Sony Mobile: No move to yearly flagship release cycle

by XB on 5th March 2015

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sony-xperia-logoEarlier in the year, we brought you word that Sony Mobile was not planning to introduce its flagship smartphone at MWC 2015. The event has come and gone and now the question on everyone’s lips is when we may see the possible launch of the Xperia Z4.

There has also been speculation that the MWC no-show could hint towards a yearly flagship product cycle. However, this has been dismissed by a couple of Sony Mobile executives at MWC this week. First of all, Tim Harrison Sony Mobile’s VP of Global Communications ruled out the move to a traditional move to a 12-month cycle, referring to a phasing of products more than anything else.

Pierre Perron, VP of Sony Mobile Western Europe went on to say that they won’t launch a new device just for the sake of it. Instead, there is increasing focus on the consumer experience. “We will continue to launch beautiful hardware but it’s not the only thing anymore,” said Perron.

Reading both quotes suggests to us that there will be no move to a fixed yearly Xperia flagship release, but neither will the company release them every six months like it has up until now – especially if it cannot offer anything new. Considering that the Xperia Z3 launched in IFA last September, expect the Xperia Z4 to be announced well before then.

Both executives referred to how well the current crop of Xperia smartphones are doing, in particular, the Xperia Z3 series. They talked about a sustained level of interest and the need to keep the devices fresh with updated features. See the full quotes below.

Tim Harrison – Sony Mobile’s Vice President, Global Communications & PR

“Z4 is the next-generation of product that we’ll be announcing. No, we haven’t [moved to a more traditional 12 month product cycle]. As a general rule you will see some adjustment to the way we phase our products, but we’re certainly not going to offer any specific details as to when we are going to bring our next products, beyond these, at this stage.”

“We haven’t always announced a smartphone at MWC, sometimes we phase it and we’ll have a smartphone or a tablet. This year we really wanted the emphasis on our story at MWC to be around expanding the mid-range offer and broadening the mid-range and obviously bringing in a super premium tablet as well. It’s more a case of phasing the products in than anything else.”

“At IFA we announced three Z3 series products, the full sized smartphone, the Compact and the Compact Tablet. These are doing really well in the market and there is still quite a considerable amount of interest in those particular products and since we’ve announced them, we’ve updated a number of features. We’ve introduced Remote Play, there are more camera themes and there are more camera apps.”

Pierre Perron – Vice President Sony Mobile Western Europe

“I don’t think this is whether we should or shouldn’t be announcing products. It’s leading to the fact that the company is focusing more on the consumer experience as opposed to just launching [a device] for the sake of launching, so you’ll see this major change in our strategy.”

“The innovation is not so much about launching and announcing a flagship with more and more megapixels and so on, it’s about how can you make consumers’ lives more innovative and more relevant as we go forward. This is what it’s all about. We are focusing on bringing what is unique to the brand, bringing this content element into our proposition, such as Sony (Xperia) Lounge. This is what you need to understand. We will continue to launch beautiful hardware but it’s not the only thing anymore.”

“The story is beyond that. It’s whether you are expanding consumer experience beyond a technology standpoint, making sure these experiences are available to as many consumers as soon as possible, even those who bought products six months ago.”

Via TrustedReviews and The Inquirer.

  • Gert-Jan Niemeijer

    I think they shouldn’t focus that much on new hardware, because there isn’t much innovation in the smartphone world. They should focus more on software. New functions and faster updates

  • hansip

    as much as i love Sony, i think the price is still the decicing factor especially in developing country like mine where the currency is garbage. Faster update and better software is the key but shouldn’t make it twice the Xiaomi’s flagship price

  • rubinaish

    I just don’t know what to think about Sony right now. But either way, it’s good to hear that they don’t launch for the sake of launching.
    And I would really like to support them by buying the Z3 or M4 Aqua, which are amazing devices, but my Z is now doing perfectly well for nearly two years.

