Album app ‘Material Design’ update (7.0.A.0.24) now rolling

by XB on 3rd March 2015

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Album 7.0.A.0.24_1Sony Mobile has released the ‘Material Design’ update for its final media app – the Album application. The much awaited update moves the build number from 6.6.A.0.6 to 7.0.A.0.24. The new update includes a lighter design with the header screens swathed in a mustard orange colour.

The other major update, apart from design, is the ability to manage and move your photos into folders as previously detailed here. Also the icons on the folder show where these photos are stored (SD card or internal memory), although this feature was introduced in the last update.

Another change is that the ‘All Sync’ setting now only controls the uploads from your specific device. Other devices that are connected to the same PlayMemories Online account are not affected. The Album update (7.0.A.0.24) should be slowly rolling out to all handsets.

DOWNLOAD APK: Album (7.0.A.0.24) (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

Album_7.0.A.0.24_1 Album_7.0.A.0.24_2

Album_7.0.A.0.24_3 Album_7.0.A.0.24_4

Album_7.0.A.0.24_4 Album_7.0.A.0.24_6

Album_7.0.A.0.24_7 Album_7.0.A.0.24_9


Thanks Diogo!

  • Kiwison

    I’d be so happy if WALKMAN stayed as WALKMAN

  • David Hvatov

    I think everyone would be.

  • Khaled

    Please read this piece, it will make sense for the company’s standpoint

  • Ediz I

    Any apk? I did not got the update yet :/

  • Sebastian Solaeche

    As long as it has the same functionallity there should be no problem just because they switched the name

  • Diogo Simões

    It’s in Portuguese but not available in Portugal ;(

  • Vinicius Araujo

    Neither here in Brazil. :/

  • Tan Keeyong

    Here in Malaysia. Also haven’t receive update

  • Deadstar

    Nothing in Italy

  • Joe

    Nothing in Croatia yet.

  • Cos7as

    nor greece

  • Malaysian guy here too….. still didn’t receive the update.

  • Cos7as

    guess when all sony apps get “material designed” we gonna get lollipop.. how many are left ? camera and what else ?

  • jonoave

    Strangely I’m fine either way. I think using Walkman as an app name cheapens it, as Walkman is associated with high-quality audio. I think using Walkman as the name of high-quality audio devices makes sense, so as not to confuse with the name of an app in Xperia phones.

  • Ali Bach-Tobji

    Me too

  • mUSICA

    backup ur walkman app

  • Diogo Almeida

    I’m the one who got the update, but on my M2 Aqua.

  • mUSICA

    no update in india too with thai FW

  • Helder Rodrigues Lucas

    Got it now! Brilliant, looks perfect on my Z1 :-)

  • Tan Keeyong

    Guess have to wait again haha. Just like final fantasy 15….. Both thing that keep me waiting recently, recently I mean for many months already

  • Shehab Skull

    Guys we need apk please

  • Amimanot

    Malaysian guy living in the US… Also got no update yet

  • roeshak

    Just saw the photo samples from the s6 edge on phonearenna. I was totally blown away. The clarity, detail and general photo quality is just amazing. No wonder Samsung made the camera the centre piece of their presentation at mwc. They’ve done wonders with the Sony sensor. I think the lumia 1020 may have finally been beaten!
    I know it’s off topic but they made a huge impression on me indeed!

  • Abu Saleq Rocky

    upload plz. and give us link

  • Abu Saleq Rocky

    upload plz, and give us link

  • Khaled

    That site should be renamed to,

  • Messup7592

    It hasn’t come yet in France

  • mUSICA

    wait untill we see prof do the test …phonearenna n gsmarena r samsung paid trolls, ul see if a sony fan boy says bad about samsung in a samsung fourm the comments get deleted if a samsungfan boys say sometng about other brands an other fourm they neva delet

  • Stephen Lane

    same here France (generic) Z2

  • Ritwij

    No update yet on my Xperia Z with indian FW and Z2 with Singapore FW.

