Why do you want Lollipop so bad?

by XB on 13th February 2015

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Android-Lollipop-5.0We can’t blame Sony Xperia owners endlessly question when the Android Lollipop will arrive. The same thing happens every time there is a major Android build on the horizon. The comments section gets filled up with irate Xperia owners asking exactly when the said update will arrive.

Whilst we can understand the desire to be using the latest Android builds, we aren’t in the same situation we were even two years back where the major revisions brought significant improvements. As we move forward those updates will no doubt start to become more incremental.

There are a number of changes that Android Lollipop brings – the one that most people are aware of is the new Material Design UI. However, not everyone is on the same page as Google in terms of the direction it is taking its UI. Android KitKat had a certain elegance and simplicity that gets lost in Lollipop’s flat and brighter design (at least natively). We’re all intrigued in which direction Sony will be heading with its Lollipop update, but is a new design a killer reason for you to update?

Other additions that Lollipop brings include the now default ART runtime, expanded notifications, lock-screen notifications, 3D recent apps, 64-bit chipset support and security enhancements.

This particular author is still currently running Android 4.4.2 KitKat on a Xperia Z2, mainly because it just works so well. So why not upgrade? Well battery life is superb, performance is great, all of the apps I need are compatible with the OS and I have root. Apart from being on the latest number, there’s no particular reason to upgrade right now.

Judging by those that have upgraded to Android Lollipop on other devices, a performance hit is likely. So we’re puzzled why so many are looking forward to the update? Is it just to be on the latest build? Is it because you’re looking forward to a new (material) design? Or is it because there are actual Lollipop features that you want? We’re intrigued to hear why you want Android Lollipop so badly?

  • Hritik Bhimani

    I want lollipop for faster app startups… Thnx to art

    I want lollipop for the great material design fused with sophasticated sony ui

    I want lollipop for improved camera performance with raw image capture

    And ofcourse i want the latest and greatest…. So actually there r loads of reasons to upgrade

  • Tsakane

    Lmao I know this is directed at me

  • John Zakaria

    Because I am AN ” ARTIST”

  • serendipity1002

    I tried cm12 on z ultra and the thing that makes me crave lollipop the most is the general ios-like smoothness and revamped UI

  • Noneed

    I don’t. Material design is ugly.

  • Mads Dubai

    Dont expect too much from Lollipop. My friend’s HTC M8 updated last week and nothing to ‘Wow’

  • raju

    Updates is marketing… Nothing changed in update, android always bugs

  • Mars

    Because it brings all those camera improvements that I am sure Sony will not give us that have z,z1,z2,z3 ‘s and will only be implemented on the z4.

  • Tsakane

    I want it cause it looks pretty duh

  • Rave Schepard

    I want that damn ART right now

  • George Styles

    Fixed sd card access. That is all.

  • Pantelis Papakostas

    Because lollipop is something new. And new things is more desirable….

  • Vrr

    Because we are humans and humans like to whine for everything :3

  • K.

    Want a Z4 Ultra………

  • Abdul Ghani

    well sony havent fixed the camera algorithm and software hope that is fixed in lollipop

  • TimmY

    I don’t want it!

  • Amimanot

    Full manual camera controls. Especially full manual focus

  • jag

    My friend from Sony said that lollipop update will be delayed until April for Z3 series and Z2 series.

    Just kidding! haha!

  • Abdul Ghani

    what i want is point and shoot and fast focus like htc has done their new phones is so fast to capture and it gives lots of details but sonys phone when u fast point and shoot boom paintings

  • Ritwij

    Well, I own an Xperia Z and Z2.

    For Z:
    1. Project Volta for better battery backup, because the battery backup is really pathetic.
    2. ART because the phone is damn slow in comparison to other phones with the same hardware.
    3. New Xperia UI, which is faster. (The one on Z2 is waaaayy faster)
    4. Hopefully the bug fixes which never came for Xperia Z.
    5. Camera API open to the developers, so I get to shoot RAW images and stuff. The IMX 135 is really great on Xperia Z but Sony’s camera app and post-capture processing is not quite upto the mark. Manual focus, manual shutter speed etc. would be really great.
    6. Material Design, I really like it.
    7. I get to know how much time it would take to charge my battery completely and discharge stuff, really helps.
    8. The call notifications when I’m really into some app. Really really helpful.
    9. Third party apps can also write on SD card.

    Now for the Z2:
    5,6,7,8,9 same as above. Also,
    1. The battery backup on 4.4.2 was really awesome but it’s like a downgrade on 4.4.4, would love it if it gets back to 4.4.2 standard on 5.0 :) also, project Volta might help in getting it better!
    2. Hoping for the low notifications volume bug is fixed too.
    3. Will hopefully get more features on Z2 than on Z because Sony is a biased b¡tch.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    seeing samsung n htc lollipop update. I reduce my expectation down to 40% for sony lollipop update. Nothing much changes except if you in nexus family.

  • spatch72

    Its not so much Lolipop that I want on my Xperia Z2 — its the updated Material design apps from Sony that I really want to see. If Walkman is anything to go by, we don’t need Lolipop at all, and I can’t wait for Movies & Album to update.?

  • Faisal Armand


  • 3rdflyleaf

    Kitkat with Xposed > Lollipop

  • Adamodeus

    Good question. My cousin just received the Lollipop update on his Samsun Note 3 and can’t stand it – says the battery drains in about 5 hours and the phone has slowed down considerably. Might wanna hold off on that.

  • Nexus

    – ART
    – Better battery life
    – RAW camera
    there, three good reasons.

    Can I have it now?

  • trx

    The camera2 API. All Xperia Zx camera sensors support RAW. Therefore I hope and think that Sony will implement the full camera2 API. Maybe it is only wishful thinking but I think that the absence of all camera drivers in the Lollipop sources may be an indicator that the’re working heavily on that.

  • bJHjzjzj

    b/c most pre installed apps (contacts, calendar, album etc) look terrible. i use other apps from play store b/c i cant stand the slow, boring ugly basic ones. thats 1 thing, and i want the damn lockscreen so i can stop using iphone copies from play store (echo notifications).
    hope sony doesnt disappoint us here.

  • I flashed CM 12 unofficial build to my Xperia Z, and it looks and feels great) I like notifications, Material Design and recent apps screen. Everything is fast, nice and smooth. I also was hoping that I’ll get RAW images support with new android, but the problem is it isn’t there. So it seems (I can be wrong), that supporting RAW images (and/or some other functionalities from new camera API) not depend on OS only.

  • jr

    after the release of lollipop i’ll just wait maybe two months before the update. cause their will be bugs. I’ll just check the bugs if ever i can manage the bugs without compromised then i’ll update it. One thing i really need from my z2 is better camera algorithm that’s all.

  • Sadman Khan

    This needs more upvotes

  • Sony lover

    I like the new material design and the features and the hidden game thing in the settings

  • asdf

    raw camera….I hope I’ll have a decent camera on z3 with llolipop,as sony cameras are not what they used to be.really really bad pictures.shame on you sony.to many megapixels and to small senzor size!!!!

  • mikecamimo

    I went to nexus devices due to price and I wanted fast access to android updates. I’ve had a Nexus 4, Nexus 7 gen 1, Nexus 7 gen 2, and a Nexus 5. I’ve had Lollipop since its release on those devices.
    I recently purchased a xperia z3 compact tablet based on reviews. This device is incredibly light, has an amazing screen, is blisteringly fast, and has the awesome Sony styling that I’ve admired in all the Z range.

    I have to say that I don’t miss Lollipop. The Z3 CT has minimal bloatware (unlike samsung devices), but has a number of nice touches that make it feel quite similar to Lollipop on Nexus devices. Its missing the new notifications, but I didn’t mind the kitkat notifications anyway.

    I’d be happy to stick with Lollipop on this device at least.

  • Okenok

    Frankly I don’t. I had it on my Nexus 7 and it’s really bad. The sound handling is a joke, the battery life reduced, menus are not logic/user friendly, often crashes. If it’s to have the same type of issues on my Z3C no thanks.

