset is far better, really

  • MarkG54321

    It’s also chock full of erros. Xperia has exclusive remote play, not just PlayStation now, and PSN is just as robust as Xbox live. Microsoft money ensures disproportionate reporting of service outages.

  • Adam

    I understand that this is a high end niche device aimed at enthusiasts who are willing to pay more for quality, but even by that standard, this is one expensive item.

    Is there really a niche market for a mobile high resolution audio player this pricey? Sony itself sells a number of far less expensive alternatives to the Walkman ZX2 (such as its Walkman F, Walkman A, predecessor Walkman ZX and the Xperia Z3 line), and other companies have their own high resolution audio-compatible mobile devices. The Walkman ZX2 may well be far superior, but is it $1120 superior for its target consumer?

  • Raj Singh


  • Hirai’s old friend

    First of all, sorry for my horrible english

    I think Sony’s big problem is every divisions have operated as separate units (just don’t get it why Apple and Google can manage their whole company without splitting any division as a separate unit like Sony?) and that make Sony engineers are far apart and couldn’t work closely together that’s why One Sony plan will never really happen

    For example Sony has popular devices like Xperia smartphone and good online services like Video Unlimited, Music Unilimited and PlayMemories but Sony fails to integrate their online services with their devices and also release many nonsense apps like Sony Select which overlap with What’s new apps, Xperia Link and Smart Connect which overlap with PlayMemories Mobile, So Sony needs to restructure the whole Sony Group and combine every divisions/units into one company, maybe merge Sony Mobile and PlayStation Device Division into the Sony Corporation.

  • Timel

    Beats headphones suck, Sony is much better but Sennheiser is the best out here LoL

  • To me it seems underpriced.
    But this article poses a strange question… it’s like asking
    who would pay $30k for a car when one can be had for $13k…
    …you can even find a car costing up to $100k…or MORE…
    they all get you to where you need to be,
    but not under the exact same conditions.
    Most are fine with the $12k model, some prefer safer cars, faster cars, more efficient cars, electric cars… on and on.
    And the $1200 is only for the Walkman… let’s not forget you will need
    the Hi Res Audio headphones which run $300 to $800.
    Using Hi Res Audio headphones, the music played on the Walkman Zx2 sounds absolutely nothing like the music you play on your phone or older Walkman… not even close. I don’t think I could ever go back to MP3s now… feels like using headsets handed out for free on the airplane.
    BUT, doesn’t mean it has to be the way to go for everyone.
    Some are happy with the MP3 lossy sound, and that’s totally ok.

  • Fredrik

    What kind of headphones are supplied with a 1k mp3 player?
    Sony has not released any good in ear headphones since walkman era mdr-e484. I used a pair a year until Sony stopped selling these. Contemporary devices like klipch x10i are too strenuous for me to wear for a long time. If they bring back e484 with the zx2 I’ll buy one in a second.

  • Timel

    Even Samsung never say “the best of that, the best this” but Samsung did it, and Partner with Sennheiser it a great deal for Samsung’s customers isn’t it? At least it shows that Samsung is pretty sincere with their customers Samsung never stop and always keep moving forward, try to improve itself for better, for higher unlike some company… Which only talk but no action until it becomes a junk company now because people realised that Sony isn’t better than anyone, Actually it sucks and not worth the money LoL

    And That’s so fucking funny that fanboys still lick Sony balls and against better competitors like Samsung, Apple and chinese brands about sound quality while in reality Sony Xperia Z series never ever built-in great DAC, just shitty sound software like lame music player app called “Walkman”, the fake DSEE HX and stupid hi-res audio, And don’t say that only those shitty software are powerful enough to give the great music experience to customers… without hardware like DAC and Amplifier? Really?

    At least Samsung and Apple have put Wolfson DAC in their smartphones and tablets and Some chinese phone makers also partner with ESS Technology and Yamaha for DAC, Texas Instruments for amplifier and to be honest, in fact the cost of sound chip and amplifier ain’t hight at all, even Sony S-Master HX.

    All I want to say that at least Sony should built-in DAC and Amplifier to Xperia flagship devices I don’t mean S-Master, at least the real DAC/amplifier not just software like Samsung, Apple and some chinese brands did… but Sony didn’t

    Why? Oh yeah Sony is just a chicken!

  • T-REX

    Unfortunately, I’m sad about VAIO, the image of VAIO brand is much cooler than Xperia. It would be so good if Sony smartphone will use VAIO brand instead Xperia.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I don’t see that happening, I kind of like Xperia over Vaio. Maybe if tablets overtake laptops and Sony’s tablet business does good enough they could make their tablets standalone from their mobile phones.

    Although I’m pretty sure the Vaio name was sold off as well, and I don’t think Sony will purchase something back just for the name

  • jonny

    nope. too expensive.

  • Guest

    Playstation OS will rule all.
    Recent Sony Pictures hacking incident remind me that Sony must build their own system. Relying on Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Certified Sysadmin doesn’t help them.. Look at the fact of Sony Pictures got hacked, people shouldn’t blame Sony for it, they should question the credibility of these Microsoft Certified System/Network admins.. M$ is PURE SHIT.