  • hansip

    Yeah i love to support them by buying z3 but my z ultra is perfectly fine and the z3 price is too high to be considered an upgrade (especially with z ultra falling price oh well)

  • gosbiker

    Comments on their release schedule is dumfounding… They say their releasing 6 month period people say ‘what are sony doing! That’s to soon’…. Then they say their releasing z4 later and comments are ‘We want the Z4!.. Where’s the Z4!’…(that’s what I’ve noticed on other sites anyway)

  • gosbiker

    I agree with you. I have the z1 compact and recently bought my girlfriend the z3 compact. Apart from the camera app I love my compact and, as long as it functions as good as it does, see no need to upgrade for the sake of it. I can’t wait to see what the Z4 will bring after seeing the Z4 tablet, and may be tempted if they do a Z4 compact and if it offers a LOT more changes to mine.

  • Danny

    Imthey really did a good job with the Z3. It great they are trying to get the best out of their current line-up with updates and nre features just like what most users been asking for. Unlike the old Xperia T/TX, SP, L and M i used before, the Current line of Xperias, including the former Z is getting updates and been running good. I also owned Z, Z Ultra, z1s and now using Z1 compact.

    But am considering moving to Z2 or Z3 once the price drops. Xperias are expensive, too expensive, which is a negative factor. When most phones in the same range are cheaper. Its worth it, Xperias. But rather than buy new, i like to buy it when price drop considerable, even if its no longer the “it” device, because Xperia style last forever.

  • Joe

    About bloody time they did this.

    Never lose faith in Sony

  • Paul M

    I’m pleased they did the new Z4 tablet, but am sad the rumoured Z4 Ultra, successor to the Z Ultra, hasn’t made an appearance.

  • Dan

    Good strategy make less device but better with more innovation/upgrade. Good Job Sony!

  • Fempter

    I wish that new Xperia will come to us with some innovations, maybe better camera, better display, better battery etc. :) Actually I’ve got Xperia Z2 and I think it’s the best phone ever. Amazing camera, dust and water proof etc. But Xperia Z3 is not as much better than Z2 so I am waiting for Z4 sooooo much.

  • Omarion07

    I’m going to put my money on a May/June release for the Z4.. The rest of the family follows in September

  • jmaxim917

    While I do not consider it innovative, a good start would be to add an IR remote to the up coming Z4.

  • roeshak

    If they think xperia lounge and all their gimmicky camera apps are innovative then these jokers are living on another flipping planet.
    The arrogance of these comments is just staggering. Doing nonsense and proud of it. Yeah they made $87 million from the sale of 11.9 million smartphones. That’s a profit margin of roughly $7 peper unit.
    Z3 series doing well my flipping ass, those figures don’t back that up at all.
    Seems to me they’re selling mostly older devices at reduced prices and low profit margins. That’s what the figures point to.
    Sounds like the arrogant fools are indeed moving to a yearly cycle but don’t have the humility to accept and say they got it wrong and their policy was pants!
    With arrogant, pompous folfools like these running the show at Sony mobile, it’ll all makes sense. The madness of this company indeed!
    You see their problem is that they’re dinosaurs who stem from an erra when manufacturers dictated the terms of reference. Things have moved on somewhat but these idiots are stuck in the 90s with this foolish mindset.
    Reading these comments, it gives an insight into how and why Nokia is no more today in the mobile space. That company too was run by pompous idiots stuck in the past. Arrogant idiots who choose to go down rather than face up to the changing market climate.
    A plague on all their houses as far as I’m concerned!!!

  • DBS

    Well, if they move to an even longer cycle, fine. But short cycles have proved catastrophic. So if these VPs are planning those, Totoki better step in and put a stop to it. However, from those declarations, I don’t think they’re implying shorter cycles but actually longer. Focusing on the experience more than on devices for the sake of devices, seems to point precisely to that.

    Let’s face it, a flagship isn’t needed every year, let alone every 6 months. If you release one every year on a schedule, you end up like HTC or Samsung: presenting the same thing over and over again and consumers will keep complaining that it’s not different enough to justify the upgrade. Just take the M9 as an example. The only real upgrade is the camera. Would you spend another 600€ on an M9 just to upgrade ONE component?

