Sony Smart B-Trainer unboxing pics

by XB on 24th March 2015

in Accessories

Sony Smart B-Trainer_1We first heard of Sony’s Smart B-Trainer at the start of the year, which was demonstrated as a prototype at CES in Las Vegas. The device, designed for runners, provides voice coaching and also intelligently suggests the most suitable tunes whilst out on a run.

At the time we weren’t sure exactly which sensors were baked into the headset, but judging by the packaging we can confirm it includes GPS, a heart-rate monitor, music playback and is waterproof. You can see some unboxing pics below, including the charging pins for the headset and how it charges using the dock too.

Sony Smart B-Trainer_1

Sony Smart B-Trainer_2

Sony Smart B-Trainer_3

Sony Smart B-Trainer_4

Sony Smart B-Trainer_5

Sony Smart B-Trainer_6

Sony Smart B-Trainer_7

Sony Smart B-Trainer_8

Sony Smart B-Trainer_9

Sony Smart B-Trainer_10

Sony Smart B-Trainer_11

Sony Smart B-Trainer_12

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  • raju

    Good morning Xperiablog

  • Bassel

    That’s one beautiful phone in the pics (same as mine) :-)

  • XperiaJunkie85

    @XperiaBlog what is the white Xperia just out of shot in the 1st and 2nd image, looks very much like the Z4 we’ve been seeing recently.

  • RamaKrishna

    Good morning XperiaBlog ;-)

  • kevlo

    Good night xperiablog :D

  • Lito

    maybe its a ZL? but possible Z4
    EDIT: not ZL cause ZL has the camera at the bottom right corner, so huge chance it is the Z4.

  • XperiaJunkie85

    The ZL has the front camera in the bottom right corner so it’s definitely not that

  • Messup7592

    Yeah, Good night xperia blog ;-) (midnight in Paris lol)

  • Clarence Alvarado

    T2 Ultra

  • Another fanboy

    its T2 ultra. and where is my T2 ultra lollipop update?

  • Lito

    look at those ZL bezels!!!!! SONY DO THAT! dont give me 70% screen ratio…..

  • Killian Khoo

    Actually if you didnt realize Sony Xperia Z3 already have 71% screen to body ratio ~

  • Jacky

    ZL has those bezels because its not waterproof

  • Thariq Mohammed

    XPERIA Z4? Pic 1 and 2

  • Maxx Tan

    As great as it looks, it’s mostly likely sharing the same horrible experience to connect Sony BT peripherals to a Sony phone. Most of the time the “Throw” feature fcked up. Upvote if you have the same experience.

  • Guest

    i think it is M4 aqua.

  • valentino

    hmm i think so.. its different from c3.
    kinda look like xperia z3 tablet compact but smaller.
    maybe yes..

  • Allen Dunphy

    forget abou the details. l.o.l

  • A.o.D

    That is a C3 or t2 ultra

  • Lio Soriano

    not sure what your phone is but throw perfectly works fine with my Z2. i’m using SBH80, btw.

  • seems to be also waterproof, that would be nice ;) i have the walkman

    NWZ-W273 and it’s really nice. listening music while swimming!!!

  • Ritwij

    ZL has almost 75% screen to body ratio

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  • Chouaib CK

    simply sony the best <3

  • Valerius

    Sony has some great and innovative ideas. But then, they have a problem too: this stuff gets so complicated you’ll have to school people how to use it. You can’t describe in one simple sentence what it actually does.

    People these days have the attention span of a house fly so that’s bad.

  • Okazuma

    Great device

  • gunboat_d

    wait, it went from proto to unboxing in 3 months? I figured it was at least a year out, if that. screw it. i’m getting one.

  • Maxx Tan

    Z ultra, using SBH20

  • pf
  • W. Jurewicz

    Isn’t Sony going backwards with a proprietary charger?

  • [S]unjay

    Smaller than the G3

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