A glimpse of the new Album app icon with Material Design

by XB on 26th February 2015

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Album icon_3Sony has been updating all of its media applications to bring its take on Material Design. We have already seen the Walkman and Movies updated, but one of the biggest – the Album app – has not been updated so far. Whilst the waiting continues, we have caught a glimpse of how the new icon will look. The picture below shows the new Album app running on the Xperia E4 – hopefully we’ll see it launch very soon.

Album icon

Via Doc Mobile Facebook.

  • Kiwison

    I wonder why the apps are adapted to material design but it’s still kit kat

  • Stephen Lane

    I think at this point we would all just like Sony to release a statement updating us on the release schedule for Lollipop as it is becoming clear they are going to miss the February release they talked about for the Z2/Z3

  • yongt

    The remote play app has been updated, check the play store, it runs on lollipop too now!!

  • Tsakane

    That dailer is still facing the wrong direction dammit Sony! I hope that isn’t the material design one

  • huo

    i hope they make the icons smaller again in lollipop update

  • roeshak

    They’ve just done what they always do. Delay updates for the launch of new devices. It’ll start rolling out maybe a week or so after mwc. Simple truth is, they probably haven’t come up with too many new software features so they have to rely on lollipop to give their new devices that fresh new look and feel.
    Who knows, the 6 month madness might have been a direct consequence of their weakness on software development. They always never have much to show at the start of the year so heavily rely on the base android update for freshness.
    Htc, Samsung and LG have updated to lollipop because those manufacturers don’t have to rely on lollipop for their new devices. Htc has sense 7 ready and waiting to go, Samsung has its new updated touchwiz itching to be displayed and by the time the g4 makes an appearance LGs gui would also be updated.
    Sony historically have only been ready with new software in the second half of the year. Q3 mostly.
    Fanboys talk all their nonsense about releasing stable builds but that’s just all excuses, the truth is Sony’s more reliant on the core android updates than most. They’re weak weak weak on software development and that’s the very simple inescapable truth!

  • Tsakane

    It’s quite pathetic, considering the UI is so close to stock android. Even Samsung were faster. Samsung. With TouchWiz. Pathetic.

  • xperiaDROID

    Feel possible reasons of why Sony is delaying the Lollipop update:
    1. There will be a major redesign in their Xperia UI, which they still haven’t finish yet.
    2. Too many bugs in Android 5.0, so they were waiting for 5.0.2.
    3. They were planning to release it on February, but then decided to unveil it on MWC with their phones and tablet.

  • Timel

    Ugly as shit!

    Xperia UI used to be the best but now it’s clear that Sony is backward, Sony is getting worse and worse everyday.

  • Peter

    So we are in a point where a slight change of an icon is “news” ? Oh dear lord…

  • xperia15

    I think that thenew icons with material design are ugly. I prefer the old ones and the old UI. Shame on you Sony, you could do it better

  • M.S.Y

    I think they are planning to unviel it at MWC on XPERIA TABLET Z4 and E4…..:)

  • M.Antoinette
  • Snorky112

    I like big icons

  • Snorky112

    why is it facing wrong direction ?

  • Stephen Lane

    I agree with what you all say, but I think everyone would like more transparency from Sony and their update schedule(s)

  • nick

    Well one of the laziest oem in pushing updates…the reason i switched to sony was… Near stock ui but with better optimization.. But again and again sony shows their side of face…btw what the hell do they keep themselves busy in..whilw not updating their flagship flagship?
    Shows the teaser of an accessory and either cancel it it never send it out of japan..eg: z2 wireless kit
    Z3 wireless cover, scr24 smart so called cover.
    And they say they are in loss…do some.f***** work to please customers first…or stay in japan..itself..holding a z3 i feel like investing in wrong item..although i was consistent z series user…no offence to other users

  • mrninko

    why do i have to experience it all over again. first SP with kitkat update, now Z3 with lollipop. lol im starting to think i´m curse :D

  • omar


  • kiran p

    What about xperia c

  • slkc

    After-sale service is not Sony’s strength, but lip service is, especially when it comes to andriod updates… I think more staff should be allocated to system updates, not these apps…
    While I am not eager getting 5.0 (as I heard there are many bugs and Google keeps releasing fixes), but Sony should at least tell the public why we are not given 5.0 on time…