    The Z3 family is doing quite well in Europe from the feedback I have. Specially the Compact, according to Clove Technologies, which has sold like hot cakes. So there’s absolutely no need to rush the release of a Z4 family if the Z3 family is still a hell of a lot better than most of the competition, specially in the things consumers most care about, like battery life.

  • Rock Kickass

    I’m a bit gutted they never announced the Z4, but at the same time I’m happy they didn’t. Whilst the S6 & S6 Edge look a nice bit of kit, they really are underwhelming. The HTC One (M9) doesn’t make the mark either.

    Bloatware, inferior camera, no waterproofing or dustproofing really don’t make me want to go out and upgrade this very second. My Z1 is working just fine and I suspect that Sony is just taking their time, having a look at the competition out there and waiting to release a Z4 that’s going to be something else!

  • Rock Kickass

    I was thinking along those lines. May/June and when the Hype over the new S6 & HTC dies down, bang, in comes Sony with a handset to die for.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Nooooo! Leave the Z4 for September and fill the June gap with a Z4 Ultra! Slap the Z4 Tablet’s display tech on a 5.6 inch 1080p screen, use at least 3400mAh to shake Huawei’s phablets and showcase the 16MP IMX230 with OIS to give everyone a cheap, decent Note 4 alternative. Start predicting how to deal with the next iPhone and Note before prematurely releasing a flagship. The Z4 should be well done towards the end of the year, not medium rare around June.

  • lollipop

    Bye Bye sony…. Welcome samsung galaxy s6 edge..

  • Gav

    Much better focus for Sony! Expect more software updates and additions such as the translator small app just launched.

  • gmfady

    gr8 Move, Go SONY go .. 4ward BE MOVED

  • apolloa

    Well that’s cleared that up then!??? So they are going to offer devices.. when ever.. fair enough I guess, I hope they do focus heavily on their software though as I understand they haven’t been strong in this area.
    If Sony can offer the same high class hardware, and then offer strong software features and regular updates, then they will be onto a winner I think.

  • P9

    Sony always best.

  • rzero21

    best decision ever. It seems they finally got a solid strategy. No need to release a bunch of new products each year. Keep it simple.

  • Omarion07

    They can’t do longer than annual cycles.. This will get them behind the competition and harm them. I’m speculating that the Z4 will be released around May /June and If there’ll be a Z5 it’ll be announced in the 2016 MWC.

  • Omarion07

    It should be really well done around June. Three months till September aren’t going to make much difference. I don’t think releasing the Z4 in September is beneficial financially to Sony. At the end of the day its up to Sony and not you and me!

  • Omarion07

    There’s a good chance they’ll include the latest IMX 230 sensor (hopefully with OIS) in the Z4, and hopefully improving the image processing algorithms!

  • DBS

    And? The Moto X wasn’t exactly a latest-specs phone and did quite well for Motorola, despite being almost unavailable outside the USA.

    Sony was often ahead of the competition with specs and it still did them no good.

    Face it: normal consumers DON’T CARE about specs. Most consumers don’t even know what the heck is a “snapdragon”. They’ll probably tell you it’s some day-time show about sassy Chinese women.
    What the average consumer knows about is the experience he/she has with the phone. And that means build-quality, battery, camera and software experience. They also care if a company declare their 600€ phone obsolete after 6 months. It frustrates them to see the phone devalue so quickly.

    If Sony releases the Z4 before September they’ll be shooting themselves in the foot. Because there’s no need or point in it. The SD810 – judging by the experience on the G Flex 2 – is a nightmare. The later Sony releases it the more chances there are for them to either release the SD810 phone WITHOUT the problems it has, or even get a newer version. And I’m ready to bet that, at this point, they don’t have that much really innovative tech developed since the Z3.

  • paul_cus

    I just want a Z4 Compact, Sony.

  • Mohammed Shhoat

    add fingerprint scanner , OIS , 2K Display , 3000+ mAh battery and micro sd expansion and give you any price you ask for sony !

