New Xperia T2 Ultra Dual firmware (19.1.1.C.1.2) certified

by XB on 14th February 2015

in Firmware, Xperia T2 Ultra

Xperia T2 Ultra Dual_19.1.1.C.1.2A quick heads-up for Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Dual (D5322, XM50h) owners, a new firmware update has been certified by the PTCRB which moves the build number from version 19.1.1.C.0.56 to 19.1.1.C.1.2. The 19.1.1.C.0.56 update rolled out in September last year, bringing Android 4.4.3 KitKat to the handset. This new version may bring Android 4.4.4 to the Xperia T2 Ultra Dual, but we’ll keep you posted either way.

Xperia T2 Ultra Dual_19.1.1.C.1.2

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    Ok I can start: WHERE’S LOLLIPOP FOR MY Z3!? SONY WTF!? Ok done.

  • dabosss

    We all want our fucking lollipop

  • Tasfique Enam

    Better wait… My nexus 5 on lollipop is buggy

  • xperia

    This is lollipop for t2 =))) fuck you sony!!! I want my lollipop for z3. Go to hell!!! _)_

  • Fadi Obaya

    Sony did say that lollipop would rollout early February. It’s the middle now.

  • roeshak

    Here we go again lol!! Roll on the where is my lollipop update comments lol! Sony’s refusal to unleash the full potential of the xperia cameras and this constant lagging behind others with updates despite the fact that their software is the closest to stock has pushed me towards Samsung at least for my next device.
    Samsung have done enough as far as I’m concerned to merit the change.
    Sony take the piss on so many levels it’s just ridiculous.
    I should add the z3 with its dull lifeless display and poorer performing camera were the final nail in the coffin. Only Sony could release a successor device worse than its predecessor in critical areas like display quality and camera performance loooooooooooooool. Only Sony indeed!

  • ? ? android ? ?

    Please Sony, release Android 5.0 lollipop update
    for Xperia T2 Ultra, T3, C3, m2 & m2 Aqua .

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    Learn to use the camera properly. I have a Z and had taken excellent pictures with it. 80% of my pictures were taken in Manual Mode.
    Super Auto mode only in good light conditions.
    Even Sony had share tutorials to take advantage from the potential of their cameras.

  • rubinaish

    No one ever said anything about early February…

  • rubinaish

    Please Sony, don’t. A list of fourteen Z devices is already enough, and more phones to support would only slow them down…

  • Cris de Oliveira

    Hope T2 ultra get lollipop, although I think it won’t.

  • It was said early this year, NOT February. And its after MWC.

  • Simon Setyadarma

    Sony should update their midrange too if they don’t want to lose in market.
    Make it real, even it takes time as long as not till next year…
    If they don’t, people will disappointed and probably change manufacture because of it.

  • tsukimoto

    Why do you guys like a buggy update if you are researching lollipop is so buggy.
    Why not just wait for SONY to release a stable one.
    Why everyone is crying like a baby to have an early update.
    I know you all just want to be in the bandwagon just to say that you are in.
    Oh common

  • kedar

    Now time for Xperia t3 to upgrade to lollipop.


    When it gonna release any expect date

    Because previous update is very laggy which slowdown the device hope this will overcome from that problem

    Any expected date of release

  • damian01211

    Can I have a link to that tutorials as I was searching on how to do great pic using phone and couldn’t find anything interesting.

  • Sadman Khan

    You can find it in sonymobile

  • JG

    About time, been wondering about this.

