Would you like to see this hoax Xperia Nexus become a reality?

by XB on 30th January 2015

in Rumours

Xperia NexusA few pictures have surfaced on Reddit claiming to be of a leaked document sent by a design lead at Sony Mobile to Google HQ. The document highlights a new handset called the Sony ‘Porpita’, which it claims is a new Xperia Nexus. It talks of a mid-April release being pushed back to June due to Snapdragon 810 heat issues.

It even includes a schematic of the device and spec sheet which includes a 4.3-inch 1080p display (526 PPI), 13MP rear-facing camera, 5MP front-facing camera, 3GB RAM, 32GB/64GB internal storage and a 3780mAH battery. Obviously, somebody has gone to great lengths with these fake documents – referencing current issues to try and give credence to its authenticity.

Talk of an Xperia Nexus device has done the rounds for many years and we still wait. If Sony and Google were really going to launch such a device – what features would you want it to have? Let us know in the comments below.

Sony Porpita Xperia Nexus_1

Sony Porpita Xperia Nexus_2

Sony Porpita Xperia Nexus_3

  • azzido

    Would like to see Nexus with Sony’s apps like Walkman, Gallery, Movies, camera :-)

  • Prasad Daki

    What???Really??Sony making a Nexus???What an awesome news!!!! If this is true….Sony will rock this model…well done Sony!!!All the best wishes for this!!!!Excited to see it!!!!

  • Lukáš Pávl

    Relax man. It’s just hoax.

  • Prasad Daki

    Really eager for this combination….Sony apps and Sony’s “The Quality” in Nexus!!!

  • Prasad Daki

    Ok but still…a good one!!!

  • Ravi

    Wow nice, this will make Sony more proud.

  • Lukáš Pávl

    The concept looks little bit odd. More like Nexus 5. But yeah i would like to see SONY Nexus device in the future, because that could save the SONY’s mobile division.

  • Robson Kanyama

    I’d love

  • Emiliyan

    I would love to see a Nexus branded by Sony Xperia.
    And I think it’s going to be a real device, and it will be a good job to get help Sony Xperia business.


    Not now I already got my Xperia z3 compact

  • asfg

    You mean a Sony phone?

  • Raj Singh

    No. I want it to look even better than this.

  • Kunal Shukla

    the fact is a Nexus can immensely help sony gain lost grounds in mobile business. they should do all in their power to get that contract from google.

  • rikimaru

    A phone signed Nexus could be good for promote Xperia, I thik so.
    But me I want a Z4 signed Sony, Am not in nexus, but it’s could be good.

  • rubinaish

    Would be great. Sony’s build quality, one major reason to buy a Sony, and Google’s clean system. And fast updates :-)

  • May Czos

    Just 4,3″ screen? Come on, make it at least 4,5″ (preferably 4,7) and I’m in. 4,3 is just not enough for a powerful multimedia device.

  • discus

    Guessing this is 99.9% bogus but I’d by it in a second based on the size, specs and the fact that it’s Sony made,

  • discus

    If it’s a Nexus you won’t get the Sony apps……………………………

  • LOL… well constructed hoax, with two mistakes: first of all, if I’m not wrong, Sony Mobile is not located in Sweden anymore, but all the offices have been moved to Japan. Second mistake is that the screen (4,3” 1920×1200) simply doesn’t make any sense!!!

  • yieia

    I think even Google dreams about a Sony Nexus :D

  • Hritik Bhimani

    Surely hoax

  • jxPerience

    a profitable sony mobile division should focus on xperia S, T and Z series

    S – low end (stainless steel frame)

    T – mid end (full aluminum body)

    Z – flagship (rear and front glass panel with stainless steel frame)

    Xperia S4 Series

    S4 – 5″ 1080 IPS Display with MBE2

    S4 compact – 4.3″ 720p IPS Display with MBE2

    S4 ultra – 8″ 1080p IPS Display with MBE2 (LTE and Wifi Versions) (Dual boot Android and WIndows 10)

    – 13mp rear cam/5mp front cam single tone flash
    – Snapdragon 800 (if still available)
    – 16GB internal/ 2GB RAM
    – Infrared
    – NFC
    – Dual Speaker
    – Dual Sim Card Support

    Xperia T4 Series

    T4 – 5″ 1080p IPS Display with X reality pro

    T4 compact – 4.3″ 720p IPS Display with X Reality Pro

    T4 ultra – 10″ 1080p IPS Display with X Reality pro (LTE and WiFi Versions) (dual boot android and windows 10)

    – 16mp rear/8mp front dual tone flash
    – snapdragon 801
    – 32GB internal/3GB RAM
    – infrared
    – NFC
    – Finger Print Scanner
    – Dual Speaker
    – 3x Microphone
    -dual sim card suppor

