Whose head has been turned by the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge?

by XB on 12th April 2015

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wpid-img_product_gallery1_2.pngThere is no doubt that Samsung has created a wave with its latest flagship devices, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The latter in particular is completely unique when it comes to smartphones with its curved edge on both sides of the display.  Whilst the genuine usefulness of this curved edge remains questionable,  the general consensus is that the S6 Edge looks like a next-generation device. For the first time, Samsung has clad the front and rear faces of its Galaxy flagship with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 with an aluminium frame around the side of the phone.

However,  it is not only the looks where Samsung is winning plaudits,  the Galaxy S6 has the specs to match including a 5.1-inch 1440p AMOLED display,  octa-core Exynos 7420 chipset (4 x 2.1 GHz Cortex-A57 cores and 4 x 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 cores),  3GB RAM, a 16MP rear camera with OIS, wireless charging, integrated fingerprint scanner and infra-red sensor. It is nice to see internal storage options starting from 32GB too –  16GB has no place on a flagship device these days in our view.

Two negative points include 1) a relatively small 2550mAh battery, especially for Sony Xperia owners used to a two-day battery life on some devices and 2) no microSD memory card slot. Despite this, Samsung is forecasting record sales of the Galaxy S6 series and it has won largely positive reviews from the tech media. The handset hit sales channels a few days ago across a number of regions.

The question we are asking today is if you are a current Sony Xperia owner,  have you already bought or planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 device? If so, what turned you? Was it the design and specs combined with what is increasingly looking like an incremental update on the Xperia Z4? Is it anything to do with software updates?  If you aren’t interested in the Galaxy S6 as your next phone and plan to stick with the Sony Xperia series what is keeping you loyal? We’d love to hear your experiences below.


  • I’ll not buy an S6. Firstly, my Z1 Compact is great and still pretty fast. The battery life is awesome and the camera does its job. The S6 imo is way too expensive for now, and you can’t expand the storage. I also think it’s disappointing because Samsung didn’t let the battery be removable, which was a great advantage on their previous devices.. Though it’s nice to finally see a Samsung with a decent design :)

  • i hate samsung

  • Mohit Thapar

    Sony is disspointing its followers now, by repeatedly bringing the same product with very small changes, seriously I being the biggest fan of Sony now looking forward to buy Sammy for the first time. Same same same design, with such huge bezels on upper and lower side, why cant they see that people hate it,

  • qehehjjabbdnn

    Samsung looks like cancer, their ui is cancer and basicly everything besides camera is cancer
    sony is cancer when it comes to camera software and firmware

  • Not my head turned yet. Waiting for the Z4 to make some actual punches.
    This year’s flagships, they’re all kidding me. Z4 will ‘serious’ me!

  • a.hamameh

    Add me to the list

  • Ricardo Ca

    Don’t like Samsung phones either.

  • laci_csk

    No, I dont want Samsung Galaxy…

  • Ricardo Ca

    It’s true that Sony has been disappointing but Samsung no.

  • Xperia Z2 better than Galaxy S6

  • Gabriel Franco

    I will, really like the S6 edge and finaly Samsung changes the design, a thing that Sony need to do

  • I like the Galaxy S6 Edge’s unique look.

    I hope Sony will update the look of Xperia’s small apps. The multitasking on the Galaxy smartphones look much better than Xperia’s

  • cingolat

    No micro sd card slot? I’ll Never buy a phone without micro sd card slot……this is mandatory for me

  • Se7eNMONK3YS

    I bought one, standard s6, love it, but I wouldn’t sell my z3 compact tablet. Although the z3 would be my second choice of phone.

  • phil g

    The galaxy S6 and S6 edge are great phones, but i will forever be loyal to Sony.

  • mjmdroid

    I like the S6 minus battery life and touchwiz, I like what Sony is offering too but I hope they’ll upgrade internal memory this time and forget about fucking SD cards

  • a.hamameh

    Well Sony has a better software,beautiful design,the best camera, the best screen and of course longer battery life so why should I move to Samsung
    I saw the S5 with the last lollipop update but it’s slower now than Xperia E1
    So if Samsung released a new S7 it will just make the same with S6 but for Sony we have the Z3 and our Z2 is running fast without any problems.
    This screenshot proves what I was saying. it’s taken by my own Z2

  • Brian De Guzman

    Heads are turned since Samsung finally released a somewhat “premium” looking device, Sony’s been doing it since the original Z.

  • paul_cus

    I like the design language Samsung is using this year, but the home button throws it off for me. On screen buttons are much nicer for Android, in my opinion. I’m still waiting to see what Sony has in store this year. Hoping to see another Compact.

  • Žilvinas

    Add me too + I hate their UI

  • karamelakimo

    Well I have sony xperia Z now since release and love it so much and thinking about change this year , that’s more than 2 years for me now
    I must admit it Samsung galaxy s6 is an awesome device and can make a lot of people change their opinions about samsung as a whole , I’m really impressed by the phone but not for buying it and for me I start to think about the HTC one M9 more
    I know M9 isn’t great for almost all points as S6 do but I prefer it the sleaky design and frontfacing speakers , Sense 7 , Outstanding super fast performance , New Themes app …..
    It’s only about Camera low light performance which Htc promised to improve with update and the battery that make me hesitate a little bit
    but for me I won’t decide till the release of Sony Z4 I’m here still waiting to see and decide

    I wish if they use metal body design instead of back glass but it’s still okey also if with glass also it won’t be my main reason if i go with other phone
    but really I want some software improvements even if it’s so simple as Htc gestures and wish the software of camera processing image will be better and better especially in low light performance and for god sake make the sup mode able to use the full 20 megapixel instead of only 8mp

  • qehehjjabbdnn

    my z1c gets 42222

  • A.o.D

    Eagerly waiting for the Z4! who cares about the S6 :p

  • joseph carmine nero

    hell no.it’s so over rated and over hyped.check indoor shot samples from here.my Z2 destroys it http://www.droid-life.com/2015/04/10/samsung-galaxy-s6-edge-review/

  • Lee Mo Al-Amin

    Lol! Lol! Lol! Sam who? Sam what?

  • [S]unjay

    My head hasn’t turned. The Galaxy S6 mostly helped Samsung catch up to where other OEMs have surpassed Samsung. Most of the new features and buzz around the S6 is already available in existing devices, Xperia and non-Xperia.

  • Zuhaib Adil

    Sony forever. I hate Samsung but the cost of Samsung is less than that of sony and that’s the key point of their selling.not just in smartphone but in other products as well.you should try to do the same.

  • [S]unjay

    The overview screen looks exactly the same.

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    Traitor! ;-)

  • DBS

    I always hated Samsung phones but I actually considered the S6Edge. Here’s why:

    – The design is just awesome. Specially the emerald green version of the Edge.
    – The camera, a Sony camera, does wonderfully what Sony has been slacking in doing: it gets software right and takes beautiful shots with a ton of manual controls (not close to the old Nokia phones but close). And it has OIS.
    – Albeit TouchWiz still being as horrible and bloat-filled as always, at least Samsungs version of Lollipop maintained KitKat’s volume controls instead of Lollipop’s stupid new notifications controls.
    – Samsung’s Lollipop has a full Theme engine. It is the same concept of the Xperia Themes, but unlike Sony who basically mutilated the Xperia Theme engine on Lollipop, Samsung actually expanded and you now can customize everything, even the colours of the notification tray (thus allowing you to avoid the vomit-colour used in stock Android / Sony’s Lollipop).
    – Albeit lacking microSD storage, it has 3 options of built-in storage.
    – It has a beautiful display.

    However, here’s why I’m NOT buying one:

    – Way too big. I like the Compact size and I’m not really willing to deal with 5″ screens or more;
    – QHD screen. Sorry but I don’t need it. Even less to just drain the battery;
    – battery which is stupidly small given the size of the device.
    – TouchWiz. I still hate it. I like that you can make it not-ugly something you can’t do on Sony’s Lollipop any more. However, it’s still filled with bloatware and makes the phone crawl.
    – Apparently the Gorilla Glass 4 construction isn’t that durable;
    – The prices asked for the 64 and 128GB versions are ridiculously high. I’m not paying 1000€ for a phone. I wouldn’t pay that for a Nokia phone, I wouldn’t pay it for a Sony phone, I sure as hell won’t pay it for an iCrap and I’m absolutely NOT paying it for a Samsung.

