Android Lollipop also hits Xperia Z3 Compact; update for other Z series rolls in two weeks

by XB on 16th March 2015

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LollipopThe Android 5.0.2 Lollipop firmware update has also started to roll out for the Xperia Z3 Compact. Firmware build 23.1.A.0.690 is currently rolling for the D5803 Xperia Z3 Compact variant in the Nordics and Baltic regions.

Sony has also confirmed in a blog post that the update for other series in the Xperia Z range will commence in “around two weeks time“. Sony doesn’t confirm which handsets are expected to roll first, but we would imagine that the Xperia Z2 would be getting Lollipop next.


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  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Oh wow it killed my excitement, I am going back to the cave where I came from.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Will z3 keeps root after upgrade to lollipop?

  • Ju Rgen


  • Dioq8i

    Still waiting on my Z3 Dual

  • apolloa

    Eh? I don’t understand why the Z3 Compact gets the update now and other devices have to wait 2 weeks?

  • fluxx

    They promised to start beginning 2015. Failed.They promised to start in February. Failed.
    They promised to start with Z3 *and* Z2. Failed.

    I have better things to do than complaining about (free) updates, but the whole Sony update story is such a sad thing in terms of engineering speed and communication.

  • Ali

    Lollipop 5.0 is not gonna save mankind so stop bitching and wait for your update!

  • Christian Juul Anthonsen

    I only need the lock screen notification!

  • Evgenii Kukoverov

    Because xperia z3c is the most popular xperia phone

  • roeshak

    The 6 month cycle rears it’s ugly head again. Well the z2 will be my last Sony device for a while at least so I’m not as upset as I would have been normally. So Z2 users have to wait another 2 weeks. By that measure Z1 update will probably start towards the end of April while the older z devices may have to wait until may possibly.

  • Ritwij

    Apps to SD may save mankind.

  • Christian Juul Anthonsen

    They say within 2 weeks. That could mean tomorrow;D

  • John-Mark Christmas

    Very well said. To add, as i mentioned last week, fans will not them seriously if they continue like this. They mentioned that they’ll be more customer focused. They are surely not achieving that. What kinda company constantly sets goals(I’m guessing they do) and does not follow through with them. It’s the customer that should be first priority. Like i said before, all the troubles the Sony Mobile team is going through, they brought it upon themselves

  • Deadstar

    Because z3c is a z3 but compact…

  • huz3c

    The fucking update Just killed my z3c. Wont turn on, doing nothing on reset, if i want to turn on it Just show a white screen.

  • roeshak

    Xperia blog quote them as saying in around 2 weeks time and not within 2 weeks. By that, it could even stretch beyond 2 weeks

  • huz3c

    What should i do? Ive alrdy tried to contact sony

  • Fuerte Gollito

    PC companion and repair Phone..

  • Andy Droid

    i don´t mind if it comes slow, as long as these update does not bring new bugs.
    take your time Sony, I am willing to wait. Just make sure you get it right.

    expecting these things from the update:
    app 2 sd
    improve battery life
    new look and feel
    enhanced UI.

    for the other guys who complain (get a life!)

  • Sadman Khan

    Z3c is the flagship alongside z3 so yeah

  • apolloa

    Is it? And what difference does that make, I want my Z3 Tablet updated. They all run on the same hardware, the only difference are screen sizes.

  • ahomad hosin

    you eating won’t save mankind so stop eating forever. Your reason is invalid. I am a die hard sony fan. I haven’t owned phone from any other company in my whole life since the first sonyericsson t68 (if I remember correctly) until Z1 That I still own. But seeing that all flagship from other companies already received the update long time ago I now know that sony won’t change, the let me down with X10, they let me down with Xperia S and they let me down with Z1. I am due an upgrade soon where I will seriously be considering LG G4 or Note 5

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    Buy a Nexus…

  • subin salim

    Download Xperia Z3 23.1.A.0.690 firmware ftf

    You might not have got 23.1.A.0.690 firmware update yet via PC Companion on your Xperia Z3, so if you are looking to update it right away, use the below link to download 23.1.A.0.690 ftf and flash using Xperia Flash Tool

    (check this link for flashing instructions).link for flashing instructions).

    For Xperia Z3 D6603 Nordic NCB!bodkXIzR!8c8Sy9Re_YFFE12aXhydOljACBWoeEknb67m9uCrYEI

    For Xperia Z3 D6603 Baltic Generic!pFNRUAaJ!WpTJgFVMPbjJkYbjIe_2YcOtUJkZqDnzqCSrctRCQQw

    We will keep you updated as soon more info comes on 23.1.A.0.690 firmware global release.


