Movie Creator update (2.4.A.0.4) brings new icon, more video filters and portrait video support

by XB on 3rd March 2015

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Sony Movie Creator appSony has given the Movie Creator application a big update moving it from build number 2.3.A.0.3 to version 2.4.A.0.4. Interestingly, Sony has now published the Movie Creator app on the Google Play Store, so we’ll probably see no more updates through the “Update Centre” app.

Changes include a completely different and more colourful icon, additional Sony-designed video filters as well as the ability to change these filters. Sony has also added portrait video support, which is useful if you have lots of portrait photos or videos (hopefully no one takes portrait videos!) Other changes include the ability to select the export video size (Full HD/HD/SD). The update should be live in the Google Play Store right now.

Movie Creator 2.4.A.0.4_1

Movie Creator 2.4.A.0.4_2 Movie Creator 2.4.A.0.4_3

Movie Creator_4 Movie Creator_5

Movie Creator_6 Movie Creator_7

Thanks Rolf and Tom!

  • Amimanot

    There are now 2 material icon updates for movie creator. I prefer the previous one

  • serendipity1002

    Publishing Xperia apps on Play Store is a good trend, imho, Update Center should only be for Firmware update.

  • Kiwison


  • Guest
  • Dan Makwana

    Coming weeks? Wow…

  • libioo
  • ??? ?? ???

    Got it

  • Zaryab Khan


  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    The most positive on the announcement is that they aim to make it consistent between the Z series. Hope they do not trim down much stuff – features when moving from Z3 to Z2 to Z1 to Z

  • MKKN

    Am i the only one who didn’t get this update?

  • sadeq

    can u upload album 7.0.A.0.24 plz?

  • Messup7592

    Looks like we will have to do lot of updates the next days :-)

  • goldenblls

    I hate people who take portrait videos, silly idiots!

  • Roshan Poddar

    New Update of Track Id also.. Too many updates from sony today, i think lollipop is nearby..

  • Marlish

    Instead of wasting time on this Sony should have given major UI changes to Lollipop

  • Ramzan Akhmatov

    Update coming this month! :D

  • mountain

    Portrait video is a big NO!

  • WilliamTell13

    I agree

  • crapifiknow

    If I move my media to the memory card does movie creator still work?

  • Clarence Alvarado

    In other stories, Lollipop update for Xperia now offers album art on music on lockscreen.

  • Diogo Simões

    Off topic
    Sony vice-president says that they’re not going to sell the Mobile business

    In Pt-Br

  • xperiaDROID

    I think they prepared two UI for Lollipop. One has minor changes in the UI but with material design which is what we’ll be getting this month, and then another one with new design in the UI and also material design for the Z4.

  • Snorky112

    no you don’t need it, you want it

  • Snorky112

    thats one of the features I wanted

  • dex

    You can, with Lollipop.

  • crapifiknow

    well that’s just mean…lollipop is just imaginary

  • Orçun Bakkal

    What is this theme with gold switchs
    Please I really want it

  • Not available. Waiting for .

  • The Flash

    yeah, they said that yesterday at MWC but thanks I guess

  • SONY™

    I don’t Agree with u… Cuz not everyone have access to the play store…So publishing Apps on update center is a better idea Tnx.

  • theskig

    wise man

  • Patrol619

    Me too ;/ And didn’t get album update also, don’t know why -,-

  • MarkG54321

    Sony should service all apps via play store. Get rid of propriterry update app

  • Marlish

    Maybe. Lets hope something like that actually happens

  • Little Man
  • sadeq

    many thanks bro :*

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  • applepie

    I can’t install this from Google Play with my Xperia M2 :(

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