    I have no intentions to replace my Z3C anytime soon, and specially not until Sony fixes the mess they made on Lollipop by NOT correcting Google’s stupidity. And since my chances of buying the next phone with KitKat instead of Lollipop are none, I’d rather keep my KitKat powered Z3C.

    Then I’m only upgrading it if Sony fixes the things I think the Z3C lacks:
    – OIS;
    – built in Qi charging;
    – new camera hardware with vastly improved software;
    – 32GB MINIMUM of internal storage + SD card

    And of course, I will want Lollipop fixed AND the Xperia Themes engine vastly open so I can put a Sony Lollipop phone with black backgrounds and white text, much like I have now on KitKat AND the notification tray back in black instead of the current Lollipop-vomit colour.

  • Alan Forsyth

    I have both the Z3 and the Note 3. The note after 14 months is still in excellent condition. The Z3 after 3 months has broken glass on the rear after using the official ps4 cradle once. The Z3 is now sitting in a drawer as Sony expect me to pay to have the glass fixed after the suction cup of their accessory cracked it. So to answer your question I’m sticking with Samsung

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    I miss some features on lollipop, like close all and the real volume options. Also the Xperia themes. Like you :-)

  • Alan Forsyth

    Some good points for and against however can I mention Samsung have removed most of the bloat ware from the S6 and S6 edge and are doing the same with future phones

  • theskig

    Really don’t need all those gimmicks.
    Hang in there, sony!

  • Guest

    ????I RECEIVED FIRST DRAFT OF $13000!@ak18:



  • Azhy Najmadin

    As an xperia owner , what I hate about samsung is their ugly ui and its very slow although with great processor and one more thing they are great with new features like heart rate , finger print scanner and fast charger in the box not like the sony’s one that you should buy quickcharger 2 . I hate samsung because they pay reviewers like phonearena , Iam sure their product is amazing but with those sammy reviewers even If samsung brings the world for me I wont buy it unless they stop paying those liers. I love sony because in kitkat update it felt like premium but with 5 one the notification is the worst and they didnt even change it from the googles one if its like that I will buy nexus because it brings update fast and its same with the ui . In past the sony s ui was great but not now . Also the update isnt slow if you compare it to samsung , my friend have galaxy s5 and he didnt get the 5 update until now but I got it now . I hate sony because I cant believe in it any more because my phone s camera ” xperia z3 ” is washed out and doesnt feels real when I zoom it . I love sony because they support their old xperia z too until now but again if this time sony doesnt make the camera better Iam sure their sales will be so much lower and they should make their water prof better because I have seen so many videos and also my friends xperia z3 compact that water went to the inside the camera lens

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    I want an Sony Xperia Play Z! With built-in PlayStation controller!

    Maybe they’ll call it Sony Xperia Z4 Play?

  • A.o.D

    lol..It took me like 5 mins to read it. looks bigger than the article itself!
    BTW you got some reasonable points there..

  • vijay

    S6 is useless fone. Don’t even compare it with da z4 because it can’t be reason it does not have two day battery nor hd sound plastic earphone no water proof nor dust protection also I dont trust da exynos 7420 with low Mali gpu also I hate the interface of samsung.

  • zuviel

    I have a Z1 that I’m considering upgrading at some point this year. So far, every phone I’ve looked at as a potential replacement hasn’t been able to justify itself:

    S6 – No SD card, no waterproofing (I live in a snowy, rainy climate), Touchwiz
    HTC One M9 – Big bezels, throttling problems

    I don’t need more than 1080p on a 5″ screen. What I do want is SD card capability, long battery life, waterproofing, and a great camera, preferably with optical image stabilization for night shots.

    Since my Z1 still works great I’m waiting to see what the OnePlus 2 and Z4 bring to the table. If neither is especially compelling, I’ll probably just sit on my Z1 for another year and see what 2016 brings.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    The GS6 and Edge are excellent phones no doubt (nearly all rounded in fact. Display, camera and performance are on point) and I commend Samsung for stripping away their ugliness but they failed at some of the fundamental tropes of a Android flagship: real world battery life and microSD card support. And as an Xperia user, my next phone should IP certified for music and series in the shower. Come on, Samsung! The GS5 was water resistant.

  • Aiden Pearce

    After what i have faced with my Z3 i would not want to stick to Sony but i would never bother about crapsung…..

  • vijay

    Sony please get your marketing right why its so hard to understand its not all about making great products also marketing it correct is equally important. You guys lack in that. :(

  • Alan Forsyth

    I assume you own the S6 and the yet to be released Z4 to enable you to make this comparison?

  • Ayad Fahos

    Ilove sony and my mobile

  • joe

    Nope i never use Samsung even if they give it to me for free .

  • lstrdggy

    I will buy your Z3

  • Alan Forsyth

    Nah I still use it for ps4 remote play.

  • Nuno

    Definitely Sony, there is something about its design and UI that I would never change. U know when you have a Sony phone or any other product because its quality and looks stand out. As a owner of all Sony flagships after the Z, and a user of the Samsung Note 3 for work, I can say that I would never take a Samsung over a Sony. Not to say that Samsung is not a good brand and make good devices but their UI and feeling just misses out. Only now with Lollipop the Samsung UI comes closer to Sonys, it looks better but still laggy. Overall I would never give up Sonys premium looks and fast UI for any other phone manufacturer.

  • Anas ßalóÒsh

    Only thing matters is software support and battery to me which i m getting by sony

  • a.hamameh


  • Anas ßalóÒsh

    Yeah themes i miss them too

  • Jecht_Sin

    Sure, they look good. But they have a problem: they still are Samsung!

  • Jerry Anderson


  • Jerry Anderson

    Sony Xperia Tablet and smartphones are the best devices bit Sony Mobile need to focus more on Software updates and more features and benefits, content and services

  • Pantelis Papakostas

    No Samsung at all, only Sony…

  • AndyToliouXD

    Akrivos ;)

  • Andri57

    sony is the best smartphone in my opinion, with excellent design and sophisticated features. a little advice from me, the screen protector to prevent scratches easily repaired. and help improve the quality of sony service center in Indonesia, I was a sony xperia users z3. sorry i use google translate :D

  • Jerry Anderson

    I have a Galaxy s3 after next year I’m buying for the rest of my life Sony Xperia Smartphones no more ugly other phones. Except Motorola maybe lol

  • Jerry Anderson

    You guys need to focus on services like lifelog and more.. Like Software updates

  • Ayad Fahos

    Sony have

  • Septian Yudha

    On every aspect, ofc yes !!

  • Dion Hermawan

    I once used Samsung Galaxy Note line, but I wanted to change to Sony Xperia Z3, seeing Sony had a good design language, better camera, and I don’t even use the S Pen that much. But Sony needs to step up to the market demands, design language need to be renewed, increase the memory to 32 Gb at least, better UI, one of the reason people love/hate Samsung is the UI. I myself like what Samsung have for UI. Even too many gimmick and unusable. And the soft touch key should not take space in the screen, it should be below the 5.2″ screen. I love the water and dust resistance. No complaint from that part. Maybe the biggest factor for new people to try out Sony’s Xperia Z line is the design. And the soft touch key, and also, well maybe this is just gimmick, finger scanner. But hey people brags about it.