  • Asif Kader

    you know it is Always recommended to start fresh, factory reset and the whole package..

  • Reen

    app 2 sd – check
    improve battery life – maybe
    new look and feel – yes
    enhanced UI – yes, more or less :)

  • Stemro

    There should be a pre-rooted Lollipop firmware that will hopefully be available on XDA soon. The process requires that you already rooted on .93 firmware (full guide here –

  • In Poland people like you are called onions.

  • Stemro

    What about improved camera software?? Nothing said about that ye…

    Also we don’t know yet how stable this update that we’ve been waiting months for (and which people kept justifying saying waiting is good as long as we get a stable release at the end) really is (even though there are probably still many bugs that only got fixed in Android 5.1…)

  • Ritwij

    It will stretch beyond 2 weeks. Trust me, it will.

  • aimfail

    Hmm not available for my Z3C yet. Im in Denmark !

  • Ritwij

    Because it’s new. Sony logic.

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    There have just been some screenies on xda suggesting that no raw support or in fact not much improvement in camera at all :

  • apolloa

    The Z3 hasn’t got the update so I don’t understand your comment?

  • bzhzhJjsbzbz

    it did lol

  • Tsakane

    2 weeks? Are you fucking serious? The Z2 is almost exactly the same as the Z3 wtf Sony omg

  • ZXcorr


  • Ali

    I feel you broh. I also used T28, K750i, Z1,Z2,Z3 and I love Sony just for its camera. But your phone is working properly right? So Sony thinks a working phone is always better than a buggy/always crashing phone. And that’s why they’re releasing 5.0 after so many tests… Just because they gave you a late update that doesnt mean you have to change your phone. And I think this wait will worth it after all.

  • Rock Kickass

    Absolutely spot no. We’ve all heard the main reasons of what Sony should improve to make it more competitive in the mobile market, but it also needs to roll out updates a lot quicker imo. I know there are a lot of outside factors involved, such as mobile networks, but Sony does really need to be a lot quicker when compared to the likes of Samsung.

  • Emir Zarith

    yeahh well said

  • Jaissal S

    So Z1 should start rolling in April. I’m glad that they addressed the rest of the Z series though. I don’t like seeing people complaining. Can’t people just be happy that the update is rolling out now and be patient until it reaches your device. It won’t harm anyone if it takes a few days for it to arrive. I’m waiting for it to start rolling on my Z1 and i’m excited.

  • echomrg

    man the T68i really sucked… it was my shortest lived phone.
    paid premium for it and scrapped it after 4 months: incredibly sluggish and VERY prone to crashing.

  • echomrg

    ok, here’s the noobest question of the day ;)
    how do i check if the update is available?
    settings -> about phone -> software update
    is correct?

  • Chris

    Preaper for lag, bugs and fast draining battery as Sony ussualy delivers the new software updates. And from personal experience i have a Nexus 7 tablet, and Android 5.02 was buggy I’m not even going to update my phone until Sony releases Android 5.1 update.

  • Jaissal S

    Yes. You can also check straight in the Update Center and click the refresh button. You can also connect your phone to PC Companion.

  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    There are no manual camera controls anyway, so I’ll stay on Cyanogenmod.

  • Jecht_Sin

    Hmm.. Wrong analogy. His eating does help saving mankind. If we suddenly all stop eating mankind is f*cked. :D

  • Joe

    Yep. Even SD card r/w access in 3rd party apps alone is worth it.

  • ????

    Nah, I won’t update it! If I do, I’m gonna miss the Walkman. Music doesn’t sound so cool!

  • Joe

    It’s the same thing.

    Walkman app does ‘no’ credit to the Walkman brand.

  • Jecht_Sin

    Why the Xperia rollouts always take so long? First a Country, then another. I had to wait two weeks to get the last 4.4.4 update for M2 in Italy. Even the photo Album update took forever!!

    No, I’m not complaining about the delay. I’m just wondering if at Sony they are so dumb that they don’t have yet a common network infrastructure for all services. The PSN is delivering games up to 50GB. To up to 80 million PS3 and 20 million PS4. Sure to add the rollout of Xperia ROMs (about 1 GB) in those servers wouldn’t add much traffic..

  • ????

    I know, mate! I’m just kinda nostalgic about those times when Walkman was a big thing and if you had one you were considered rich and cool. That’s why I want it on my phone! Have a nice day! :))

  • Omeed Heydari

    Z3 now, Z2 2weeks at least, so 1 month for Z1 and ZUltra, and forever for Z, ZL and ZR?
    Come On, I should wait more than 1 month for my ZUltra?

  • ????