  • raju

    Plz wait, because lollipop fully bugs

  • raju


  • raju

    Lollipop is bug version

  • Simo


  • Sadman Khan

    *come on.
    I’m really tired of this stupid mistake

  • Sadman Khan

    They said “starting next month (february)”. And their month starts on the 28th apparently

  • nick

    Maybe u ppl come here to with that shit advice.. And wrong info…did u see ces 2015.. Where they clearly mentioned February beginning.. If u didn’t see shut it..and don’t comment on what u don’t know about

  • nick

    Well u know and many ppl know its..buggy so why do u give advice..let it be.. Ppl want let them say..neither sony gonna read it nor they gonna chamge their plan…so let it be…let ppl say..its late..they say its late..and its real late for sony..imo

  • roeshak

    I don’t ever use superior auto. Only manual mode. The xperia cameras since Sony took over have been limited to just mainstream usage. They don’t want xperias to affect their camera business which is why they use software to limit the output of their smartphones.
    They take pictures with good image quality as far as colour reproduction, dynamic range and capture good amounts of light but if you examine the pictures at full res, they’re a mess.
    Sony doesn’t want to give more than 8mp output which is why they limit most of the features to that resolution. Even at full res, they use mad compression and crazy noise suppression to almost eliminate all fine details. It’s OK for macro and near distance shots but any middle distance or long range shots lose all details once you examine them at pixel level.
    No amount of tweaking of the settings will improve this.
    Unlike others who claim Sony developers are shit and can’t come up with good algorithms, I don’t believe that for a second. I think it’s deliberate on their part to limit the xperia cameras to very simple mainstream usage like sharing through various media.
    They don’t want the xperia cameras to have any semi pro or professional use. Big mistake on their part because xperia cameras will always get bad reviews from any techblogs or users who examine performance at pixel level.
    They just keep shooting themselves in the foot with idiotic policies. The 6 month madness isn’t the only crazy thing they’ve been doing you know.
    Sony wants you to buy their dedicated cameras if you want photos for anything more than just sharing. Trouble is other manufacturers like Nokia and Samsung are delivering that. The camera should be a major selling point of the xperia line but it isn’t because of these self imimposed limitations.
    Look between the lines and you’ll see this is true. Even that so called pamphlet they released to show how to get the best out of your camera was focused on photos for Facebook and instagram lol. That’s all they want smartphones to do. While they’re being that stupid, others are advancing.
    Apple are at least honest, they offer a mainstream camera so buyers know exactly what they’re doing.
    Sony on the other hand markets something more advanced but then deliberately limit it’s usage to very mainstream activities. They just use the great hardware for marketing when in truth all the user gets is an 8mp camera. Like I said full res photos are so compressed and doctored with software to the point where their output is similar to the 8mp photos.
    Yes you can zoom in further but you’re just zooming into a mess! This is done deliberately I feel.

  • Zidhin Mohd

    Other than the moto g2.. All the devices I’ve seen have bugs in it.. And samsung s4 is filled with bugs… So i think it’s best to wait

  • roeshak

    Please forget about a tutorial that encourages users to use iso 1600 for outdoor photos when it’s cloudy. Well unless you have no intention of zooming or cropping into those photos and just want the pics to be as bright as hell lol!
    Forget that tutorial, it’s full of nonsensical advice from a dodgy company!

  • Fadi Obaya

    Actually Sony did say early February.

  • Fadi Obaya

    Early February.

  • Fadi Obaya

    Starting early next month.

  • Abdul Ghani

    lol wut xperia z excellent pictures am i in a dream land because in real life all xperia camera have no potential for good shots thanx to the horrible algorithm from sony

  • Matt

    If you think 20 megapixel shot is better than 8 megapixel, you don’t have the right to talk about camera and it’s performance,or even accusing Sony to limit their xperia flagship. If you like Samsung’s camera than don’t fret,dont buy Sony.

    And the camera word you use are just a collection of buzzwords really. Here let me explain it to you.