  • Add me too

  • even better :)

  • roeshak

    I was considering the s6 edge but after having seen the camera samples on gsmarenna and other places, my appetite for it dissipated.
    Unlike a lot of the lazy Sony users on here, I’ve never been an auto mode user and that goes right back to the xperia x10 days. I don’t need or want the software to take pictures for me. I take them myself. If I need to take pictures quickly then I’ll use auto but that’s a rare occurrence.
    From the samples I saw from the s6, there wasn’t anything there that makes me want to move from the z2s camera. I can produce better with it than what I’ve seen from the s6 so far.
    Having said that most of the samples I’ve seen so far from the s6 have been taken in auto I believe so I’m sure it’s camera can still do better with manual controls.
    I’m waiting to see TechCloud do his camera review of the s6 edge. He’s a proper camera reviewer who uses manual mode where the auto mode falls short so you get a real sense of the cameras capabilities. Most other reviews and comparisons online are done by photography noobs for other photography noobs to consume.
    I’ll wait for TechClouds review and comparisons. Once I’ve seen that, I’ll decide if it’s worth picking one up later this year when the price drops.
    For me I don’t expect much in terms of preformance. You can’t get much faster than fast which is what all s800 and above devices are. Fingerprint scanner isn’t something I care about much and neither is wireless charging unless it comes with a wireless charger out of the box. The z2s display is fantastic, qhd is overkill and despite what some techblogs claim, it’s barely distinguishable from full HD.
    Erica griffin and Michael Fisher at pocketnow say they get about 3 to 3.5 hrs screen on time from the s6 and s6 edge so not looking forward to that at all.
    The camera is the only thing that can pull me towards either device. So far, it ain’t doing it but I’ll wait for TechCloud to do his review before making my final decision!


    N E V E R



  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    I would rather die than buying those phones, If Z4 is already out.
    Still waiting for Z4, but if Z4 disappoints me so much, so i would buy either One M9 or Z4 or others, But still, I’m pretty sure that I’ll get Z4.

  • I wouldn’t buy them because of the battery and no micro SD card slot but they do take better pictures than Xperia Zs, and don’t try to justify it with Manual Mode. *grabs popcorn

  • Ramy Yasser

    when I changed from Samsung Galaxy s4 to sony xperia z1. The z1 was really powerful,but I really respect the new Samsung Galaxy s6 expect that it is too more for the consumer.I love sony xperia device they are simple and more efficient than samsung galaxy devices also they are wonderful designed phones.If sony don’t do anything more in z4 the xperia good age well disappear more than ever as each company is pushing its flagship product to the limit

  • damian01211

    Getting aroud 42322 on my Z2, I guess lower because my phone was warmed up already ;D
    Still better then some of flagship *ekhem Shitsung* phones ;D

  • Alvin Zahran Majid


  • bilomar

    My problem with Samsung is that they have all those “smart” features that I don’t need. I think they are useless, why should I have so many of them if I don’t use them. Shit is full of bloatware.

  • i love sony but samsung has the best screen




  • cacambo

    if camera still take awful picture, no way back to Sony even I’m big fan of sony..

  • cingolat

    I will never buy a phone without sd card slot…..For me is absolutely mandatory…..

  • SA

    However, there is Xperia Blog

  • Darius Litanon Mondia

    If we’re talking about specs, they would win probably, but for features, sony xperia does it very well,durability,water and dust proofing and design.So with the sound and video quality, Sony Xperia is the clear winner.

  • xperiaDROID

    I don’t get why the bunch of hate of Samsung here. But what do you expect anyways? Many blind and biased Sony fanboys that always spread propaganda here. Seriously, you gotta give credit where it’s due. I’m a Sony fanboy here and I just tried the S6 yesterday but I gotta say that Samsung has really improved a lot in terms of design and their UI, but too bad they made some sacrifices like ditching the micro SD card slot and waterproof and even made a more troublesome way to remove the battery just for the sake of the new design. But I gotta give credit to them for getting rid of their ugly shitty plastic design that they had been using for ages now.

    But still, I’m gonna wait for the Z4 before making my final decision. Sony phones have perfect hardware and now they improved the software, so I see no reason to not wait for the Z4. But seriously, stop the Samsung hate please.

  • Yuen Lui

    No. It looks like an iPhone and work worst among androids
    Samsung has never done any design and software

  • jawzel hany

    Where is the lollipop update for the z3 we are tired of waiting Sony,it’s been over a month since it was released that’s why we are looking at buying a Samsung or htc, Sony is always late why.

  • xperiaDROID

    For fucks sake, stop whining about the iPhone. No designs are original these days, nothing wrong with taking a bit inspiration from others.

  • Billy de Fretes

    still love my broken lcd xperia z

  • jawzel hany

    Sony z3 is a good phone but Samsung and htc are always getting their softwares upgraded in time even lg now is already using lollipop over a month or two ago, Sony sent us notifications that the lollipop has been released for the zip series but still no show,my friend even has a z2, he’s in the UK and up to now no updates WTF.so we are thinking of trading our phones for the s6 edge and the m9 cause they are both using lollipop,kitbag is a thing of the past,Sony wake the world does Not stop for no one

  • xperiaDROID

    I don’t understand why you guys prefer a rushed update instead of a stable one. One slow update can make you guys jump to other ship. Wow!

  • [S]unjay

    They’ll take quick buggy updates over slow stable ones.

  • Mohamed adel ali

    any news about update for z1 (sony promise us will start this week and hope this is true)

  • Sumit Ram

    I just Love sony but also complain that they do not allow app 2 sd and sometimes when you need more space its feel like worthless

  • Oh!

    Sony Lollipop update allow app to sd.

  • Snorky112

    not as good as doesnt mean aweful …

  • Martin Sierra

    Samsung is the worst thing humans have created. It’s negligible

  • raju

    Z1 compact is the best and waiting for lollipop update

  • tristi lumina

    prepare for Timel’s rage everyone!!!

  • Spencer Navarra-Chew

    I’m fairly agnostic when it comes to phones. Currently I’m rocking a Z1 and a Moto Pro+.
    Personally not really in to Samsung phones. The last one I owned was an original Galaxy Note, but none since have really interested me. The S6’s are definitely the best Samsung’s yet, but still not right for me.

  • Clamser

    It is better to be silent than to say things that you are not able to do.

    It soils your Credibility

    Always the first one in speak but the last one has the arrival

  • zatchu

    I got the Lollipop

  • Timel

    I hate Samsung too but honestly I know deep down inside all Sony fanboys here are always jealous the success of Samsung, Right?

    Don’t get me wrong but I got you guys, look What Samsung did, Sony’s almost bankrup because Samsung (or actually Sony do themselves?)
    Samsung kills Sony in TV market
    Samsung crushs Sony in Mobile market

    the truth hurts I know, but we’re all know… is exactly the same, nothing change, Sony will lose again this round and whatever Xperia fanboys here said but in finally the Galaxy S6 series will be able to sells more than the entire Xperia Z series anyway.

  • Jose J Tharayil

    Yup I plan to buy s6 edge.. My android phones where – xperia x10, arc, z and z1… Next will be s6 edge

  • smileman

    I own the Z3 Compact, but I admit to being tempted by the Edge in particular. Beautiful, the camera, Cat 6 4G, Fingerprint reader, Samsung pay are some of the highlights for me.

    However, the S6’s underwhelming battery life and lack of SD card temper my enthusiasm. No waterproofing is alsoRd big concern. And the high price.

    But the real reason I’m standing pat is the rumored Z4 Music edition with the S Master chip.

    Please, please Sony just take my money now and deliver the first truly audiophile smartphone!

  • DB Kumaran Manikandan

    I agree mate. I’m die hard fan of Sony but some time my mates win me with their samsung

  • Tried S6 in Korea.. Awesome screen but big pass for me. Z3 stays with me for battery and Hi Res audio. Plus z3 is too awesome in purple.

  • xl77

    pls sony fanboy read the question asked…
    “The question we are asking today is if you are a current Sony Xperia owner, have you already bought or planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 device? If so, what turned you?”

  • Jason Low

    used samsung for the last 3 years – glad turn got my z2 last year and shall never turn back

  • Jarskee

    I want xperia z4 comes with more feature (multi window, OIS, better front facing camera, etc), and less bezel but still with stereo front facing speakers. :)

  • Yuen Lui

    I partially agree that Samsung is more successful than Sony in recent years.
    But their success is not based on their quality of their products. Nor the innovation in building their devices. Nor the user experience. Their success is based solely on their copying and propaganda. They ruins the whole android camp.
    Thats why we hate them

  • Ryan Kumar Jassi

    Was gunna get z4 but upgraded from z to z2 instead I thought z4 might be way to overpriced for me so the z2 got me as for samesung I wouldn’t even bother thinking about their device as I wouldn’t need to its full of crap in terms of software I love sony devices and I’ll be that I stay with till I die Sony devices are probably the closest you’ll find to stock android with OEM skin over it which makes it fast and nice unlike Samesungs titwiz which is slow as hell and full of bloat making it laggy I can’t dare turn for a sec no from me Z will always beat S! My head never turned for a sec!

