Report: Sony to cut a further 1,000 jobs within smartphone business

by XB on 27th January 2015

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SonyNikkei is reporting that Sony is planning to cut an additional 1,000 employees within Sony Mobile in a drive to bring the division back into profit. The job cuts are mainly expected to land in Europe and China.

These job cuts are on top of the 1,000 job cuts that Sony announced in October 2014. The workforce will shrink to 5,000 by March 2016. Further details on the job cuts are expected when releases its quarterly results update on 4 February 2015.

  • DBS

    Job cuts.
    Not production cuts and slow downs.

    Yup. That’s the way, Sony. Keep your ridiculous 6 month cycle which requires double the effort updating software AND cut jobs to go along with that. That’s DEFINITELY the way.
    Your CEOs are geniuses.

  • Jumbo

    (rolls eyes) Guys, ready for Timel and Puck Norris the ass bender duo’s attack soon to commence… XD

  • Guest

    Where’s Timel?

  • m sacha

    is this the beginning of the end?

  • name
  • Fynjy7771

    I suppose it’s cause of leaving 6-month cycle, and concentrating on a premium segment. That’s the price for changing the strategy. I like this new strategy, Sony should have concentrated on a premium segment since they bought Ericsson’s part, IMO.

  • Rick N

    Probably Z4 going to be the last breath XD

  • azzido


  • Fan of Xperia device

    Before Xperia die i want a Xperia Nexus, that’s my last wish (it will give them the brand recognition they need in US). I just hope Sony will not kill Xperia.

  • naym

    well, nexus cant be xperia. a sony nexus. that’s what it’d be. And now that google is aiming high with their nexus 6, I think there’s a better chance it might happen. Screen size concerns me though.

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  • Raj Singh

    You’re probably right. I hope not but… it seems probable. I can’t believe Sony can’t compete in mobile considering HTC and BlackBerry survived the doldrums. On the other hand, Motorola and Nokia were not so lucky. Tough business. I love Sony products but their management is shit and needs to be replaced ASAP. They need a John Chen type of personality to take over.

  • Apollo89

    In a mental hospital.

  • Raj Singh

    Sony management needs to be replaced ASAP. Amazing portfolio of products but complete inability to sell and / or market the brand successfully (with the exception of SCEA).

  • xperia

    Fuck you sony release The xperia z4 In march or April… If you not release i go and buy a fucking iphone 6… fuck you sony… Fuck you…

  • jr

    Let’s wait I think this is a good strategy that sony will soon to cut their operations expenses. Since htc start their cut last two years i think they are aware what will happen in smartphone business during that time

  • jag

    He’s late! Lol

  • Peetuh

    Go ahead, no one’s stopping you from doing so.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    one possible reason, given his reaction, is that the thickness of his wallet. (joke, the amount on his credit account), he would have gone to ip6 ages ago if he did not have hopes for sony.

  • Faisal Armand

    Sony makes great, great phones but the business strategy is pure shit. Fact

  • P9

    dont kill xperia Sony T.T
    we still love you.

  • mountain

    Think about it, why do Sony Mobile need as much as 7,000 people as workforce to develop something like Z3? Yes, Z3 is a brilliant device, but putting so many people behind it is just crazy, especially they are not developing any hardware themselves.

  • Timel

    Don’t be rude man Puck Norris is the real man, he’s very cool.

    even I want Sony Mobile to bankrupt, I do love to see that happen of course but I’ll pray for them and hopefully Sony will have the bright future with their Xperia products!

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Does it mean Sony still has a revival plan rather than selling the whole division ???
    Hope!!! as you know, can make you think anything :D

  • Timel

    Sony maketting is fucking lame and its 6 mouth cycle strategy is extremely stupid even Sony’s trying to change its stupid strategy now but it’s too late so sorry for their blind fanboys who used to defend about Sony that the 6 mouth cycle strategy is great LoL what about now uh?