    Smartphone camera ARE DESIGNED TO BE USED AS MAINSTREAM USE. Yes Sony advertised them as a great photo taking device, but it fell on us as a customer to be smart and see the actual limitation a small sensor that is in there. 20 megapixel on a tiny sensor are bound to have much more noise. They have to use noise suppression at a certain level to retain a good balance between sharpness and noise. You can’t seriously expect to snap a photo like that (with a short shutter speed) and expect everything sharp bright and extremely di talked. Even DSLR with a much larger sensor need more time or another lenses to do the same thing. Instead phone camera designed to be pretty good at everything. Semi pro photography on smartphone? If there is such a thing, people will see many other aspects besides the raw quality of the photo itself,like framing or the thing that you want to tell through that photos.

    I personally don’t see anything desperately wrong with xperia camera. They are okay! (gasp).

    Again just like a danger who can’t dance and blaming the floor, if that means anything to you.

  • roeshak

    Excuses, excuses, excuses. Nokia have smaller sensors with 20mp resolution that take much sharper and more detailed photos than Sony’s 20.7mp sensor. Samsung is about to release a 20mp sensor with the s6 and that too will perform better as far as detail goes.
    The xperia photos are very good as far as image quality goes. Sony deliberately fucks up the details to stop the smartphones cannibalising sales of their cameras.
    They’ll eventually accept the need to stop that nonsense but I no longer prepared to wait for it.
    When I but a 20.7mp camera, I expect 20.7mp output and not one deliberately limited to 8mp.
    That long response from you would only make sense if Sony were the only ones in the game. Well they’re not, others produce better with even inferior sensors.
    It’s deliberate. Pure and simple
    Forget the 1020, the 930 has a similar max resolution with a smaller sensor and you don’t find the sort of mess you find on xperias when cropping into photos produced from that device.

  • roeshak

    Listen, I’m talking here about fine details and not image quality. The colour reproduction, dynamic range and general image quality is great from Xperias. Fine details once you crop beyond 8mp is the problem. Sony in my opinion deliberately limit the cameras performance to that resolution to avoid any harm being done to their camera business. They just don’t want smartphones to do to compact cameras what they’ve done to hand held gaming devices like the psp!
    It’s got nothing to do with poor image processing. It’s a philosophical judgement just like the 6 month nonsense which they’re hopefully about to stop.
    They need to follow market eexpectations and stop doing what they prefer to do. Smartphones in time will cannibalise the sale of compact cameras whether Sony like that or not. They need to get ahead of the game to ensure that people are choosing xperias for their camera performance in the round.
    They’re making a huge mistake, and not for the first time, in think that mainstream usage is only about sharing. People expect more these days.

  • Not a very smart logic. Midrange owners should be left out in the cold just so high-end devices can get their updates faster? It doesn’t work that way.
    Plus, it’s not really 14 devices as the ZL is practically the same as the Z, and the Z/ZL/ZR, Z1/Z1 Compact, and Z3/Z3 Compact run on same chipsets so porting is much easier.

  • Ritwij

    Stock Android is quite buggy. My HTC One M8 on the other hand is not buggy at all, so Sony better roll out the Lollipop as well.

  • Matt

    True, there is still room for improvement. And true again, Sony do false advertising 20 megapixel and outputting 8 mega pixel in superior automatic mode (although Sony use supersampling Methode wich us quite clever).

    Are you 100% positive that Nokia 1020 that much better? Sure let’s say it is, but 1020 isn’t 7.1 mm thick isn’t it? And enlighten me on what a “good” photo is, how sharp should it be? How colorful should it be? How far should you able to zoom in on a smartphone photo with the details still retained?

    I’m not trying attacking anyone here but my critique is just don’t bicker on things that you might not know very well. Yes Sony cameras aren’t perfect in every way,yes there are better options out there. But you should also note that photo output not just a sensor and lens. Even how android handles image processing counts.

    Oh by the way have you seen DXO mark as a reference? It’s a professional camera sensor benchmark

  • roeshak

    My old xperia S shouldn’t be able to zoom in objects and retain more detail than my z2. This should just not be the case. Whatever Sony’s doing to limit the output of the Z series cameras, they need to stop it.
    S’s hardware is far inferior to the z2s. Image quality on z2 is far superior but details are joke in ccomparison!

