Xperia Lounge app gets its Material Design update (3.0.0)

by XB on 25th February 2015

in Applications

Xperia Lounge 3.0.0_2Sony has just pushed out an update to the Xperia Lounge application that moves the build version from 2.9.10 to 3.0.0. One of the biggest changes is the design, with the app getting its version of the Material Design-inspired update. Other new features we noticed is Beacon support (letting you know what is happening locally to you and expanded questionnaires. Sony says that it will introduce new Lounge tiers that “give exclusive Sony content to Gold and Silver users”. However, we found no reference of these tiers in the app, hopefully it will become clear soon enough.

Xperia Lounge 3.0.0_1 Xperia Lounge 3.0.0_2

Xperia Lounge 3.0.0_3 Xperia Lounge 3.0.0_4

Xperia Lounge 3.0.0_4a Xperia Lounge 3.0.0_4b

Xperia Lounge 3.0.0_5a Xperia Lounge 3.0.0_6a

Xperia Lounge app icons compared

Xperia Lounge 3.0.0_7

Thanks Dakota, François and Lukáš!

  • timel2

    I really love Sony corp™ …best phone Available in the market are from SONY

  • ? ? android ? ?

    make . believe

  • ???? ??????

    This is NEW SMARTBAND on third screen?

  • Khaled
  • David Hvatov

    Sony disappoints more and more.

  • roeshak

    Always never forget to add ” in my opinion ” whenever you make statements like that.

  • ????


  • roeshak

    Still a few days to go in Feb but I don’t think lollipop will roll out before mwc. I thought Sony was turning over a new leaf and stopping their habit of delaying updates for the launch of new devices but it was wishful thinking lol! Leopards don’t change their spots that easily.

  • Timei_The_Shit

    Where is that shit guy

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  • name

    Piece by piece. Final target; update the kernel , planned (Oh sorry, starting from) Feb 2020.

  • so where

    Lovely. An app that has no purpose.

  • xperia

    Fuck you sony!

  • David Hvatov


  • timel2

    Sony is the best…
    F y Samsung damdung

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    I have that picture saved aswell such a good photo hopefully well see and xperia z4 and z5 in that picture this time next year

  • damian01211

    Sony should focus on getting 5.0 as promised to Z3 and Z2 in February, not on apps like this which I guess most of us doesn’t even use!

    Come on Sony, 3 days left till 1 of the March, don’t disappoint us!

  • Amimanot

    Shhhh… Don’t summon him

  • name

    No Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Products matching d6603 | Search Products
    1 Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Product matching d6653 | See All

    Where is the hint ?

  • ivan kalchen

    Just think for a sec how this will inpact(in a way) the idea of smartphones and their much desired and much wanted idea for better use and all of those bs at least for me. I would agree that the good is desired but lets all admit it no one wants to be like them and to do things like them.. even the workers at and SJOP said it is possible.

  • CopperStew

    I hope that they’ll not release more than one flagship this year :/

  • Relative

    So whats your opinion?

  • ? ? android ? ?

    shut your mouth

  • Sebastian Solaeche

    Here we see that sony can deal so well with the material design. Can’t wait to see the software upgrade

  • roeshak

    Well right now it ain’t a Sony device. Most certainly not the z3 lol

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Me to if sony stop the mobile lineup my life will be over it was one thing stopping vaios but stopping xperias, please sony dont let it happen the reason it does is Cus companies like Samsung use better tech in their devices and price them cheaper like the s5 and z2 the s5 has a snapdragon 805 the z2 has a snapdragon 801 and the z3 also has a snapdragon 801 I think that the z3 shouldnt have existed yet think about the spec difference between the z2 and 3 theres like 2 differences iso sensitivity and processor clock speed by 200mhz SONY! dont waste money like that

  • xperiafan324

    Kinda goes without saying in a section called “comments” , donchyathink?

  • CopperStew

    I had to choose between the Z2 and Z3 the Z3 was more expensive than the Z2. they have the same spec so I took the Z2.
    Also instead of releasing an new flagship the could simply release a Z2 compact or Z2 tablet 8″ would have been way better than a new flagship :/

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Yeah you had the same problem as me I was gunna get the z3 because it was £250 near brand new but it got sold and someone was selling the z2 brand new for £220 so I got that as an upgrade from my Xperia z which I passed on

  • CopperStew

    I sold my Z to get the Z2 :p

  • a.hamameh

    Hey what about Sketch
    I have sent to you some screenschots of tge new sketch update and you didn’t say anything about it

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    What are the chances that we we both had the z and changed it for the z2 lol

  • Mozumal Saleem

    I sold my xperia z to get the Z3… Was a good choice

  • Xperia™ LOUNGE 3.0.0

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    My z had a faulty earpiece it cut off now and then pushing on the top would solve it but I love my z2 goes great with the z2 tablet the z was still a good phone ad is I love the fact its getting lollipop 5.0 not to mention the fact it came with jellybean 4.1.2 the z has come a long way It has to be the most updated sony phone

  • CopperStew

    If you did have the S before getting the Z that must be faith loool

  • mustafa

    I’d hardly call that material design

  • mustafa

    The s5 has a snapdragon 801…

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Nah before the z I had xperia play and an xperia x8

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    So it does forget what I said lol even though samesung have a few more features like eye scroll and crap like that I will stick with sony always we have pencil ? input which I find much cooler than eye scroll and hand gestures which we can do with certain apps

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    I also changed from the Xperia Play to Xperia Z. ;)

  • thoughts

    you call for murder? how low can you go? you can not handle others opinions? they need the head chopped off? maybe travel to iraq????

  • Damon Adrian

    If sony stops making electronics, and Porsche stops making cars, my life will be over

  • jxPerience

    O m G we have it all except the original Z

    Z1,Z2,Z3 but next time Sony for Z4 remove the flaps and put the micro usb at the bottom, it’s easy to hold the phone while charging compare to left side.

  • jxPerience

    same here, i stop buying laptops because i cannot find sony vaio at all :(

  • Sweggity

    Where is LOLLIPOP?

  • Bunny

    An app for SONY fans to get updates on the products. This app also provides contest for the fans. :)

    Too bad I never won :(

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Opinions? There is a difference between opinion and stupidity. And If i can see you earlier comments as well, i ll put u along with that Tinhead

  • undercoverduck

    Ok but who the hell thought it was a good idea to not place the Xperia Lounge logo on mid-height of the action bar

  • undercoverduck

    You still should be able to uninstall it

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Did you have a look on 2nd hand sites like ebay ive seen load on there only problem is that there still expensive

  • a.hamameh

    @XperiaBlog:disqus I have sent it to your Facebook page

  • CopperStew

    I had the X10 and J before the S

  • Lee Jia Hui

    Yesterday, when I pressed the “My Account” button, I had Gold account. But since I sign out today and resign in, it’s all gone. Just like the normal Xperia Lounge. What’s wrong with this?? ._.

  • Lee Jia Hui

    Yesterday, when I pressed the “My Account” button, I had Gold account. But since I sign out today and resign in, it’s all gone. Just like the normal Xperia Lounge. What’s wrong with this?? ._.

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