  • slkc
  • roeshak

    It was a delaying tactic. By saying Feb and then releasing early March they don’t expect much by way of a backlash from users. If they begin roll out to the z3 series late next week then technically they’re only a week behind schedule which isn’t too bad they’d think.
    I had some hope, perhaps foolishly, that an improvement was on the cards with the new CEO coming in but it seems like business as usual.
    I’m just waiting to see the z4 tablet. My very strong belief is that it’s powered by the 805cpu. If that indeed turns out to be the case, then Sony was planning to continue with the 6 month cycle again this year. Rumour has it that they showed the z4 in secrete to the American network partners at ces which was probably a precautionary measure on Sony’s part after Verizon’s rejection of their z3 flagship last year in favour of using components from its older sibling the z2. My strong suspicion is that they got a very cold response and so decided to pull the z4 to release it later in the year when they had something more competitive.
    You see when you look at Sony as a business in the round, the two divisions struggling badly are the television and smartphone businesses. Why? Because these parts of Sony are the only sections operating in highly competitive markets and in many ways it can be argued that they’re not really interested in competing. Just doing their own thing and hoping rather arrogantly that the Sony name and associated brands would carry them over the finish line.
    I suppose Sony CEO Kaz’s decision to go public with threats of shutting them down or selling them off is his attempt to shape them up. They know now that they’re fighting for their very survival so hopefully real change is on the cards. The only worry there is these guys that run Sony mobile seem extremely arrogant and very set in their ways. They may not respond to his threats but rather choose to go down with the ship. They wouldn’t be the first, it happened to Ericsson and then Nokia don’t forget!

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    Sony did make so many strange decisions, not focusing on what matters, keep wandering around similar gimmick things (especially in their recent software development: they sponsor the developers around the world very well, they even got award for the most developer-friendly OEM, yet, their software always seem to lack a thing or two). They also seem to be so confident base on their success in the past (their facebook page keep showing images reminding viewers of it). It feel like they don’t seem to recognize their company’s reputation and image is not as good as before and do their best to regain it. In the end, they cry for loss and DISAPPOINT their customers so often.

    They also did get things right, occasionally, but it feels not sufficient.

    What really bother me is that they never seem to listen to and make what their customers want happen. I agree that what they should really focus now is to please their customers.

  • Alisson Santos

    Modification of palicativo Walkman

  • Abbas

    one icon stay its sony select

  • Alisson Santos


  • nick

    Well thats the point..other oems listen to what their customers hav in their minds.
    But our voice doesn’t reach upto japan i suppose…and whats the use of forums if u don’t want to listen about customers satisfaction and their future needs..no wonder sony won’t exist in mobile world after few years..

  • Sadman Khan

    Where did you get this?

  • Joe

    Suck my ass.

  • nick

    Sony ppl lift phone using left hand..that y it faces that side…but i dnt think it makes any difference

  • WilliamTell13

    It shows the new PlayStation icon too.

  • nick

    N well we wil see that update 2 weeks later…like it happened in case of movies..app..and later sony will have a reason to blame… That it took quite a time to update their so called media apps…so they might delay firmware update(i don’t want to name firmware bcz their are alot of ppl who would start again telling that here comes whining about blah blah blah….)
    Those ppl should better understand customers paid alot of money to buy the product from Sony and they deserve the updated os or atleast know reason of delay…if u hate the update don’t install in your phone..that’s simple

  • Dreamy

    The Playstation app icon looks different too, that’s been changed to material design as well, it’s darker and flat in that picture.

  • Ritwij

    I loooooooooove big icons. My Xperia Z feels cheap in front of my Z2 because of it :’D

  • xperia

    Sony… FUCK YOU!

  • gus

    “Other OEMs listen to what their customers have in their minds” Sorry, but this is complete nonsense.

  • SUL

    Oh come on only excuses. You dont remember other updates? Always late before others and always buggy!!!

  • Cris de Oliveira

    great. It’s so fake i’m gonna die.

  • LOL

    What a troll

  • Jatin Rungta

    To all those whinning please stop! Sony is the only oem that updates its ui and has new features every major android update
    4.0 -> 4.1 (Look update)
    4.1 -> 4.3 Xperia Themes!
    also dialers messaging apps and settings and many more!

  • jonny

    looks good :)

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    I also agree tha sony is weak when it comes to software I mean if you compare tge smoothness of the xbox 360 to the ps3 the xbox seemed to be better in terms of software but I still stuck with my ps3 as I just prefer it same thing with comparing our xperias to other companies likes Samsung HTC LG.