    I know, mate! I’m just kinda nostalgic about those times when Walkman was a big thing and if you had one you were considered rich and cool. That’s why I want it on my phone! Have a nice day! :))

  • AlexFirth91

    Exactly what I need.

  • Micheal Archer

    You’ve had the same Xperia history as I have. It seems that Sony (Ericsson) changes their Android update priorities at the worst times for that sequence of phones. That said, what other flagships are on 5.0.2? The Z1 was launched at the end of 2013, and Sony’s update schedule is now “newest first” which makes sense. That was their plan with the X10 as well, but the delay was terrible. Then they thought to go to “oldest updateable first” after the X10 until it was time to update the Xperia S when they switched back to “newest first” which meant an unexpected delay from Sony for those owners.

    Lollipop 5.0 was released on Nov. 3 with 5.0.2 released around mid-December. That means that Sony released 5.0.2 within approximately 3 months (though I’m confident that they were working on a 5.0 release before 5.0.2 was available and that the code isn’t vastly different).

    Unfortunately for owners of older devices, it will still take a while to get the update. However, it feels like Sony wrote the code for ALL of the Z-series devices before releasing Lollipop to any of them. That would definitely take longer than writing it for just the Z3 models and releasing it and then beginning any modifications required for Z2, then Z1, then Z/ZL/ZR. Seems to me that they should be able to update the whole Z-series in a short period of time.

  • rus_media

    Because of poor customer service

  • rus_media

    Wait forever. First first let sony’s software engineers to struggle with 5.1

  • rus_media

    Try not to contact sony. Their most common answer is “soon”

  • Samantha


  • rygarto

    I believe Z2 is still the real flagship, and we have to thank crash test dummies on Z3s for testing the Loli firmware for us first :]

  • Snorky112

    they send country by country so like this if there’s a problem only few people of 1 country have them and they can fix before others get it

  • 9beat7

    Can whoever got the update set live wallpaper (beside the theme one) on lock screen?

  • ayub407

    What about Xperia Z3 Dual (D6633)?

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    I think whether you update lollipop or not,Walkman still get update to Music through update center.

  • gunboat_d

    “I have better things to do than complaining about (free) updates…”
    that seems unlikely. because here you are. GET A LIFE.

  • Raj Singh

    Dude, fuck off. You’re going to get the update so relax.

  • ????

    Yeah, you may be right! I’m gonna stop those updates!! :D

  • I can complain the same thing to rockstar as well. They promised GTA V PC for november release, then feburary, march, some other dates I can’t even keep up and now april 10.
    Shit happens, optimizations happens. Not everything promised will happen, stop acting like a child.

    I dont have any better things to do so here i am wasting time replying to your “i have better things to do” comment

  • apolloa

    Haha, its a slow day today, too tired….. Yeah I just saw the story below this one about the Z3 getting the update doh!

  • apolloa

    Haha, yeah but their tablets aren’t as nice as Sony’s… The Nexus 9 is too big for me, but yeah Nexus devices do get the updates first, however I’m in the UK and can tell you it takes several days for my stock Nexus 5 to have any updates pushed to it after they’ve been announce.

  • Arian Rivers

    Its still possible to use manual controls in Sony Camera app

  • Vrr

    Guys maybe something is missing!

  • fluxx

    I’m really impressed how many rage answers one “IMO” can get. It’s a fact that beside the slow development Sony really did not communicate well. If you don’t want to discuss I’m fine with that, but just telling people to fuck off adds nothing to any discussion. I’m not sure you’ll get it, but at least it’s said.

  • RC7

    Any news by when Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact is gonna receive this lollipop update?

  • Raj Singh

    I was quite blasé as I typed it out my response to your petulance.

    This is you: Fail. Fail. Fail.

    Yes, they “promised” it earlier. No, you didn’t get it when you were told you were going to get it. You’ve never had to wait for anything before?

    Updates sometimes face delays. That’s a reality. Samsung just delayed their Lollipop update on the S5. RockStar delayed GTA5 for PC. Ubisoft delayed The Division (again). It happens. Get over it. You know you’re going to get it. You have to wait a little bit longer. It’s not like your phone doesn’t work…

    You say you have better things to do than complain about free updates but that’s exactly what you’re doing! You don’t see the irony?

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  • Tommy Irianto

    Need the update to my D6653 :(

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    My Nexus 7 only received the update a month after… The 5.0.1… And was really bad. The 5.0.2 is marginally better but Kit Kat was by far greater.

  • Khaled Magdy

    Is it OTA or do I need to connect the phone to my PC to update?

  • Snorky112

    like what ?