    Xperia Z4 Series

    Z4 – 5.2″ 4K IPS Display with Live Colour LED, Triluminous Display, X Reality Pro 2

    Z4 compact – 4.6″ 1080p IPS Display with Live Colour LED, Triluminous Display, X Reality Pro 2

    Z4 ultra – 8″ 4K IPS Display with Live Colour LED, Triluminous Display, X Reality Pro 2 with Stylus support (dual boot for ANDROID and Windows 10)

    Z4 tablet – 12.2″ 4K IPS Display with Live Colour LED, Triluminous Display, X Reality Pro 2 with Stylus support (dual boot for ANDROID and Windows 10) (WIFI and LTE Versions

    – 20mp rear/13mp front
    – snapdragon 815
    – 64GB internal/4GB Ram
    – water proof without flaps
    – infrared
    – NFC

    – Eye Scanner
    – Finger Print Scanner
    – dual speaker with sony’s premium amp
    – 4x microphone
    – health related sensor

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  • roeshak

    This is immaterial, Motorola will me making the nexus devices henceforth. Well for the foreseeable future anyway!

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Wishlist for Sony’s Nexus 5 (2015):

    Aluminium frame with polycarbonate matte back cover
    5.3 inch IPS-Neo 1080p display (QHD can f*** off, gimme a wide colour gamut and accurate calibration everywhere else) with low reflectance
    Marginally taller than Nexus 5 (2013) with decent front facing speakers
    Snapdragon 810/4 GB RAM (older Cat. 6 LTE version if that still exists)
    32/64 GB internal storage to offset Google’s lack of love for microSD card support
    At least IP57 certified for dust and water, open reversible microUSB port with hydrophobic coating
    16MP IMX230 rear facing sensor with improved HDR+, optical image stabilisation and Steadyshot-level digital stabilisation
    5MP front facing sensor with HDR+ and digital stabilisation
    4 HAAC-level microphones, digital noise cancelling for audio and call quality based on Qualcomm Fluence Pro
    3400 mAh (removable!) battery / 3 day battery life with Qualcomm Quick Charging 2.0 (Nexus phones traditionally suffer from tiny batteries and poor battery life optimisations even with stock Android and maybe Sony can change that)
    Android 5.1 Lollipop with improved ‘Project Volta’ characteristics (updated API to counteract Apple’s Metal API, built in Ultra Power Saving Mode) and Swing Copters easter egg game
    Flashy colour options (Nexus phones traditionally have dull colour options)
    $400 for 32 GB, $440 for 64 GB

  • David Hvatov

    Sony should use Nvidia Tegra X1 instead those shitty snapdragon processors..

  • Aldo Pucci

    OFF TOPIC: SONY Italia confirms lollipop on every z series from mid Febraury: http://www.androidworld.it/2015/01/30/sony-italia-conferma-aggiornamento-lollipop-270760/

  • haxona

    Ehm I live 20min away from their HQ which is still their big SW dev HQ and it is still located in Lund so no you’re wrong here

    There you go!

  • shanefalco

    this model is a dream for me! 4.3″ fullhd ??? impossible…

  • Md Olyullah Akand

    Design is uglier than hell. Xperia must be elegant in term of design. But this design proved that it is 100% fake. Xperia devices can never be so ugly like nexus devices. However, I don’t care about Nexus as I always prefer Sony UI to any other UIs. Stock Android?? Ohh, No please!!!

  • Exodite

    Not really interested in a Sony Nexus device personally, though I’m not opposed to it either.

    I’m not a fan of the UI direction of Lollipop with Material Design and actively prefer Sony’s (Kit Kat, because that’s what we have now) to that.

    I’d love being able to uninstall the Sony apps I don’t use, however.

  • shaahid

    Sony is the best I love sony so much. I am very happy to read this

  • kmf

    So let’s see
    – Nexus One – HTC
    – Nexus S / Galaxy Nexus – Samsung
    – Nexus 4/5 – LG
    – Nexus 7- Asus
    – Nexus 6 – Motorola

    With Sony committed to Android on TV and Mobile,
    I think this hoax could be legit

  • zymo

    Nope, don’t need a Nexus Xperia. Just make the UI sleeker (more stock like UI with handy features and xperia characteristics ) and provide faster updates. Hasn’t to be as fast as Nexus device updates, but much faster than it’s now.

  • Timel

    Bitch please!!!!!!’

    Can you answer why the great device like Nexus have to come with those lame apps.

    Google Play Music, Google Photos, Google Play Movie, Google Camera they’re all much better and easier than Sony’s media apps that fucking ugly and absolutely pure shit!

  • Oh well… Happy to be wrong in this case! ;)

  • shubham

    there is a limit to troll! but do like the idea of it.. after what nexus 6 did.. i really want a smaller phone around the 5 inch mark! if its from sony.. i’d be really happy! well.. maybe i would party all week long after the launch! :D

  • Ritwij

    Never happening bro

  • Ritwij

    No Sony apps in Nexus devices.

