Xperia Z3 Dual update (23.0.1.F.0.96) rolling

by XB on 27th January 2015

in Firmware, Xperia Z3 series

Xperia Z3 Dual_23.0.F.1.96A firmware update is now rolling for the Sony Xperia Z3 Dual (D6633) that moves the build number from 23.0.F.1.82 to version 23.0.1.F.0.96. The update has been released across a number of regions including the US, Brazil, Russia, Middle East and Ukraine. If you have downloaded the update, do let us know your impressions below.

Download FTF: Xperia Z3 Dual (23.0.1.F.0.96) Russia

Xperia Z3 Dual_23.0.F.1.96 Screenshot_2015-01-28-10-05-10

Thanks Faruk and Jozef!

  • dabozz


  • theskig

    What about root???

  • ????????

    i want Lollipop

  • Stephen

    i want my wifi to work properly on my z3c, update .77 did nothing but perhaps make existing problem worse, google already released a fix. i want my fix sony
    also my 3.5g internet reception is intermittent too

  • Wolf0491

    Got it but my phone works fine… So don’t really care Lol.

  • echomrg

    love those icons, is it a theme?

  • Wolf0491

    If your talking about my home button etc then yes. Just look in play store for “theme experience- space”

  • echomrg

    yes, those icons.
    thanks for sharing!

  • I would suggest you to perform factory reset….

  • Stephen

    use some protection when that special time cums ;)
    maybe make a backup lol

  • Stephen

    tried it before

  • Yes, nice icon. like on playstation

  • raju

    Screen shot plz

  • raju

    Oh it’s theme.. What changes after update.. Plz tell that theme name

  • ayub407

    The difference I noticed is the Android logo before the boot amination.

  • Alaa


    WATS’s new in update :

    1- Sound : The notifications sound now improved and butter the before

  • Libyan Guy

    “Better” , thanx for sharing bro ^_* .

  • And Lollipop.

  • Majd

    There is an app that has been removed. My apps have shifted to the left, as if one application has been removed from the first applications. Like my facebook application and Downloads app shifted one spot to the left. I don’t know which one, as i dont have the previous print screens. If anyone can post their first 2 app pages, then i can share with you my input.

  • Nayef

    Will lollipop cones for xperia z3 dual

  • Stephen

    is it notes?

  • Majd

    @disqus_Q38L2nUMnP:disqus i dont think so. The “Notes” App is alphabetically under “N” and the apps shifted from the letter D or F (Facebook as stated previously)
    But one other thing, the Ultra Stamina Mode activation alert is now much much larger than before.

  • amirali
  • Ahmad

    I do not see any differences, plz if any one does, spell it

  • Ciprian

    I am so upset… just completed the update and it seems that after, the haptic feedback is not working anymore when writing (SMS, whatsapp, anywhere…), although it is activated in the settings.

    This is a major drawback on user xperience. Is there anyone else experiencing the same issues?

    How can I rollback to previous version, only via factory reset?

  • SR

    I have updated my xperia Z3 Dual today.
    My initial comments are:

    The user interface is smoother then ever.
    There is a new hide/show button to remove google app from home page. See screenshot.
    Haptic feedback is there is before.
    As such no major noticeable changes.

  • Pascal Brax
  • Libyan Guy

    what I’ve noticed in this update is fixing the adapting brightness which was not doing well in darkness and it used to still brighter as in good light condition , now you can even test it with your hand hovering it over the sensor and the brightness will go lower slowly as well higher when light come back to the sensor , which means it become responding much more better .

    I like that , however , cant wait more for Lollipop !

  • b6

    Broke many things (random slowdowns and reboots), and (permissions issues?) prevented Photos and Walkman app from accessing photos and music on my SD card. Luckily I found a FTF for .74 and went back – working fine. I think that’s it for me re: software updates, no more.

  • t-dome

    If you wait for about 5 days with that notification in the status bar the phone will get bored and will offer you to install the update OTA.
    I didn’t want to connect my Z3 Dual to a PC so I waited and now it gave up and updated itself via OTA.

  • Wolf0491

    Haha I did get th OTA update now lol. I don’t think phone got bored Sony just rolled out the update OTA finally

  • Sreejith

    buld No. 23.0.1.F.0.96; what should i do to upgrade to lollipop ..? pls help someone..

  • waine

    quick battery drain on my D6633, update 23.0.1.f.0.96 via OTA :(
    any suggested remedy?

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  • imran

    Hi,I’m new here and I have xperia z3 dual I’m in UK but here is no update for software so how can I get lollipop

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