  • John

    Lollipop brings Material design, default ART runtime, expanded notifications, lock-screen notifications, 3D recent apps, 64-bit chipset support and security enhancements. Why wouldn’t I want that!? If Nexus devices hand Sony’s design and camera quality I’d buy one, but I’m stuck with my Z1 for now and parts of Sony’s ugly/outdated imo UI…

  • lovebmw

    How much faster ten percent?

  • Fan of Xperia device

    What happened to the petition?

  • wtf sony?

    raw image!!!!!!!
    i have z1c
    i dont know how sony did it,but the camera on my old xperia SL is far better then the z1c
    and if sony dont improve the camera i am going back the SL!

  • That will be implemented in apps via an API.

  • Ameer Mukadam

    I want lollipop for the smooth animations, for lockscreen notifications, the awesome notification view, art, and most importantly i want sony to implement android2camera api because till now nobody has implemented this except the nexus devices. There are so many new features in lollipop. Its not fair to say that why do we need lollipop. The z2 heats extremely fast when playing games and thats why i have stopped playing anything on my z2

  • mrninko

    my reason? possibility to write on SD card!!! not like that sh!t kitkat !!!

  • Lorenzo

    I’m waiting for the lollipop update because:
    1. Before the z3 I had a nexus and I really love the Lollipop UI and the new animations
    2. I want the lockscreen notification and the notification banner for messages and calls in lollipop, it’s very useful to me
    3. I like the style adopted from Sony with the walkman update and I can’t wait to see the changes apported in the UI
    4. Lollipop on my nexus really improved smoothness, I think that will be great if Sony does the same
    5. I would also like to see a new lockscreen, I like the current one but not so much.
    And that’s why I want lollipop on my z3.

    ..It’s all an excuse, actually I want the easter egg game in settings

  • Sander Puus

    kitkat with xposed< lollipop with xposed

    don't you read at all – there's already a work in progress for xposed with 5.x.x firmwares

  • xperiaDROID

    Because Lollipop is the chance for us Xperia owners to see the newly-designed Xperia UI, with material design. We’ve been stuck with the same old UI with same old icons for years now.

    I’ll be happy if the new Xperia UI looks similar to the PS4’s UI, I just like that flow on the PS4.

  • Petre Alexandru

    For the material design mainly,maybe they add more customization for the phone(widgets,themes).
    Battery life on4.4.4 is worse for me.
    For the Art runtime.
    And because I feel left out(all the flagship phones from 2014 have lolipop already,hell even the s4,one m4,and g2 from 2013).

  • Stephen

    i want my wifi issue fixed

  • xperiaDROID

    Get back to Gingerbread then.

  • inspire

    yeah! manual focus! Why not add a focus and zoom ring as well to the camera with the lollipop update :/

  • joseph carmine nero

    the only thing that worries me about lollipop is always on encryption which decreases R/W performance aside from that i trust Sony to implant update verywell

  • Ben

    I want the better notification and the smart unlock. I also like material design, but it is not the reason that I want it right now.

  • KKTK

    3D recent apps is bad, is really bad. Step back to fast usage.

  • Angels

    I have an Xperia z2 and i want the lollipop because i hope for fixing the low volium for notification and for more optimization for other aplikations.

  • KKTK

    And I don’t like Material Design in ROM. For apps it is OK, but for ROM. No…

  • Shaik Farooq

    AND SONY MADE ME suffer the wrath of their updates when i owned Xperia ray and Xperia SP and now i have a z3 so ….yeah im impatient.

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Actually I was very happy with Kitkat on my Z, and I’m happier now with it on my new Z3. I’m not so eager to upgrade to Lollipop because I’m sure it will come with some bugs and behavior changes which might be irritating.

  • RealityCheck2015

    I don’t want it bad :D Used to look forward to the updates for my phone but i never see any improvements in speed and battery life really which is the thing i guess everyone wants(not that my phone is slow or anything) My phone always seems the same after the updates and just ‘look’ different (WOW!) which is pointless. People seem to obsessed with these updates and seem to think it will be the best thing ever and it never is :D

  • Mr.Android L

    I want the android lollipop so bad in my Xperia Z1 compact it will be release in April such a bummer

  • Wouter van Vliet

    Smart unlock, mostly. And keeping fingers crossed for a performance improvement on my Z.


    I want lollipop for faster app startups… Thnx to art

    I want lollipop for the great material design fused with sophasticated sony ui
    -Have you even seen what it looks like yet? Are you sure it will 100% be to your taste? Can you be certain that Sony won’t change its design language on it’s lollipop launcher?

    I want lollipop for improved camera performance with raw image capture
    -While lollipop does have this feature, it is still up to the OEMs if they want to release it to their users. Don’t forget, Xperia phones, while close to stock android, are not using the stock android camera app. Sony has to implement it in their own xperia camera app

    And of course i want the latest and greatest…. So actually there r loads of reasons to upgrade
    -As stated in the article, which feature, less the ones you already mentioned above, are you specifically looking towards for?

  • apolloa

    Is this a serious question? Their are tons of under the hood tweets and performance boosts, that’s one reason, the new RAW camera support is another, the new UI is nice and fresh, and the new pull down menus are very useful as are the new notification banners. I have a Nexus 5 by the way and the performance improved with Lollipop. In fact the only downside, which for me is a downside, is that they have removed the Mail app in Android 5 and merged everything into the Gmail app insteadand you can’t download the Mail app, so you end up with a email view that does not show all inboxes at once, either in the app or the widget, you have to select the one you want to view, and then that’s fixed permanently to conversation list view and of course you can’t change the colour of the Gmail widget which looks out of place on a dark desktop setup.

  • Sam Albalushi

    I want app to SD card i want camera improvement with better ui and superior auto sucks

  • Coach

    No. Ain’t good enough. Gimme 2 more!

  • Remsi

    Great design and improve usability.

  • TimmY


  • Wolf0491

    I honestly don’t care… Lol I’m fine with my phone working great as is. Don’t want some rushed update giving me bugs. My friends G3 just got lollipop and it seems bugs are now affecting him when his phone used to work completely fine.

  • Olaf Duits

    Nobody NEEDS it. Battery life? Now with 4.4.4 is is already the best you can get! I also like the material design but I am more than happy with 4.4.4. I would LOVE to see Lollipop, but it is still February, so don’t blame Sony yet they didn’t release it yet. I rather see a stable version than a rush job!

  • tiborh


  • Snorky112

    I actually think that Sony’s KitKat Builds are better than Lollipop stock, so I don’t really care about an uptade, I only have 1 reason to update, it’s the ART runtime instead of Dalvik

  • Abdul Ghani

    its still there but no use sony might never learn to creat a good software like the old days

  • Snorky112

    Xperia KitKat with Xposed > Stock Lollipop with Xposed;

    only the ART seems usefull in this update…
    Project VOLTA? we have STAMINA mode…
    guest mode? we had it first on Xperia Tablets…
    Material design? I don’t really like it…
    And we can install / Make our own.. Themes…

    what else?

    we don’t care having lollipop after other brands because other brands Lollipop buils just suck and are ugly…



  • Reon

    I don’t want it. I hate the recent app list.

  • Vector Teh

    ART (Android RunTime) is reportedly to be twice as faster as compared to Dalvik.

  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    Overall faster. I’m on CM12 and the difference is unbelievable. The only reason I am waiting for the official ROM is the grainy camera output under non-stock.
    I also Sony wouldn’t be a bitch and releases full new Camera2 interface in the update.

  • fried_egg

    While I was annoyed at “how slow” Sony was at updating the X10 it did in the end have a newer OS than it’s direct rival the HTC Desire. Sony was much better with the S and has been ok with my Z1… I always want the “latest” and “best” but I want it to be stable – The apps I use also often (like the cable company TV one) do not support the latest OS straight away… so I am happy to wait as the things I use it for would stop working… Sony has given me the right balance of “best available” and “most stable/advanced and working”

  • Jevans

    I’m not going to bother updating my Z3 Compact – it works great on 4.4.4 and that’s what I bought it for.

    When I upgrade my phone later in the Summer, I guess whatever new Sony I buy will have Lollipop.

  • inspire

    It’s really funny that many users are writing that they want RAW functionality in lollypop but I really wonder how many will use it and have time, patience, desire and talent to develop these RAW files into their facebook post-able jpg!