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    Oh this seem nice. Seem like there will be another batch update for walkman to move to Music and movie to move to Video with new material design which only Movies lack now

  • mUSICA

    we may get the music n video update with 5.0.2

  • Messup7592

    Probably just a matter of hours

  • Ritwij

    Why why why. I don’t want to lose Walkman

  • roeshak

    Phonearenna did the same for the S5 and note 4 and although the note 4 samples showed improvement they didn’t impress like these.
    I believe one thing and that’s to give credit where credit is due and here with the s6, Samsung have done something truly impressive. They’ve shown the world the true capabilities of the Sony sensor and they deserve credit for that I think!

  • Tom Barud

    There is also Movie Creator update at the play store.

  • Rolf Martin Schmidt

    Slightly off-topic, but I just got the update Movie Creator 2.4.A.0.4 .

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    well I don’t like it at first and still regret it now but it starts to make more sense at least from Sony’s point of view. Walkman just isn’t that widely recognized anymore so keeping it on Xperia would just lower it’s value. It’s indeed regrettable but as long as the music app itself is still as quality as the original walkman, I guess it will be ok and acceptable over time then.

  • Stephen Lane

    I hate waiting!! ;-)

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    It has new icon like in the Lollipop demo now. But some how the icon doesn’t look very material to me but it does look quite nice.

  • koek

    add Netherlands

  • Guest

    There is not this update at Thailand

  • Joe

    Try waiting for GTAV on PC.

  • Ritwij

    Then you should not have bought Sony

  • Diogo Almeida


  • Ritwij

    The icon sucks

  • APK upload PLZ

  • jumbo3220

    same in Sri Lanka

  • Stephen Lane

    I know it hard having nexus devices and Sony.. you truly notice the delay….

  • ahahhshzh

    off topic, but it makes me so mad that samsung gets better photos (dont deny it) using a sony sensor. i mean is samsung way better software or sensors. sadly i think both. you would expect the brand to give its own customers the best but no.

  • tysonbox

    Pls give me the apk file…

  • jumbo3220

    yup IMX 240 in Note 4 and S6 taking best photos, sad sony not even giving OIS to it’s phones.

  • haha…. i think my laptop won’t run it

  • Guest

    Yes, yes it is.

  • Faisal Armand

    But dude.. This doesn’t look like a good night shot. ISO 640 and there’s already plenty of noise and very low details. I’m sure Z2 at ISO 1250 can do better than that

  • You can’t deny that Sony is suck on software optimisation on their camera software

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    Yes! Yes it does.

  • crapifiknow

    I’m just glad for the support through the apps store…my sony update center never worked.

  • roeshak

    That seems to me to be a very good shot at such high iso. If I took the shot with the z2 at the same iso, I’ll bet you anything that noise would be much worse and details far more degraded. The z2 would need iso 200 to 300 range to produce similar quality.
    If you ask me I’d say that’s a pretty impressive effort at such high iso

  • I confirm

  • Marlish

    I got it :)

  • sadeq

    any link for download?

  • Mee too

  • Faisal Armand

    That is Z2 as ISO 2000. Not the same condition but there is some elements that can be compared such as noise levels in the sky and details on the buildings. IMHO, Z2 is better in handling noise and there’s still a portion of details too

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Upload the apk

  • Zaryab Khan

    I’m waiting for next update of walkman or should say M U S I C

  • Sadman Khan

    Upload the apk please

  • Mixa

    Lol, you no recive update!

  • Nadeer Suddoo

    Phffff an impression of how lollipop will be distributed:(

  • salessan

    are charging apk on xda in this moment

  • mUSICA

    wait untill z4 arivers …mayb z4 will be the real deal for takeing pics..i hope so

  • Meysam Khanbabaie


  • Phantom Pt. I

    What version of the update center is that? I don’t have the tabs and the App icon is different as well.

  • Ritwij

    That is the old one. It was changed in Z3 series and Z2 series got it in 4.4.4, so it’s possible you have Z2/Z3 series phone on 4.4.4

  • Phantom Pt. I

    Yep, got the Z3 Compact on 4.4.4.

  • WilliamTell13

    No update here in the USA yet. Z1S

  • Noven

    No update here in the China ,Xperia Z

  • damian01211

    Nothing in Ireland too.

