iFit Xperia Theme launched by Sony

by XB on 22nd January 2015

in Applications

iFit Xperia Theme_1_resultSony Mobile has launched the iFit Xperia Theme. iFit produces calorie tracker and running apps. The theme includes customised soft keys and icons in the app tray menu. You can download the theme from the Google Play Store.

The iFit Outside app includes an online fitness tracker and is designed for Android Wear devices. The good news for SmartWatch 3 owners is that you get three months free access to the pro features of iFit Outside allowing you to map training runs, monitor performance and control music on your SmartWatch 3.

iFit Xperia Theme_1_result

iFit Xperia Theme_2_result iFit Xperia Theme_3_result

iFit Xperia Theme_4_result

  • Bur

    Sony should add user customisable themes, these downloadable themes are bad

  • Ali Alkhazal

    Seriously Sony, using a screenshot for the lock screscreen.

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  • Moonlight

    Why not just make simply theme in truly SONY style? They could make it black with huge letters XPERIA or SONY on the middle of the screen for example. Make it with special effects at least… Seriously, it would significantly have a success among users!

  • yuskhayru

    Best lockscreen wallpaper ever. Thumbs up!

  • thoughts

    A B S T R A C T Themes please, not Hollywood and stuff.

  • thoughts


  • Raj Singh

    Almost every theme they’ve come out with sucks…
    Sony Mobile should assign a new team to themes and really make this another standout feature for Xperia devices. Fuck, they’re so stupid sometimes.

  • David Lettinga

    You can make your own theme if you want to http://developer.sonymobile.com/downloads/themes-creator/

  • kedar

    Some themes are nice but its paid sony should allow user for free trial.

  • A.o.D

    That is the theme creator for old sony ericsson phones with java os

  • A.o.D

    Lol!! what were they smoking!

  • Sridhar D

    Sony, instead of themes give PlayStation games for free. That would be a better strategy.

  • Sridhar D

    The Football world cup theme for was stunning. May be u missed it :)

  • inspire

    How does it make sense to use “shorts” as an icon for “own order” and t-shirt for “alphabetical”, and so on…?
    Please don’t make these stupid themes like every other day, if you want to make a theme then choose meaningful and subtle visual elements (I’m not talking about wallpaper and lock screen image here)

  • Ritwij

    They still post photos of theme running on an Xperia Z. So proud :’D

  • Ritwij

    E X A C T L Y

  • Rob

    Most of them are by third party developers. The ones Sony’s made are promotional ones for their movies and the world cup.

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