    The serious/amateur photographs don’t mostly use tiny mobile sensors. And don’t expect wonders from RAW from tiny mobile sensors.

    It really looks that most want just to be satisfied after seeing 5.0 in their phone setting and not to be felt left out!

  • Tasfique Enam
  • roeshak

    My z2 doesn’t heat up fast when playing games. How long do you spend gaming and was your z2 sim free or got from a network operator?

  • The Flash

    Apps that will take the RAW image outputs, convert them to jpg automatically, with better algorithms that the Xperia camera app… that’s what will make the difference.

    Why do people assume that those looking for RAW capability are intending to massively edit their pics before converting to jpg for social media sharing.

  • The Flash

    “Project VOLTA? we have STAMINA mode..”

    What a silly point. Volta + Stamina > Just stamina.. simple logic my friend.

    “Material design? I don’t really like it…”

    We haven’t seen Sony’s interpretation of Material design yet… but okay mate.

    No matter which way you look at it Stock Lollipop with Xposed > Xperia KitKat with Xposed since Lollipop is a faster, moer advanced OS than KitKat

  • Nsb

    And yet you still bought a Sony. Brave move.

  • Deckard_Cain

    Agree with all your points for the Z2. I really hope they fix the Superior Auto mode in the camera.

  • roeshak

    Not sure about this question xperia blog. Software updates are an important part of the android experience. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember.
    Sony right now needs all the good headlines it can get and updating the z2 and z3 to lollipop after Samsung and HTC have updated the s4 and m7 won’t inspire many to switch to Sony. These are devices released a year and 18 months respectively before the z2 and z3. Not competitive enough in a very competitive market.
    Discussing which features are relevant and why you want them is very narrow minded. There’s a bigger picture here, and that’s sales. Sales which can only improve by winning customers over from other brands. That needs good headlines. UUnfortunately there have been very few of those for Sony recently and that trend doesn’t seem like abating any time soon!

  • inspire

    Then just download any camera app (with better image processing than sony’s native) and get the job easily done! (w/o the hassle of conversion!)

    No one said anything about MASSIVE editing, but you need to convert your RAWs before making them usable and if one doesn’t know how to play with RAWs, then one’ll end up screwing it.

  • yori

    Ok . sony take you time , i don’t want a half backed software ruins my device

  • MM

    My reasons

    1.Move to SD card app

    2.better camera software

  • aaa

    Lolliop gives my SD Card back. I hate File Commander, I hate it so bad.

  • I don’t want it. I’m in no hurry, Sony can take their sweet time to get it right. I know three people who have gotten lollipop on three different devices (Moto G, Nexus 5, Galaxy S5) and they all have issues. There is nothing in 5.0 that I’m dying to have and the potential problems are real. I’ll wait.

  • Hritik Bhimani

    sony’s algorithms run deep beyond stock app…. It even processes the images captured by other apps…

  • Winter Soldier

    RAW and FULL MANUAL CAMERA CONTROLS! (Specially Manual Focus)
    Superior auto with 15MP camera (not 8 MP)
    New Material UI with new animation
    Lock screen like pure Lollipop
    new Notification in Lockscreen
    Improve Battery Life

  • mohamed

    when lollipop upgrade for z2 will be avaliable?
    we are on february!

  • Vasilis K.

    So, you actually don’t answer the question. Why do you want it? Just because updates are an important part of android. Even with bugs…

  • roeshak

    That’s my point. The question is neither here nor there!

  • The Flash

    No, you don’t need to convert your RAWs before making them usable. That’s what I mean about the apps.. they’ll do that automatically.

  • Thank you

  • meir cohen

    I dont want lollipop at all.
    my note 4 kitkat is just geat so stop talking b.s about wanting lollipop so bad.

  • nax

    As pround owner of nfc ring, I badly need this feature: unlock the phone with nfc tag build into the system.

    Current implementation by stand alone app sux in many ways…

  • Gadjet

    Absolutely the only reason I need this update for, come on Sony

  • Vasilis K.

    Don’t be so sure about the last two…

  • Snorky112

    Maybe volta = stamina with another name…
    The OS isnt quite different from KK to L, not even faster, don’t be fooled by what they tell you, Stock KitKat is stock, it has what it has and that’s it, Sonys KitKat is same as stock Kitkat with benefits, Lollipop stock is better than Stock KK, but is somehow on par with Sony’s KK, it has advantages and disadvantages, if you like stock lollipop better than sony’s kitkat so buy a Nexus phone, I mean, Mac OS X isn’t better than Windows 8 just because X (10) is higher than 8, same here googles 5.0.2 isn’t better than Sony’s 4.4.4, it’s also buged as hell so I don’t get why Sony should make a Lollipop build based on a bugged firmware…

  • meir cohen

    Just in your imaginetion.
    the android l is sucks!
    Trust me!

  • fluxx

    Good question.

    In fact, actually I’m not waiting for Lollipop itself but what Sony could make out of the Lollipop release.

    I like my Z2 but Sony’s UI is starting to look a little old-fashioned and the main programs like the dailer and calender are old-fashioned. I hope they’re going to give the system and the apps a real refresh.

    In addition the implementation of notifications and the upper control-bar are much better in Lollipop than in the current Android 4.4 version.

  • laci_csk

    Nope, I dont want Lollipop because my Xperia T2 Ultra is wery best with 4.4.3

  • Vasilis K.

    Basically I want it because I heard that it will bring:

    1. Not only RAW support and auto focus for the cam, but it’ll double the resolution x2 with some special alien algorrithm (41,4MP!!!)

    2. ART, which not only will run faster all pps x10 but also overclock CPU’s speed x10 and RAM x3.

    3. Extend battery life at least x10, thanks to the Volta project. Some latest phones (like the Z4) may work with no battery at all!

    4. The Material UI, which was designed by Da Vinci himself, just before he passed away.

    Do you want more? Isn’t that enough? We want it now!!!

    Now, seriously. I just want it for its bugs…


  • name

    Why Asking this ?

  • Pavan Champion C

    Still a proud owner of sony xperia m2 I had already bought e1 and sl.so I already know e1 and sl won’t be getting any android updates further and I want lollipop bcoz even moto e and moto g the cheapest phones under 15k r getting lollipop aswell as lg stylus and other manufacturers I want lollipop Bcoz of the new features and material ui and I request u to give updates for m2 and other phones.if u stop giving updates that’s the mistake y people prefer other companies I mean other manufacturers. So please make us satisfied.

  • I’m also on a Z2 with 4.4.2. and thanks to the Xposed Framework, the phone is working like a charm. Never before I had a phone that made me so satisfied with it like this one. Even so, there is one feature on Lollipop that I’m really wishing Sony would take advantage of: camera 2 api. I’m a photographer for a living and I do love what I do… The camera on the Z2 awesome, not as powerful as the Canon 6D I use for work, sure, but it could be improved with manual focus and raw support. Problem is: there is no guarantee that those features will be present on the L update for our devices.
    Apart from the Nexus line, I don’t think any manufacturer did use of those till now. I’m just waiting and wishing.

    BTW, english is not my native tongue, so apologies for any mistakes it the text above.

  • Niels d. G.

    Encryption by default probably nullifies the performance gain

  • jasper

    I hope the VPN bug is gone so i can connect to my synology via l2tp

  • LiterofCola

    Only real reason? Access to the SD card again.

  • tysonbox

    I want apps to open smoother and run just the same. I want ios like fluid animations. And ART can promise that.

  • DBS

    I don’t. I hate Material Design and the brightness it brings. Unless Sony reverts that into blacks, I’m not updating. SD card limitations isn’t completely fixed anyway and I’d sooner root the phone to solve that than live with the amount of colourfulness and whiteness of Lollipop.

  • Shehab Skull

    I hope that my z will work like a charm on lollipop :D
    I am not waiting for it so bad ..let’s make Sony Dev take their time .
    But I can’t imagine how the new UI gonna be .. If we can see a leak photo This will be awesome :3

  • Olger Shaqiraj

    Just i don’t care much for lollipop kit kato works good and fast
    To be true I really care more camera software quality expecially on low light
    On lollipop don’t see nothing new just some screen notification and sweep left/right
    The main reason who I need lollipop is hoping for a better camera quality Or better application performance nothing more.