  • Rock Kickass

    That’s what I am really hoping for. It’s the main reason I love Xperia. The camera is excellent when compared to other phones. Even my Z1 takes cracking pictures.

    I was slightly tempted to go upgrade to the S6 Edge, but the more I thought about it, the more I would miss the quality of a Xperia handset, it’s camera, it’s software, it’s beauty, remote play (wish my Z1 could have remote play) and a whole host of other things. So, I’m going to wait. If that’s until September, then so be it. I’ll just reduce my tariff until then. If it’s before then, then it’s a big bonus.

  • jag

    Agree! I was a bit disappointed too because I’m already up for a recontract. So i waited for MWC for any new phones. No Z4, the S6 and S6 Edge are good but it’s like there’s always something off about samsung and they’re like IPhone6!! (Sammy doesn’t really have their own design!), M9 had a camera upgrade only. So I was really disappointed!

    So I just went to Iphone 6 plus (because I need to recontract and my Fiancée likes iphones so much) and tried it for a couple of days. Build is really ok. It seems a very luxurious one. Screen is amazing, retina display is really good. Camera is better! BUT, a big BUT! keyboard doesn’t have swipe gesture, no small apps! (didn’t know i would be saying this but small apps are really helpful!), no TASKER!!!, can’t download movies and music or anything then use it right away (iTunes ahem), even chatheads or small sms or hover chat or watchamacallit, themes! I love changing themes, widgets.. They are very helpful! And it’s not waterproof!! I’m getting getting scared whenever i touch the phone with my hands wet and i can’t bring it inside the toilet. That’s a big no no for me.

    So to summarize, i gave the iPhone to my Fiancée And went back to my Z Ultra because the experience is a lot better with my lovey-dovey Z Ultra! Haha! And I’ll be waiting for the Z4, thank you.

  • Danny

    5.6 in screen? 3400mah? the Z3 is 5.2 in with a 3100mah already, it’s not that much of a different. If you want to ask Sony for a Phablet, it would be a 5.9 to 6.4 in 2K screen (at least). with a 20.7 MP rear and 5 MP front camera. 4000mah battery. the Z3 Ultra.

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    Exactly, that’s what I tried to explain to others who cried for Z4 in other news.

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    True but the Fourth series seem to start to adjust this problem and I think they finally start to go in the right direction.

  • Xadiq

    Personally I think this is a good move by Sony. Release a product when it’s ready, not because everyone else is releasing one.

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    If sony want to make experiences even better why don’t they just put bigger storage in it. I’m sick of this 16gb since the original xperia z.

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    That’s the part of human nature I guess.. The only thing I want right now are not lolipop bullshit, but bigger internal storage out of the box. What if they relase xperia z4 with only 16gb? That’s insane. Why buy a flagship smartphone just to use the camera, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc in it?

  • Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend

    More upgrade? OK hopefully the Xperia Z4 will come with 128 GB storage and I’ll definitely buy it.

  • webusermy

    You left out internal memory of more than the crappy 16GB they’re currently releasing in their “Flag Ships”…

  • aswani

    I hope the Z4 has:
    – Snapdragon 810
    – 32GB (at least) plus SD card slot
    – Qualcomm 3D fingerprint scanner, sounds interesting & doesn’t need hardware button
    – 5 – 5.2 inch screen (Don’t like larger screens)
    – Wireless charging (Qi) & Qualcomm’s Quick Charge

    Further improvements to other areas such as the camera.

  • -xperia-

    Just go back to taylor swift and stop complaining #_#

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    Glad to hear that the emphasis will be on software quality.
    Hope they figure out post-sales service, marketing and the importance of US market.
    Have seen Nexus phones giving great visibility to the manufacturing companies. Sony could use that strategy too.

  • GigaSPX

    What does Sony have to lose from not throwing out money to be the latest all the time? Apple and Samsung throwing out yearly releases makes their old hardware, which is still working perfectly fine by today’s standards, as a waste. You can already see they’re just trying to best each other out by now copying each other.

