Smiley AR effect released by Sony

by XB on 27th February 2015

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Smiley theme for AR_2_resultSony Mobile has launched the Smiley theme for the Xperia AR (Augmented Reality) effect app. The new AR effect brings smilies to the real world by superimposing a range of emotions to your face that can be included in your photos/videos.

Once installed, simply tap on the face to change emotion effects. Tapping outside of the face will change the mood effects. To download the Smiley theme, make sure you have AR effect v3.1.XX or higher installed.

Smiley theme for AR_1_result

Smiley theme for AR_2_result

Thanks Ben!

  • Shaik Ilyas

    They want keep us buzy until lollipop comes.

  • ? ? android ? ?

    Thank you sony

    Thank you sony

    Thank you sony

  • fluxx

    For a company that has to lay off thousands of people they still aliment some strange projects instead of focusing on core features.

  • acd

    wow sony! you nailed it again, that is exactly what i needed….
    you fraud scumbag
    soon as i get your buggy lollipop somewhere in the distant future im selling mine and you can say goodbye forever a customer, never ever again your crap piece of shit

  • Eleanor Goreng

    true dat

  • Flow

    Whats that??

  • Luca Pugliese

    The z4??…

  • Flow

    Dont think… The bezel is too big on the phone but the tablet is maybe the Z4

  • doraemonboi

    If this is the Z4. Those bezels…. I am getting bored of this design.

  • Reza

    Well. I think it’s tablet z4 but for the telephone, have no idea, it could be z4???

  • XperiaBlog

    Where are the pictures from Flow? Get in touch

  • doraemonboi

    It seems like the micro use port not covered.

  • Disappointed in Sony.. :(

    For the love of god SONY! Had WT19i, had some software issues as well, had Home Theater, support for it was pretty much bullshit, for one last time I thought If I buy Z3 (GODDAMN FLAGSHIP high-end premium class phone, I may get a better support and functionality, AND YOU KNOW WHAT!? I had enough of this shit..

  • Abhishek Kumar

    The front seems like Z3 with those stereo speakers unlike the leak
    Open USB port Sony FTW!!!

  • zeoxzy

    Anyone else get this message today?

  • SopNaw

    I actually found this in this article:

    But they did not mention anything about these pictures (wtf?)

  • Stephen Lane

    Yes I also received it today when I started Walkman

  • mukul verma

    i think its official lollipop for xperia..most of icons are changed.

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  • SopNaw

    I’m certain thats not the z4, look that bezels..

  • Kaostheory

    Please keep port cover! This is the first phone that my USB is clean and shiny, will last forever! With either the magnetic charger or wireless charging the port needs to stay covered, I rarely use it.

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