  • mUSICA

    i Would rather wait for a stable Loli, also seeing the galaxy S5 kitkat vs Loli ders no diffrnce , so i hope people dnt moan if xperia gets little bit UI changes


  • paul drozd

    I have to agree with this article if you have a current release of jellybean or kit kat on your device that is running well lollipop does not yet make sense. If your device is running jellybean or lower and is not running brilliantly anyway you have nothing to lose in upgrading to kitkat or lollipop as long as you wait for one that is reviewed as stable(ish). I have Yarvik a tablet with ics which I’m in the process of upgrading to jellybean or kitkat as it has the hardware for it, I was inspired by upgrading my dads S3 as it keep having power issues on jellybean but now it has aported lollipop it almost as good as my Sony Z!

  • Paul M

    can you not get temp root and fix it?

    I did with Z Ultra.

  • Paul M

    Even if I could have L 5.0 today, I’d hold off until 5.1 with all the bug fixes is out, and even then wait a month until the problems are identified and fixes or hacks are around to resolve common problems.

  • jonyah

    haha, nice article. The comments about lollipop are getting pretty dumb lately. As if putting the same comment 50 times on a fan blog site is going to make Sony get it out faster.

  • Timel

    camera of the Xperia flagship phone is fucking horrible and stupid, especially xperia’s auto mode which is the worst… it’s fucking horrible. what a shame LoL
    it’s clear that Sony is inefficient and dying.

  • I’m on Xperia z2. Cm12 is ready. I’ve not switched yet. I’m using ART, so talk of faster apps, yeah, I got that.

    Lollipop? What the heck? If it works, dont change it. I dont remember anything that was broken with KitKat ui-wise.

    I might move to L later this year, but for now, I dont give a damn about L.

    I might be waiting for M. After it was K, KitKat, L, lollipop, so M is next, how about they call it Mango?

  • Ricardo Ca

    ART + external sd write limitation fix

  • CEOMan

    I want to lick the bugs out of them !

  • JustaNickname

    I still am on 4.2.2 but I want it bad :D (I did not like 4.3 and I haven’t flashed 4.4 since 5.0 is so close now)

  • Alex Norris

    Thx for the – camera performance with raw image capture ! http://gifsec.com/wp-content/uploads/GIF/2014/07/OK-animated-gif.gif

  • LuvMusic

    I don’t want it badly. Have Lollipop on my N7. I’m very OK with 4.4 on my Z3.

  • jxPerience

    actually no need to release budget smartphones from sony. just focus
    on Z series and after releasing the next gen model make the previous one
    a cheaper one or 50% less than the normal price. Its a marketing
    strategy that will boost the sale of xperia in premium segment. and
    after 2 years discontinue the early model in the market

    1H2013 Z $740
    2H2013 Z $450 Z1 $740
    1H2014 Z $350 Z1 $450 Z2 $740
    2H2014 Z $250 Z1 $350 Z2 $450 Z3 $740
    1H2015 Z $225 Z1 $325 z2 $425 Z3 $650

    continue the trend every year. NO need to introduce new entry level.
    the previous Z alone can compete with its discounted price.and make an offer like Xperia Premium Z Smartphones sale up to 50% from $225 and up

  • JHMBB2

    I don’t care, I just want my original Xperia Z back. It seemed like it ran better overall than my Z3, looked better too. =(

  • Rene Pedroso

    With premium products like the ”Z” line there is an expectation of excellence. This includes support. In essence this is all we have as consumers of the Xperia line. I really do not hear much on the hardware end of things and accessories for the product are in abundance. That being said, when one owns the top of the line, then one wants to be in the front of the line. That has not been the case with updates from Sony and I feel this is where the disconnect is with Sony and their consumers.

  • Sony Mobile User

    Of course because of:
    – impatient
    – New UI design
    – New improvement
    – New version
    – New year
    – Sony is too slow in updating firmware. People/customer is eager.

  • James

    RAW-API-access, So we can use other Camera-apps which can effectively use the camera were the stupid sony-camera-app uses poor algorithm, Only advantage i see on the SonyCameraApp is the addon camera apps(AR effect,Timeshift burst,..), which are good, but still not better than the Lumia Camera, they should bring every feature that lumia camera has.

    yeah! i got lolipop – So i can brag about it to others. which is really important to me

  • Niels d. G.

    So you would rather have a frustratingly buggy and rushed release, than to wait a bit longer for a release that actually works as intended?

  • xperiafan324

    Because those hypothesised “secret sauce” apps are still nowhere to be found and lollipop has been out and about for almost 6 months. The only benefit dng support has brought to lollipop users is to those who had the time and skill to get a good jpeg out of photoshop.

  • paul_cus

    I don’t, actually. It seems pretty buggy.

  • rus_media

    Don’t worry sony will be the last one in the row againg. And ofcourse will struggle again that what they actually made :v This will take them one year to think what really to do. In the mean time they will release two new sets and will forget about the software to be fixed.

  • kaostheory

    Looking at the comments, proves my own. Majority doesn’t really care to wait, just a couple of whiners.

  • SilentGod

    There will always a few reasons to not do or add something, sure we don’t know what Sony is thinking with their camera thingy, but Sony is a well-known camera producer, maybe they’ll fix it in another few years (Or never :v), well just be patient, or buy something more promising

  • xperia

    Because i want to fuck samsung!!! Hahaha :))))

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    Speak for yourself, Earthling.

  • HR

    Art and the fancy lollipop animations. The Z3C’s kitkat is a lot choppier than my old nexus 4. I’d really like that to change with LP.

  • wraggieone@gmail.com

    Why do we want lollipop??? Your mad and incredibly short sighted to feel that it’s not required or even necessary. This is the largest update android has had in a very long time, perhaps ever. It will bring a smoother and more intuitive UI (unless you have a Samsung, as they do their merry best to ruin any sign of a clean and contemporary interface, shame on them) much much better multitasking, Not to mention art!! And yes! Material Design!!! Android is incredibly functional and has been for years now. But it’s taken all of those years for it to become pretty. This aspect of the 5.0 is an essential step up for Android. We have this thing in our pockets all day everyday and it’s a absolute must that it be beautiful, fluid as much as it is functional. We’re heading for the future peeps. Get on it!!!.x

  • Andrés Burgos

    I’m a nexus 5 owner with lollipop and isn’t that great , it have some nice features and for xperia devices the fact that you can shoot raw images is a good reason to update but that’s it.

  • Noj

    Consistency. All my n other devices run lollipop, my xperia not only works differently, but feels clunky and dated

  • t-mobile sucks!

    I still have stupid jellybean :@

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Flash just mentioned why it is important to have RAW functionality, not that we don’t use it but there are plenty of apps which has the capability to produce amazing shots.

  • Wafflefactory

    I’m intrigue to know why “this particular author” has no interest to look forward to something new. :)

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    How can I explain. Well I have two Sony Xperia phones and one running aosp lollipop and the other stock 4.4.4. Then I tried to take photos using camera fv-5 and when I adjusted the settings like iso and all, phone which was on lollipop actually changed the iso etc not the stock kitkat. So you uninstalled why it is very important to have RAW functionality so we can actually adjust these settings and get the best of best out of it. Which I was talking about camera. I’d definitely love to have faster app opening specially the camera app.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    You read my mind plus these should be on this firmware. I mean see they should have them on LP.And they’re taking their time to release an amazing update hope they won’t screw it. My thoughts they’ll push it on next Tuesday. (fingerscrossed)

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    What do you mean? How sure are you?

  • Adrian M
  • hocestquisumus

    Mostly for the design (I know Sony will do a great job with Material) and the kind of little improvements that make your life easier. Like, the automatic restore function after a factory reset working as it should have all along. Smart Lock. These things.

    My Z3 is on CM12 now and I’m mostly happy except for a major bug in BT sound. I’ll still flash Sony’s take on L when it’s done. They are really good with battery management and the performance of Sony’s Android is really good.

  • spade

    Here is my only reason!


    Hope I will see the new Xperia UI

    Hope Sony will integrated materials design with cool and smooth animations effect like this



  • Iucidium

    This blog post has to be a troll…

  • ShaunTheSheep

    We don’t know for sure the z3 will support raw.

