Sony is official smartphone sponsor of Tough Mudder 2015

by XB on 23rd March 2015

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Tough MudderSony has announced that it will be the official smartphone and SmartWear sponsor of Tough Mudder 2015. Sony will be highlighting the Xperia Z3, SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk as part of the sponsorship. Xperia Z3’s will be placed at various angles throughout the course documenting how participants are faring from start to finish.

If you are wondering what Tough Mudder is then the video below should help. Tough Mudder is a “team-oriented 10-12 mile (18-20 km) obstacle course designed to test physical strength and mental grit.” One of the new redefined obstacles this year includes ‘Arctic Enema 2.0’, adding icy water to the obstacle.

  • Khaled

    So they went from FIFA sponsorship to this!!! o_O

  • pondy

    Just dont take the phone on the course, into the mud or water, because if it gets water damage, Sony wont cover the repair :-)

  • Vuyo Ncube

    FIFA had been investigated for several alleged acts of corruption including bribing of the Russian and Qatari World Cup bids and unchecked slave labour and a construction death toll of 4000 from South Asia and North Korea for Qatar. Plus sponsorship costs were rising. Sony left because of all that drama.

  • ZXcorr

    Sony replaced my water damaged phone for free.

  • pondy

    You must be a lucky one, theres plenty of people out there who have been declined.

  • Xperia Active 2 pls

  • rvjaywaks

    blame you’re service center not the entire company.

  • great news for entire z series.specially for Z and Z1

  • Wrestler Kishore Cena

    Is it official or rumour? No official news from xperia blog

  • I saw some twitters also hints for that news

  • karam abi karam

    It is thd announcemant of xperia z4 with snapdragon 815 not 810 i think

  • borntoparty
  • Tomislav Mati?

    Sony replaced mine XPERIA Z2 after back glas crack and water damage too. Your service center is to blame.

  • Bur

    My phone got replaced 4 times, some of them weren’t even covered but after some good talking… I took Z1, after 3 times got the Z2 from service, waterdamage cuz of my stupidity, got my money back in coupon form, took the Z3 compact, but my contract is still z1 price ^^

  • Snorky112

    they dont know what they’re talking about

  • Wrestler Kishore Cena

    No its a old news unlich

  • sony sucks

    obviously a lie, but as far as i concern, this lies same as sony’s big promises… none of them are true…
    2weeks ago official xperia indonesia facebook, and official xperia france twitter promised the update a week later (last week)… did they got anything?
    you know the answer

  • Wrestler Kishore Cena

    There is no lollipop update still on my xperia z2 I am in India.Its already been One week(7days) why sony is performing too slow in terms of software update not yet released for xperia z3 also in India.I am contineously checking xperia blog every time there for checking is there is any update?

    I am waiting

  • brick

    Whooah, a whole week? Please Sony, you better get babby his lollipop or he’s gonna cry and make a mess!

  • Snorky112

    the update is actually rolling out, so I don’t see where’s the problem

  • sony sucks

    it is not about a week you little fanboy… it is about the constant lies, and vague promises and NONE of them were true: beginning of the year, then february, then march, then “coming soon”… if you werent that blind you know that even the march is gonna fail whatever is gonna happen…
    two weeks ago official indonesia xperia facebook, and official xperia twitter announced the update for their users for the next week (last week), and that was also failed….
    dont you see?

  • sony sucks

    i wonder how is rolling out for french and indonesian users… do you think those channel meant that “we are rolling and be prepared…. but at the end of the day not for you…”

  • sony sucks

    and you really dont see the problem? then i know for fact that you are hopeless fool…

  • Snorky112

    I’m not hopeless, you are just a fool, the update won’t change your life and won’t make your phone better (except the look), the update will come when it comes, til then I can still call my friends and take selfies so I don’t see any problem, If the update was bringing something really usefull and interresting OK but for now even KitKat has already whatever you could “need”, just because you don’t have material design won’t kill you

  • Constantine

    omg, update is already available, download the .ftf and install. Or just shut up.

