DevilCase Xperia Z3 Aluminium Bumper review

by XB on 23rd February 2015

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DevilCase Xperia Z3_5We have previously reviewed the DevilCase aluminium bumpers for the Xperia Z1 Compact and Xperia Z2 and now we have got hands on with the Xperia Z3 bumper. For those that don’t know, DevilCase is a Taiwanese-based company that produces premium aluminium smartphone bumpers in a variety of striking colours.

The Xperia Z3 DevilCase bumper is currently being sold on its own website and for $56.99 in four colours (Black, Red, Gold and Silver). Yes, the bumper is not cheap, but it offers great craftsmanship and protection for those not wanting to mask the beautiful Xperia Z3 design in a case. We have the red bumper on test today – click through to read our impressions below.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Aluminium Bumper review

The packaging for the Xperia Z3 DevilCase aluminium bumper includes an installation guide on the rear. The process is a simple one: 1) unlock the aluminium case with the two screws holding it together (an Allen key is provided) 2) slide in the Xperia Z3 and 3) lock the case using the Allen key. Couldn’t be simpler.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Aluminium Bumper review

DevilCase includes a number of spare screws inside the packaging. We counted three extra screws over and above the two needed to lock the bumper together. As mentioned before, DevilCase also includes the correctly sized Allen (hex) key.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Aluminium Bumper review

DevilCase sent over a Red Xperia Z3 bumper to review. It is made from a high quality aluminium alloy and is anodised to give an almost matte feel. You can tell that this is a precise bit of engineering and we didn’t notice any chips in the bumper.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Aluminium Bumper review

The bumper consists of two metal parts that are locked together using two screws.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Aluminium Bumper review

The inside of the bumper is lined with small rubber pieces that protect your phone scratching against the metal bumper. It also aides in shock absorption should your phone have a small knock.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Aluminium Bumper review

The included Allen key (hex wrench) is used to open/lock the bumper. The screws were also of a good quality and didn’t strip even when locking the case tightly.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Aluminium Bumper review

The DevilCase is not cheap and you should expect a perfect fit. Thankfully, that is the case. Once the bumper is installed, there is no wobble and it almost feels like it is part of the phone itself. We found that with the bumper installed it gives a better grip with the handset overall. It also looks great too, whilst giving peace of mind on the protection side.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Aluminium Bumper review

The USB port and magnetic charging pins are left open. We had no problem charging the handset using a special magnetic charging cable. A supporting plate is included to make the bumper work with the official magnetic charging dock too.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Aluminium Bumper review

Normally, we don’t like it when case manufacturers use their own power/volume button layer. It can be hit and miss whether these buttons can be pressed as easily (the Case-Mate Tough cases are especially guilty for this: for example the Xperia Z2 case works well, but the Xperia Z1 case is a pain). However, we noticed no issues with either the travel or response of any of the buttons (power/volume/camera) using the DevilCase bumper.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Aluminium Bumper review

The top of the bumper has ample room for your headphone socket.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Aluminium Bumper review

We’re not sure why DevilCase has included two holes on the bottom of the bumper. There is no lanyard here (the lanyard is not supported on this bumper), so not sure they have specifically drilled these holes. We were obviously mistaken here as pointed out in the comments section. Given the design of the case and it being locked into place, these two holes can be used to feed through a lanyard. We were previously assuming the holes should be lined up where the Xperia Z3 had its lanyard holes.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Aluminium Bumper review

The bumper gives enough of a ‘lip’ around it so you don’t have to worry about scratching the glass on the top and bottom of the Xperia Z3 when laid flat on a surface.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Aluminium Bumper review

Overall thoughts

If you are the type of person that really doesn’t like the idea of a case covering the beauty of a handset, but also want some protection then you should consider a bumper. DevilCase aren’t the only brand out there producing aluminium bumpers for Sony Xperia devices, but they are one of the best we’ve come across. Their products have been consistently great on the various bumpers we’ve tested.

If you’re worried about how the metal band around your phone will affect your cell and Wi-Fi strength, we can tell you that we noticed no tangible difference on our handset. The bumper is currently being sold through for $56.99 which is not cheap, but offers good protection whilst adding some elegance to your Xperia Z3. That’s not something we say often about smartphone cases.

– High precision aluminium bumper with a perfect fit
– Bumper looks fantastic, complementing the elegance of the Xperia Z3
– Access to all major ports and buttons (only the microSD and SIM slots are blocked)
– Provides protection without sacrificing the Xperia Z3 design
– Includes spare bumper screws, just in case
– Very easy to install
– No noticeable signal degradation by using the bumper

– Not cheap, so won’t appeal to all
– No lanyard support As corrected above, we were mistaken about this and have amended the article.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Aluminium Bumper review

Many thanks to DevilCase for sending the bumper for review!

  • Ritwij

    Let the Lollipop whining begin

  • But is buggy really. We must wait, I’ve it on 2 devices and I don’t want it on my XZ because I’m fight hard to keep 1 day of battery with this device, I can’t imagine with a Lollipop buggy

  • P9

    off tipic.
    L _ LL _ ..
    nahh, I mean I LOVE Sony, LOL xD
    just wanna see Sony’s mobile part be with us forever.. never wanna think bout that..

    hope XB could just do anything to Sony to see our thought since those posts bout mobile story…

  • User2080

    i can’t see the point of using that case. only makes the device thick.

  • Kelly

    Two holes on the bottom might be just for adding strings, when you put those around your wrist (or hang on your neck) in case of the possibility of dropping your phone.

  • taiwanese

    The two hole on the bottom is for lanyard
    because of the screw’s position , the original hole was covered by the case
    So devilcase design holes on the other side
    Just hang your lanyard on before install the case

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    This bumper suit well with white variant. Cause my white z3 frame coating already starting to wear off.

  • Sweggity Dude
  • Sweggity Dude
  • Hallman

    Who’s that creep that keep using a lanyard these days ?

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    There are 4 days left before u can start whining

  • Nathan

    …. That’s what a lanyard is

  • Niels d. G.

    Yeah, who’s that very thoughtful person ?!

  • Niels d. G.

    “They are collectively called Project Volta. The first component is JobScheduler – it organizes background tasks from multiple apps and runs them in one go. This means, for example, that tasks that require an Internet connection will go together, instead of waking up the data modem multiple times.”

    Our Xperias already so this, it’s a part of stamina mode.

  • Sweggity Dude

    Samsung got battery saver mode, same thing.

  • Raj

    Thick and ugly. :(

  • lunkz

    Great, no one for the Z1, only Compact -.-

  • Ritwij

    Lollipop is not fucking up battery life for any device, as far as I know. Also, on my HTC One (M8) there are hardly any bugs in Lollipop. I haven’t found any yet.

  • meir cohen

    Ugly case.
    the ringke fusion clear case is the best.

  • Niels d. G.

    Not really.

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    Asian girls like to use

  • kyle

    You lanyard people are killing me. This is not a useful feature

  • Kai Boogie

    thanks for the review.. getting mine in the mail tomorrow.. really hate using cases…

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    nice! can’t use a phone without a phone strap any more, so many times have my phone slipped out my hand only to be saved by that wonderful life line.

  • Onizuka GTO

    me. with the Asian bitches, yeeaaah. :p

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks for confirming – we have updated the article! :-)

  • Js

    been using the case for almost 1 year and now im back to criticize on how bad the case was.
    at first the casing was nice unlike others bulky and with the sticker is just perfect! however, after using it for few month without opening it i found out my phone corner scratch as the pic shown

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