SmartBand Talk update brings new watch faces and STAMINA battery mode

by XB on 1st March 2015

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SmartBand Talk update_2The SmartBand Talk has received a big firmware update that has added some important features. This includes the ability to choose from a selection of watch faces, as well as being able to customise your own. In practice, this works similarly to the SmartWatch2.

The other big addition is the introduction of STAMINA mode to prolong the battery life for the SmartBand Talk. To do this a number of functions are disabled including notifications and the ability to make/receive a call. Activity logging and Smartwake function will work as normal. The update moves the build number to version and is currently live on the Play Store.

SmartBand Talk update_1 SmartBand Talk update_2

SmartBand Talk update_3 SmartBand Talk update_4

SmartBand Talk update_5 SmartBand Talk update_6


Thanks Steen!

  • Tjaldid

    At what time is the event???

  • nerd

    l always feel weird when talking to my watch in public. For most people it looks like talking to a shoe.. :(

  • Ali Bach-Tobji

    Every brand launch its new models and we still waiting for lollipop Isn’t weird !!?? Move sony

  • sonylover

    Do you guys think Sony will put out the Z4 in MWC?

  • no


  • huh

    what event

  • Tjaldid

    Z4 Tablet, M4 Aqua

  • gmfady

    nice Imp. Features Udate additons .. 2 all SmartBand Users (:

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  • mike630

    Hope so! u.u

  • Timel

    Definitely No! Coz Sony is going bankrupt! Hahahahaha

  • nick

    As far as i know they haven’t scheduled the event

  • nick

    From all the devices…sony has time to update…f*****
    SmartBand Talk..bravo sony….idiot…

  • Paul

    Oh dear, Sony…

    I have an Xperia phone, and I know what Stamina mode is all about.

    You should NOT have Stamina mode on a smartwatch! What’s the point of putting your watch on standby mode and disabling the data traffic just to save a little bit of battery life? It is a wrist watch, it must be constantly working in the background even when you aren’t looking at it or checking it. That’s the whole point of a smartwatch!

    Kazuo Hirai is worse of a CEO for Sony than what Stephen Elop was for Nokia. Then again, Elop was a Microsoft stooge trojan horse from the very beginning, you could justifiably attribute conspiracy to the Microsoft-Nokia ‘partnership’. What’s Sony’s excuse? What’s Kaz’s excuse?

  • Ballsack

    Where is my fuking rahlipap?
    I don’t care if it’s bugged, just release it right no.

  • you have one mindset just one

    thats not normal for a human being

  • Nawi

    Xperia M2 Aqua Lollipop!

  • Nawi

    Xperia Z4 Tablet Lollipop!

  • Xperia Z4 Tablet – official video

  • Xperia Z4 Tablet – official video .

  • Xperia Z4 Tablet – official video ,

  • Zidhin Mohd

    Z4 tab and the m4 are out… M4 looks like a z3.. And no more flaps..

  • Amimanot

    Ayoooo! There is a Z4 Tablet hands-on video released by Btekt. With a little bit of xperia lollipop showed off.

  • Amimanot

    Yeah… If your phone explodes after updating, don’t come here crying bout it okay?

  • jonasbjork

    The CEO of Sony Mobile is Hiroki Totoki.

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