  • Ryan Kumar Jassi

    Me also!

  • Timel

    I agree man
    I thought the same

    But people said Samsung Today is not the old Samsung anymore, Samsung have prove with the Galaxy S6 series

    whatever, for me, its Touchwiz UI still look ugly (even it’s pretty stable and smoother more than the previous version) and some part of S6’s design shows that Samsung still try to copy an iPhone 6 design

  • Clamser

    Except the delay generally this update is good, but the transfer of the appls towards the SD card increases the volume of the space occupied by the app

  • Danny

    If you aren’t interested in the Galaxy S6 as your next phone and plan to stick with the Sony Xperia series what is keeping you loyal?

    I got to use the Galaxy S6 a bit because a friend bought it. I does have a vibrant display. with the Glass front and back with metal edges, it’s similar to the Z design. it’s thin, but so is the Z series. No waterproof, no MicroSD slot. Good thing I can say about the S6 is it comes with at least 32GB, not 16GB, but then without expandable storage, it’s all you got.

    And I don’t get the gimmick of the S6 Edge, not useful and a bit of a bother, really. although I can’t say for sure, since I haven’t tried the Edge, only the S6.

    That said, I”ll be keeping my Xperia Z1. I do like the Z3 Compact, maybe I’ll get that next.

    Although I hope the Z4 won’t disappoint. I hope they start with at least 32GB internal memory as standard AND keep the microSD slot. I think it does. too bad, I want Sony to at least upgrade the screen from 5.2″ (z1, z2, z3) to 5.5″. Or possibly a Z4 ultra @ 5.9″ to 6.4″ IPS HD TRILUMINOS display Screen, hopefully 2K or 4K.

  • GigaSPX

    I managed myself with an iPhone 4s and then a Samsung Galaxy S3 before being able to acquire the Xperia Z3v. Now I’ve seen what’s out there, there is no way I’m ever giving up on my handset for anything else that isn’t the latest Sony flagship. My handset may not be the true Z3, but it still fares well in comparison to all the other handsets with Verizon. HTC’s and Samsung’s latest don’t have as great battery life as mine on paper, and they certainly can’t be near water. Droid Turbo is too thick and looks generic.

    I’m only disappointed in the low support. The Z3v will likely be the last to get lollipop and it’s super important for it because of the absence of simultaneous voice and data. Even then, this is hands down the best phone Verizon has to offer in America but nobody knows about.

  • No Shamsung

    I’d rather use messenger pidgeons than buy any Shamsung phone

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    i sense a furious assalt by Samsung fanboys had they seen your comment. Do you have any reason?

  • lovebmw

    Samsung and I phone is something everyone has, I think of my self as a person with a taste, and the z3 is just great.

    Samsung’s are like kias in my eyes.

  • timothy chan

    I have to give credits to samsung for trying something different….. having that said I am a long term xperia fan and will probably stay that way….

    Also with all those smart wear and stuff out in the market right now I am wondering how much more that little curve bar can do to make a difference..

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    tim, you have made a great point, curved screen does not make a lot of difference currently is true, but with any new feature, the only way to elavate its usefulness from eye-candy to a must-have is to integrate it with the ecosystem, glasses, smartbelts, watches, etc.

  • Hemant

    I am using Xperia since 2011 and I must say it’s best, I also used few Samsung mobiles but not gets what I need. There UI ?

  • Reza

    Never crossed in my mind to switch to another brand, no matter what they did, no matter what they offered, as long as SONY exist in the mobile world then i’d be the one behind it.

  • Reza

    Well, it’s not me. Never jealous to any of them… Samsung, HTC, LG even iPhone…. Never ever…

  • Pavan Champion C

    I hate sony bcoz no lollipop for m2 and others are going to get so turn ur head guys let sony be in a loss

  • ash

    Today is the day for z1 compact lollipop update

  • ash

    Today it should release, waiting eagerly

  • Azar

    I’m a samsung fan, but I couldn’t agree more.. Dude u made me laugh at the “vomit color” thing and what a shame on me I had not realized this so far.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    If it a waterproof device i might go for the edge. But now iam so happy with z3 waiting for z4.

  • tony

    Samsung deserves my respect for being always ahead in terms of specs and features but I will never buy Samsung because the UI looks cheap and ugly and the phone design looks so boring. No style is no go for me.
    Sony on the other hand is always slightly behind in terms of specs but that is only a deficit on paper but the styling is second to none and that is why I will always buy Sony.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    i have never heard of mid-to-low range devices get updated……

  • Shanky Mantri

    My suggestion for Sony would be as an old user…please change the look of future xperia z lineup…it was good at start bt now m dropping my curiosity for XZ4 becoz of that…i like when sony use to drop a bomb with design on flagship handsets every year…now the flagship doesn’t looks great.. so please change the design and get back with your old designing team and lastly work majorly in camera software department…if its your own sensor then u should b rocking with it nt lagging behind…Rest you are good…

    Forgot my Xperia Z lollipop update asap ;)

  • Cheng

    understandable, but you have to bear in mind that Galaxy is current 6th! where they finally have a change in design. while Sony only 3 :) its just a matter of time~~

  • Sadman Khan

    TouchWiz is a no for me. And the high price

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    what samsung’s design department lacks is ingenuity and imagination. Samsung just adopts the current best design and fuse it with existing S design and wolla done. Imagine new design may not work with a bang, but that’s a gamble and Sony is willing to take it.That’s why i like Sony, its bravery

  • sjesudasan

    Agree with you that stable updates are more important than timeliness. But the thing that bummed me out is Sony’s inability to have frequent communication with customers with respect to ETA. I feel that Sony needs to take this lesson learnt and improve communication next time.

  • Sakuraba

    First phone with 14nm SoC. Best display of any phone or tv available. Best camera on android. First with UFS NAND. First with GG4. How exactly are they copying again?

  • Faisal Armand

    I completely agree with you, there.

    For guys like us who doesn’t trust auto software to take pictures, not even the S6 can produce quality pictures like Z2 does.

    Lol the techcloud guy? Saad mahmood? He talks funny but he is very fair, I like him. I’ve been watching his videos since the launch of Xperia Z1. Also, his camera comparison video of S5, Z2, and M8 was famous for exposing S5’s poor low light performance.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Why would I buy a new Samsung Galaxy phone when they have the same design as Xperia phones, (or similar glass on both sides and a metal frame), that’s not even water or dust proof? And why would I give up that wonderful micro SD slot? And 2 days battery life? And sonys lovely software compared to touchwiz (touchlag)? Give me one reason to change from an Xperia to Galaxy s6, literally there is none. Hopefully even timel will understand this ;)

  • hansip

    I already invested my time with small app project, so no way i go to samsung. Plus majority of N4 guys won’t go over to S6 Due to crippled features. The only plus point is performance and battery charge time. But even my Z Ultra is still plenty fast these days. And Faster battery charging even though is good, still not tested with how faster the battery deteriorate in real life. So no thanks.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    My sister’s z3c is getting around 44000-45000 :)

  • jag

    I saw the S6 and S6 Edge on the stores last week and I find the displays really good. It’s AMOLED in 2K so it really looks astounding! The camera is good too but I don’t have a Z3 so i can’t compare which one is better. But it is second place to iphone 6+’s camera. i love how the 6+ takes pictures and do mind that it’s camera is just in auto mode.
    The design and build of the S6 really made an improvement. It is really far from the plastic like toy from it’s predecessors. BUT it still look like a toy. I don’t know why (maybe the one i saw is just a demo phone?.. maybe) but it doesn’t have the charm of an xperia and an iphone. The Edge for me looks really cool!! but that’s the only thing you can get from it… “COOLNESS”! It doesn’t serve anything at all. Note Edge is better IMO because it has a lot of functions for it. But for S6 Edge???… Favorite Contacts??? Come on! That feature was really old! I had that since 2011 in my Xperia Play using Swipepad app. LOL! And I won’t lay my phone facing down! It’s a dumb way to use your phone… you know what I already mean.

