Android 4.4.4 update certified (18.5.C.0.19) for Xperia E3 LTE models

by XB on 5th March 2015

in Firmware, Xperia E3

Xperia E3 firmwareAndroid 4.4.4 KitKat has already appeared on the Sony Xperia E3, but only the HSPA+ models (D2202 and D2212). The LTE variants of the Xperia E3 (D2203 D2243 and D2206) are currently still running Android 4.4.2, but that may soon change as new build number 18.5.C.0.19 has been certified for these handsets. This would move the build from the current 18.4.C.2.14 build. We’ll let you know once the update starts rolling.

Xperia E3 firmware

  • Shravan SP

    Sony still releasing kitkat while other manufacturers are releasing lollipop :(

  • A version for the Z3 Dual was certified , but I do not believe to be the Lollipop.

  • Question :

    When will lollipop update for this devices ?

    Xperia T2 Ultra
    Xperia T3
    Xperia C3

  • Stefan


  • Ibrahem Salah

    I think t3 will have it

  • Cris de Oliveira

    why t2 will not? I think if one of these dont get lollipop, no one will.

  • Ibrahem Salah

    I’m sure t3 will have it in 2 months as max
    but i think all of them will have android 5.0 but maybe in 4-5 months
    if i were you i would go for custom ROM automatically

  • Ibrahem Salah

    Why not ?

  • Lovelesh Khatter

    I think they will only certified update because on 13 Feb there is news came that a update is certified for xperia t2 ultra dual with a medium change in build number but till now it is not rolling, as the previous update is very bugggy for cellular call and hangigness issue so why they certified update if it is not gonna release

  • Aiden Pearce

    Looks like after pushing each and every phone to kk 4.4.4 sony will think of lollipop

  • Ritwij

    Because Lollipop starts with 23.1

  • Vuyo Ncube

    The only available known phone in the E3’s class with Lollipop is the Moto G. You’re technically bitching about something that doesn’t relate to this article.

  • Ritwij

    Even Z3 doesn’t have Lollipop while Moto E has Lollipop too.

  • Taras Morales

    Thumbs up if you are bored of waiting sony to release lollipop. I check everyday forums and i got so dissapointed of waiting. The reason i bought Z3c was because it was supposed to receive lollipop faster than other Z. I was so wrong

  • Sony ends support for xperia t2

  • Cris de Oliveira

    It’s not officially yet.

  • Harpreet singh

    is xperia e3 lte version available in india?????

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