  • Abdul Ghani

    i can conform 1520 beats my z2 since i own them both when i crop images on 1520 i get details sharpness and less noise and on z2 its all opposite

  • Abdul Ghani

    for all who think xperia camera software is good, either he is blind or retard or just a blind sony fanboy xda prooved sony lack in their software

  • charles braswell

    I have the Z1s with 4.4.4 kitkat and it works great. Yes would like the new version, but I can wait since the kitkat is great no buggy issue. GREAT WORK SONY, PLEASE DON’T Upgrade until the bugs are fixed in the new version. Thanks

  • mukul verma

    you are just moron, if u have so much prob with sony camera algorithm, then you simply make your camera algorithm & use it.
    i am using both qx10 & z1, m happy with both. m happy what my z1 takes with this kind of algorithm,
    u talk about your petition, uptill you have only around 1100 people to support you bcz every other people are happy with camera but u r not.

  • mukul verma
  • roeshak

    What do you mean don’t upgrade until the bugs are finished. You can choose not to upgrade if they released it until you’re sure it’s as you put it, bug free!

  • roeshak

    That so called academy offers nothing new. Abdul Ghani might be misguided in his attack on the image processing. There is nothing too wrong on that front. The xperia cameras take photos with very image quality. Good contrast, colour reproduction, dynamic range and they capture decent amount of light.
    The problem is the photos don’t hold up well to pixel level examination. Once you start to crop and zoom into objects or subjects, details are very quickly eroded.
    This is in my opinion a deliberate attempt on Sony’s part to limit the cameras output to 8mp.
    It’s why the cameras features are limited to that res. Even at 20.7mp, when zoomed in, even though you can get closer in on a subject, it still looks like a much lower res shot.
    It’s a great 8mp camera but an extremely underwhelming 20.7mp shooter!

  • Abdul Ghani

    i am not misguided i have used and owened xperia arc new ray xperia s p tx i had no issues with those camera i got really fast good pictures in low light conditions but when i bought xperia z since that day to z2 sony software sucked in low light and room light ( indoors) picutres muddy rough painting craps now i own xperia z2 and lumia 1520 and 1520 trumps z2 anyday in details sharpness and less noise while z2 continues the tradition of painting in low light ……………… manual i have qx10 for that but for a phone i want to use for quick shots and get good results like before manual mode holding stiff for to take a perfect shot is a time waste for a mobile camera

  • Abdul Ghani

    have u ever saw the quality both z1 and qx10 side by side in low light because i also own qx10 ittook one picture of qx10 to stop me using z2 camera because the quality is that shit see a good eye doctor ……. plus i have 1100 people without to back up promoting and spamming how many u have

  • Abdul Ghani

    showing sony blogs hmmm i was right all along

  • Certainly QX10 is WAY MUCH BETTER even Nokia Lumia 1020 & any other smpartphones out there can’t beat it.

  • roeshak

    If you don’t want to use manual mode, that’s really your problem. You can wait for Sony to improve its auto mode.
    My problem with the camera is the fact that it’s output is deliberately limited to 8mp through various handicaps. Even at 20.7mp, it’s still limited so you won’t get much fine details cropping above the said 8mp.
    Sony does this is believe so smartphones don’t threaten their camera business which is very successful. 8mp is all they’re comfortable giving users. The hardware is used for marketing only but only as far as detail preservation goes. Other aspects of the image quality aare excellent.

  • name

    This waiting is pissing me off !!! “Update information will be posted on our Product Blog page when available” Hell !!!, why not tell the truth ?

  • charles braswell

    I said I can wait, what you want or choose to do is your opinion and your business

  • Matt

    Can you upload the two photos with exact Sam eliciting and same object? I’m kinda curious :). . .

  • Matt

    One this post you’re speaking about image quality, if I scroll a bit down you’re talking about fine details -_-a.