  • No man today i checked it last twitters

  • sony sucks

    it is not about lollipop… i can live without it… but how is not irritating you that you paid for something and dont get any respect as a buyer of a premium device when we see that others could deliver? lies promises nothing else… if it is fine with you than go ahead keep buying sonys, but you know that sony mobile is basically on their last lag exactly bc of this attitude…

  • sony sucks

    :) yeah sure next time sony sell their device in bits… i will assembly too… sony cant do anything right except gather the stupidest fanboys on earth who defend them to death

  • Filippo


  • Snorky112

    I still prefer sony’s kitkat over other OEM’s Lollipop

  • Constantine

    Sell the phone and never buy Sony again, omg, I’m so tired of whiners like you, in every post someone is complaining. Why? Just sell the fucking phone and shut up.

  • minio111


  • Reen

    But on 4.4.4. the roullout started 4 weeks after the certification :/

  • sony sucks

    lol fanboy:D calm down will you! does it really that painful to read bad things about sony? i am sorry for you

    please dont reply to me! just skip my answer and i dont wanna hurt your feelings

  • Constantine

    Fanboy? No. Hurts my feelings? Na-ah. I just like to chat in comments, but everything I see is people, whining on updates. By the way, I don’t see any argument or explanation, why you don’t sell this phone and buy some other, which will give you updates everyday? I only see you calling me fanboy in every comment. Nothing to say, right?

  • sony sucks

    im selling… only problem is no one wants it:)
    explanation? i should explain why sony broke their promises over and over thats your job:)
    but i have a question: if you are not a fanboy, how come that you have nothing to say about the whole process only for the ones who complain like me saying “shut up” “flash yourself” etc…
    what kind of a job sony does since they announced that “we are bringing lollipop the entire.. yada yada yada” i am curious if you are not fanboy do you think that in 2015 a company who has a lot of cometitors can afford what sony does? they are losing big money in mobile, what are they hoping that joke of a communication and service gonna help them to gain users?
    if i were sony i would do anything to satisfy at least my current customers bc that is best pr fyi… instead they release stupid useless AR apps, announce stupid shit like underwater shop in dubai, etc… and when i see this i’m thinking: wow they really stupid focus on stupid things instead of us… that bothers me bc i paid big money for the device

  • You should be banned instead.

  • adibuyono

    I dont see sony indonesia and france tweet fail.. they really bring lollipop to z3 and z2 in week, arent they?

  • jep

    Just for nordic and baltic region.this is france and indonesia we talk about

  • brick

    My point is that nobody cares about your whining, Sony doesn’t read this blog, and you don’t NEED the update, it will come this week or next week, if your life is so empty and worthless you can’t live without some new icons on your phone flash the Baltic version.

    Or just get a nexus if you want early update, or a Samsung if you want slightly faster updates and 10x more bugs.

  • jep

    Actually this is what we get when we comment at any phone,samsung or sony..they all are the same.they cannot take when we blame or critic sony or samsung for certain mistake.all they want is we praise their phone manufacturer all the time.please we all have please dont mind with them.cause they are just a bunch of kid who can afford expensive gadget…i know many will irritate with me but I dont really care

  • sony sucks

    yeah i am staring to realize that:) and starting to give up on them too, its just no point they gonna buy and priase whatever happens, and curse anyone who criticize even the obvious faults…. whatever… happy days when i finally swap my z2 to something else

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  • timenow

    But it’s company responsibilities to look upon their service centers and focus on after sell service
    Here in india they simply don’t care for their customers…this is the main reason they are losing market in india

  • rubinaish

    Same for me, took them about ten days.

  • goldenblls

    Great marketing move. Most people have heard of Tough Mudder in the UK.

  • TechGuyChris

    He actually has a point dude. As a huge sony fan myself, I own all Sony products and bought into the sony ecosystem (bravia, xperia x10, ion, z2 vaio z3, xperia table z, ps3, etc). But these fans you hear complaining are fans like me cause you realize once you buy their stuff it just doesnt work the way they advertised. For example: Renting a movie from Video Unlimited from your smartphone, and then going to your Bravia when you get home to watch it on the big screen only to realize its locked onto the phone only and cant be played even though your using the same SEN account for a streaming rental… Their apps are slow, crash often (Music Unlimited), and their policies are dumb (going back to the video unlimited issue). So, when the fans here complain about them saying something only to go against their word later, it hurts. But fans like you who probably have very little sony owned devices continue to defend. I use to be like you.