  • inspire

    Sorry to say, but then you have no idea what RAW is. Able to change photo’s iso (and other settings: exposure / shutter / wb / etc)in the camera app is NOT a feature of raw (you can already do it I’m Sony camera app and it works!). Raw just means without any processing (no noise reduction, no auto saturation, and so on) and you have to manually ‘develop’ the photo as per your likes in a raw converter sw. You don’t just put your raw in an app and let it do the magic automatically, that kills the purpose of raw!
    Unfortunately, the argument you wrote is completely invalid.

  • inspire

    How do you know that or tested it?
    Please pardon my ignorance but I’d really like to know that!

  • inspire

    Automatic conversion and raw doesn’t go hand in hand! The whole purpose of raw is to do the postprocessing manually and to be independent of camera’s automatic processing (or of app’s in your case).
    Enlighten me with such an automatic android app which does the magic all by itself!

  • Makiz

    Xperia Blog:
    Why do you want Lollipop so bad?

    Because I hate being bullied by Shamesung fans!!!

  • Teddi Aydarov

    because advanced camera options like, ART, RAW and full manual controls in câmara and material design, battery life

  • Matt

    totally agree with you inspire. they have no idea what RAW is. especially the flash, why use RAW if you want to auto-convert the photos anyway?

    thats also exactly my point, RAW on slr with different lenses are great, but RAW on such a tiny sensor ? its just getting in the way really.

  • Timel

    All Sony need to do with their flagship phone’s camera is improve its auto mode and camera software because people or end users want intelligent auto mode not stupid auto mode like Sony did with their phone

    this era is a Smartphone era, everything gotta be smart, fast, efficient and easy to use.

    LOOK what Samsung will do with their next flagship phone “Galaxy S6” if Sony still cant get the point Sony will definitely a loser again… like always


    Over the last several years, smartphone cameras have been transformed from a novelty feature to a sophisticated photographic device. Small in size but large in capability, the smartphone camera now has the ability to turn any user into a budding artist, photographer or cinematographer and allow them to explore their creativity with an array of ever advancing functions and features. The more innovative we are with advancing the smartphone camera, the more we witness a growing platform of unbounded ingenuity and imagination.

    Fifteen years have passed since we introduced the cellphone with an integrated camera. In the year 2000, Samsung set an industry standard by integrating the first ever, a 0.3-megapixel camera, into our SCH-V200 model. By 2002, the mobile phone camera had rapidly evolved from a quirky gimmick to a useful device that was both practical and convenient.

    Providing the Freedom of One Device:
    Since our first camera phone, we have focused on improving the functionality and the quality of our smartphone cameras to provide consumers with the freedom of being able to carry just one mobile device. Aggressively investing in R&D, we accepted the challenge of integrating a more powerful camera into the slim body of a smartphone because we believe that a smartphone should do a lot more than just take great pictures. The image sensors in a smartphone needed to be much smaller than the sensors in even the most compact digital cameras and we worked diligently on improving image quality under these size constraints.

    Capturing an Image as our Eyes See It:
    First and foremost, we at Samsung design and engineer our smartphone cameras to produce stunning pictures. We want to make the resulting images as close as possible to what you actually see with your eyes. Our relentless efforts to innovate as well as our ability to push the limits of physics allow us to develop and build compact smartphone cameras with no compromise in the overall functionality you would expect from a world-class smartphone.

    Professional cameras equip image sensors and circuitry that are significantly larger than those of smartphone cameras, about fifty times larger in some cases. We have addressed these obstacles by exerting every effort into developing features such as real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR), Phase difference Auto Focus (PAF) and others that help the camera produce images closer to what our eyes actually see. In addition, our other R&D assets such as camera software, app development and component optimization let us overcome the physical limits of the hardware to bring the most innovative camera technology possible to consumers.

    Offering Users What They Need:
    At the heart of all Samsung product development are the needs and desires of our consumers, and their expectations motivate us, the developers, to continue pushing the limits of what can be made possible.

    The image sensors on most smartphone cameras are physically smaller than those on digital cameras, which means that even if the number of pixels is the same, each cell, or pixel, on the sensor is also smaller. These pixels can actually be as small as 1.12 microns diagonally, which makes it harder to reduce the noise among pixels. Low noise plays a key role in the real-time HDR and the Phase AF that require a quick and accurate reaction.

    The Samsung Galaxy S5 is an example of such a breakthrough – an unparalleled smartphone that sports what is currently rated by many as the best rear camera in the market. It is also the only smartphone that incorporates high performance live HDR capabilities in both video and still shots. With the HDR reverse lighting techniques, Galaxy S5 users can achieve a photo-realistic effect with their images in almost any lighting environment. Other outstanding Galaxy S5 camera features include an autofocus function that can capture moving objects in an astonishing 0.3 seconds as well as the ability to make background lighter or darker. Users can also manually isolate and alter different focal points for complete control over the final look of their pictures.

    We make sure that our smartphone cameras are fast, intuitive and easy to use, giving users a smooth seamless experience. Our users do not need to worry about the appropriate camera settings for different lighting environments or where to find different functions or how to edit and share the photo they just took.

    Building the Next Big Thing:
    The front-facing camera of the smartphone is now considered as an essential feature. When the Galaxy S was first introduced, a front-facing camera was also included, catering to the consumer need for two-way video chat. A few Galaxy smartphone models later, the front-facing camera had transformed into something much more.

    In recent years, as social media trends popularized the “selfie,” the demand for a high-quality front-facing camera became paramount. The front camera in the Galaxy S5 is capable of capturing FHD videos, and allows the users to enjoy ultra clear video calls. Advancing these features even further is the 3.7MP front camera and F1.9 lens on the Galaxy Note 4 that supports a 90º wide-angle mode that lets users capture the perfect selfie or group selfie – the “wefie.”

    Taking this even further, the Galaxy A7, A5 and A3 all feature a monster 5MP front-facing camera for even better-looking selfies. While earlier front-facing cameras were regarded as an “extra”, superfluous to the “main” camera on the rear, this is clearly no longer the case anymore.

    We meticulously evaluate every single facet of our smartphone cameras by taking over 10,000 photos in every imaginable lighting environment for analysis. The same passion and dedication has been put into building the cameras for the release of our 2015 flagship model. It will be intelligent and do all the thinking for users, allowing them to take amazing pictures under any conditions, without having to worry about anything more than just pressing the shutter button.

    It will demonstrate just how far Samsung has advanced smartphone cameras, and once again will open the creative side of our users for new ideas and new possibilities.

    At Samsung, camera innovation continues.

  • I want lollipop to have the latest OS. Why settle for something old when I can have the latest version?

  • roeshak

    Reading the comments here is fear a lot of folks are going to be really disappointed with the update when it finally lands.
    If you’re expecting raw format and full manual controls and material design all over the place, then you’re going to be seriously peeved.
    Raw format is highly unlikely, full manual controls is possible but also unlikely. Sony would have gone down that road by now if they wanted to. It’s not lollipop dependent. They even tuck iso settings away in the menus because they don’t want users to tinker with that too much.
    You guys need to understand something here about the xperia cameras since Sony took over the show. They’re developed especially on the software side for sharing through different media be that Facebook, instagram etc etc. SoSony doesn’t focus on delivering images for editing. They don’t want the smartphones to cannibalise their cameras. The purposefully limit the capability of the sensor with software so they don’t threaten their camera range which are doing very well commercially.
    They wilfully don’t give the xperia cameras any semi pro or professional use. They want them to stay mainstream only.
    The photos have very good image quality with great colour reproduction, dynamic range and capture good light but that’s all they’re prepared to give. Pixel peepers need to look else where for pixel level detail.
    You get great photos especially in manual mode but they don’t hold up to much scrutiny at pixel level. It’s not that way because Sony developers are hopeless, it’s that way deliberated. They compress the 20.7mp photos to the point where they look like 8mp photos. That’s why the camera is optimal at only 8mp.

  • Denis Gajdacs

    I want Android Lollipop for Material Design. It’s so beautiful!

  • George

    I want the update because I payed a lot of money for my phone and I feel it’s natural to have the latest version installed. The second reason, I have another phone, is a Nexus 4 and it’s really working well with Lollipop.

