TELUS puts Xperia Z3 sales on hold over Wi-Fi hotspot compliance issue

by XB on 26th January 2015

in Xperia Z3 series

TELUSCanadian operator TELUS has suspended sales of the Sony Xperia Z3 due to Wi-Fi hotspot compliance issue that exceeds the limits set by Industry Canada. Sony is working on a firmware update to address the issue, but in the meantime TELUS has also disabled the hotspot capability for the Xperia Z3. TELUS is expected to resume sales of the Xperia Z3 once Sony has delivered a fix. See Sony’s statement on this below.

Sony Mobile statement on the issue:

“In connection with a software update, a hotspot compliance issue with the Sony Xperia Z3 has been identified. We have been working with Industry Canada to provide a solution and a software upgrade will be made available in the next few weeks once testing is completed which will address this fully.”

Via Mobile Syrup.

Thanks Sergio!

  • Shehab Skull

    Who cares :3

  • Holy shit! they will miss out on two sales per week countrywide!! OMG the world is going to end!

  • gmfady

    hiha shehab, yu made me lOl

  • Shehab Skull
  • Benjamin Levy

    Is the problem that the Z3’s WiFi signal is too strong? That could be a selling point.

  • xperia z3

    somehow, i couldn’t find any press release/notice any from telus, sony nor industry canada. more rumour say Bell is doing the same, but again, i couldn’t find their announcement. everything points to 1 source, MobileSyrup. Is this a hoax / hack or something? does anyone have a link to root of the source to confirm this? well, it’s true that “who cares”, but this “news” was spread to many blogs/website. I guess this is a good way to verify who has better quality of “news” ?

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