    The touchwiz is now lighter as they’ve said but I don’t still like it. Maybe it’s because of the icon packs that they use. It is like cartoonish and I don’t know… Maybe I got a little used to sony’s design. The UI does seem fast but my Z ultra is fast too. I don’t see any difference in there maybe just some miliseconds or nanoseconds or maybe it is noticeable when playing games (I don’t play smartphone games. They’re just a waste of time for me. I’m a console gamer so yeah… I’m a bit picky with my games).

    The media apps are still the same as before I think. I really like the media apps of sony. Nothing compares to them (even iphone). Album is just awesome and devs are really working hard to make it better. Music (aka Walkman) is the best music player IMHO. Nothing compares to it even the Poweramp. Movies is just so-so.. it does look good but i use MX player because of the massive format support it has. But UI of video app got better too.

    So… I’m gonna wait still for Z4… if it is worth buying then I’ll pick it right away! But if not, I’m going to 6+ maybe. Just those two phones only. Samsung is never for me.

  • gamer324

    1) Samsungs break too often, basically Samsung has the same quality as any no-name chinese brand, and originally went big by using the same strategy as those no-name chinese brands (flooding the market with handsets that undercut the competition). And yes I count the fading of the chrome rim around the display in numerous Galaxies as a major flaw too. But now Samsung has the same crappy quality (much worse than the popular chinese brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE, Jiayu etc.)
    2) Samsung’s system updates are buggy as all hell.
    3) Touchwiz is only bested by Metro UI in the amount of ugly it throws at me.
    4) Samsung cameras always produce cartoonishly processed images, and in my personal experience, aren’t all that good at low light (nowhere near Z2/3 good).
    5) I don’t like the camera bulge.
    6) No waterproofing.
    7) A nightmare to repair which basically means that out of warranty repairs will cost you a few of your limbs.
    8) It still looks ugly to me.

    That’s pretty much it.

  • vigneshprince

    I never liked samsung, always Sony, I’ll wait for Z4.

  • vigneshprince

    haha, yeah yeah, i love my Z2 too.

  • DavidBaik(????????)

    Samsung galaxy S6 has 577PPI…

  • Aleky2002

    I hate samsung and anyway I don’t have the money so IDGAF Snapdragon 800 is fine.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    one thing is for sure given S6’s battery size is as soon as you are starting to be dazzled by the 577p display, 2 things happwn before.1. the battery is already dry.2. your eyes hurt

  • ?????????

    “Next week”has come,but i did not see the lollipop.

  • Boonerski

    Though the S6s swayed me, I’m planning to buy a Note 5 mostly for the productivity tools (S-Pen) and the larger, higher-res screen. But I’m praying that Sony would come up with a high-end phablet that could rival the Note series whilst keeping its tried and true Xperia formula, and I’m not referring to the Z4 Ultra; that ones too big.

  • Sumit Ram

    Lollipop is only for z series or some selected phone. If I Have budget phone then?

  • a.agarwal

    samsung phones are prone to having hanging issues after a few months of usage. Hav been using Sony Xperia S since 2 years have not faced such issues.

  • ?????????

    Anyway ,i will not take Sony into consideration as my next phone.Upgrade comes so slowly.User experience is so bad.

  • tong_its

    i used a samsung galaxy tab well before sony’s tablet z came out. never felt an affinity with it. no samsung device looks beautiful to me. i find the design cheap-looking–yes, even the S6 edge, which is essentially about that piece of curved glass. what does it do that a normal flat design can’t? sony is a cut above the rest in terms of design. form follows function with elegant aesthetics. i agree there’s no better experience.

  • blue-chip

    Samsung’s success is entirely based on rigorous advertising and promotional offers, not to mention the pre launch hype.
    Admit that they’re now unbeatable.
    Sony’s offering was awesome with the Z launch, but after 1,2.. They’re failing to impress the loyal customers, need some immediate change in the way they address the customer issues, also most important, they must stop making the same boring design, and hear from feedbacks to provide what the market needs and not what they provide. If only then they will truly capture attention and become outstanding.
    -My personal views

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    I agree with 2 – 3 – 5 – 6 – 7
    I just got my hand on S6: I must say the phone look really nice. But it’s not as stunning as other people praised when compared to Z3 (Probably my personal taste for Z3). I think the S6 build quality is pretty good too, definitely better than those Chinese brand but compare to Z3 or iPhone 6 is questionable.

  • My head had been turned last year with the Galaxy S5. Ultimately I bought the Z2 just because of the DUALSHOCK 3 connectivity.
    I am not interested in the S6. No microSD slot would cause big problems for me.

  • tong_its

    proven with shiploads of advertising money.

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    For Sony it’s technically a 4 till Z3 if you count the original Z. So Z4 should be the fifth generation for Z series. And the S series only look almost the same since S3.

  • James Chaundy

    I hated Samsung, after my lg g2 (which in the end didn’t last as long as I hoped and I ended up with N5) I was adamant the xperia Z4 was gonna be my next smartphone, but after i saw Samsung’s s6 edge and realised everything I hated about them had gone, and after I saw leaks of the z4 I decided to get the s6 edge, Sony’s “innovation” is seriously lacking, the only thing I’ll miss is the waterproofing and the long battery life, but they are price to pay for an even more beautiful design, display and features such as IR blaster and fingerprint scanner

  • DrazenDodig

    i cant do phone without water resistance, poor battery and no sd card. It is very simple like that.

  • Rhyzan Qaisyraf Zan

    I have xperia Z2 already… I think what samsung S6 have. All in Xperia Z2…

  • Peter Ward

    I think Samsung make good hardware but I’ll never buy one while they still insist on ramming TouchWiz down their customers throats. If they ever do GPe editions, I’ll seriously consider them.

    The S6 Edge is a unique design but I still don’t see the point, it’s just a gimmick.

  • jep

    Never owned s series.wait for note 5 to replace my z3

  • monx®

    i like S6 edge but i hate Sammy’s UI since their mobile born.
    but still, i love my Z3 Dual & eagerly waiting for Z4.

    S6 (edge) drools for me :
    – Fingerprint (touch)
    – Sleek & modern design

    I love SONY
    – Waterproof
    – Sleek premium design
    – Simple & clean UI
    – Ext SD card
    – Hard to root LB 8-)

  • monx®

    me too. i was about to say same thing :D

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    root an LB is hard? OoO?!
    Try S-OFFing a HTC Sensation way back when……..
    (I failed so I switched to sony)

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    when note 5 get released, you will most certainly look down at your wallet, and say “Forget about it, let’s get a Z4”

  • Tomislav Mati?

    I am not paying for beautiful design, display and features such as IR blaster, heart rate and fingerprint scanner €788. It is too much for something that I am not using. Sony flagships are always about €133 cheaper. And ToucWiz UI is so ugly. I don’t like their design and policy. If Sony cancel mobile industry I will go to XIAOMI. Same good features for less money.
    For TV Sony although it is Made in China they lasts longer. I had Samsung TV for €530 and after two and a half year screen died. I bought second one and motherboard died after same time. Their TV’s are not reliable. At least in Croatia. Now I have Sony TV at same price and after three years it is working.
    Samsung Galaxy S6 is super phone but it is not worth that money. €788 and more!!!

  • juan

    The camera. While Sony xperia has 20 mpxls, I name the following:
    1) camera app: crap. It is thw first smartphone I own that I have to turtle phone off just to reset the effing camera. I decide to take a group photo and is awkwardly demotivated by the app freezing.

    1) the camera itself: while yes it has good quality during daylight daylight. After 6 the iso takes control and it starts graining the image up to the point that you take the picture and the software ssoftens it way more than it should. It clearly doesn’t have a good aperture even the it says it has. And more importantly I have had the opportunity To test Z, Z2 and even the Z3. The camera didn’t fix nor the app issues nor the clarity of the Image. Prooving that even iphone and Samsung are better with their cameras. And this app doesn’t speak for disregard cameras which clearly proove that xperia phone people don’t talk much with Sony camera people or at least don’t share this.