  • nick

    Nothing here…it luks like firmware release…no one getting… Somewhere they getting..

  • KonGaZ2

    New: Options to manage and move your photos into folders. Icons on folders indicate where they are stored; on internal memory or memory card.(Yes we’ve heard you).
    New: Slightly updated design, lighter and even more beautiful.
    Changed: All Sync setting now only controls upload from this device, other devices connected to the same PlayMemories Online account are not affected.
    Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

  • Ritwij

    Is your Z2 on 4.4.2 or 4.4.4?

  • Marlish

    okay :)

  • Ritwij

    The icon sucks bro

  • Ritwij

    Yeah, waiting for the apk!

  • Ritwij

    Yeah, apk please.

  • Faisal Armand

    That shot isn’t mine. I took it from someone else as I don’t have high ISO Z2 samples.

    From the date that it was taken, it’s likely that Z2 is on 4.4.4

    My Z2 is on 4.4.4 too

  • Dan

    I think it’s fake or something, no one get update in any country only some people say’s they got new album

  • haxona
  • spatch72

    Nothing in Australia yet…

  • i want update

  • Faisal Armand

    In manual mode, Z2 outclasses every cameraphone out there except the lumias. But unfortunately, biased piece of sh*t like phonearena refuses to acknowledge it. Here are my Z2 low light shots, btw.

  • Sweggity

    Still nothing

  • Sweggity

    Don’t forget iPhone uses Sony sensor too.

  • Sweggity

    The prictures came out shit

  • en

    Yeah, and the one who submit this news said that it’s from his M4aqua! xD

  • Ritwij

    How do you capture pictures at night with low ISO? My shutter speed won’t go slower than 1/8 s

  • Gustav Salazar Vazquez

    No it says update soon

  • roeshak

    Different scene so can’t really judge. There was more light in the s6 lowlight scene luminescent noise is more likely which it controlled admirably in my opinion. The z2 would have done worse in my experience with that scene and the same or similar iso

  • Faisal Armand

    Dude, use night scene mode. The shutter can go all the way up to 1/2s-0.8s

  • Faisal Armand

    Hmmm.. Somehow based on my judgment & experience using Z2 camera, I would conclude differently than you. But thanks anyway dude, I just want to ask your opinion.

    But regarding the S6 image quality. I do believe it’s better than S5. But against Note 4, i’m not sure.

  • salessan

    changed before it was “updading” then “soon” =(

  • Faisal Armand

    Really? Somehow my flickr audience don’t think so

  • Ritwij

    Hey thanks, it went to 1/1 s

  • roeshak

    In my experience at full res, z2 produces very noisy photos at high iso. For certain night shots I even have to drop to iso 100 because 200 completely over exposed the scene and produced too much noise. The z2 since 4.4.4 became very light sensitive which has pros and cons in different ways.
    If that s6 photo under those conditions was taken at iso 640 then for me it beats the z2 for noise, details and exposure. The latter though I can’t really say so because I wasn’t there and don’t really know if it’s over exposed or not.
    It’s also very well focused due to a combination of fast capture and OIS. The z2 produces too many blurry photos under lowlight unless you use high iso but then you have to deal with the resulting noise and exposure.
    Out of curiosity do you take most of your photos at 8mp?

  • en

    I also got it! (it has this new supermario world Globe, wtf?) *kidding, still waiting for apk -_-

  • Joe

    It’s software, mostly at least. Sony’s camera software sucks ass. I expected better result when I bought my Z1c, it’s disappointing.

  • Joe

    In the first picture, you couldn’t see the cloud with a naked eye.

    The second picture was taken after midnight, don’t recall the exact time, and you could barely see the moon with a naked eye.

    Hardware is epic, software blows.

  • bilomar

    Seriously why is nobody uploading it. Can’t find it anywhere.

  • Ali Al-Dhamin

    Same in Qatar

  • nick

    If its from aqua why is there.. Old version of android in the phone..?? Sony is just being lazy..pushing updates… Damn…hw much we hav to new os. Now

  • en

    Oh I’m wrong, he said it’s from his “M2aqua” not M4, my bad.