    And All Sony’s products fail to wow/surprise people for long time especially its smartphone which is less cool innovation, less useful software features, Normally sound quality, just shitty software but no built in DAC/amplifier whatever Sony have used Walkman name with its Xperia phones… so shame. Sony knows as one of the greatest camera expertise in the industry but the camera quality of its Xperia flagship phones never close to Lumia 1020 and the lastest “Z3” still worse than Note 4 and AppLe iPhone 6. Display… Sony should move to the new future Sony should use OLED technology with its Xperia smartphone for the best, for better colour better contrast better viewing but sony still stuck with old tech like their shitty LCD which also worse than Sharp Display, LG Display and Apple Retina Display.

    It’s clear that Sony’s flagship phones have nothing special than competitors and don’t have unique features which is really cool or hard to copy, at least make Xperia phone can play PSVita’s games, but I know Sony is too coward to break the rules.

    Bad maketting! Bad products! Bad vision!

    Sony is dying slowly but Sony Mobile and its Xperia products was already dead.

  • Timel

    Dont be rude, Puck Norris is the real man, he’s super cool.

    Of course I do want Sony Mobile to bankrupt but I’ll pray for them. I wish Sony will have the bright future with their smartphone product line whatever!

  • xperiax10.awesome

    by year 2018 there will be no SONY :'(

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    – Sound
    1/ Z3 use WCD9320 Audio Codec which is Qualcomm
    2/ Z3 also use TFA9890 (2x) chips. Now, this is an DAC amp with each single one can sample the music rating at 8-48kHz. Two of these brings the Z3 to be able to sample up to 96kHz.

    – Display
    A new “local adaptive contrast” algorithm has been introduced to the Xperia Z3. It analyzes every single pixel and optimizes its contrast individually. This increases the dynamic range without having to raise the back light.
    Sony also uses a technique in which they “shift phosphor material instead of cutting light by color filters”. This allows Sony to use “colder” whites (leaning towards the blue spectrum), which tend to look brighter.

    introduced “memory on display”. This means we use some dedicated memory on the display which “remembers” what’s on the screen at any one time. This means that where you are displaying a static image, the display doesn’t need to use the phone’s processor to constantly refresh the image. This means the screen uses far less processor power, and in turn saves a lot of battery.


    See the attachment

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Sample crop

  • Reza

    In a mental asylum

  • Reza

    Hello little boy or girl… Go home, wash ur hand and get some sleep don’t forget to take ur pills to reduce ur wild n untamed souls…

  • Alex P.

    Not surprising at all. Right now Sony is a very incompetent company overall, including just about every division/subsidiary – Sony Online Entertainment still can’t release a single successful multiplayer game which wouldn’t contain billions of bugs and wouldn’t disappear into oblivion after a year or so (like their latest “H1Z1” game which is already riddled with hundreds of bugs, cheaters and its developers have been caught in a lie about certain game’s features), Sony Computer Entertainment still can’t properly manage and protect PlayStation Network against multiple DDoS or hacking attacks and same goes for their Mobile division which can’t even properly market their mobile devices here in US or provide proper, rapid software support for any of them.

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  • IshuZ2

    This is how Nokia came to an end. now SONY doing the same.

  • karamelakimo

    I wish the good for sony but plz don’t close any division

  • goldenblls

    A shame but unfortunately Sony just doesn’t have the billions of marketing bucks that Samsung and Apple have so it doesn’t really matter how brilliant Xperia phones are, other companies have a bigger mind share – because of marketing.

    Plus, the people in China are more likely to buy phones from a Chinese company than a Japanese one. It’s very tough for Sony.

    I think Samsung too will soon see a huge dip in profits and a struggle with market share and if that happens with Samsung’s marketing might, then they too will be in big trouble.

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  • Rob

    “sony still stuck with old tech like their shitty LCD which also worse than Sharp Display, LG Display and Apple Retina Display.”

    FYI, Sony uses Japan display and Sharp displays. Tell us more about how Sharp displays are worse than Sharp displays.

    Your insights and clever remarks are valued greatly.