    1) testwd The lens for the xperia xperia. Same issues as the camera and how will it work withsuch a crappy app.

    1) under water only works for suddenly dropping it it, spilling drinks and so on. Under water the droplets actually act as fingers touching everywhere on the phone

    I Own an alpha a77 II, a ps2, ps3, ps4, and firstgen psp which are al perfect machines. I logically bought the xperia. But even though the phone has a great processor and image, the camera and battery (which doesn’t last a full day) made me change my mind. And the service wasn’t helpful at all, after 20 min trying to understand why my phone suddenly died, and the man, after I explaining that I understood the phone he treated me as if I was dumb. Finally found a blog far far away where I fixed it Myself. So yes I am dissatisfied with it even though I am not the consumer which you would consider

  • monx®

    Yes. UB is easy but DRM is something important for me not to lose to keep the phone value if i plan to sell it later on & i cant accept my premium phone losing some features forever. LB root might takes time but i can live w/o root with my previous Z3 until exploit found, then i switch to Z3Dual :)

    I was HTC fan since O2 XDA mini device until my last One X. No issue to root.
    Root & S-OFF diff thing.

  • juan

    The only phone that no one will deny as the best one is Nokia 3310 and 3210

  • Arda Akca

    I don’t care about S6 edge but if Sony does not deliver Z4 Ultra I’ll be tempted by Note 5.

  • liam fisher

    Why is it saying how wonderful Samsung phones are. Shouldn’t it be saying that sony is the best

  • Eduardo Otero

    Let’s be honests, inside all supposed innovations there are still remainings of the whole copy they have done of iPhone, the way the camera lens comes out of the phone, still that only physical botón that also is the fingerprint scanner, and others.
    Nobody will accept this but the most Galaxy owners became so because they couldn’t buy an iPhone and bought the first iPhone clone: the old Galaxy Ace and they have bought every new Galaxy thoughtlessly believing they buy an iPhone that they are able to pay for.

  • Timel

    don’t expect too much with Xperia fanboys, they’re too blind

  • Hetzenauer

    I buyed already the iphone 6 64gb version, but the other option was samsung s4..i had all sony flagships but at this moment I dont want a sony mobile again..I’ll keep only updating my PS consoles.

    Wanted to buy a z4 but the mobile is no where and also the news that sony wants to sell the mobile division no lollipop updates etc= dont buy our phones….please..sad

    I have sony headset, ps4, ps vita, sony tv, sony flagships(since ericsson and sony both for themselsves)

  • I got myself Galaxy Note 4 now, but the battery life is horrible, i’m so waiting for Xperia Z4 or the Z4 Ultra….ah! Sony faster pls!!

  • monx®

    My S5 only last few hours then sold. My Note Edge 2 days pre-loved then owner changed :p

  • Drocx

    I recently bought an s6 edge. it is 4k not 2k. and the camera is a lot better than the z3 because i owned a z3 dual (sold it already) before which has a very bad camera specially the front and not as wide as the s6 and dont forget the forever wait for lollipop (z3 dual). sorry to say but s6 has better camera than the iphone 6+ (i also have 1 and still have it). i do my test comparison myself and the s6 always wins.

  • Drocx

    yeah and heading bankruptcy

  • Mac

    Naa, I can’t even think of another brand that comes close to Sony. Nothing else gets my attention when talking about smartphones.

  • A.o.D

    Haha..just yesterday i was trying to s-off my old htc amaze. I would say its just crazy hard and i couldn’t do it with all that ‘wire trick’ nonsense

  • arya

    Sony’s problem is quiet simple, there is always something missing. Sony is not generous at all. Think of xperia z with a proper gorgeous IPS lcd, think of z ultra with a proper at least 16 mp camera and an led flash. Look at it. It is madness :@ or think of z2 with no software hangs. Finally all problems fixed. No. I wish z3 wasn’t so ugly at sides with that ridiculous plastic bumpers. I have owned all of those but there is always something BIG missing. Sony wake up and be generous. And finally a blithering idiot guy called Samsung comes around, steals others invensions and designs with no shame and Swallows the whole market. There is no bombshell. Sony itself pumps juice to this hell.

  • Stephen

    samsung have become innovators with the s6 edge
    meanwhile sonys new z4 not even released yet is more of the same
    sony are starting to get boring and i think they will have to lower their forecast by another 30 percent
    sony needs new fresh ideas now

  • Dude_1

    Being a big Sony Fan for all my life I had an Xperia Arc, an Xperia S and a Xperia Z. As my last mobile phone contract finished just now I was due to an update. I switched to my first Samsung Phone – the Galxy S6 Edge. I diidn’t want to wait for the Z4 any longer and the curved screen is gorgeous. The only gripes I had were battery life (seems like the battery matches the one of my Xperia Z which is “OK” for me, longer is of course always better) and Touchwiz. Touchwiz has themes now and the camera of the S6 with OIS is supposed to be fantastic. The result I ordered it a few minutes ago. If I don’t like it, I will sell it and buy the Xperia Z4 instead.

  • Rikimaru Azuma

    I dislike Amoled…
    The curve is actually clearly useless…
    no waterproof…
    no SD card…
    no Hi-res audio…

    But it’s a big saler It’s make no sens for me…

  • mrninko

    untill Xperia exists no other brands for me!!! :-) the best one

  • jag

    Is it really 4K??? I don’t think so.. does any OEMs produced a 4K screen in mass production already? hmm…

    For the camera, I am just not sure. As i have said, I only got to play a store demo phone. I have used the 6+ and got really good quality pictures out of it’s auto mode.

  • Rikimaru Azuma

    the truth is too many people is cheep and don;t know what they win to by Sony.
    Specialy for TV Bravia is clearly better…

    let’s write Apple or Samsung on the latest Sony product and the sale will run…
    much people buy just because it’s writted samsung…

    I guess they too young or to lazy to know that most of the cool tech we ever saw has been made by Sony…

  • monx®

    In the end, Asians win :peace:

  • Shehab Skull

    Fuck Samsung -_-

  • Rikimaru Azuma

    probably because Samsung itself admitted copied.
    Best display ? Best natural Display is made by SHARP not samsung.
    And actually software sony bring on phone bring much real colors than amoled. Bravia offer also better picture and sound quality due to Sony engine and their new sound tech.

    Samsung is good in some domain. But about phone they clearly copied, because their entry in phone was an ultimate fail.

  • Rikimaru Azuma

    We can’t be jealous when we know what we have in hand, but the view of thousand people is limited to their few knowledge.
    Human forget fast…
    And that can kill brand like Sony for those new brand….

  • Amel_Marie

    Everything’s good in samsung except their ugly touchwiz, no micro sd slot (recent flagship), and ridiculously expensive.

  • Rikimaru Azuma

    Are you serious Z3 screen much better colors than last amoled…
    and outside you see clearly even your light power is minimum…
    At my eyes they are not the best, I clarly prefer Z3 screen or latest sharp.

  • Timel

    No! because Samsung’s maketing

  • finch35

    Sony = awesome hardware, battery life, water resistant, that camera button on the side is a plus and ps4 remote play is awesome, I rarely use it though.
    software department is a letdown, alot of their apps are underdeveloped like walkman, (not even worthy of the name) I’d rather use a third party app like Poweramp. Camera, (wish they could bring their cybershot people to optimize it) even their SMS app couldn’t vibrate while the phone is on vibration mode (you have to manually tick the vibration on SMS app settings)

    Samsung =hardware? Small battery, lots of sensors that rarely being used (only adding up to battery being drained faster) Oh, and that AMOLED doesn’t work for me because it gives me a headache when I stare at it for too long like gaming and movies (I got eye problem).
    great software, in fact they are so good at it that they loaded their phones with LOTS of bloat wares (which ironically made them suck) but they make their phones better at camera department (even if it has less megapixels than Sony’s) due to software optimizations

    Its up to you whether you’re going to invest on a great hardware or software Either way, both of them are android. They are one ROOT away from optimizations, customizations or debloat.

