Minor WALKMAN bug-fix update (8.5.A.2.8) lands

by XB on 11th February 2015

in Applications

Walkman_8.5.A.2.8_1Sony Mobile has released a small bug-fixing update to the Walkman application that moves the build number from 8.5.A.2.7 to version 8.5.A.2.8. This may bring a fix for the illumination bar support on the Xperia SP that stopped working in the last update, but we haven’t had a chance to test it ourselves. If you have noticed any changes, please chime in below.

Update: We can confirm that the Xperia SP illumination bar is now fixed.

DOWNLOAD: Walkman (8.5.A.2.8)


Walkman_8.5.A.2.8_2 Walkman_8.5.A.2.8_3

Thanks Ashish and difwwh!

  • saw

    what system update is in the picture ?

  • electrash

    I get this update on my Xperia Z1

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    I <3 Walkman

  • omar

    We want material design update for album and movies apps

  • Muhammad Mufti R

    Great, absolutely great! My Xperia SP back to shine again!!!

  • ?? ??

    Not a smooth experience

  • raju

    But no lollipop update

  • Muhammad Mufti R

    yay, but CM12 already works flawlessly

  • xperiaDROID

    It’s rooted, I guess.

  • Abdul Ghani

    This is the update all Xperia z series users were waiting for

  • Tsakane

    And what about our phones? How could it possibly take this long? Sony really are pathetic it’s embarrassing, no wonder the business is failing.

  • wakokokokok

    link anyone?

  • zeoxzy

    Is anyone else really bothered by the fact that the ClearAudio+ option has been buried deep into audio settings? I’m constantly switching it on and off in a day, and now i’ve got to go through a few extra steps to enable/disable it when it used to be 2 touches away.

  • Khaled

    Is it just me or didn’t the Walkman icon color has been changed to a lighter purple?

  • Rohan

    Has Any One Ported It ? If Yes Then Link Please !

  • Moonlight

    You will get them probably with Lollipop update which is going to be realised soon for Z3 series. After that it may become available for other Z series as Album/Movies update prior to major one.

  • Sairon Jay Grepo

    I hope they also fix the Icon when using visualiser. Haha.

  • nick

    Shadow added too.. Now it looks standard

  • nick

    Maybe they didn’t look into that matter yet..

  • Vasilis K.

    Looks pretty much the same to me…

  • Luis

    Has anyone else experienced bad shuffling of songs?

  • er

    which CM works flawlessly? And light bar does not dance on CM

  • vivek

    I want the button to like and share songs on fb it was a feature that i have been missing constantly

  • Sadman Khan

    Yes i noticed too! :D

  • tyler

    This is such a quibble for a great app, but does anyone else wish the currently playing song view (that automatically fills in color based on the album art) took the color from the edges of the album cover, not the middle? It would look a lot nicer that way imo. Still a great app I use every day!

  • Cris de Oliveira

    You should comment this on official forum.

  • Sairon Jay Grepo

    Where can I find that?

  • Sairon Jay Grepo

    I think so

  • Cris de Oliveira
  • Sairon Jay Grepo

    Thanks mate!

  • Rifqi Ramadhan

    Yeaahh, finally LED working again!

  • Bob
  • Rifqi Ramadhan

    This link 8.5.A.2.8

  • Yogesh Marwaha

    Visualiser is a separate apk

  • Ediz I

    Got the update now :D

  • P9

    hope they bring queue artist back.
    in love.

  • Kozzy

    it’s asian 4.4.4 as you can see here:

  • mekh_grg
  • Marcos

    walkman doesn´t respond to bluetooth commands anymore

  • name
  • .

    whoever made the screenshot, you’ve got a system update.

  • jmaxim917

    Sony should hold the material design update for apps until the lolipop update. Not every one likes the new design and some folks will choose to stay with Kit Kat.

  • omar

    This is beautiful

  • David Hvatov

    Material design is boring.

  • jmaxim917

    Definitely. It’s as if the app selects the same handful of artist every time.

  • xperia

    Yes… Tell us about that update :) its lollipop right? :)))) sony fuck you!

  • Sarfaraz Habib

    Please share the link of apk because there is no notification to update centre

  • rubinaish

    Maybe the three months old bug-fix update for the Z series (.292), which I received today, simultaneously with the Walkman update.

  • rubinaish

    It may be the three months old bug-fix update for the Z series (.292), which I received today, simultaneously with the Walkman update.

  • YoKo

    Glass effect is much more beautiful than material design which looks too cheap and boring

  • azzido

    when the bug with music stuttering when starting camera, bluetooth, gps and other stuff will be fixed? When LOLipop to be land?

  • azzido

    try to listen to music on walkman and start camera at the same time = lol!
    Where is QA team I am asking???

  • ZXcorr

    In my opinion, Sony hasn’t done a good job with the implementation material design on the Walkman app. Material design isn’t just about flat interface, it’s also about how everything flows really well, i.e. we can see where everything is coming from/going. And even though it’s flat, there should be some sense of depth or dimension too. I don’t think this Walkman redesign is good enough.

  • imwaitingover3months

    sony is still busy sucking the stock out of that lollipop i guess

  • Dakota

    Your posting an article who’s sole source is Xperia Blog, do you see the problem posting it here? And besides like the article says, it’s just for one country, for one particular carrier

  • logoneboy

    I notice any changes on my z2 l50t

  • update

    again minor bug fix
    sony u need to stop this s__ and release walkman Version 9…now

  • update

    what changes u noticed??

  • Ritwij

    Lollipop starts with 23.1

  • But the fix is important/useful for some users anyway.

  • The Flash

    What difference would waiting make lol… The apps are independent of the Android version. So if they released 5.0 then updated their apps.. Even the people still on kit kat would have the new design haha.. Am I missing something here?

  • The Flash

    That goes for every OEM app out there. They’re ruining material design, and it’s annoying

  • Giovanni

    the bugfix is for xperia sp, now the led with music rithym work! with first update don’t work. thx sony.

  • Giovanni

    yees :D

  • AXBiC

    New update : Video Unlimited 13.1.A.1.2


  • XperiaBlog

    Which handset are you running?

  • AXBiC

    Xperia Z C6603

  • XperiaBlog

    Thx! :)

  • bicepsul

    does it increase the sound volume in headphones for Z3 phones? or will it be bumped in the 5.0 lollipop update? speakers sound stellar but headphone volume is lame.

  • Mercast

    Not everyone needs the latest update! Xperia SP it’a great handset with a currently stable firmware.

  • Muhammad Mufti R

    ya but RAM management is better ..

  • purva

    i have xperia L and after last 2 updates , my walkman stops suddenly without any reason many a times.
    Please fix this bug.

  • raju

    Right.. That’s good

  • Ashish Massey

    Anyone knows what’s the correct resolution of Album Art of Walkman? Some are clear while some are little blurry

  • Harish Murthy

    Can guys give me a bug fix for walkman crashing xperia sp,please help

  • just me

    widget stopped working on nova lock screen?

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