  • roeshak

    Sony mobile have a lot of problems but largely due to leadership and strategic thinking. Your comments only reveal how silly you’re being.
    Fanboys will always be fanboys. They’re the same with every brand. Apple fans for years toed the Steve jobs line that nobody wants big phones only to rush out in droves to buy the big screen iPhones making it the best selling phone in history. It’s just what fanboys do and Sony fanboys aren’t any different. They defended the 6 month cycle because that’s what fanboys do. I’ll agree with your criticism of the famous but This is where I part ways with you. Everything else you said was utter nonsense. Sony don’t need oled displays, they just need to stick to the formula of the z2 and improve on that. Cold panels will not win you many admirers. Z3,I’m looking at you! The camera is the very best in the android side hardwarewise but it’s auto software is hilarious. If you’re too stupid to learn basic manual controls then that’s your problem.

  • roeshak

    Sorry Bro I have to disagree with you on the display front. Cold panels are less appealing to look at. That’s why amoled panels are so popular. Sony did a fantastic job with the z2’s display as it was the warmest lcd panel ever produced. A recourse hog yes but the phone had a big enough battery to cope with it. They should never have toned it down to improve battery performance. A big mistake that!
    I could never use another cold display so I’m hoping Sony move away from that permanently. From the minute the z3 was unveiled there was just something about the display I didn’t like. It just wasn’t as captivating as the z2s display was when I first saw it. All the talk of brightness made no impression on me either. I don’t spend my whole life under direct sunlight so don’t need 600 plus nits. The z2 was OK even at 460 nits and now that it’s gone up to 520 nits, that’s more than sufficient.

  • ea

    never give up! you can do it SONY


  • Rick N

    yes, i use xperia too, it’s very durable and have lots of feature (not measurable in number / benchmark i.e camera quality / water resist etc). But people now care more with spec and much cheaper price, even Sammy “beaten” by Xiaomi now lol XD

  • Timel

    Fuck you man

    I’m late because I was baking a cake! ok?

  • Rick N

    #PrayForSonyXperia lol

  • Rick N

    your’e so famous

  • Ricardo Ca

    1000 jobs! Thats sad.

  • doraemonboi

    Shitty LCD?
    If Sony LCD display looks as good or even better than the AMOLED Display on the S5 in this picture, SAMSUNG is a disgrace to OLED display.

  • SK

    Oh Now i know you are a gay

  • Faisal Armand

    This a 100% crop of my Z2 shot. In low light :)

    LOOK AT DEM DETAILS, BAH GAWD! All words on the distant sign post are readable, the wet road texture and scratches on the black car

  • Snorky112

    this is only your opinion, IPS LCD is far better than oversaturated flashycolored superAMOLED

  • Snorky112

    LOL H1Z1 is actually the best MMO Zombie survival on the market, it has bugs, but it also has bugfixes 5 times a week, also it has less bugs than any other game of the genre (say DayZ, Miscreated, etc.) also they never lied on any feature, the problem was that people are whining about some features because they are bad, that’s all, if you want to play a multiplayer game and you’re bad, don’t whine, just stop playing it and find another game that will entertain you. the only problem with sony is the mobile and TV division, they take bad decisions, and can’t make good marketing on their products, latest Xperia (Z3 and Z3 compact) are the best phones (no phablets) on the market right now with the iphone 6, and look how Samsung outsells them, it’s just marketing, samsung with plastic shitty battery, ugly software, still manages to sell more because marketing and advertisement.

  • roeshak

    I prefer ips lcd which is why I said to Temil that Sony don’t need to change to oled. My point was about warm vs cold displays. Warmer displays are nicer to look at especially with skin tones. Skin just looks very pale and ghostly on cold panels as was the case with the original Z and now the z3.
    Amoled panels are very warm and that’s part of their appeal. People respond to eye catchingly colourful displays and the warmer the better. I said Sony should stick to ips lcd but move permanently away from cold panels and return to the glory of the z2s panel which is in my view the best lcd panel ever produced for mobile. Is it the brightest? No But it’s bright enough.