  • SopNaw

    +1. Samsung is everywhere. Sony too but it is much more rare. Especially in stores where customers are buying, because i find that Samsung is too highlighted. For example, (where i live but i dont know for you) in shopping catalogs there are many Samsung TV while those from Sony are much less. While Sony (for me and I think most people here) is better.

  • Exodite

    While Samsung is on top of the hardware game and they’ve made many recent improvements, both to the software and hardware, I’m still not buying into the brand as far as phones go.

    Partly because I have an Xperia Z3 Compact that’ll last me for a long time but also because I really, /really/ dislike the camera hump and button setup on the Galaxy devices.

    For me personally a Galaxy device without a camera hump and with on-screen buttons would be significantly more interesting.

  • Timel

    Sounds like you still stick with an old story, old news

    Samsung’s Super Amoled display is now so awesome, it is probably the best display on the market.

  • dreamgs1

    2 day battery on sony xperia? common if you hate enemy its okay but we should not play self band for things that are not supporting. For just normal use xperia phone should be charged every day.

  • Pinco Pallo

    The new touchwiz is better but is the same shit!

  • dreamgs1

    success is based on business and revenue. say sony and samsung releaed 2 phones at a time. After one month go to a shop keeper and ask him how many sony phones and samsung phones you have sold. Surely his answer would be samsung. And after a year go to customer and ask whose post purchase support you appreciate, samsung or sony. surely they say samsung.

    these tow are sufficient for better earnings.

    you and me will buy for brand. but other intelligent people know their money value.

  • the edge is interesting, better than their previous implementation as well, but i really really don’t like their software. i like the stuff LG is doing far more than Samsung TBH and if the M4 Aqua doesnt get decent reviews, I might switch over to the G3 camp

  • Nikola Maruni?

    Not a big fan of Samsung but I am interested in s6 edge just as I was interested in note 4 edge. But it still stays a gimmick. I’m more interested in features evolution then in it’s initial features. That being said I have no real intrest in buying the device but I would like to try it one day. I just bought yhe Z3 and I’m more than satasfied!

  • kole?77

    Z1 compact – Israel, Malaysia, Hong Kong get Lollipop – XperiFirm

  • Amir

    If sony don’t offer a new z phablet by the end of the year then i might jump to note 5 if it has premium design, 2 speakers and noise cancellation. i want flag phablet, not 5″-5.2″ flag.

  • MarcoLorenzo

    Please, cameras have been protruding from the phones main body for years. My old HTC One X had one and I’m sure plenty others did too. This is hardly copying.

  • Amel_Marie

    Hey look! There’s no update notification on my Z3 D6653!

  • Constantine

    I hope you’re just troll, and you’re not serious…

  • Yuen Lui

    Well, I do agree that samsung succeed in marketing. Only marketing
    The reality is, when people buy galaxys, they say samsung is great. But when they are interviewed months later, they say, ‘Android sucks. I will not try any other devices from Sony, hTC, or LG.’
    You can find plenty users complaining android who have only used samsung before, and their problem only happens on samsung devices
    That’s why I say samsung ruins the whole android camp

  • roeshak

    Your eyes are blind! Z3 has one of the palest coldest displays released in a long time. The only display Sony’s produced that can compete with the likes of the iPhone 6,S5,s6,note 4 is that on the z2.
    Z3’s display is very poor and very colour inaccurate. A mess!

  • monx®

    tunggu esok baru ngam satu minggu lenglui :D

  • roeshak

    I like him because he shows what the cameras are truly capable of. Not just sticking all of them lazily on auto and then talking nonsense afterwards.

  • TimmY

    My first phone was Sony Ericsson. My first smartphone was Xperia T and now I have a Z3C. I’ve never liked Samsung, TouchWiz sucks too but now with the new series they seem to try changing stuff around, less bloatware, cleaner touchwiz, etc.

    I’m faithful to my phone but S6 is more than ok, especially on the camera department. Sony have so many good digital cameras and the camera on their phones is average.

  • TimmY

    I’m happy with my Z3C but if you say that you’re just ignorant. Camera is a lot better than on all Xperia phones. In this department Sony needs to improve a lot.

  • PipefishUK

    I always had Sony Ericsson/Sony phones back in the day – then I got sucked in by the iPhone hype and got an iPhone – I hated it, it looked nice and kind of worked for me, but no 3G and various other omissions meant it seemed like old technology at the time in the UK (back when Europe was way ahead in this stuff). I moved to Android, went back to Sony, and got an Xperia X10.
    It was a bit clunky, Android releases took ages – but I liked it, it served me well-ish.
    Then I defected to the Samsung Galaxy S2, then an S3 after that, skipped the S4 then got an S5.

    I’d been wanting a change from the S5 (although I did love it) – So when the S6 was released last week, I wanted one – did a lot of reading up, persuaded myself that I could justify blowing £729 and was all set to go out and buy one.

    I had noticed that the Z3 was pretty much identical in spec to the S5, but with more RAM and better camera – but didn’t have the heart rate monitor – which I’d never used after the initial novelty had worn off, and didn’t have a fingerprint scanner – which I can do without.

    So I also toyed with getting a Z3, even though it’s now a last gen phone, as an interim until the S6 price dropped or the Z4 was released (rumoured September right?)

    I went off to the shops with this in mind, but still determined to get an S6 Edge. After looking at it and playing with it in the shop – I found, while it is very very nice, it kind of looked kind of dated already and it didn’t completely wow me like I thought it would. With the specs and Android status at the moment, I figured I would just be paying for a CPU speed bump?
    I was still prepared to buy it though (because I was in that single minded – I’M GETTING A NEW THING! State that you get in, where you always feel slightly disappointed afterwards.)

    Went to the counter, asked if they had any in stock – predictably, they didn’t, the guy said they’d only had 3 in for general sale and they’d all gone…

    So, I got the Z3 for £479 as an interim – I have to say I am not disappointed at all, I think it’s better than the S5, less intrusive pre-installed crap – it’s there, but mostly you can choose to ignore it – it just generally looks better and works better. I don’t need to preach to the converted.

    I’m by no means a fanboy – if a company releases something shoddy, I won’t blindly ignore that and still be rooting for them – I’ll drop them. All the TVs and other tech in my house is Samsung, because they (in my opinion make the best, nicest looking stuff these days) – 5 – 10 years ago, it was all Sony.

    These days phones are pretty equal in specs and a lot of it is just personal preference… But I genuinely think the Z3 is the better phone and the Z4 could potentially be even better.

    To cut a really long post short – Marketing… It’s all about the marketing, Sony have fallen behind because they don’t seem to have the Apple style launches and streamlined glitzy stuff that Samsung have now adopted. They aren’t ‘cool’ anymore. The products should speak for themselves, yes. But it doesn’t work like that these days and Sony aren’t playing the game.
    I read the rumour about the Z4 being the next James Bond product placement phone and sighed – that’s just not the way to do it these days, it’s old fashioned. No matter how good the phone is, if they market it like it’s 1999 – it just won’t succeed.

    Anyway – I’m very happy with the Z3, and am waiting for Z4 details to emerge – by the time it’s released, the S6 price should have dropped significantly and I’ll be able to make a proper decision – I’m really hoping Sony come up with the goods.

  • vampirebladedrake

    Lol the worst’s brand are Samsung and Apple

  • Abdul Ghani

    For z3 dual and z1 users and zultra

  • kj marway

    May I correct you?

    Samsung doesn’t ‘kill Sony in TV market’ – in fact, Sony is now on a huge growth and often outperforms its Korean rival(s) in every aspect – picture quality is hugely stacked in Sony’s favour.

    Take any of Sony’s TV’s last year, compare them to the equivalent Samsung, ie. Sony W6XX vs Samsung’s H6400 – there is no comparison.

    I’d recommend not spouting off on topics you (clearly) know little about.


  • monx®

    downloading Xperia Z3 DUAL US fw even mine is SA

  • Wrestler Kishore Cena
  • Niels d. G.

    My xperia z3 compact easily lasts two full days with frequent mixed use.

  • u fanboy?

    No going back from Sony, Sony is like Nokia to me.

  • u fanboy?