  • RedGhost05

    Man, you should get a job.

  • skuadxperia

    Haha.. Sony hater!!

  • Amir

    Short answer: big NO.

  • Paolo Armadoro

    I prefer sony apps.. Of course

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  • Gitarooman

    no, cuz that looks like a HTC design with no xperia elements in it.

  • Jiyeon90

    It looks like rubbish

  • laci_csk

    Is not Sony Xperia’s design

  • apolloa

    Oh hell yes! But I think a 4.7″ device would be better. And so long as the camera is a decent one it will make for a great device.

  • apolloa

    Agree :) , if I remember this isn’t the first time a Sony Nexus has been rumoured.

  • InspectorGadget80

    A waterproof NEXUS would be awesome. If this is true it will be ny next phone.

  • Timel




  • Timel




  • m2

    Dual boot? Seriously?

  • Netto Dashius Hexareus

    Well, not really into Nexus, but if they make a GPE version of Xperia Z4, then I’m sold.

  • gmfady

    Wt! nOWay, its wayy like Heaven & Earth distance from an Xperia Design Character & Dimensions.

  • RK18

    Yes please!

  • Aiden Pearce

    top is htc one and overall its nexus 6….

  • xperiafan324

    I’d like to see a 5 ” xperia nexus, but it has to have that quintessential Xperia quality in build and design, the hoax ppsted in the article looks more like a Moto from the front.

  • Emiliyan

    No it isn’t. I’m really convinced that this year is the sony nexus phone, 2 years or more of rumors and it’s going to be real in short time.
    And I think it will be waterproof and it will have the best camera and processor.

  • RedGhost05

    Hey calm down, just breathe and relax.

  • apolloa

    Give it a 4.7″ 1080P screen and I’ll be in heaven, I have a nexus 5 now and it just needs to be a teeny bit smaller for my hands. Add snapdragon 810, 3GB ram, 64GB storage, stamina battery, waterproof, wireless charging, stereo speakers and yeap I’m sold! It could certainly be done when you look at the pricing of the Moto Nexus 6.

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  • kaostheory

    Would probably help get their other phones out there and obviously increase sales. Can’t even find a Z3 in store.

  • quan

    Or nexus compact???XD

  • Apollo89

    You really should talk to a psychiatrist (I’m not joking).

  • Cris de Oliveira

    Sooo much! I hope it happens someday.

  • tanu

    Dont do that trolling job otherwise aftersome days you may b a horrible beggar. Bcoz it earns nothing. He ha ha…

  • TDQ

    Nexus phone can’t get XPERIA logo. Only Sony Logo can.
    Because XPERIA is Sony’s Mobile Brand name and putting XPERIA logo makes nexus into XPERIA series.

  • Timel

    LoL Noooo!

    Bitch please!!!!

    You just thought it yourself

  • dreamxperia

    Snapdragon 810, 5 inch FHD, 3gb ram, 32/64gb, 20mp/5mp cam, 2k/30 fps & front 1080p/30fps, 8mm thickness, 75% screen ratio, removable 3600mah/ quick charge, stylus (!)

    Phew! can we ask for more ? :)

  • materialisok

    agreed, getting quickly bored of material design. I can only bear google apps on material design. for the rest of them – its turning out to be pretty bland. flat is unintuitive.

  • lol @ you

    Paraphrasing what Timel said….:


  • Raj

    OK if you like them then GTFO and buy a nexus! How much did Shamesung and Crapple pay you?

  • bikash

    Your information is wrong , please type the address on Google and you see the map ,

    Actualy sony located this address: Sölvegatan 51, 223 62 Lund, Sweden.

    Sony mobile address is right, but sony nexus mobile information could be wrong.

  • TimelSucks

    It’s ironic that you call yourself a troll. Seriously, no one can get as dumb as you.

  • Rob Norris

    4.3 inch display…… Will it come with a pair of old man bifocal glasses so I can see the tiny-ass display? Excuse me, SUPER tiny display.

  • This is my checklist for the next Sony phone the Sony Nexus (or Xperia Z4). While it’s totally impossible for Sony to put all these things at once, taking these additions into consideration and maybe implementing at least half of them in their next flagship Smartphone will be the best thing they’ve ever done, and I WILL replace my Xperia Z3 if they do so:

    1- Snapdragon 810. 805 is too old. Sony, don’t do the same mistake you did with the Z3.
    2- 5″-5.5″ Full HD screen, maybe AMOLED. This years IPS is an improvement but there’s better.
    3- 4 GB RAM preferable, 3GB is OK.
    4- IR Blaster. This is a must. Most 2013/2014 phones had it so why not now.
    5- Waterproofed flap-less Micro USB port at the bottom like iPhones. (maybe the new reversible USB 3.1 C Type).
    6- At least 32GB internal storage with 64GB/128GB variants. (and a Micro SD slot of course)
    7- A better sensor, lens, and image processing. Even though it’s good now, it’s not the best. It is slow in focus and shutter speeds, and it is very soft. iPhones take super fast and sharp shots the first time but with the Z3 I struggle to make sure it isn’t blurry. Better front camera.
    8- Fast charging and same battery life as the Z3, or better if Sony wants to wow everyone.
    9- Better durability. The aluminium edges and plastic corners of the Z3 scratch easily, and the glass panels are delicate. Why not use tougher metals and better glass? Maybe add a unibody metal structure like the HTC One M8. Drop resistance is needed too.
    10- Smaller bezels. Please just make them as narrow as the LG G3 and everyone’s happy.

    Extra icing on the cake: Better/louder speakers. OIS. Xenon flash. Faster software updates. Wider carrier availability (within the USA and out). Pencil touch support. Better overheat control. Better marketing. The LED notif. light from the Xperia ZL. Something similar to Touch ID (on the bezel maybe)…and of course, 240 fps slow-mo.

  • Bravo

    front looks like nexus 6 & back like nexus 5 sides looks like nokia windows phone….

  • Bravo

    but would like to see a Nexus from sony

  • Erwin Schrodinger
  • Matt

    yea and the z4 sereis will be as big as a cutting board . . . what is this obsession with pixel count? im ok win 1080 FFS

  • asd

    no,I would like to see z4 in March at MWC!!!!

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  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    I try to picture me without SONY but I can’t

    ‘Cause we could be immortals, immortals
    Just not for long, for long ‘

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  • yieiya

    You need to get laid. But we all know that’s not gonna happen. So here’s an idea, why don’t you take your whatever brand phone, turn vibration on, shove it up in your ass and then call it from a public phone? There. Trollgasm!

  • ?????

    Let’s start a campaign!

  • Timel

    Wow It’s so funny you know, I have no idea what are you talking about but this is not the first time that I said what all I’ve done it ain’t fuck with Apple and Samsung, I’m not even a samsung fan but it’s up to you guys, think what want, say what you want because I don’t care and I don’t wanna expect anything too much with Sony fanboys here.

  • ?????
  • Joel

    4.3 inch is way too small…

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  • shanefalco

    This is my xperia nexus: 4.3″ hd 2gram 32grom (no sdcard) 13mpx snap615 2100 battery. Price 250 euro. Smarphone for all with balanced price. :D

  • Sunil

    I want Sony Xperia Nexus! Waiting for it very eagerly!!

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  • discus

    1. An 805 is fine
    2. If they ever go Amoled I will leave Sony
    3. 3GB is fine
    4. Can care less
    5. Sounds good to me
    6. Agree
    7. Camera is fine and only needs software teaks in my opinion.
    8. Fast charging would be nice
    9. Meh
    10. No thanks

  • ryq24

    Fake. :-)

  • Timel

    shhh….don’t tell your habits to everyone.

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  • Santi

    i hope music will be great in sony nexus, because it is sony

  • Maxx Tan

    Go to school, maybe?

  • amirali
  • yuskhayru


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  • sf

    ya i’m waiting for tat day when sony release a tegra tablet

  • sf

    wy not?i think it’s psbl

  • Chris

    Fake. The design is typical HTC stuff… No Xperia device looks like this. None.

  • Derin J Tom

    I am an Xperia user. I love the way the Android is customized in Sony Mobiles. Unlike other brands, Sony’s power management is pretty awesome. It will really be so interesting if Google and Sony launch an Xperia Nexus.

  • Timel


  • apolloa

    Why are people posting this? The story title states its a hoax! It is asking you if you would WANT a Sony Nexus phone and if so what specs would you like to see?

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  • LiterofCola

    The fuck is wrong with you.

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  • ansari jassim

    Beware sony.
    Vaio phones are coming

  • InspectorGadget80

    WATERPROOF NEXUS 9! I hope it’s true. Still don’t know how those people leak info

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  • Shubham Mutreja

    I LOVE UR NAME!!!!!

  • zamblot

    I love nexus’s and xperias so does my friend but I prefer nexus he prefers xperia but me and him both think an Xperia nexus would be an amazing idea (we definantly need a strong nexus) (typed on new cracked nexus 5) also it would probably have an amazing operating system

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    You’re not that good at that job.

  • Marlene Gross

    Actually me for example is a samsung fan. I like the shape of the mobile phones … they’re attractive to me and that’s all a woman needs. Have a look here at the galaxy s5 … awww. We dont fight with “Snapdragons” – and ok I am just joking. =)

  • Juniper

    Samsung did Galaxy Nexus though… Same sub-brand argument.

  • Interesting idea. Nexus is now the most preferable phone for many people http://www.cellcom.ca/en/

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