Sony SmartEyeglass passes through FCC; official social apps hit Google Play

by XB on 10th February 2015

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SmartEyeglass Facebook_1_resultThe Sony SmartEyeglass (SED-E1) is Sony’s answer to Google Glass. The accessory is due to launch within the year and it recently passed through the FCC, leaving with it a few schematics as detailed below.

Sony Mobile also recently launched a couple of dedicated apps for the SmartEyeglass, one each for Facebook and Twitter. These apps will allow you to view notifications in the Sony smart accessory display. We’re not entirely sure why this has been released publicly so early, but it is likely for those testing the units.

SmartEyeglass passes through FCC

SmartEyeglass FCC_1

SmartEyeglass FCC_2

SmartEyeglass Facebook

SmartEyeglass Facebook_2_result SmartEyeglass Facebook_3_result

SmartEyeglass Twitter

SmartEyeglass Twitter_2_result SmartEyeglass Twitter_3_result

Thanks Ethan, Rox and Sasa!

  • Dakota

    And those are lollipop screenshots, very exciting

  • hassan chauhadry

    so finally lollipop screenshots……..but there isw no major change in the notification panel
    Sony must change the battery icon ……
    previous one on ANDROID jelly bean were good ….

  • abzbvx

    these are nearly exactly KitKat ones.. pff sony for real

  • hassan chauhadry

    exactly… and these arent good enough for lollipop

  • Tukan

    Facebook app lollipop-ish but Twitter app KitKat-ish? What? Oh and I’m really confused because if you look closely on the status bar you can see AOSP 4.4 icons (signal, alarm clock, bt) and Sony Kitkat battery but on the other hand there are those mythical “lollipop” on-screen buttons and colored status bar. I’m very, very confused and slightly dissapointed at the same time. I really hope that this is not what i recieve as an update.

  • hassan chauhadry

    Let’s hope that SONY will not disappoint us this time

  • Timel

    Trust me the new Xperia UI is ugly and cheap

  • Raj Singh

    Hopefully the consumer or commercial version of the hardware will look way better…
    The current prototype isn’t so pretty.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Prolly from a ROM of non Xperia device

  • walker

    Not so ugliest like samsung ,believe me!

  • Hhh

    You know this isn’t actually like google glass right? (Other than its eyewear). No camera recording for starters


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  • Timel


    Samsung and Sony both are ugly but when people have to decide to get one they still choose samsung over sony, no one cares about Sony! Why? What a shame!

  • Dakota

    The cell signal icon is different, look closely, the kitkat one is like stairs, this one is an even slope

  • Dakota

    The cell signal icon is different

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  • Ritwij

    dude, get a life

  • Ritwij

    New UI launches with a new phone and Lollipop is coming before Z4, so we might not see a new UI right now.

  • Deniz Do?an

    Still looks like Kitkat, must be a theme or a custom rom.

  • Kabuto Kouji

    Nice “HARAKIRI” sony….

  • Sadman Khan

    The alarm icon is different too

  • sony fan

    Wake up Xperiablog sony has interduced the new e4 post the pics and informations for sony fans

  • Peetuh

    There is already an article for that. Wake up!

    Sony announces Xperia E4: 5-inch qHD display and MediaTek processor

    by XB on 10/02/2015

  • Timel

    I’m sorry it will…

  • Compact

    …and what’s with that HTC Sense home button?

  • Asa

    “Made in Japan”, nostalgia at its best. Hope to see more electronics made in Japan in the future, though I seriously doubt it.

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  • The Flash

    The status bars are exactly the same. Stop talking nonsense

  • hassan chauhadry

    hope for the best

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  • Paul M

    Google Glass? No, Sony Spex!

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  • lovebmw

    so i have a question for those that ware such glasses, when they say let’s go do they say “Engage”?

  • David van der Zande

    New Sony MDR-Z7 headphones are made in Japan as well.

  • azzido

    I want old navigation icons, do not want uglu LOLipop! :((((((((
    Can I see girls without clothes with this glasses? :>

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  • Jumbo

    Damn, I like the idea but not going to use it… UNLESS the thing or app can make you look through clothes… get the drift brothers? lol

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