  • Susmit R Joshi

    I am currently using an Xperia sp, and s and pretty satisfied with these devices. I know these devices didnt get the chance to taste Kitkat. i wont bitch about it like other xperia sp users coz i can have most of goodies of kitkat via towelroot and installing xposed (just letting other EOL xpreria user know) expect built in video capture and so on. With decent antutu benchmark scores i can run almost all game smoothly (haha m2 user). And i dont have to face compatibility app issue like Some apps in Kitkat. And if some of u r desperate for the latest version of android wait a little longer for the official lollipop version of bluestacks, DuOS and install it on your pc. For those of u who are going to mock me Fu ck off.

    P.s i am currently using stock rom provided by sony with soft root.

    In short : i know most of the users arent the owners of flagship phone so dont expect too much. And be happy with what u got ^_~.

  • me

    Version after version android is more and more unfriendly to use, even root when you have root some app still doesn’t work, it is not fun anymore to play with his smartphone.

  • atlas v

    bc sony was one of the first oem bragging about bringing lollipop to the flagship line and all of the A brands which sony wanna compete so badly (i presume) have delivered and it’s kinda shame on sonys part that after years and years they doing the same thing, and it is not like becasue their iteration is so bugless and need time, not at all… f.ex: my z2 viewfinder sluggish after 444 and took 4-5 month sony the upgrade that minor update from 442 WTF???
    lg and samsung ui are piece of s**t but they are so heavily customized i could undertand them to wait long to release but they were almost first to ready for their customers… and sonys ui isnt that heavy what take so long?
    google released the L preview around june in order to help developers to be ready for the final version… it seems that sony didnt bother to take a look and get the developing in advance…
    for me i really like material design and id like to have it on my z2 without using google now launcher and 444 wasnt a bug free version either so sony needs to adress those things (viewfinder, lower sound level) and sony should stop pushing their content that agressively i dont care about whatsnew and other crap like mindless cam mods (ar fun… etc) the least they can do is make them disableable, also the native sony ui is so dated need to change
    and if i buy a flagship and there others out there who took a much better care for their customers than sony i feel screwed, and even if that update isnt bring any more use for the user (which btw not even true) we dont have to have reasons to want we just do bc thats the way it is, after teasing so long

  • ????????

    NEW icons in Lollipop Update !!!.

  • ZXcorr

    People always want new stuff. It’s natural.

    Personally, I’m actually kind of nervous about Sony’s take on Material Design. Because, so far, all the other OEMs haven’t done a good job at it. We’ll see.

  • ? ? android ? ?

    i love lollipop
    i love material design
    i love SONY

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Maybe I have no clue about it but I was just giving you an example what it can do even having a broken camera on CM12. Having those options is really great cause then people will start realizing what their camera phone is capable of and they’ll start using it to the max. Not everyone but most. People are lot smarter these dalso,that includes you.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Oh yeah I saw this long time back and I hope Sony will implement it to next firmware like they did on KK with T2/T2.

  • so where

    I swear I just want the ability to move photos back and forth through folders in third party apps because the album app can’t do it and the file manager app is cumbersome.

  • Raw capture will be nice. After that I am not sure… maybe that’s just an occasion to clean-up my Z1f ? Anyway I’ll probably go for the Z4 compact if it ever comes out…

  • GigaSPX

    I want Lollipop on my Verizon Sony Xperia Z3v simply because of simultaneous data and voice. Everything else is about perfect with me.

  • Sony Mobile User

    Why do you want Lollipop ‘so bad’?

    According to the question then my answer is yes

  • Sony Mobile User

    Sometimes we need to stress up the developers to make sure that their customers are satisfied with their services.

    Google now have announced their new Android version of Lollipop which is Lollipop 5.1.

    Sony have to make their move now.

  • Hritik Bhimani

    I have used many apps including camerafv5, google’s default android came, lg camera etc yet the results are pretty much same with stock app….sony ‘s overprocessing ruins the images especially in low light

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I said KKwithXposed>Lollipop, not KKwithXposed>LollipopwithXposed

    Don’t you read??

  • coolxiau

    I’m personally want the RAW image capture ability plus USB audio support.. :D

  • Vincentius Phang

    i want the placebo effect that once i get lollipop my phone is automatically cooler….. for 2 weeks

  • Patrick Jurdana

    Bring it to Xperia M2 !!!!.

  • craigster1991

    It’s not that I want any specific feature, I’d like to have material design, but mostly, I want lollipop because Sony promised it to me. I have a Z1 Compact, and the fact that they said they’re updating the entire Z range makes me wonder if we’ll even get it by June… They promised the updates would start rolling out on newest phones in February, yet no lollipop for Z3 yet.

    I’d just like them to stick to their word, please the customers, for once.

  • Personally I like the flat design look and I can get it with a launcher no problem, 2nd if there is an improvement to the camera app in lollipop I’ll appreciate it.
    Otherwise no need for it right now ;)

  • malisale

    You can double the resolution of the image in any software (and ruin it), but you can’t double the resolution of the sensor. Nobody can do that.

  • malisale

    It’s interesting, that people who are craving most for Lollipop and RAW, are people who doesn’t even know what RAW is. They want RAW so they can change the ISO or to let apps convert RAW files automatically?!? Sweet Jesus Christ …

  • Jecht_Sin

    Wait.. what? There is a performances hit upgrading to Lollipop? I thought the now fully supported ART was meant to make things faster! Which is the main reason why I’d love Lollipop on my phone. Because.. let’s be honest. That flat Material Design gets old fast. So does OS X Yosemite. I am sick of them already!

  • inspire

    So it’s just your speculation and not a concrete verification.
    I know xperias overprocess sometimes but I definitely get different results with stock app and Google camera on z1.

  • Vasilis K.

    OK. Maybe I was wrong on that, but all the rest are a fact!

  • azzido

    1. Battery life has been messed up on Z2 with 4.4.4 so I want to fix it.
    2. New camera application with fixes + low camera fps needs to be fixed
    3. Hope new UI will be nicer than current one, hope for such improvements:
    4. Waiting for new features
    5. App2SD!

    and they are asking why? :>

  • Mac

    Well this is actually the first time I don’t give a fu**. I don’t need lollipop in my Z1C. The thing I need is from Sony is to fix the bugs! I mean my Bluetooth connection is bad.. really bad. AptX connection says my amp is a headphone, it looses sound every now and then (even just for half a sec) but still. NFC! c’mon Sony was one of the first manufactures of near field communication and still I can’t connect to my Pill XL with it! But my girlfrends S4 mini have no problem with it. Wtf!?

    Android update meh..
    FW update yes please!

  • jason

    STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT LOLLIPOP, because all the oem’s and nexus’ that have it are complaining due to the amount of bugs. let Sony take there time getting it ready so they can release it right, because if its laggy or buggy you’ll start complaining again.

  • wraggieone@gmail.com

    Hello mate. Agree on the camera front, but disagree on the material design…… Google have guidelines for material design to which I believe OEMS have to comply to some extent. Plus of you were ever to doubt Sony’s intention towards the design going forward, just check out the new walkman icon on your xperia……a good sign I think, Nice:-).x

  • roeshak

    Yes seeing as Sony keep things closer to stock than most others, we’ll see more material design influences on the ui than others but it won’t be as much as some are hoping for.
    Xperia ui will remain xperia ui. Lollipop will for the most part, stay behind the scenes

  • Matteo

    New UI design, lockscreen notification and nice animations trough the UK are my main reasons

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I’m fine with Android 4.4.4 kitkat on my Xperia Z right now because it just works flawlessly :) sure I want lollipop but I can wait until March or April. I think it is a good move to still update every single Xperia Z range devices though they have released a lot of new flagships and different versions of the original Xperia Z. Kudos to Sony, looking forward to lollipop and don’t need any more updates for my old Xperia Z after this. Might even replace my Xperia Z in favour of a Xperia z4 later this year :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Honestly I think Sony does a really good job with updates nowadays, just look how fast they did release Xperia 4.4.4 kitkat for the Xperia Z range compared to other manufacturers :)

  • ethernode

    Lollipop fixes the stupid handleMediaEvent unreleased wakelock bug that keeps your phone from deep sleep if you press your physical headset play/pause button with another app than Walkman…

  • mike

    Z owners don’t have a choice other than waiting even if Sony releases today they have to wait.
    As per our 2nd request I don’t think z will get any other update after this.

