Album Beta (7.1.A.0.12) brings 4K output over MHL and more

by XB on 20th March 2015

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Album Beta_7.1.A.0.12_4Sony Mobile has released a Beta of its Album application to testers, moving the build number from 7.0.A.0.26 to version 7.1.A.0.12. The move from 7.0 to 7.1 brings some big changes including the ability to output 4K images via MHL – particularly useful when connected to a 4K screen.

Other changes include the option to now choose exactly what items in the nav menu that you want displayed. Previously, this was limited to Facebook, Picasa and Flickr, but now you can choose whether you want Videos, Folders, Camera effects etc to also be displayed.

Within the settings menu, you can now also check to see how much of your PlayMemories Online storage quota you have used. Lastly, the location is now shown for PlayMemories Online photos. If you are keen to try the Beta for yourself, head over to the “Sony Album Beta” Google+ community to download the update and provide feedback.

Album Beta_7.1.A.0.12_1 Album Beta_7.1.A.0.12_2

Album Beta_7.1.A.0.12_3 Album Beta_7.1.A.0.12_4

Album Beta_7.1.A.0.12_5

Thanks Ben!

  • mohamed


  • Timel

    Sony Album is the worst gallery app its UI is fucking ugly and mess too

    Samsung Gallery and QuickPic are much better

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    Seriously, can you just stop? I guess you’re 5 years old and want attention, or just mentally sick? And you probably want to be hated by all of us? Well then you’ve succeed.

  • Jecht_Sin

    The only thing Samsung is better at is sucking. Which is nearly on par with your trolling.

  • nick

    Go sacksung…

  • cjames22

    Does Sony have other Beta channels for their apps? I just joined Albums.

  • Tomislav Mati?

    In what!? Album is better then these two apps together. And my opinion is that Album design is much better too.

  • Fiiliip

    Any rumors->sony xperia z lollipop->release date

  • mrninko


  • Doubleyoupee

    Still can’t customize the home screen…

  • Faisal Armand

    Meanwhile, I captured a lightning bolt with my Z2. Off topic, sorry

  • jeff

    is this in Manual Mode or Superior Auto?

  • Faisal Armand

    Manual, night scene mode.

  • Jonathan Bratanata

    Awesome pic

  • Faisal Armand

    More of them here..

  • Marlish

    Theres soo much noise in this picture :/
    But it looks good :)

  • stop with all this flat it’s ruining sonys design language i liked the transparent glass bar now it’s black

  • Ritwij

    Check out the link he mentioned below of this picture, there’s almost no noise in it. I think disqus degraded the quality here.

  • Ritwij

    Awesome work!

  • Nadeer Suddoo

    Dude my z2 camera does not shot like dat..whats your setting?

  • Ritwij

    Go to manual mode, select image size 8MP, select scene selection as “Night Scene”

  • Geoff Blackbird

    being able to exclude certain folders would make this app complete, as it is it is still a none runner for me because of this – I use quickpic

  • mrninko

    track id, album, lifelog, sketch, walkman…

  • Aiden Pearce

    nothing much in beta..should improve more but putting in Play Store was a bad idea Sony Media Apps was one of the factor that made my Xperia unique…

  • Faisal Armand

    By any means, NO. XD i’m just a guy that likes to shoot things.

  • Faisal Armand

    I always want to maximalize the potential of my Z2’s camera as I don’t have a camera. So, my phone is my camera.

    For the best results, I always use manual mode, tweaking ISO, focus modes, white balance, EV, metering, and scene modes. And when i’m shooting at night or dark conditions, I use night scene & fireworks in manual mode. Night scene enables low ISO & slow shutter speed, combination of those make still objects very sharp & detailed and at the same time giving images very good exposure. The effects of slow shutter are making moving objects hard to render –> and thus you can shoot artistic light trails when vehicles passed by. But when you guys use night scene mode, make sure your hands are steady or use a tripod.

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  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    its due to dis compress the original pic great and awesome

  • Hassan Alghar

    Two features I want from the album app:
    1- Sorting options
    2-Delete or hide folders

  • Ritwij

    Well, you’re really great at it.

  • Ritwij

    It is still compatible to Xperia devices only. Others can’t install it.