  • Adam

    All the players I mentioned as alternatives to the Walkman ZX2 also support high resolution audio, and at far lower prices. Presumably the ZX2 is capable of outputing sound that sounds better, at least on paper, but will anyone be able to tell the diference between high resolution audio playing on, for example, a $300 Walkman A and a $1120 Walkman ZX2?

  • Adam

    A $1120 MP3 player does not come with headphones. A $1120 MP3 player is aimed at audio enthusiasts, and audio enthusiasts prefer to supply their own headphones.

    i believe that the the highest end mobile audio player from Sony with high resolution audio suppport that comes with headphones is the Walkman F, and those included earbuds, while quality, are not good enough to tell the difference between high resolution audio files and MP3’s.

  • Short answer is yes, it may support the format but the difference in sound is pretty big.
    For example listen to the same WAV file on a Z3 compact and then go try on a XZ1, even with the same hi res audio headphones it’s clearly not the same exact technology in use.

  • Sony’s in ear buds are beyond incredible, I use the Hi Res Audio XBA-Z5 and wow these little things are 5 years ahead of any other in ear set I’ve ever tried.

  • Adam

    Nonsense. The Walkman and Xperia lines are from different divisions of Sony. If Sony Mobile wants to make an Xperia with audio quality as great as Sony Electronics’ Walkman ZX2, it can, but that would be one expensive device with limited appeal.

    And for what it’s worth, the iPod and iPhone have never been known for audio quality, and the Xperia Z3 line does support high resolution audio.

  • Dan

    Only if I had much money to spare… which I don’t

  • Aiden Pearce

    just suppports doesn’t produce…well u would find so many people not satified with the audio output…

  • Guest

    How about, Sony Playstation Z4?

  • Guest

    Give CEO position to me and i’ll turn Sony profitable in next 2 years.

  • Guest

    Yep rich people does need these things to difference them from mid ranger.

  • Jaywalker

    Yeah right, to have a new toy along with my new Bentley and my house in St. Moritz :))

  • Guest

    Yep, some stupid people out there calling Sony “stupid” for selling it at $1200 because their lack of knowledge. Such irony.

  • T-REX

    Fuck! It’s Stupid! How about Sony VAIO Z4?

  • Timel

    Don’t expect too much, some Sony fanboys here have no brain!

  • Guest

    Bitch please, look at GSMarena and most smartphone fanboys are idiot.

  • Tommy Irianto

    The tech inside is all great.. But at $1,200 price tag simply for a music player? I don’t think it’s worth it. But with all that specs, all it needs is the Noise-cancelling feature like they did on Xperia Z2 and Z3 phones. And, to use Android 5.0 Lollipop instead. Even then, I would only buy it if it’s no more than $500… 128 GB Flash memory is all good.. Which reminds me I still own my iPod Classic 160 GB, but it was really heavy due to it’s actual HDD inside. (But now no longer works because I can’t sync with the latest iTunes anymore with my OEM cable I got when I purchased it in 2007) But a MicroSD slot to expand that already huge 128GB storage would be a welcoming feature for sure. 128 GB built-in + 128 GB microSD = 256 GB worth of music storage.

    They may also need to fix their Walkman metadata structuring. with my iPod I can set the actual Artist, Album, Song. But I can also set the metadata used for Sorting. That way, my albums aren’t arranged by alphabet, but by year for that particular artist, or using another sorting method (for example: Final Fantasy IX will always come before Final Fantasy V according to alphabet, even though it’s supposed to come after Final Fantasy VIII). With the sorting metadata, I could rearrange the order of how the list would appear, without changing the actual name of artist, album, or songs. It also works wonders for compilation albums with multiple artists under the same album. We don’t want the artist lists to be filled with artists with only one song inside.

    All in all.. I can see myself using NW-ZX2 (or Maybe NW-ZX3 later on) if it has a built-in software-based Noise Cancelling function, latest android OS, expendable storage, and no more than $500 price tag (but don’t nerf the hardware specs.. because the specs are already perfect).

  • Timel

    I see, a person like you.

  • David Hvatov

    Any news about Z4?

  • Rikimaru

    Yes I would, but first I gonna get Action cam 4k because I waited it one year^^

  • Battal Aljadei

    Vaio was the best in the market ( don’t believe my words but check any reviewing website )
    but Sony wasn’t advertising it enough ,

    What’s scares me most is that Kaz strategy is to get ride of any sector that doesn’t make good profits, however Kaz now turning his eyes on the Mid rangers and the low smartphones as a nonprofitable sector, which’s gives the impression is that he gonna stop Sony from making this type of devices, instead developing and making a variants type as it was in 2013 he start increasing the list into bigger displays and increased prices and decreasing the variants as for the Xperia M2 & Xperia T3 etc which’s the reasons of Sony losses in the last mobile financial reports,
    just compare the 2013 to 2014 reports and you’ll see how this guy’s shrinking the variants and the profits of Sony’s mobiles and i’m just hoping that he’s not gonna do what he did to Vaio computers with the mobile sector ( get ride of mid-ranger and low-ranger sector )

    Yes the list above are for Mobile accessories but the funny thing’s that these mobile accessories have better quality and better sound than the flagship it’s self !
    while the must happen is the opposite, the best should be in the flagship and the the accessories should be for the mid ranger and low ones .