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    You missed 1
    4.4 -> 5.0 (NEW UI) hopefully lol

  • Alisson Santos

    A gallery did not Modification Application Sony Walkman . Sony was not material to DO IT Design Lollipop . Still in the beta version .

  • Alisson Santos

    A gallery did not Modification Application Sony Walkman . Sony was not material to DO IT Design Lollipop . Still in the beta version. OK

  • Sadman Khan

    Can i have a link?

  • roeshak

    They’re a hardware company but with the smartphones Google does the software for them. All they do is skin it and create a few apps. The reason for the delays is more philosophical than anything else. They’re always making very wrong calculations. The simple truth is they seem to resent doing business the way their rivals do. A bit like how Nokia totally resented android and chose to go down than adopt the platform.
    Sony mobile i think want to succeed in the mobile space but in their own way and that way only.

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Hmm well yeah I like sonys timescape ui alot hence why ive only ever had a sony phone and I wouldnt wanna change it

  • Alisson Santos


  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Where is the link????

  • Jaissal S

    If 5.0 is quite buggy, I hope that they take more time until 5.0.2 or which ever is the update that fixes the bugs. Otherwise users will update to 5.0 and start complaining. I’m happy with 4.4.4 at the moment on my Z1. I just hope that the lock screen wallpaper bug gets fixed, because I can’t change it.

  • Snorky112

    stupid people should just be happy with what they have.. and that’s it

  • Shakib Haris

    Looks Good to Me

  • aaa

    last sony. ever.

  • nope

    i dont think so…

  • xperia

    What a goat fucker! Suck my lollipop!

  • -Simone-

    Link please…

  • Lucas

    Meu Deus, aprende a escrever em inglês antes de bostar assim

  • Omarion07

    There’s no frickin way that Sony is going to release the Z4 tablet with SD805. They said an ultra fast processor in the leak and it’s got to be the SD810. As for Sony shutting down their mobile division, it’s definitely not going to happen in 2015. If the mobile division kept loosing money I think they’ll seriously think about finding partners for their mobile division.

  • lolipop

    you don’t speak english aren’t you?

  • nick

    Then maybe u dnt hear about Sammy removimg bloatwares from..there touchwiz…to make it more efficient… And faster

  • nick

    Well if u spend a lot of money in a phone and oem doesn’t bother about updates…how would that be…thats what userd feel..if u dont support them..u must really be a millionare or one of them(oem)

  • roeshak

    Ultra fast processor? The 800, 801, and 805 are all ultra fast processors lol

  • Omarion07

    Sony are definitely referring to the top of the range processor which the SD810. You’ll see that for yourself next tuesday. BTW Sd800 and 801 are definitely not ultra fast anymore.

  • yup

    I do.

  • bilomar

    I have good news, lollipop is coming this year. Sony told me.

  • All cry. But i prefer a FINAL Lollipop then a beta-alpha-fast-release with bug fixing over months….

  • roeshak

    Well I have an 801 device in my hands and it seems ultra fast to me lol

  • Valentin

    FAKE ! This is a mix between the Track ID app (beta) and the Walkman app

  • xConjo

    And another one:
    4- Android 5.0 uses ART by default. ART was disabled on Xperia 4.4 ROMs, probably because the apps weren’t compatible with ART. So they’re updating them to support ART (probably)

  • mUSICA

    sony said FUCK U too

  • SUL

    If they made it compatible with ART in the FIRST place!
    NOT playing it cheap and disabling it.

  • xConjo

    please explain you comment?
    If they enabled ART on 4.4 they would have to update the apps to work with ARK anyways, you would have received 4.4 later.

  • Mike
  • Why is my Z still on the update 4.4.2

  • Dreamy

    It’s definitely darker, the current one is lighter at the top and bottom, 3D like, whereas the one in the article doesn’t have as many different tones and shades to it. Plus it’s bigger in the article, matching the other material design icons.

  • ? ? android ? ?

    i hope change camera icon

  • Raymond

    Depends on your carrier.

  • Carlos W. H. Sun

    i thought the icons was too big when i got the z3, but ive got used to it now

  • Carlos W. H. Sun

    the icon looks a bit bigger than the others

  • Edrei Ramírez

    OMG Nicki Minaj <3

  • Amirul Syafiq


  • Azar Asgarov

    you like it big ;)

  • Azar Asgarov

    great news! it will be availbe to everyone by feb 29th! (yes, i know the calendar very well)

  • Ritwij

    Damn right I do

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