Album app (version 7.0) will allow you to move photos to other folders

by XB on 26th February 2015

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folder-icon-512x512If you’ve ever wished there was an easy way to keep your picture collection organised through the Album application, then Sony has you covered. In the next major update of the Album app (version 7.0), you will now be able to move photos to other folders. We look forward to seeing what other features that Sony will bring in the next Album update.

Album app (version 7.0): How to move photos to other folders

In the next release of the Album application (7.0), it will also be possible to move photos to other folders. When the update is released you will be able to move photos in the following way:
– From your Home screen, tap the Application screen icon.
– Find and tap Album.
– Drag the left edge of the Album home screen to the right, then tap Folders.
– Enter a folder and select pictures, then tap the menu button (three vertical dots).
– Tap Move to… and choose your destination or create a new destination.

Via Sony Mobile Talk Forums.

Thanks mithun!

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  • lil hoe

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  • Abdul Ghani

    looks like sony will update apps and say we have provided lollipop

  • ShinOrochiX

    I don’t get it… :-/

  • Jaouad

    Remote play just received an update so that it would work with Android 5. A release will come soon (it’s just a matter of days/weeks)

  • Piero Garavito Martell

    fuck you sony !!!!! where is lollipop for Z3 and Z2 !!!!! ????

  • the_black_dragon

    OMG waiting for this since ages :O

  • Niels d. G.

    They will roll it out when it’s ready. You know, like, saving you from buggy unpolished releases that would make you pull out your hair from frustration.

  • Kiwison

    Just 2 days remaining in February, I demand a formal apology from Sony Mobile Co. because of the failure to provide Lollipop update on time as they have promised on their official Twitter account

  • Guest

    Oh at last, I can’t believe they didn’t have this feature! I’m definitely going to be using the folders.

  • Snorky112

    they just want to unveil it at MWS on march 2nd, 2 days wont kill you

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    So? 2 days won’t kill him but defently will have impact on Sony’s customer to not believe for anything Sony says in future.

    It wouldn’t be a complains if Sony said that they going release the update on MWC… BUT THEY SAID THAT THEY’RE GONNA RELEASE IT IN FEBRUARY!!

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    That’s some good news. It should be able to create, delete, copy folder or stuff inside right from within Album apps then. I really hope there are more features to it like the ability to organized image differently in the Album homescreen aside from organize according to date, and some kinds of feature for searching specific images, etc – the more the merrier.

  • naru

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  • naru

    I ? my Xperia – SONY@MWC

  • Amirul Syafiq

    Calm down. There is three days left before February ends.

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  • Ritwij

    Sorry bro, it’s not a leap year. Today is 27th.

  • Timel

    Small bezel!!!

    It looks like Sony is on the right track now!!!

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  • Christian

    good one!

  • Aditya Singh

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  • crackinthewall

    Finally! It’s such a basic feature that I was disappointed when I found out the stock Album app doesn’t support it.

  • Timel

    So pity that Sony Xperia smartphones and tablets are unsaleable. People don’t know and don’t care about Sony Xperia, Apple iPhone and Samsung GALAXY both are much more popular and cooler that Sony Shitperia hahahahaha

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  • Amirul Syafiq

    Oops. Totally forgot about that.

  • Timel

    So pity that Sony Xperia smartphones and tablets are unsaleable. People don’t know and don’t care about Sony Xperia, Apple iPhone and Samsung GALAXY both are much more popular and cooler than Sony Shitperia hahahahaha

    Sony is going bankrupt, Don’t you know that fanboy?

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    What about camera app?

  • damian01211

    Bro, do you know that February this year have only 28 days? Only one day left but I’d say they’re not going to release it on Saturday.

  • Timel

    Honestly, sometime I feel sad, sometime I feel happy but I’m neither a sad person nor a troll,

    I actually just a normal boy but accept, I’m pretty naughty sometime.

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  • Snorky112

    so sony customers are dumb and should buy an iphone or Samsung shit like other stupid sheeps… Sony was always first to add featurs in Android no matter which update, (panorama on 3.4 (on 4.0 stock), multi user, small apps, etc.) the update is just a Number, I mean 5.0 adds what? new design (OK not everyone likes stock design), Better battery (sony already has stamina mode, and also best battery performance, and 64bits (which is pointless now that there’s not a single app optimized for 64bits)

    I’m just saying that because i’m tired of watching whining shit posts by all these stupid guys that dont know shit and just want a 5.0 update because other have… samsung updated to 5.0 and only changed the color of the menu from green to blue, LG didnt even change anything, and all 5.0.X are buggy as hell. who fucking cares about shitty OEM, sony is taking time to do things right, and lets you choose / create theme if you don’t like their UI, so stop complaining, You wont see any difference using your phone now or in 2 weeks when you’ll get lollipop because your phone is great as it is.

  • Reon

    That feels like Symbian way of moving pics. Make it easy Sony.

  • F

    What didn’t they add that feature when they released kitkat for Xperia ? It’s been so inconvenient that I couldn’t edit files from viewer apps like Quickpic or album app

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  • Nomi

    wow! 1st blog/guide i’ve found that tells me how to move pictures and create folders. Bloody finally able to organise my stuff.

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