  • Yes, sure why not, If I were on drugs maybe.. Don’t get me wrong I do buy expensive stuff all the time just to keep up and discover new technology, but why would I buy an audio player with the same price of a high end and expensive phone with more options and extra choices.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I don’t see the problem with cutting off the dead weight or the fat and focusing on something that actually turns a profit. Sony is slowly turning around under Kaz, but you can’t keep turning around a company, expecting to make money, when you have to support areas that are hemorrhaging money. Sure it sucks to see a great brand die, but that used tech could be incorporated into another branch to further it’s success. I agree Vaio was great, I have a Vaio laptop, but the prices for it, and most Sony products are just too high. They can compete on the tech level, but if someone can offer the same thing for cheaper, cheaper always wins.

    As for the accecories, you named a speaker and a attachable lens. Both of which I have from Sony, the SRS-BT5 speaker, as well as the QX100 and QX10. These are independent devices that are an extension of a phone. Of course they are going to better than their flagships. If I buy a speaker or camera and their flagship is better then what’s the point in purchasing it and what’s the point in buying and releasing it in the first place.

    Look, I think I know where you’re coming from, I might be wrong. But in the mobile world theirs a lot of competition, especially in the Android space. In their past flagships there was little upgrades. Between the Z, Z1, Z2, and Z3 there are very little upgrades. But if you take out the Z2 it looks like Sony is heading in the right direction. Fact is Sony releasing a flagship every six months shows small, incremental upgrades, do show they’re heading in the right direction, but shows very little growth between the flagships. It gives off a huge feeling of stagnation. Cameras and display rival their competitors, but for a flagship being refreshed so often they should be leaps and bounds ahead.

    Sony needs to nut up, offer the best and greatest tech at competing prices. Enough with individual Sony standalone products at high prices, that focus on the a small picture. It’s time to capture the attention of general public again. And when they’re nearing the top, making profits then they could go and bring back the classics we love.

  • Dean Weaver

    Too much – think I’ll wait for the rumored Z4 music…

  • azzido

    How about Xperia Play 2? I would be interested..

  • Because your phone is not able to play music the same way, if you don’t really care about the quality of your music then this particular item would not interest you. No drugs required, just an understanding of what the product actually is.

  • kevinlow

    wow, made in Malaysia, not bad..

  • Great PSV

    Sony is gonna create its own operating systems based on Orbis OS, One OS for all Sony devices !

  • Juanchoreaper

    Sure, Z4 + SW3 + magnetic dock + mdr-nc31em + srs btv5 = 1120 :D

  • Sham Riz’s

    i pay for ipod touch..crazy price.huhu

  • Zircon

    The FIIO X3 shames my Xperia Z2 when it comes to sound quality. I understand Z3 is better but still, i doubt it comes close to dedicated audio hardware. I think I will wait for FIIO X7 official announcement and if it doesn’t have Android and WIFI, I’ll get a ZX2. I need those two in order to run the Synology’s DS Audio application and stream flac files from my home network

  • thoughts

    Still too expensive for ordinary people, still overpriced, and also you have zero feeling for doing business imo you should always talk the price DOWN, more for less…

    Any news on the z4 line, bring your info.

  • thoughts

    This man was awarded at ces 2015 for his exellent work in developing new technology and standards….

  • Rene Pedroso


  • W. Jurewicz

    If the thing and its technology lasts for at least 6 years maybe.

  • JHMBB2

    I don’t know much about high end audio stuff. I don’t care about the price tag honestly, I’m sure there are other similar devices. What annoys me are the people complaining about the price tag. If this had Beats By Dre. Logo on it, people would be all over this.

  • thoughts

    No, not me, you are wrong.

  • JHMBB2

    Well I never said you would, I meant in general, people wouldn’t complain about the price.

  • Jumbo

    Sony fanboys may not have a so-called brain, but we have microchips that thinks faster than a PC! And a dick too! Unlike you, who has got no brains, no ball, and no dick! SHIT!

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Not all people are rich like u :)

  • Alex Chokwe

    Why not, definitely I would like to listen to quality music on the go in the high seas! Well done Sony.

  • Thomas Crouch

    Never ! thats crazy

  • Tsais

    No, do I look stupid?

    I can buy a portable PA from JBL or Yamaha for less :p

    Ah ok, I always had nothing but derision for $12,000 turntables and the likes… never mind me.

  • Tsais

    ewwww, Beats… might as well start talking about Bose or some other fraudulent HiFi bs…

    Its funny about HiFi stuff, cause anything that’s really good costs way more than studio gear made for musicians, which is usually still better, except for people who like the old bathtub frequency curve…

  • Tsais

    Well, I’d complain about the price no matter what’s written on it.

    I go by the size and weight of the gadget. If its really really heavy, I will assume it must be worth more. ;-)

  • Tsais

    I vote for a ZX2 with a pair of shoulder-mounted KRK V4 studio monitors :D

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