  • Cris de Oliveira

    I need lollipop because of it too.

  • ash

    after every huge update you need to reset your device to factory settings for better performance, so you can turn off encryption and use it

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  • gtop

    Because it’s worse than the current one? There’s no progress in backward steps.

  • gtop

    From my experience of Lollipop on a Nexus 5:

    1. The UI is neither smoother nor more intuitive than KitKat. There are many places where it’s the opposite of intuitive (silent mode) or less functional (tiny lockscreen media controls).
    2. The multi-tasking is not much better. The inclusion of Chrome tabs in the recents list is pretty useless, and just about everyone is disabling it asap.
    3. ART has not delivered the expected performance benefits. Performance and battery life has generally been worse than on KitKat.
    4. Material Design is garish, cartoonish, overdone, and gets boring very quickly. Plus wasted space absolutely everywhere. They need to rethink information density.
    5. Lollipop is neither more beautiful, fluid nor more functional than KitKat,

    Ergo: no need to rush the upgrade.

  • Hopefully they improve the camera!! Material design is nice, and I can stand to wait a couple months for a STABLE Lollipop for my Z1

  • hardyharhar

    Because they’re kids. Just like any kid you see on TV where they’ll cry if you steal their lollipop and will whine on their parents until they get their lollipop. It’s correct that sony ignore them since you won’t get anything from listening on mature minds. Us mature owners know how to wait as long as we get stable builds once they come out.

  • hardyharhar


  • metcarded

    I don’t really care. My Z2 already does everything I want it to do and the UI is attractive enough and functional. What I would like to see though, and I doubt google fixed it for Lollypop, is for them to bring back text wrapping from pre kitkat Android. Browsing a lot of websites has become a pita after google dropped webview for their own rendering engine. I’ll probably switch to Ubuntu phone if Canonical support proper text wrapping on their phone OS.

  • Peter Waegemans

    Definitely Camera RAW. This has been on my wishlist for a long time. I use it all the time on my dslr and miss it on the phone. Editing may be a different story. Right now the mobile version of Lightroom is buggy and slow but maybe in a near future they will get their shit together or the likes of Pixlr will take the lead.

    I personally am not such a fan the material UI. The colors are not my thing but positioning most of the menu to the bottom is generally an improvement on the UX.

  • Peter Waegemans

    You can download the Google camera right from the playstore, and I advice you to do that.
    The UI of the Sony camera app is horrible and the jpg processing looks like crap.

  • david

    Because Kit Kat has many problems that are fixed with Lollipop.

    Because Sony will lose even more market share if it cannot push out Android updates while it’s rivals can. Potential new customers get turned off, existing customers get disillusioned and switch to other brands.

    The days of selling devices purely on the merit of the Sony brand are over. Sony had better wake up and smell the coffee. It is all about the software and the ecosystem it is associated with.

    P.S: I am still waiting for an official Xperia Korean language keyboard. And I fail to see why the cheaper models don’t get the Xperia Japanese keyboard. All these little annoyances add up.

    (Sent on my Xperia C3)

  • logan

    The most important issue with kitkat for me is the sd card restrictions.. That’s why I want lollipop

  • Adize

    I really wanted to see and experience new UI :p

  • spade

    I hope Lollipop give us back this feature, that was a stupid move by Google to remove this in the first place.

  • Fried

    I heard it’s gonna handle Battery more efficient, so thats the main reason i want to update my Z1.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I don’t expect any more updates after lollipop :) it’s too old to update when a new Android version will be released ;)

  • drchips42

    to write to my SD card !!!

  • Jakob

    Please take for Xperia Z3 with Lollipop, a 100% Natural color Display , a fast Camera auto focus with perfect steady stability , better or new camera software.smaller icons than kitkat 4.4.4. And this icon and menu style Schau dir “Android 5.0: Xperia Z3 running AOSP” auf YouTube an – Android 5.0: Xperia Z3 running AOSP: http://youtu.be/wFxnj2mb2hg

  • Jeffrey Fitzpatrick

    I’m hoping for greater camera performance with the next update.

  • danny wood

    I’m worried about performance degradation, and encryption, but want RAW capability, and even more so, I hope there is a fix for the really bad white balance issues in the camera. I have 5.0.2 on another device, and mostly like it. When the update comes through, I might just wait for a couple of weeks before installing. Other than the white balance problems, the Z3 is close to perfect as far as I’m concerned. I’ll be pissed if 5.0 ruins that.

  • I’d rather have it stable than first.

  • Sibtain

    Are all of you that thick-headed that you don’t realise that Lollipop isn’t a fully stable OS yet? Sony doesn’t want their phones to lag. They want to wait till Lollipop is stable. Yes, Lollipop has a new design to it, and the feeling of the latest thing feels nice, but seriously, it won’t be, if unstable. As a Sony Xperia Z3 user, I find KitKat great. Yes, I want Lollipop, as well, but then, the question arises, “I bought this phone for £529.99, for what? Lag?”

  • Aldo Pucci

    You took words right out of my keyboard!

  • Jaissal S

    I own a Z1 and am looking forward to some Lollipop. However, i have heard that the 5.0 version has its fair share of bugs. I recently spoke to a friend who has a Nexus 5 with the 5.0 update. She says that some apps crash, and some other bugs I can’t remember.

    I will be looking forward to the updated UI, Camera fixes, lock screen wallpaper fix, and more. I just hope that the battery and performance aren’t affected in a big way. I just hope that the update will breathe some new life into my Z1. I still enjoy using my Z1 while running Android 4.4.4.

    So maybe waiting for the follow up update might be recommended? What do others think?

  • Big_Phill

    Absolutely, what’s the point of Spotify Premium and a 64GB sd card if they aren’t allowed to talk to each other?

  • James Bray

    I’m looking forward to the material design update, but I am really looking forward to ART. Hopefully my Z2 will run Lollipop okay.

    I just hope Sony put more of their apps onto the Google Play store, and let me remove a few of the unwanted defaults.

  • nick

    Don’t update Its that simple…

  • Big_Phill


    Because I want my apps to talk to my SD card on my phone without me having to root it.

    I’ve been an Android user since buying the T-Mobile (HTC) G1 in 2008, I haven’t rooted one yet and I’m not about to start now.

  • Raj Singh

    I don’t.

  • Snorky112

    why not ? you don’t even need to unlock sony phones to get root access

  • Snorky112


  • Don Luciano

    KitKat or Lollipop, I want Hi-Res Audio feature for Z1/ZU/Z1C!!

  • crackinthewall

    > Whilst we can understand the desire to be using the latest Android builds, we aren’t in the same situation we were even two years back where the major revisions brought significant improvements.

    So R/W access to the SD card is not a major feature?

  • Kim Romberg

    I’m just hoping for a miracle…that the update could cure the insane overheating on my Z1… Otherwise I have to move on to a better phone, non-Sony.

  • Micheal Archer

    Good headlines for improved sales may be an important thing, but rushing to publish something that craps out on a few vocal users could result in a far worse situation. Sony needs to be fast but they also need to be thorough and produce an update that will impress users. While it may have been November that Lollipop became available, my carrier (Rogers, Canada) is scheduled to update my phone (Z1) in April. I don’t think that’s an unreasonable time frame to get something together, but as always, I need to hod judgment until after release.

    The biggest problem is that with a stable build, there won’t be much notice in the world and everyone can complain that it too so long without any real benefits. If it’s unstable, there will be a lot of noise from users and it will look bad on Sony. In this case, unless Sony released a perfect build as fast as Nexus devices, nobody will be impressed.

  • roeshak

    I doubt that the lollipop builds that have been rolled out buy most of the other big manufacturers and in some cases to devices released in 2013 are unstable. They may have a few bugs here and there but I’m sure their users would wait happily for those to be ironed out.
    Quite rightly said, no plaudits are given for releasing good stable builds but they are given for being quick with updates
    I don’t buy into the excuse that they’re late because they want to release a stable bug free build, for me they’re late because they started working on 5.0 later than others. Don’t forget Sony was still pushing out 4.4.4 as late as November so it should come as no surprise that they would until at least late Feb to get lollipop out the door.
    The worst thing is, the xperia rom is the closest to stock outside of Motorola. In fact, Motorola might retain the stock appearance but they do build a lot of added functionality on top of android.
    Sony should be quicker with its releases, they don’t thinker much with android. The xperia firmware is essentially a glorified skin on top of the core android OS.

