Walkmate and PartyShare apps get the Material Design treatment

by XB on 20th February 2015

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Walkmate_2Sony Mobile has updated the UI of two of its applications. Somewhat surprisingly the Walkmate application has been updated with a fresh Material Design makeover. Given the focus on the Lifelog application, we are surprised that Sony was still looking to push Walkmate, but given this latest update it shows it is still in the company’s plans. New features include Shadow training and support for the SmartBand Talk.

The PartyShare app was also updated with a new UI recently. An additional feature is music shuffle support. Check out some screenshots of the newly re-designed apps below. Surely Android Lollipop can’t be too far away now.

Walkmate (version 10.00.01)


Walkmate_2 Walkmate_3

PartyShare (version 01.01.00)

PartyShare_1_result PartyShare_2_result

PartyShare_3_result PartyShare_4_result

PartyShare icons compared

Slice 1

Thanks Artem, Cezary, difwwh and Samuel!

  • xperia

    Epic fail :)))) FUCK YOU SONY!!!

  • Mikey
  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Partyshare app incompatible with xperia z2 4.4.4 you got a problem there

  • Raj Singh

    I don’t know if it’s an epic fail because almost everything Sony does lately is a fail.
    All of their fails collectively form an epic fail.
    I love the design of their hardware but I’ve come to the realization that they don’t know how to sell their products (or bring them to market or raise consumer awareness).

  • Deniz Do?an

    Look at PartyShare app. That statusbar looks amazing :O Must be Lollipop!
    Also navigation bar buttons are much whiter, looks nice.

  • a.hamameh

    Stop spamming -_-

  • messup

    Partyshare ? I don’t have friends anyway


    I don’t get this “material design”! So Google has a movement to make everything much more plain and dull? The most recent update to my Z3V changed the 3D turn away look when you swipe things to the side on the home screen. This is obviously what we have to look forward to with lollipo, and it is a major step back in style! I just don’t see why a company would think ( hey let’s make things plain as hell, people will love that!)…sorry for the rant. Lol

  • Vincent

    Apk please.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Because it needs your phone to run lollipop I guess lol. Sony’s trolling as hell.hope to receive the update with Z3 side by side.

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Yup I sure hope so too got a feeling lollipops just round the corner

  • Samuel

    Can someone please upload party share?

  • Shalin

    Sony pls stop this fucking ‘Material Design ‘! Its extremely hideous!

  • Walkmate (version 10.00.01)

    PartyShare (version 01.01.00)

  • raju

    Lollipop Update z3

  • Amimanot
  • John

    That’s your opinion. Most people imo like Material design. It’s cleaner, lighter and more interactive. 3D has no place in OSs and apps, they’re not video games or VR worlds, they’re something you interact with on a flat screen!

  • nick

    I think sony ceo got tutions from nokia ceo…so acting same…he devoured nokia..n now xperia ‘s turn

  • Snorky112

    stop with old news omg


    It is on a high definition screen, not a piece of paper! It doesn’t need to look flat! “Most people ” seem to agree with my comment and not yours lol! It is an opinion, but one that I strongly believe will be shared by the majority of consumers. Lollipop is the appropriate name for the update since it looks like it’s for little kids!

  • -Simone-

    We are a problem guys…..
    The screen show a Lollipop Firmware.Look status bar,with new font for Clock and new data connection.
    But Nav bar is Kit Kat style.
    Sorry for English.

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  • Killian Khoo

    old news ~

  • Walkmate (version 10.00.01)

    PartyShare (version 01.01.00)

  • Mike

    Other manufacturers are busy working on new flagships and Sony you did not release the update yet :@


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  • Guest

    Old news

  • Amimanot

    Ask google then, they are the one who urges OEM’s to adopt it

  • asd

    SONY = FAIL only sony had a problem with snapdragon 810!!!!samsung,lg,htc,lenovo,allview allready have 810 on thei smartphones! sony,leave us if you cant show us z4 in march!!!I hope you’ll vanish from mobile market if you release z4 later than march!!!!

  • Simo


  • xperia

    AMEN!!! +

  • Libyan Guy

    Old icon and design style is much better of course , hate that flat marital cartoonish design !

  • Sonic

    I really wish they had an app that can show stats when you jerk off… you know heart beats, and so forth. I’m dead serious.

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