    Yes z2 should be better than xperia s. Have you test both of them in exactly same condition? Or just the overall look of the photos? I mean let’s just be logical here. Sony want to sell phones why would they deliberately limit xperia camera performance? It doesn’t make sense at all. Yes Sony whants to differentiate this camera business but deliberately worsen their phone business for that? I think not. Nobody would cancel their alpha dslr in favor of some smartphone camera even a Nokia pure view.

    Look mate don’t take this too seriously and spouting baseless assumption. The facts is you’re using Sony smartphone now and it is totally okay to be unsatisfied about a certain aspects of it. It’s has weakness here and there but still much better than that Samsung plastic crap.

  • roeshak

    That’s why I said my old xperia s. I have tested them in exactly the same conditions. There’s more to image quality than just fine details. The z2 owing to its much superior hardware produces better picture as far as colour reproduction, contrast, dynamic range and captures far more light than the S. Looking at both photos at zero crop, the z2s shot is always much superior.
    But when you crop or zoom into objects, the S preserves far more detail than the z2.
    Very strange outcome indeed! Look at the facts, why would they reserve all the cameras features to 8mp including hdr. That’s the resolution their comfortable offering. Anything higher starts to challenge their compact cameras in terms of usage.
    There seems to be a lot of needless compression and very aggressive noise reduction employed even in daylight shots. This is in my opinion intended to limit the output to 8mp.
    Even when you try to reduce the iso to limit the degrading effect of noise and it’s suppression, the software doesn’t allow you to increase exposure to compensate. It only let’s you decrease it. Again you’ll need to drop down to 8mp that can take pictures at lower iso with enough exposure like night scene mode. At every turn, the software limitations keep pushing back down to 8mp.
    The software is just developed to seriously limit the cameras performance at full res in just so many ways it just has to be a deliberate measure.
    That’s my final conclusion. It’s a great 8mp camera. The 20.7mp business is just for marketing purposes.

  • Matt

    It’s 8 mp because of supersampling. It still take 20.7 mp picture but compressing it to 8 mp so that you get better results out of it. So the don’t limit the 20.7 mp shot it’s is limited. In comparison my APS-C dslr only have 18 mp sensor -_-a. 8 mp are plenty enough.

  • roeshak

    I’m talking about the photos at full res. The 8mp photo is as any other 8mp photo you’d get out of any camera. It barely beats the iPhone 6.
    The 20.7mp camera is extremely limited and limiting. Not only that, it’s output is also limited. It’s just not a very sharp shooter. The hardware says it should be but there’s some very dishonest software in play limiting it’s capabilities.
    Sony have a history of this. Not just with the camera. Using software to in some way limit the hardware for some misguided reason.
    Z2s display was initially limited to 460 nits. That limit was removed after 4.4.4 so now it goes up to 520 nits. I know the z2s speakers can bbe louder than they are presently but Sony’s decided to limit their performance with software after 4.4.4.
    The camera problems though I’m no longer prepared to wait for them to come to their senses. In my opinion Samsung has improved enough on the camera front. It may not exceed the xperia in some ways but overall, I’d say the note 4 has a better camera. It doesn’t have this problem with fine details and holds up a lot more to pixel level examination!

  • roeshak

    Xperia z2 crop is first while S is second. The wider angle lens of the z2 also doesn’t help with sharp shooting seeing as it’s taking the photo from a zoomed or perspective.
    The camera just isn’t made for sharp shooting

  • roeshak

    See photos crops above. Replied to myself stupidly instead of you

  • ssm_mmm

    will sony provide the lollipop update for xperia t2 ultra?

  • Cris de Oliveira

    I am almost leaving SONY because of it. Sony needs update midrange too.

  • Cris de Oliveira

    No one knows.

  • James


  • William Wijaya

    Any news on this firmware ?
    through xperiafirm it’s already released
    anyone already got it ?

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