Sony’s Stainless Steel SmartWatch 3 hits pre-order in Germany

by XB on 14th January 2015

in Accessories

SW3 thumbSony formally unveiled the Stainless Steel version of its SmartWatch 3 at CES earlier in the month, with availability expected in February 2015. We’ve been scouring most of the big retailers to get an idea of price and today the Stainless Steel SmartWatch 3 has popped up at in Germany.

The SW3 is listed as out of stock right now but is priced at €243.11. This compares to the SmartWatch 3 with rubber wrist band for €219.00 on the same site. It’s good to see that there’s not a massive premium for the Stainless Steel version. Expect other retailers to also start listing the Stainless Steel SmartWatch 3 soon, ahead of its launch next month.

Stainless Steel SmartWatch 3 Amazon

  • jonyah

    I sure hope we can order just the band as an addon. This watch is best when you have both to switch back and forth (plus I already have it). :)

  • dannybuoy

    Not seen any reports that it’ll be available as a stand alone strap. Which is disheartening as I’m sure they could sell it for decent money and they’d sell plenty. I know I’d pay £30-£50 for metal strap

  • jmaxim917

    Why isn’t there a black metal option?

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  • Paul M

    The price for the version with metal strap isn’t bad, but it makes the rubber/plastic strapped one seem overpriced.

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  • Rene Pedroso

    I wonder if it is solid 316 Surgical Stainless Steel

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  • jonyah

    It would be really stupid for them to not provide this as a stand alone strap. Options are very important for a device like this.

  • Exactly what I thought… black metal would have been awesome!

  • Timel

    This is nothing new, so boring LoL
    I feel pity those stupid fanboys who still believe in Sony, looks so stupid!

  • Raphael

    Kazuo Hirai admitted during an interview it was too bulky and massive but justified that by the battery capacity. I think it’s a wrong move : customers prefer design over tech specs, esp. for a device on display on their wrist.

  • Rene Pedroso

    If Sony where to offer a Black version it would have to be done at a very high level as the black coating would come off and one would see the SS come through the bracelet when it is scratched or such. The only possible way to prevent this is the DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) which would drive the cost up.

  • P9

    I wonder why u come here then. u act like u’re not proud with ur things. We never go any fan blog of Sammy and Iphone.
    jealousing, guy?

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  • jmaxim917

    The Smartwatch 2 has a black metal band option, haven’t heard anyone complaining about it being scratched or peeling.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, lol.

  • jmaxim917

    But it does mean it’s not an issue. If you believe they didn’t provide that option because of scratching then you are probably thinking they shouldn’t use glass for the front and back of the Z series phones, as you know, they do break.

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