  • nick

    Not now but it will be soon..the whole point of putting it in play store is to make it available for other devices..

  • u fanboy?

    What? No…HTC, Moto and others already have their Apps on Play Store, it doesn’t mean they will be available to other devices. Sony apps will be limited to Xperia devices.

  • DLNA

    Nope. They put it on play store for faster update. See xperia keyboard on play store , nobody can install it except xperia users.

  • skyxz

    I know that awesome Feel bro!

  • Quark Gluon


  • Ritwij

    Xperia keyboard was put on Play Store around a year ago. Not yet available for non-Xperia devices.

  • Ritwij


  • Faisal Armand

    Very good

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    When I transferred my photos from my old Z to the new Z3 using Sony’s own Xperia Transfer app, it didn’t preserve the order of photo files (date taken). Also I used the “Transfer to SD card” feature in the Settings –> Storage, the order got screwed up again. This is really annoying.

  • Brian David Brown

    Any download links for this newly updated album app? PS is still under 7.0.A.0.26, much appreciated.

  • nick

    I hope it does..that’s wat makes our xperia unique

  • c070533


  • c070533


  • Aimen

    where is Lollipop update for xperia z1 :(

  • Yali AA
  • Vinicius Araujo

    LOL, is that a Xperia E1?

  • skyxz

    Taken on a Z1 on November 2013, the night I bought it.

  • Guest

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    Can Find Out,

    ??? ::>>

  • Great shots!

    If you like the lightning, you can use a fisheye lens, and an application for the long exposure .. becomes easier and can be the most spectacular shots ..;)

    … like these:


  • Faisal Armand

    Excellent work! The fisheye lens looks interesting, maybe i’m looking to buy one of those in the future.

    As for the long exposure. The stock Xperia camera app allows the maximum exposure time of 0.8s. I tried the camera fv5 for longer exposures, but the app somewhat destroys the pic, reducing the resolution to 2MP then making a noisy & pixelation mess. And what’s a nightmare to me is, Sony disables full manual controls in lollipop update :( I always want to shoot images with an exposure time of over 2 seconds.

    Maybe you have an app suggestion for effective long exposure settings?

  • Thanks Faisal Armand: D!

    Unfortunately I have better suggestions related to long exposure.

    Using still “Long Exposure 2”, but also that, as “Camera FV5”, release the image to 2 MPX !!! In addition, on Z1C also involves a bad grid background instead with the Xperia S does not leave (if I can still use the S in fact!)

    I tried often an application that did best long exposures, but to date I have not found anything Android.

    I also bought “Camera FV5” hoping to have more options, but are not yet practical to use it and I noticed myself the same definition of the long exposure :(

    “A Better Camera” (pro) allows a sequence of eight shots in the night option that processes then also 20.7 MPX, but it is not the same thing to the long exposure .. it would still lucky for lightning using the “night option “.

    For now this is what I managed to do, being content with the results, however, relatively good for a smartphone! : P

    PS: I wrote everything with google translator, I hope it is understandable

    Ciao ;)

  • Faisal Armand

    Oh don’t worry, I understand all of your words.

    Nice suggestions! I’ll try them apps anytime soon. If they doesn’t work with kitkat, then i’ll try again after lollipop update hits my country

  • Great Faisal Armand!

    .. I too am a “not-photographer” and use only my Xperia for the fun of making all the shots.

    A key difference, however, is that I give to the quality, because the sensors of smartphones remain small for me to have a physical limit huge analghi results of dedicated cameras, despite what you may always get great photos maximizing what you can as you do!

    I try instead many perspectives, even surreal, using lenses, applications and combinations of them for new results, sometimes impractical to achieve with cameras and dedicated, so also do the difference and make the most of what they can express their smartphones.

    Astronomical images are my favorite lately and with telephoto lenses, combinations craft (superzoom), night photos etc I adhered results still incredible to me from a smartphone.

    The other day I made beautiful photos solar eclipse, but other images of the moon, the sun with stains solarium even ups the Pleiades stars are within the reach of our small instruments: D

    You can see many of my shots, all exclusively with Xperia, here:

    Xperia Forum:


  • :D well
    I work with KK everything .. I will wait lollipop
    Good luck to you;)

  • Faisal Armand

    Crazy good shots, there! Excellent job!