    Sony’s Z3 series is already in a way where if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Snapdragon 801s are basically lag free from my experience, and there’s no big deal to improve further from there. Having two day battery life is something not many other phones can boast about either. I think this is a wise decision for Sony to go with to help boost up their mobile division after their confirmation that it isn’t up for sale.

  • Quark Gluon

    2K display? Really?

  • Ritwij

    Yes, it’s not innovative. But, it’s really helpful.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Everyone knows that phablets don’t make a lot of sense after 6 inches as they’re often considered too big and their functionality isn’t particularly high. Samsung is aware of this and sticks to 5.7 inches (big but pocketable) while consistently making the best phablets. And I said “at least” 3400 mAh. As I said before, using the Z4 Tablet’s display tech means epic battery life that beats Huawei 4000mAh phablets. 1080p RGB LCDs are sharp enough under 6 inches so they can possibly make it cheaper plus there isn’t enough QHD content to justify moving up at the moment.

  • The advice that @-xperia- gave you isn’t bad at all, even if it’s not ;-)

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  • David Hvatov

    “We are focusing on bringing what is unique to the brand, bringing this content element into our proposition, such as Sony (Xperia) Lounge. ”

    Yeah.. Xperia Lounge is all we need. -.-

  • skis

    How about lowering the fcuking stewpeed price? That will at least attract more buyers.

  • qwerty

    I think Sony’s new strategy is either
    1) 9 months releasing cycle. According to that Z4 may release in June 2014, Z5 in March 2016 after MWC and Z6 in September 2016 after IFA, Z7 in January 2017 after CES.
    2) releasing randomly. They may release whenever they think that it is time to release, sometimes after CES, sometimes after MWC, sometimes in June, and sometimes after IFA. They do not have to follow a fixed releasing cycle.

  • Vincent

    Sounds really good. Focus on excellent software and updates for one device for a longer period of time. I really like that idea and it makes me feel like I have a nice device and won’t need to upgrade all the time. I love my Z3 phone and tablet an feel like the specs will keep them perform great for a couple of years. Keep it up Sony and hang in there, the Xperia line is awesome.

  • Vincent

    SD card? I have a high end 64gb card in my Z3 and I’m satisfied as hell.

  • Vincent

    Yeah, IP68 and excellent battery life along with great camera and display. Just perfect IMHO.

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  • Khillo81

    I understand you. I could never get myself to buy an iPhone: too expensive and you are restricted by the OS. After trying the freedom of Android, iOS is too restrictive. That being said, the situation has greatly improved with iOS8 where at least you can type by swiping (you have to install a 3rd party app such as SwiftKey). But yeah, basically, you’re still walled in the hallowed Apple garden :)

  • Jaissal S

    As soon as I read the “Snapdragon” part I just laughed in agreement. When I speak to people about the latest phones and the processors they have, they are like…”What’s Snapdragon”? When people are telling me about the S6 blah blah, I tell them about it not using a snapdragon processor, and they have no clue.

    It seems most people either want the latest Samsung phone, or the latest iPhone. If they really understood why the Z3 is better than the current S5 or iPhone 6 etc. They would make a logical choice depending on there needs right. I’ve only really seen one person on a bus with a Z3 Compact, I only know my uncle who has a Z3 and he really loves the Stamina mode feature…which has been present for quite a while in Xperia phones.

    People need to see features like Stamina mode and understand how amazing it is. Sony needs to advertise the key features to people to increase sales and therefore increase market share right?

    I can see that they want the next Z phone to be more unique than just tweaking a few specs right. I think that this is a good call. It may hurt them slightly when the S6/Edge/M9 etc release.

    I love my Z1 and my next device will be an Xperia.

  • slkc

    The hardware development has exceeded what ordinary people really need, Software updates and after-sale are key things to win customer loyalty / potential customers.
    And for Sony, I guess it’s much more economical to develop new software than a new (onmibalance -.-) phone

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  • dex

    Consumers aren’t even buying many of the cheaper Xperia phones, what makes you think they’ll buy the more expensive ones?