  • Snorky112

    yep maybe but for me Z3’s screen looks better than Z2’s, you can also tweak the color configuration so I don’t see any problem with Sony screen, and I don’t get how people don’t like sony phones …

  • roeshak

    Well that’s the z2. It’s a different story with the z3. Check YouTube for comparisons between the z3 and both the z2 and note 4. You’ll find its display to be a backwards step on Sony’s part.

  • roeshak

    You must be seeing things I can’t see. The z3’s panel is a backwards step. Very very cold indeed. There’s enough on YouTube to prove that point. It looks OK at ui level but throw on pictures or videos especially of people and the glaring differences become very apparent. Faces just look so cold and sickly.

  • me

    It won’t happen, they already said that. Sony can’t sell smartphone with a rom that doesn’t include their application to sell music, vidéo, cloud storage for photo etc. Nexus = Vanilla and Vanilla with sony apps is impossible.

  • roeshak

    Here’s one but it’s in Spanish. All pictures just look so much better and warmer on the z2s panel. There are others on YouTube. Check them out for yourself

  • Snorky112

    yea I can show you reviews that say the opposite, all reviews I saw said that Z3 screen is same as Z2 with better brightness and a bit more precise (DeltaE = 5 vs 6.9 for the Z2 ( lower is better)

  • roeshak

    Sorry numbers mean jack. Perception is everything. I don’t consider the z3’s display to be realistic. Just ice cold. Faces look very pale and sickly. That’s not being realistic, that’s a cheap battery saving tactic and Sony should stop it.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Its ok, diff people comes with diff need. I prefer a colder side display plus 700nits help me a lot while doing outdoor task. Plus it comes with white balance setting. :-)

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Nice.. But i still dont get it why it was not enough for some user.

    Ps: very cool pic. handheld or firework scn maybe?

  • roeshak

    As I said earlier, I’ve never had a problem with outdoor visibility and that’s even when the max brightness was lower on older firmware. Right now it’s good enough and serves me well. Plus colder display doesn’t mean brighter display. The iPhone 6 and S5 have very bright panels and they are very warm. Warm is generally more popular than cold.
    I’m looking at my Sony TV right now and all faces and colours look very warm and pleasing to the eye. Just as it should be.
    Like I said it’s a very cheap battery saving tactic which I believe they should stop. Most people are happy charging their phones overnight. We’ve all become used to this. The z2 did well in that regard. Yes Sony initially toned down the brightness to eek out more from the juice pack but they freed it after 4.4.4. Battery life has gone down but you can still get on average between 51/2 to 6hrs screen on time which is more than OK by todays standards. If they want to improve battery life, they should increase its capacity and stop doing strange things to the display using all manner of technical nonsensical jargon to promote that crap.

  • Faisal Armand

    Oh.. I used photogrid and compress the file size to under 2MB, so that’s why it looks a bit off. Oh and I use night scene mode for long shutter and low ISO for great looking low light images

    here, see it at full size:

    And see my shots Z2 shots at full potential!

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Nice i like it… A very tasty shoot… :-)

  • Fan of Xperia device

    That’s a bummer.

  • roeshak

    Here’s another video. The cup cake at the end is most revealing. The difference in colour temperature is just so glaring. It looked so so cold and lifeless on the z3 as opposed to the warm appetising cake on the z2.
    I’ll have to insist on this, cold panels are no good. Sorry to be so judgemental here but I just cannot see a reasonable reason to prefer the colder lifeless panel.

  • Timel

    Why I’m gay? Just because I baked a cake?

  • wumps13

    Sony should make stock Android devices it will cost less, upgrade super fast and no more ugly old looking apps made in sony.

  • J. Andrews

    Sony is laughable.. no wonder they are going under along with their
    already defunct VAIO computers, surely soon to be phones and “amazing”
    TVs that are next in line. The more money they loose each year, the worse quality and more lame their products are and the
    worse decisions they make.. WAIT!!!!………………… let me go buy
    their new $1000+ walkman to make them some money! Thats gonna save

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