  • Carlos W. H. Sun

    my gut tells me that this is absolute fake.

  • Khaled

    I don’t think that guy have it, if he already had it he would’ve uploaded it 2 hours ago! How long does it take to upload a 15mb file online?

  • You do not know anything

  • Khaled

    It’s not, sony acknowledged that the update is being rolled out

  • Carlos W. H. Sun

    ok then, im wrong. can’t wait for the update

  • Roshan Poddar

    I think it’s fake, this isn’t a upgrade, it’s rather just screenshots from m4 aqua..

  • Deadstar

    No in Italy yet. Z3c

  • roeshak

    The sensor is from Sony but the other components from the camera module are made by Samsung including the lens and OIS. To be honest fast capture would help xperia cameras are lot. They’re just so much slower than the competition in operation. Not saying OIS wouldn’t help but it’s main advantage is in video and there steadyshot does well.
    The reason why Sony cameras don’t perform as well as what Samsungs able to achieve is down to a variety of software reasons but also Samsung uses a much narrower sharper 31mm lens which will always beat Sony’s very wide 25mm and 27mm lenses used in z2 and z3.
    Samsung prioritises sharpness and details. Sony sadly does not. Sony mobile seem to think sharing is all users want to do with their photos which is a grave miscalculation on their part.
    Bit the simple truth is Samsung is way more advanced at software development than Sony is.
    I think xperia cameras will improve over time but only as Google improve the base software.
    Fast capture or shutter and faster auto focus would really help the xperia line but improvements here have been painfully slow if at all from Sony mobile.
    I think they could also reduce compression but that would increase noise which is already slippery problem at high iso values

  • Rutang

    Nothing in Poland as well

  • Dan

    Something is wrong with this album update, Walkman update normal movies 2 only album got problems eh….

  • ?ukasz Zator

    Poland too

  • Ritwij

    I don’t think it will be useful. Sony’s KitKat runs Dalvik whereas Lollipop will run ART. Walkman hasn’t been seen on Lollipop so maybe it won’t support ART, so we might not be able to run Walkman on Lollipop even if we have the apk.

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    If its just a name change then ill just root and change it back lol

  • onEofThEseDayS

    Walkman running on nexus 5 lollipop. No problems here..

  • Ritwij

    Sweeeet! Thanks man. Now I have some hope.

  • Ritwij

    You don’t need root. Just install it over the existing apk.

  • mrninko

    where are u from when u receive update?

  • Junior Silva

    add Brazil :

  • Fanktastic

    Nothing in the Serbia yet, on Z1 C6902

  • Khaled

    I don’t think you can override a newer apk build

  • Khaled

    That’s one way

  • The Flash

    Lol the bloody app doesn’t even colour the status bar…

  • CopperStew

    Still nothing for Z2/Z1 MEA

  • Khaled

    They might have temporarily pulled it out of the servers

  • Ritwij

    I don’t know about Lollipop but I’ve flashed older Walkman over newer Walkman on 4.3

  • Deadstar

    Thanks maaaan!! :)

  • Maikel Simões
  • o

  • ibolito
  • ?ukasz Zator
  • Emmanuel Guerra
  • Emmanuel Guerra
  • Jackos
  • thank you very much bro….

    If you’re on mobile and you have difficulties to download from google drive, I have altered the link for direct download.

  • ZXcorr

    Thank you!

  • They had said it since Xz went out. Its been nearly 2 years. Why just they optimised the camera software properly, what’s the point had a powerful hardware but terrible software optimisation?

  • Helder Rodrigues Lucas

    The Photo Editor haven’t been updated, so when you change your wallpaper you’ll notice the Kitkat Album logo on the top left corner…..

  • Faisal Armand

    As for the S6 night shot sample. For me it’s not good because when I zoom in, I see great amounts of rough noise and I can swear that I also see red & green noises (colour noise) which even Z2 doesn’t have.

