Lifelog update adds widget support

by XB on 25th February 2015

in Applications

Lifelog widget_3The Lifelog application has been updated to include widget support. You are given a number of choices on which key metrics you want displayed (Calories, Steps, Walking, Running, Sleeping etc). The widget cannot be expanded beyond four icons, so choose your options carefully. Hopefully, Sony will allow the widget to be expanded in future iterations.

Other changes include achieved goals that are “now celebrated in a special way” and stability improvements. We hope the latter fixes the battery drain issue that some were plagued with. The update, that moves the build number from 2.4.A.0.16 version 2.5.A.0.10, is now live in the Play Store.

Lifelog widget_1 Lifelog widget_2

Thanks Gavin!

  • Raj Singh

    This is good information at a glance…

  • Shehab Skull

    And another update for motiongraph app .
    Changlog :
    -Material icon :D
    And another update for sketch beta app
    Changlog :
    -Material icon :D

  • goldenblls

    Love this app!

  • Lifelog 2.5.A.0.10

  • Samuel

    You need root and the xposed framework along with serajr’s xperia xposed to resize any widget…so you can have as many icons as you wish.

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    I wish they added support for tracking your sleep with the smartwatch 3 like add a ‘turn on sleep mode’ function or something

  • thoughts

    and when will lifelog app start to use the xperia phone built in gyroscope sensor to count steps and moves so we can use lifelog without smart this watch, and smart that talk, and smart such band, or smart so strap???

  • Timel

    No one want this useless app, Sony is trash and ridiculous.

    People want useful things like S Note, S Planer.

  • Timel


    This shit shows how suck Sony is, ugly cheap-looking, so pity!!! LoL

  • Vuyo Ncube

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  • doraemonboi

    Do you need some S Voice to talk to?

  • raju

    Which theme above da screen shot

  • raju

    Dis app support for z1 compact, I mean working r not?

  • Shehab Skull

    Go and kill yourself

  • Khasnoerin Jamhoori

    Bro Shehab Skull can share the sketch beta apk?

  • Frost

    New update is more energy hungry, will somebody fix it??? Sony???

  • Harboe

    It already does this at least on my Z3 Compact.

  • Xperia Gaga

    it already does that ._.
    the only thing the phone can’t do is to track your sleep

  • thoughts

    Ok i didnt see it on my z1, ofcourse itbcan not detect my sleep but it can provide a setting to tell the app the time i slept.

  • Timel

    Just like your mother and you.

  • Rikimaru

    It’s pretty nice thanks.

  • Alessandro Romano

    How about battery drain?

  • Shehab Skull

    It is palatial theme .. Google it :3

  • Kaizer Allen

    I cannot install this update. It fails every time.

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