  • Thnak you so much :D!
    All this is my fun now!


  • garygary

    There are no full manual controls on phones. You can’t change the exposure time, because you can’t change the aperture to get correct exposure. The aperture opening on phones is fixed. The only thing you can adjust is the ISO sensitivity, and that’s far from manual mod.

  • Faisal Armand

    Then tell me why HTC One M8 is able to change its exposure time

  • garygary

    Because they automatically adjust the ISO until they can, so you get a correct exposure (if that is possible).
    The aperture is fixed at, lets say f/2, at ISO 100 you need an exposure time of, for example, 1/50 sec. Then you go to “manual mod”, dial in exposure time of 1/200 sec, and because you can’t open the aperture, the camera automatically raises the ISO to 400, to compensate for faster shutter speed.
    But if, in same lighting conditions, you dial in, for example, 1 sec for exposure time, the camera would have to compensate with lowering the ISO by almost 6 stops. That would be something like ISO 1. Did you ever see a camera which can do ISO 1? You didn’t. So the camera will set the lowest ISO it can do, but still you will have a wrong exposure and you will brag about how bad the camera is.
    It’s not like “I will dial in something and magic will happen”. For full manual control you need to know how to get proper exposure, you need to know about aperture, shutter speed, ISO and the correlation of them.

  • Faisal Armand

    To summarize, your comment makes sense.

    What I meant before is, it’s a shame that sony doesn’t give controls over shutter speed.

    I once played around with lumia procamera app. And when I adjust the shutter speed to slow values, the ISO is automatically lowered by several steps. Unlike DSLR that can stay at the same ISO while we adjust shutter speed to any value we want, because DSLR has variable apertures.

    As for the lens aperture, the lower the lens aperture is, the camera doesn’t need to choose high ISOs to shoot in low light conditions to get proper exposure. As for the relations of ISO & shutter speed in a camera with fixed aperture.. Let’s say this, in a dim indoor restaurant.. I shot my meal with ISO 100 & 1/16s setting. I can shot at ISO 50 with the same exposure, but the shutter speed is automatically adjusted at 1/8s to get the same exposure as ISO 100 image.

    I need to play around with oppo smartphones, they have the slowest shutter speed value of 30s.

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  • garygary

    I agree, in low light conditions you could have benefits from a manually chosen long exposure time. But as you said, you are an experienced camera user, and you have some knowledge. Now, imagine an average camera user, as most of the users are … They heard that manual mod is better … They randomly choose some ISO and exposure time … Couldn’t get correct exposure … “Oh my God, this camera sucks. I’m going to forum X and to, to let everyone know that this camera is bad”. And so on …

  • Faisal Armand

    Precisely, what you said is true because you know, I had an argument with a childish bloke that said Xperia camera sucks because when he shot at high ISO, the image is grainy & and he doesn’t want any noise at ISO 1600-3200 without any side effects such as oil painting effect. I was like.. WHAT??! And he said when he’s shooting at low ISO in low light conditions, he had to stand like a stone to avoid shakiness. Well you & I know the relations of ISO & shutter speed, don’t we?

    Actually, Xperia camera isn’t as bad as some people say. It has, in fact.. The best ISO performance of any smartphone, second only to Lumia 1020. Hence why xperia users praise manual mode.

    I have many evidence to prove it but I’ll give you only one sample. look at this low light comparison of Xperia Z2 against Lumia 930

    In every scene, Z2 shoots at higher ISO & faster shutter speed than 930 but Z2 prevails more often than not (the area where Z2 truly lost is the flash test). Surely, Z2’s images are a bit noisier but they contain more details! Imagine if Z2 is shot at the same ISO. Colours are better on Z2 as well. Also, many people blamed Xperia for using aggresive noise reduction, but from that comparison, I can tell that Lumia 930’s NR is much more aggresive and thus obliterating details even though the ISO in every image is lower than Z2.

  • Nice 1

  • ra3al

    Just create an empty .nomedia file within each folder you want to exclude

  • ^_^ Z1C

  • Faisal Armand

    Wow, a red lightning. Excellent shot, there!

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