    Not only I use my experience but I also visit flickr very often to observe the quality of each cameraphone, especially the Z2. I saw a lot of high ISO Z2 samples and I can say that even at 20.7MP res, Z2 outperforms S6 even at high ISO.

    Oh as for me, I only use 20.7MP mode when the light levels are good enough. At night, I use 8MP all the time.

  • Helder Rodrigues Lucas

    Yes I did! Lol

  • Joaquim

    Took a similar shot in NYC.

  • Amimanot

    Instead of an update for Album, I got an update for Photo Editor… The hell?

  • ShaunTheSheep

    Eh? Walkman means nothing. Just 7 letters. Sony have sold cheap little USB mp3 players for years now. Its what they print on anything audio related they do.

  • Abdul Ghani

    roeshak i agree with u i have 1520 iphone6 plus note 4 of a friend and z2 for outside low light shot iphone 6 plus and note 4 takes the picture in 0.3 seconds but z2 takes long time and if i lower the iso blurry pictures of my friends that quick capture all sony phone lacks quick capture with great details like iphone 6 plus

  • Abdul Ghani

    well zooming makes the facebook type pictures shit as always

  • Abdul Ghani

    i just wish z2 get a software like google nexus problem solved

  • nick

    Atleast u got nothing in update center…

  • Marlish

    South Asia

  • Amimanot

    I’m really liking the lollipop animations when holding to select a picture/folder

  • Cool2B

    Got it..thanks for the APK!

  • WilliamTell13

    Album is definitely the nicest redesign out of all the Sony apps imo. Movies still isn’t even really material design.

  • Matt

    I got this today…

  • Taras Morales

    which countries got it? speak guys:)

  • roeshak

    Indeed z2 doesn’t suffer from any chromatic noise but luminescent noise is heavy especially after 4.4.4. It’s why I never ever go above ISO 400. The sensor pulls enough light into it so I don’t need to. The only reason to do it is to guarantee focus but for me I’d rather take the picture a few times until I get one that’s reasonably focused than deal with the high levels of luminescent noise that appear.
    I swear it wasn’t this bad before the last update. Another thing that has worsened is the blown out highlights. It’s become pretty intense after the update as well. I know sharpness improved after 4.4.4 but the camera seems to have become extremely light sensitive hence the much higher levels of residual luminescence and blown out highlights that are almost as bad as what we see on htc devices. Particularly during the day time. I don’t know if they messed up the metering in 4.4.4 but I hope it gets improved after 5.0
    Also luminescent noise degrades details far more than chromatic noise does.

  • Faisal Armand

    As for the blown highlights or should we say highlight clipping.. Yes, I feel that too. It gives me quite a trouble when i’m shooting at high contrast situations, I got overexposed shots more often than not. So I must reduce EV/ Fastening shutter speed. (yes, reducing EV has the same implications as fastening the shutter speed) every damn time. At 4.4.2, the dynamic range is better.

    As for the sharpness, Yes the 20.7MP is more detailed than it was on 4.4.2. I guess that sony is adding more sharpening which contributed to noise at high ISOs. Strong sharpening adds noise too, you know.

  • spatch72

    This Album update is the final piece in the Material puzzle — I’m happy to stay on 4.4.4! By the way, I just accidentally installed Album on my Nexus 7 (2013 WiFi) and it works like a charm! Brilliant!

  • roeshak

    Yes you can reduce exposure to improve the problem but then you end up with under exposed photos which you don’t want. Sony needs to address this problem.
    Well artificial sharpening can do that. Samsung produces razor sharp images by a combination of things, fast operation, OIS, but most importantly a narrow and very sharp 31mm lens.
    I just don’t agree with Sony’s choice of lenses. 27mm is way too wide for small sensors never mind the crazy 25mm lens on z3 series.
    Sometimes when I take photos, it includes elements that I couldn’t even see from my position while giving me less details on the things I could see and was actually trying to photograph.
    For example, the other day I was standing at the bus stop and trying to photograph the array of shops on the high street. From my position in could only see the shops and the first floor of flats above them.
    I took the photo and what did I see, not just the first floor, 2nd floor but also the roof of the building and even a bit of the sky.
    It just takes the photo from such a zoomed out perspective that it makes it harder for the sensor to see the details.
    Fine, you can move closer but I’d rather move backwards if I want more information in the frame than constantly moving forwards for details.
    I think Sony needs to seriously rethink these wide angled lenses. They’ve gone way too far with them. I’d say 29mm should be max and no more.

