Why do you want Lollipop so bad?

by XB on 13th February 2015

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Android-Lollipop-5.0We can’t blame Sony Xperia owners endlessly question when the Android Lollipop will arrive. The same thing happens every time there is a major Android build on the horizon. The comments section gets filled up with irate Xperia owners asking exactly when the said update will arrive.

Whilst we can understand the desire to be using the latest Android builds, we aren’t in the same situation we were even two years back where the major revisions brought significant improvements. As we move forward those updates will no doubt start to become more incremental.

There are a number of changes that Android Lollipop brings – the one that most people are aware of is the new Material Design UI. However, not everyone is on the same page as Google in terms of the direction it is taking its UI. Android KitKat had a certain elegance and simplicity that gets lost in Lollipop’s flat and brighter design (at least natively). We’re all intrigued in which direction Sony will be heading with its Lollipop update, but is a new design a killer reason for you to update?

Other additions that Lollipop brings include the now default ART runtime, expanded notifications, lock-screen notifications, 3D recent apps, 64-bit chipset support and security enhancements.

This particular author is still currently running Android 4.4.2 KitKat on a Xperia Z2, mainly because it just works so well. So why not upgrade? Well battery life is superb, performance is great, all of the apps I need are compatible with the OS and I have root. Apart from being on the latest number, there’s no particular reason to upgrade right now.

Judging by those that have upgraded to Android Lollipop on other devices, a performance hit is likely. So we’re puzzled why so many are looking forward to the update? Is it just to be on the latest build? Is it because you’re looking forward to a new (material) design? Or is it because there are actual Lollipop features that you want? We’re intrigued to hear why you want Android Lollipop so badly?

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