    Might as well focus on the small group of loyal Sony fanboys and increase the profit margin on each sale to them.

  • dex

    Small, thin bezels. Refer to the LG G3.

    Then again, Sony loves big ass bezels on the Xperia phones: Z-series, E-series, M-series, C-series all have big bezels.

  • dex

    Xperia Z was released years ago. Back in the day 16Gb was fairly okay for internal storage.

    How about buying a new phone? Too cheap to do so?

  • dex

    Sony, please make the Xperia phones easy and convenient for rooting.

    Rooting is not a crime, not a sin, it is not something to be ashamed of. Don’t release a new patch that makes existing root methods unworkable.

    Also, you claim to want to deliver the best ‘software experience’ but the stock Sony Xperia keyboard just sucks. No Korean language input, Chinese/Japanese languages separate from the International keyboard. These are basic, non-fancy features for a smartphone and you still haven’t got it right in 2015. How much longer do we have to wait?

    Last tip: bring back the Walkman app: but make it a sound recorder and FM radio 2-in-1 app.

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  • Chitti- The Robot

    Sony should launch flagships when they are needed, not according to certain time frames.

  • May Czos

    Everythind released this year will have SD810. If you don’t want it you’ll have to wait until MWC 2016. But Sony can’t wait that long, Z3 just cannot keep with S6 or M9. So they’ll probably release Z4 with SD810 this year (hopefully around May) and Z5 with SD820 at MWC in 2016. That would be great and it fits their new policy.

  • DBS

    Actually, that doesn’t fit AT ALL with their new policy. On the contrary.
    Which part of “we’re not releasing for the sake of releasing” didn’t you understand? Release a phone just because it has an SD810 IS “releasing for releasing”. And releasing one a couple of months later just because it has the SD820 IS “releasing for releasing”.

    I don’t care for the SD810 specially with all the overheating problems it has. I’m not upgrading my Z3C just because there’s a new snapdragon available. When I upgrade a phone, I want to UPGRADE. Switching the snapdragon isn’t an upgrade, it’s an update at best. A little bump. Which doesn’t justify spending another 600€.
    The strategy you proposed is exactly what Sony is putting an end to. Thank God.

  • DBS

    I get his complaint. Albeit the SD card, Google f*cked up SD functionality on KitKat. And Sony didn’t correct that as the likes of Samsung did. Actually, let me rephrase that, Sony corrected that in ALL devices EXCEPT the flagship ones. WTF.

    I constantly struggle with the storage on my Z3C. I don’t need a big storage because of photos or music. I need it because apps take space. And games even more. I don’t have ONE game installed on the phone because of the lack of storage. And that sucks. Big time.

    However this is something that can be corrected with a software update, no need for more hardware.

  • May Czos

    Z3 was releasing for the sake of releasing because there was nothing new compared to Z2 while 64-bit, faster SD810, DDR4 RAM memory, new camera sensor and probably some software updates are significant improvements. Next one except new processor may also have Qualcomm’s new fingerprint scanner (which probably can be located under the glass) and a few other thing they may came up till the end of the year.

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  • tonkotsu

    not 6, or 12, BUT 9!

    it makes all the difference!

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  • [S]unjay

    The Xperia Z3 has some of the smallest bezels around. They’re even smaller than the Galaxy S5.

    Secondly, Sony has a phone with smaller bezels than the G3 and it was released an entire year earlier. It’s called the Xperia ZL.

  • jag

    Aah.. Didn’t know about that swiftkey. I thought it’s still not avaliable to use. I’ll tell my Fiancée about it and maybe she’ll be blown away about the convenience it would bring.

    I’m a tasker kind of guy. Most of my accessories are automated like smart connect but in different level. And the password thing that goes away when you’re in a home wifi. All of that are a big deal to me. So until ios is all walled. I’m not going for it! And unlock the NFC of 6+ for all’s sake! I can’t live without NFC too haha

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  • 12

    z4 sell in June

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