  • jeff

    Is this in Manual Mode or Superior Auto?

  • Lovelesh Khatter

    You have full screen in this update but also notification bar and buttons are still showing great update so no more problem of dragging down from top to see buttons,

  • nick

    Not available for z3….had to manually install…

  • Joaquim

    Superior Auto.

  • Faisal Armand

    Yes, the FoV of the lens does make a difference in terms of capturing details, but not significantly so. I think image post-processing is more important.

    I recently found out that:
    – Nokia Lumia 1520 also has 25mm lens but it has very good image quality in any light
    – Sony DSC Cybershot QX10 also has 25mm lens and its image quality is ON PAR with Lumia 1020. It is impressive considering QX10’s sensor size is only half the size, and no oversampling applied.

    So in my opinion, it doesn’t really matter if sony uses wide angle lens as long as image post processing is good enough.

  • roeshak

    The lumia 1520 uses a 26mm lens but from the samples I’ve seen of it, it too doesn’t excel in the gone details dept. I think it even lost out to the z2 before 4.4.4 even

  • Faisal Armand

    It doesn’t excel in the details department because of nokia’s attitude of minimum amount of processing (very little amounts sharpening + conservative noise reduction).

    The QX10 is a different story though

  • roeshak

    Doesn’t the qx10 use a larger sensor?

  • Faisal Armand

    Nope, it uses the same size 1/2.3″ as Z1-Z3. The one that uses a larger sensor is QX100, which has 1″ sensor

  • roeshak

    Then the size of the lens must make a difference. It’s probably of much higher quality and with better sharper optics than the one in z series. For me it’s feel a narrower angle lens will help with details. All the sharp shooting smartphones use 30 to 32 mm lens.
    Taking pictures from such a zoomed out perspective makes details harder to capture. Fine details anyway!

  • G Hussain

    Still nothing on my z3 compact

  • Nex

    Nothing in Russia.
    I am downloaded apk from here and new menu icon in app looks awful. And need to press “back” two times to exit the app.
    This troubles is just me?

  • QBerto

    Yeah, why latest flagship (I’m on z3c) doesn’t get update yet? That means lollipop is coming?

  • I hope this Album update fixes that annoying bug of duplicating images.

  • nick

    Got in india via update center…no sign of photo editore bcz z3 uses different version of photo editor

  • Ronx Ronquillo

    Is it just me or I can’t seem to find “Move to…” anywhere after receiving this update? :-/

  • Eduardo Otero

    Check again, I just got it

  • Eduardo Otero

    I just got it in Mexico

  • laci_csk

    Go into the folder>>select image>>three dots>> move… etc.

  • laci_csk

    “duplicating images” when you restarted the phone?

  • Leon

    Just arrived on Z1Compact in Germany.

  • Jaissal S

    Received the update on my Z1 here in the UK.

  • Ravi _111

    Nice good things move

  • Charlie

    I love Sony’s approach to Material Design. Take the same old app, that hasn’t had a refresh in years. Make the bar on top a bright color. Done. Oh yeah wait, make the icon flat and preferably a bit ugly.


  • brick

    It arrived today in Italy.

  • Arthur Ho

    How come the some of the image the button already updated to Lollipop style? Is this screenshot from actual device or Sony Website?

  • Jed Estrella

    Still not having the update

  • Ganesh

    Viewing images from camera app, shows all images in the phone. I had Xperia SL earlier and it used to browse through only the pics that was taken from camera.

    While taking pictures using camera, you have to view the pics that you have taken. Thats when this feature comes in handy. But it shows the images not taken from camera also (it browses through all image folders and including the default camera storage location). Thats irritating.
    Can we get that feature back? Can someone help us to get the feature back?

  • Abdul Aziz

    Please add hidden option

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