  • Snorky112

    OTA, but you can connect the phone just in case it comes faster on the pc :p

  • Snorky112

    no it’s still walkman

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  • Sebastian Solaeche

    If I flash the firmware from the nordic to my xperoa z3 D6653 will it harm my phone or will it work? I’m from south america

  • ????

    Lol, I did it twice! :-D

  • Vrr

    See the pic left one is MWC image and that highlited quick settings thing is now not in the right one which is official update :3

  • Vrr

    Oops sorry just saw an review of lollipop on z3 that quick settings panel is there

  • Vincent

    Why we should wait for another two weeks? as far as i know Xperia Z3 have the same hardware as Xperia Z2..only the chip is the different..

  • Harish v.v

    I love Sony, but it is going in such a bad phase, no one can say that company may sustain this situation or not, but i hope it can sustains and give us many more amazing phones

  • Joe Black

    *within 2 weeks. XperiaBlog got it a bit wrong.

  • Joe Black

    Won’t harm it, as long as it’s the same phone.

  • inspire

    There Sony is seeding z2 update and here you bi*ching “They promised to start with Z3 *and* Z2. Failed”.

    don’t really know what you actually want…

  • Tommy Irianto

    But it’s not the same phone. The nordic releases are for model D6603. Sebastian’s Z3 model is D6653.. (Which is my Z3 model as well).. Still wondering about the same question though, will it harm the phone even though it is a different phone model? (I believe the difference is the LTE band each phones can tap into)

  • Ça?atay

    Still no lollipop for 5833 :(

  • Sebastian Solaeche

    But that one is for the z3 D6603 and mine is D6653 both are z3 but will it harm my phone anyway?

  • Joe Black

    Should work. I used to flash firmware from ST23a on my old Xperia Miro ST23i. The difference between those two are in the mobile network frequencies (not 100% sure if the meaning didn’t get lost in translaction since english is not my main language) in Europe and NA. It should, and am positive will work.

  • Khaled Magdy

    Thank you, but does it really come faster onPC? It wouldn’t be convenient hooking up the phone every while to check if the update arrives.

  • Snorky112

    I can’t say… sorry

  • 5u5m1t

    Anyone in the UK got the update yet for the Z3c?

  • Sibtain

    Just downloaded it on my Xperia Z3! Any news on the Xperia Z1 Compact, though? I use that phone quite a lot.

  • Sibtain

    The update is stable… That’s why Sony was so late in rolling it out… My Z3 has Lollipop and it runs as smooth af. You’re acting like you have an Xperia E

  • Sibtain

    Got it on my Z3 and Z3C!!!! And yes, I’m in the UK.

  • joni kwok

    till now not all version of z3c get update , its only D5803 and currently only available in select regions. world wide and to all version please….SONY promise

  • 5u5m1t

    I’ll have to keep waiting then :-(

  • brick

    It’s like that for every manufacturer. Nobody does worldwide rollouts, for starters it would crash the servers,also what snorky said.

  • khem ban

    I have updated my phone to lollipop in india, it was awesome,,, thanks xperiablog check out d video

  • khem ban
  • khem ban

    Started ti get bro, check pc comoanion i got updated

  • khem ban

    Roll out started,,,

  • khem ban

    Gizmobelt is gud, use that one

  • khem ban

    Battery is gud, app to sd does work, ui is grt

  • khem ban

    It started yesterday,, , ,,,,,,,, check this video

  • khem ban

    It started yesterday

  • khem ban

    Cos i got

    Check this out

  • khem ban
  • khem ban

    It started bro,, check pc companion

  • khem ban

    Walkman is stilll there, don worrry

  • apolloa

    Very nice, very smooth I’m impressed. Have you had any bugs or any WiFi problems yet?

  • khem ban

    The main issue i found ws, music on headphones ws gud n better in kit kat,,, n so far no bugs, everythung runs smooth

  • marksapolloa

    That’s an odd bug? No doubt Sony will improve that though. But glad to hear you haven’t found any other bugs. I am still waiting for the update to hit my tablet.

  • khem ban


  • khem ban


  • Benjamin Levy

    I got notification on my Z3 Compact today that Lollipop is now available for download in the US.

  • Azar

    3 weeks passed, let alone 2. No any other device received it in the meantime.

  • Sibtain

    Unfortunately.. Why don’t your try use XperiFirm? I haven’t tried that out on my Z3/Z3C, but I did for my friend’s Z2

  • 5u5m1t

    Can’t find one for the UK lollipop release, and I’ve never done it before; might mess it up.

  • Martin Weterholt

    We just received info from the Dutch twitter account, that the Z3 will be be updated starting from tomorrow!

  • Guest

    New Amazing Way of xperiablog… ;

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