  • roeshak

    I doubt that the lollipop builds that have been rolled out by most of the other big manufacturers and in some cases to devices released in 2013 are unstable. They may have a few bugs here and there but I’m sure their users would wait happily for those to be ironed out.
    Quite rightly said, no plaudits are given for releasing good stable builds but they are given for being quick with updates
    I don’t buy into the excuse that they’re late because they want to release a stable bug free build, for me they’re late because they started working on 5.0 later than others. Don’t forget Sony was still pushing out 4.4.4 as late as November so it should come as no surprise that they would until at least late Feb to get lollipop out the door.

    The worst thing is, the xperia rom is the closest to stock outside of Motorola. In fact, Motorola might retain the stock appearance but they do build a lot of added functionality on top of android.
    Sony should be quicker with its releases, they don’t thinker much with android. The xperia firmware is essentially a glorified skin on top of the core android OS.

  • Micheal Archer

    I can’t imagine a major OEM releasing a bad build, and I actually don’t know how vocal owners of Samsungs or LGs can be when it comes to Android updates when compared to Sony owners. I can see that Sony has been somewhat slower than their competitors, but I can’t see what they are going to release nor can I comment on whether it will be worth the wait (compared to a competitor’s release). Maybe the Sony release will look something like the yet-to-be-announced 5.1 (or whatever the next Android build number ends up being), or maybe Sony will have nothing interesting beyond making the entire experience across their apps match that of Google’s apps.

    I can’t speak to the additions that Sony makes to the Android code these days, but there was a time not too long ago when Sony was known to be adding features to their Xperias that were later built into the next major Android release.

    In terms of releasing KitKat in November, on one hand I’m not shocked by that – I mean, without the source code Sony could either sit and spin their wheels waiting for it to be released or they could continue working on some projects in the meantime. On the other hand, maybe there is some truth in Sony intentionally stretching the release time a little to get the most out of their previous release (in terms of using 4.4.4 as a selling feature).

    There have also often been suggestions that Sony delays the release of major updates to the software until some time after a release of new hardware to encourage the most hungry users to upgrade hardware to get the newest software. Maybe this isn’t a bad business decision, but at times like this where there is not a new Xperia flagship just around the corner, I doubt that’s the case.

    Anyway, all we can do is wait (or complain) until it comes out and then judge Sony on their product (or their sloth).

  • roeshak

    Apologies, I should have been clearer about the 4.4.4 update. It was released much earlier to older units but was held back from the z2 because Sony wanted to showcase their new camera and little software additions on the z3 series first.

  • Micheal Archer

    Ah yes, well, I do speak to that Sony “policy” in my penultimate paragraph. Whether that is a reality is all in perception unless we have people on the inside who can confirm that Sony does indeed withhold updates when they have new hardware to showcase. I don’t see it as impossible to believe, but maybe I’m also less skeptical of official dialogue as well. I’m open to both explanations until there are hard facts confirming one or rejecting the other.

  • roeshak

    Yes indeed, they do withhold updates with new devices on the horizon. They’ve done that a lot in the past. I don’t think any confirmation of that is needed lol!

  • Railwayman

    I don’t want it anymore because…. I have it!:)

    Lollipop on the Xperia Z Ultra with CM12 Material Transparent theme is wonderful, fast and reliable. The ART makes a noticeable difference on my heavy configuration which also include Xposed Framework. The whole Material Design styling is elegant and sophisticated and… the animations actually do something good (I always disable them on older versions).

    Then we have the whole thing of begging for Lollipop. I say this:

    If you want it badly, reflash the device. I don’t think the Sony Lollipop will be “superior” to the ROMs available and I am not even sure about what it can bring to the table that can’t be done with existing solutions. The Sony apps such as Walkman works on Lollipop already and the sound enhancements isn’t that necessary when there is Viper4Android and so on.

    Even if the Sony theme is elegant on older KitKat ROMs, Lollipop is best with very slight skinning in a style that follows Material Design. Having the same look as an Xperia running KK is not a good idea I think since it contradicts the new design language too much. It is better to have a more discrete, toned down and scaled back implementation.

    What I don’t get is when people on technology sites are totally stuck because they want, want and want a new Android version… from the manufacturer. So they complain, moan and groan loudly when it takes time – even better when the device is carrier branded so there is a double delay. It is not productive to behave that way!

    Proper action is simple: reflash the device and stop complaining, moaning and groaning. Yes, updates take XX days when Android is modified by an OEM. You made the selection by buying such a device. In the case of Sony, the developer friendliness make it easy to rectify by putting a new ROM on.

    Lollipop is out for all flagship Xperias AFAIK. Just flash it and be happy.

  • XL7

    desire for something new Or greedy desire for something new.manufacture@developer know better about this weakness.

  • manouchehr.maz

    For more great options..

  • Kristo

    That doesn’t look material at all, so I doubt they will make it like that.

  • Guy

    A bluetooth unlock that doesn’t remove a swipe to unlock safeguard

    EAS through GMail app

    better battery life

  • A lowlight camera fix for the Z3 and Z3 compact, is all I care for. That point light flaring (over exposing) problem in low light. Else Z3 rocks. It’s video quality is excellent.

  • Joseph

    I only want raw cause I would prefer to do proper editing on the go rather then always remembering to bring my MacBook with me……and by proper editing I mean loading my dslr photos to my phone

  • ChrisGRE

    Camera 2 API implementation for raw images from Xperia Z3

  • 5u5m1t

    I’m not really bothered by when I get the update as I love 4.4.4 KitKat but, I do prefer material design however.

  • Download a lollipop theme from our Xperia Themes section and enjoy the looks! And if you’re root, the status bar and lower buttons will also change awesome! ;-)

  • Would you like sharing as to why your Z1 heats up?
    Becuase I am a heavy gamer and mine doesn’t heat to the extent of irritation ;-)
    It does heat but not that high anymore.. .

  • You could already disable them! I have disabled a lot of those and the phone runs quite smooth now! (in the SP and the Z1 too)

  • Pretty much agreed; though the performance boost that a site just showed off in G3, S5, and Notes, I am sure the battery life and output of our Xperia Z series devices will increase too

  • My cousin has the first Z, and he is already enjoying the developer edition of Lollipop he got OTA from Sony to test the issues. Sony said if the device works better, they will make decisions accordingly and according to my cosuin, the OTA updates (he gets them almost every ten to fifteen days) have made it quite stable, but a lot of basic apps still crash, and the ART affects his office work apps management too.. The phone does not heat anymore he says but over all, it is not recommended really :-)

  • My cousin has the first Z, and he is already enjoying the developer
    edition of Lollipop he got OTA from Sony to test the issues. Sony said
    if the device works better, they will make decisions accordingly and
    according to my cosuin, a lot of basic apps still crash, and the ART affects his office work apps management too..
    The phone does not heat anymore he says but over all, it is not
    recommended really!

  • Kim Romberg

    I don’t know why it heats up. It heats up when using the camera, playing games, using it for more than about ten mins at the time… And when it heats up, the touchscreen goes mad, jumps all over, not recognizing touches…apps force close…etc.

  • Okay.. Since all of these can only be avoided by a root to your device I would recommend rooting ASAP and installing an app named Greenify, which keeps those applications closed which we dont use instead of keeping them alive all the time. The app works without root too but you’ll be annoyed with the dialogue boxes showing the apps being closed one by one.. . Hope that solves all the issues :-)

  • Ramzan Akhmatov

    i’ts like asking us why do we want legs

  • Splash

    The only things i’m really interested in is the ability to Landscape rotate the main screen. I hope they take the restriction off of their lolipop UI. It’s the only thing i would change.

  • David Petrie

    Mainly improved camera functionality such as raw image capture and manual focus (apparently Sony has disabled this).

    Also ART for my iRig

  • Prakash Yerra

    I dont want lollipop im happy with the current version. though lollipop has many issues mainly –
    poor performance

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