  • Constantine

    Sony Xperia Z, Z1, Z2, Z3. Sony ?77 II DSLR, Sony X83C. I don’t even mention smart watch and phones like T610, K510 etc. that I had before. Yeah, very little Sony devices owned :(

    P.S. Always got what I wanted.

  • Constantine

    They were losing money because of producing 2 flagships a year, and a lot of useless phones. That’s the only problem. What I should say? I’m satisfied with what I got. I like Xperia UI, and hate all the others, like ugly touchwiz, HTC sence, iOS (especially) etc. I’m happy with my battery, with my display. I don’t care about OS version, because it brings nothing special for me, only new UI amd lots of new bugs. 4.4.4 works perfect and has no bugs. Maybe you just want 5.0.2 numbers be displayed in your ‘About phone’ tab?

  • TechGuyChris

    Problem. Those devices you mentioned werent designed to integrate with each other (aside from your smartwatch and xperia phone). Your Xperia Z3 does not integrate with a Sony X83C but will integrate with yoru smart watch. Your T610 didnt work with any other Sony device. You dont even have 1/4 of the integration ecosystem sony wanted you to have like I do.. The devices I bought were made to integrate with each other. Yours dont. Of course youd get what you want… Hell, the Xperias dont even integrate with Playstation 3. nor do they the PS4. Can you use your smartphone to access your media library on your PS4 with your SEN account when your away from home? didnt think so.

  • Constantine

    I simply don’t need it. My PS4 is for games, for music I have amplifier etc., for movies I have my Sony TV with chromecast and anroid player. You must check what is integrating with what, before buying such things. I always do, and have no problems.

  • TechGuyChris

    See that is your problem.Unfortunately for you I did do my research, but its buried deep down in their FAQ on their website. Notice how your stuff is multibrand and integrates better and Sonys own devices cant integrate with their own products efficiently.. Sony sells their devices as your one stop shop for all entertainment so you dont need to have redundant devices such as an Android player that does the same things as a PS4 and a Bravia TV as well as integrating with each other. Very similiar to what Apple does with their products. Do me a favor, go to the Sony entertainment network website right now and tell me what the front page says ( So answer me this why do Apple devices allow you to integrate everything you do on all their devices and Sony cant? This is why Sony is in a downward spiral and has lost money for so many years because even their fans are starting to give up on them. They dont do what their supposed to do.I have another queestion. Why are you buying a Chromecast when your Bravia can do the same thing as a Chromecast anyway? Oh wait, its because their software is more stable than Sonys built in smart TV functions on their TV right? i might also add its much quicker and has a better interface… You simply dont need it (Just like people dont need their integrations features of an iDevice) but it comes a nifty feature that people fall in love with. No wonder they cant compete.

  • sony sucks

    well said man, but dont expect a well educated answer from them they just too blind to realize what’s going on, don’t even bother:)

  • Kaostheory

    It exists all around the world, had to click the link to find out which one. We have one in Whistler B.C.

  • theblucandy

    I wonder if this ppl know that the service center is responsibility of the company… What do u mean by blame service center and not company…If I’m not getting my phone replaced I should go to Japan? Are you lost your mind. I had problem with my phones screen, the “Phantom touch” problem. I did everything flashed with new software again and at the end I went to service center but what they did is just flashing it again and said if you have problem come again. I don’t have enough time for this shit. It shows that company don’t really care what the customers do or think aft they get bunch of money from us. Useless service centers and useless liar companies.. Not only sony I’m talking abt all, almost all. I see some ppl got phone replaced 4 times and I’m not getting once. This shows how company is going forward. No one knows what happening. A complete chaos.

  • Amel_Marie

    Do you have twitter account? You can follow xperiablog and touch the star button So everytime xperia blog post new things, it will go straight to your notifications. Cheers!

  • timenow

    Exactly i think we should raise compalin about it over the web,so sony can HEAR it
    “either repair the phone or give my money back”

  • se7enamin omidi

    Hi, my xperia z2 change from silent mode to Rington mode automatically after 5 hours , what can I do?

  • theblucandy

    They don’t even bother to read complaints that’s why they r loosing ground

  • timenow

    very true

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