Sony teases the Xperia Z4 Tablet; confirms MWC reveal

by XB on 26th February 2015

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Xperia Z4 TabletSony has effectively confirmed the existence of the Xperia Z4 Tablet on its social media channels with the caption: “Slimmer. Lighter. Brighter. All will be revealed on 02.03.15.”

The date and hashtag of #SonyMWC effectively confirms the new tablet will be formally unveiled in just a few days at MWC 2015. Judging by the picture, it looks like an incredibly slim tablet and matches the previous picture we saw earlier in the week. We’ll bring you the official spec rundown on the tablet on Monday.

Xperia Z4 Tablet

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Hey, just noticed a little mistake on the article. You guys wrote “Slimmer, Lighter, Brighter” twice :P

  • XperiaBlog

    Lol, that’s what happens when you rush! :p Thanks for the spot.

  • Khaled

    If there is a copper or gold color I’m grabbing one for sure!

  • Mia
  • Tjaldid

    Z4 tablet compact?

    The other picture made it look like it was the compact model due to the location of the volume rocker

  • Jerry Berglund

    Hmm. Maybe the software update to Lollipop isnt late, but more or less a descision of Sony not to release it yet, thanks to this new stuff that they shall release on the 15th of March? Because now its only 1 day left, and no Lollipop for Z3/Z3 compact. So maybe they wanna release it n the same time as the new phones and tablet. And maybe they are doing something more close to Apple. They release the update too all phones at the same time, Just like Apple do for apple phones? They might have a new way to do things?

    So well the update is late, or it will come tomorrow. :-)

  • Omarion07

    If it had a set of wings I’m grabbing one for sure!

  • Cooper


  • Omarion07

    Nah.. its a 10 inch model

  • Tjaldid

    Less than a week til the announcement no need to be impatient

  • Khaled


  • Tjaldid

    I just hope the “brighter” means that they are going to use WhiteMagic
    Also it looks like they took the bezel comments seriously

  • Khaled

    I’m not impatient, just excited ;-)

  • Omarion07

    Yeah man!

  • Khaled

    What are going to do with a set of wings on a tablet? you better of attaching it to a boomerang

  • Tjaldid
  • paul_cus

    Really looking forward to the reveal.

  • wared

    I hope they use OLED,
    OLED is the best and the future of displays.

  • shhh

    2nd of March, 2015.

  • rubinaish

    Just no. OLED is anything but realistic.

  • Jerry Berglund

    And you know that how?

  • bilomar

    This site says Sony told them lollipop is expected to release mid march:

  • Snorky112

    they should do this because they also have the shared kernel between Z phones, means that it’s easier tu pull out kernel changes, then they only have to update the build and maybe just add more features to the newer phones, rest is question of drivers for each phone

  • shhh

    Uhm, 02.03.15?

  • Jerry Berglund

    Yes, and like Google Sony now allready update many of their apps for Lollipop, wich means they dont have to update everything, just OS, so that would and should make it easier.

  • roeshak

    Seems like a follow up device to the z3 series probably with an upgraded processor.

  • XperiaJunkie85

    Just hurry up and take my money.

  • Prateek Bhanushali
  • qwdeasd

    pfff that is what they call begining of the year, and that is just for z3…. i wonder when the z2 and others will get… god job sony as always… time shut it down you cant do anything right you piece of shit

  • timel2

    Sony is the best

  • Darknight307

    i’m sorry to tell that guys but i just knew today morning from an interior source from a german mobile service company that Xperia Z4 won’t be realeased before winter 2015 :s

  • IIAlparslan

    Give us The Xperia Z4 Sony!

  • The Flash

    VAIO was sold ages ago.

  • Wolf0491

    Maybe it is time to get rid of this Asus transformer. It’s only like what four years old lol? Barely slouches along now.

  • Malcolm

    I’m actually not sad about this at all. A lot of of people complain about two flagships a year, so this effectively means that such practice now stops.

  • darannechelle

    That bezel at the bottom !!!!! Feeling super excited

  • thoughts

    also clearer and louder? more input options like pen? more multitasking? splitscreen apps? more secure with file and folder encryption and lock?

  • thoughts

    well challenge.. do better release a device wit lollipop better than sony..

  • thoughts

    that bezel is at least 25 mm

  • naru

    CONFIRMED SMALLER BEZEL!! This will be my first tablet!

  • aiueo

    hopefully it doesn’t come with snapdragon 805..

  • Anon

    What screen size?

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  • Snorky112

    10 or 12

  • Camilo Uribe

    Z4 Please !!!!

  • 123

    hope they don’t mess up the color accuracy like in z3 tho

  • naru

    Also front facing speaker slits like z3 compact tablet

  • webusermy

    I just hope they give a 64GB option.

  • apolloa

    Well, having owned the awesome Z3 Tablet Compact since Christmas, I can say the design is very very very nice, light and slim, looks like the bezels on this model may be smaller too :) My tablet is very fast also and that’s with the 801 clocked to 2.5GHZ, so if they put an 810 in this what I presume will be 10″ model, it will fly. Will be interesting to see if they make a 12″ Pro version too with a touch pen like was rumoured?

  • it’s fine atleast i’ll still have time to save up for z4 :) i’ll just buy this first hehe :)

  • Bunny

    must be the excitement causing you guys to do such mistake :P

  • AoShinn

    Maximum 1cm…

  • AoShinn

    Stated latest snapdragon

  • Tan Keeyong

    smaller bezel = ‘better’. wa now we can accidentally touch the screen when holding the tablet. its so nice. looks at the picture. He is able to touch the screen when holding it. yeah nice man. now we must hold it with two hands. nice!

  • Raj

    If it has an LED flash besides the camera this time, I’m totally getting it…:D

  • Raj Singh

    Vaio WP10 versus Xperia 5.0.2

  • Azar Asgarov

    seriously?! using 10″ tab in portrait orientation???

  • Azar Asgarov

    Lollipop WILL BE AVALABLE on all Xperia Z family devices by February 29th!!!

  • Azar Asgarov

    dude, it will be availbel to all xperia z devices by february 29th!

  • Stripes

    That could be the side bezel he is holding on to, if it’s a bigger that 10 inch tablet. How many people hold a tablet that large vertical ?

  • adneon0

    i don’t know if anybody’s listening .. hope people from Sony follow this blog.
    I’m 19 years old and I’ve been using Sony gadgets for all these years and I’m still loving it the best company for providing a great user experience.. But from last few months I’m losing interest in Sony products.People around me have switched to all Chinese and Korean brands and these companies are also getting better in providing good user experience not as great as Sony but… The problem is due to difference in prices of product,Sony products deserve to be paid more money for that quality but the difference is too damn high .!

    I’m one of the fan that Sony’s going to loose if they still follow same strategy.!


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