Music Unlimited users being alerted in-app about “Spotify on PlayStation Music”

by XB on 27th February 2015

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Spotify on PlayStation MusicSony is closing the doors on its Music Unlimited service and will launch a new music service called PlayStation Music at the end of March 2015. PS Music will be powered by Spotify and will be available for Sony Xperia devices as well as the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

However, as everyone may not have caught the memo at the end of January, Sony is now alerting Xperia users via the Walkman app. Music Unlimited users who opened the app today were greeted with the message below i.e. it is letting people know that “Spotify on PlayStation Music” will replace Music Unlimited from 29 March 2015.

Spotify on PlayStation Music

Thanks Amimanot, Eric and Jacen23!

  • Khaled

    I got this message as well. So is the official Playstation Music launch day on March 29?

  • Apparently so!

    Hey, that’s my screenshot! ^^d

  • Khaled


  • taimur

    Why not its available in India

  • Tjaldid
  • Shehab Skull

    I hope this new service will be available for all countries such as Arab countries ._.

  • Fadi Obaya

    No, it’s not!!

  • Khaled

    That’s what I read when they announced it. But if music unlimited users will have their service stopped on the 29th of March I would assume PS Music to be launched on the same day or before! It doesn’t make sense to leave them out in the cold until PS Music launched later in spring.

  • eras

    tomorrow we will receiving lollipop :D

  • Jacen23

    They also changed the page on the
    website, the “Tell me more” link is

  • Sweggity

    There is no tomorrow for Sony.

  • Guest

    So what will happen to the music unlimited icon?

  • Vinicius Araujo

    Replaced in a future update, I guess. :)

  • shhh


  • Khaled

    According to Cnet, here’s the full list of countries that will be covered in the new service:

    Andorra, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, UK and USA.

  • Khaled

    Which icon? The one in Walkman app? I assume it will replaced by this

  • Shehab Skull

    OK thanks … No egypt :'(

  • Ritwij

    Heart breaking *

  • The sun’ll come out, tomorrow… just hang until tomorrow!

  • Snorky112

    its basically Spotify, so if you have spotify it’s good

  • TechGuyChris

    Is Playstation Music / Video also launching on Sony SmartTV’s and their Blu Ray Players?? Ive tried contacting them numerous times on this and havent heard back. Nor can I find an answer anywher… I hope they arent trying to be in the dark about it.

  • TechGuyChris

    Nevermind. I see my answer has been answered here.: I dont think i’ll be using Sony’s Video Unlimited service anymore. They might shut that down since its becoming Playstation Video. That means the Blu Ray player I just bought my parents will be an embarrasment because I hyped Video Unlimited up so much and they fell in love with it. Now I have to tell them to use Amazon Video (which doesnt offer full HD, even when you choose HD). Ugh.

  • The one in the article is. :D

  • Jecht_Sin

    Yes. I’ve launched Music Unlimited on my PS3 today and I’ve got the message March 29 it will be replaced by PlayStation Music with Spotify.

  • Khaled

    Video Unlimited is not going to be shut down as far I am aware of, it will basically re-branded as PlayStation Video. So a simple software update on your blu-ray player should take care of that

  • Mac

    I think this is awesome! but does this mean that Spotify Premium users like myself will have all playlists availible in this new application as well? And what about Music Unlimited on Bravia?

  • Learnsomethingnigguh


  • Cody C Note White

    By doing this they’ll singlehandedly kill the Vita. It better come to Vita..

  • William Ruben Andreassen

    So i can use my spotify account with the walkman app or will that app be shut down?

  • William Ruben Andreassen

    Also when arrre we getting Lollipop update? It’s already the first weekend of march.

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