    Guys Lollipop has started rolling worldwide for Sony Z3 dual and Z1 series…. Finally

  • fried_egg

    I did not really see the S6 as a “wow” – the edge screen is interesting but it comes at a cost of other features. I don’t see the latest iphone as being much more than a warm up of the one before it or the one before that. The “headlines” are often gimmicks that have little real use. That was proven with the “swiss penknife” that was the samsung S5… and it was a “flop” to its hype. I expect all phones, because the O/S upgrades overlap the hardware releases anyway as “warm ups” of the model before. A bit thinner, or a longer battery life, a slightly better screen… the shape stays the same, the screen is “wow” anyway.. the basic form stays the same… the days of the radically different look as seen with mobiles as they evolved between 1995 and 2008 is over… the flagships now all look roughly the same, all have wow features and the differentiators are often the supported apps (like itunes) or total gimmicks that do little more than excite the eye at purchase. I would expect the z4 to be my next phone… it will be an upgrade to my z1 (and therefore what is needed with most people on 2 year contracts) – although wireless charging would be nice, more of what i have running for longer is what i want. not a finger print scanner!

  • fried_egg

    Sony tv’s rely on panels made by companies other than Sony… Sony have signaled they are ready to do what hitachi, pioneer, toshiba, philips etc have done and let the tv brand be sold or closed.

  • Battal Aljadei

    Sony’s leaving the premium to more plastic and Samsung is leaving the plastic to more premium ?
    Interesting !

    I’ll wait for a while before i consider which one is best for me, and if Sony wouldn’t fix it’s stupid cheap tricks by putting premium features and good camera i’ll say good bye to Sony .

  • John Jay

    I tried samsung, but I’m always home with sony. Though waiting seems like a boot loop.

  • It’s Sony

    Samsung is selling only due to the large amount of advertising

  • J Singh

    Keeping it strictly confined to the Mobile division, According to my personal experience Samsung is overall better than Sony only because it offers better After Sale Service which for me is very important as I had to deal with both companies because of issues i n my phones as I previously owned a Xperia z and currently own a Samsung S4. Samsung’s service was more bearable of the two but Sony’s was just horrible. This was my personal experience, I am sure others may have different experiences and I shall not argue against that.

    That being said in terms of looks, hardware, innovations, software these are things that constantly change for every major mobile phone company. But I must criticize Sony for becoming like Samsung in terms of their flagship phones [z series] that the design looks the same with not much difference between them which reminds me of the Samsung S series.

    I really want Sony to do well and outsell each competitor, call it nostalgia or a genuine preference for Sony products but I don’t think I am buying a Sony Mobile anytime soon.

  • meir cohen

    My Amazing Note 4 SM-N910F Is my last device from SAMSUNG after a few devices from SAMSUNG it’s about time to change direction.
    Maybe the SONY XPERIA Z4.
    The s6 is not for me! I always prefer an heavy duty battery that loves to work hard like my MERCEDES E280 CDI that i have.
    So it’s seems like the SONY Z4 is the right next smartphone for me.

    Thank you.

  • meir cohen

    Add me either

  • meir cohen

    Best display made by PHILIPS

  • Paul Muad’Dib

    I don’t like the way Samsung offers products and services to customers. I own a very expensive SmartTV from Samsung and with every firmware update, the “smart” part of it becomes more and more rusty (force closes, performance issues etc).

    Although I like Sony as brand, equally as Motorola. There is an history and I’ll feel sad to find that those great phone brands will bankrupt. Siemens is gone since years.

    I hope that Sony will provide a better customer support, like Motorola do, so it will become more attractive for potentially buyers.

    For now I own a Xperia T2 Ultra and a Smartband (SWR10). I hope we will receive good checked updates without compromising the performance. In fact, I don’t care about Lollipop, but about updates that improve performance.

    For now I must say that I’ll purchase a Sony in the future and I hope it will be a Z4 Ultra (if it will be not bigger than my current phone).

    My next TV will be a Bravia.

  • bill z1c
  • bill z1c

    CHEERS :)

  • Guest

    ???I RECEIVED FIRST DRAFT OF $13000!@ak14:



  • JZaw

    I have been using my Z2 ever since I lost my iPhone and the phone that I am looking to replace my lost 6+ is a Galaxy S6 edge. The design has pretty much bought me to why I am going with the S6 and giving my Z2 it’s rest. The Z4 with its leak so far has made me even want the S6 edge more than ever because I feel like Sony have been using the similar design for 3 generations for its flagship. I am never a Samsung fan but I think their concept of starting from scratch in terms of their new design for S6 and S6 edge have really compelled non fans such as me to their brand. I feel like I am betraying Sony for going with a Samsung this time but I hope in the future Xperias will be able to stand out from the crowd. As much as I am into the whole splash and water resistance that Xperia offers I think I will come back to Sony when they have something more than that.

  • Jaissal S

    I don’t like Samsung either. I went shopping yesterday and thought that I should see what they are like. They both have design elements which are very similar to the iPhone 6. The Edge looked way to shiny for me. Also small amount of time I messed around with it, I found no benefit of using the curved screen. You think they would include the features in a demo which runs all of the time in the retail shop. The build quality of the S6 looks cool though…which makes me think they should have done that earlier on.

    I will still be staying with Sony as I love what they offer and don’t do silly gimmicks. My Z1 may be upgraded this year to the Z4!

  • RoberMC

    Samsung floods the market with devices, nothing else, that makes them more visible to customers, but their product are far inferior to Sony’s ones now a days.

    There is no perfect product, maybe Samsung displays (only in mobile) are better, but Sony is offering better battery, less bloated phones, water resistance, microSD card slot, more powerful processors, and other things.

    In TV market… i was going to buy a 65″ 4k tv from Samsung… but after seeing the new Sony’s 2015 Lineup, it will be a Sony for me. Panels are about the same, but Samsung has serious problems with their panel lottery, Now Sony sports Android TV which crushes Samsung’s Tizen, and Samsung forces you to buy a curved panel if you want a high end TV, and i don’t like curved TV’s.

    Maybe Samsung sells more, but that doesn’t mean their products are better. It is up to us to choose the better product, or beeing a sheep.

  • ?????? ???????

    you know what I know that every company have some problem with phone….sony make phone useful for every thing for 10 years… I had xperia neo in 4 years ago but know he work fine but the samsung in technology better than ever but samsung have not good for useful & many years & he dont copy right of his technology for example the finger scaner from apple company.my friend had samsung note 3 & after 1 years just useful for rubish so if the sony have the technology of samsung i promise you .the sony will be better than ever. just keep that way i said .

  • efi.mres

    new update for z3dual and z1 seriers arived

  • Steve

    No do not…if you willingly want to charge the phone you can but z3 do give you more then a day. I’m a medium to heavy user but than also it’s remain above 60% end of the day and around bed time….

  • Yai

    Before I hate Samsung also I always waiting for Sony fragship will do better phone and more special different high technology then now I known Sony hasn’t gotten it and no changed and that the reasons I brought Samsung Galaxy S6 and it better and better than Sony do u agree?

  • mustafa

    Sony’s software is what’s actually keeping me loyal. I hate touchwiz, and Sony’s media apps are brilliant.

  • marcoplo

    I’ve been Sony user for years now, I had xperia z2 but I am looking for change, so yes I will buy Samsung 128 GB normal , the reason is I am feed up with SD card writing issue, KitKat, and lollipop is not working either for me and root is difficult to achive.

  • keem joe

    Lmao He is…. I have the g s6 right now, and the galaxies actually cost more than an iphone

  • keem joe

    No doubt, a lot of people buy off brands due to the status it gives them

  • By having a HD resolution the work of the processor and GPU is less so but high points

  • Ricardo Ca

    I agree that Sony has to innovate a little more, but if i would change i would go maybe to Motorola.

  • Danshil Mungur

    Samsung? No thanks.
    I have my Xperia Z2, I love my Xperia Z2, I love the 3 GB ram on my Xperia Z2, I love my Snapdragon 801 on my Xperia Z2, I Iove the water resistance of my Xperia Z2, I love the 2 day battery on my Xperia Z2, I love my 20.7 MP 1/2.3″ sensor camera on my Xperia Z2, I love the sleak design of my Xperia Z2, I love the memory card slot on my Xperia Z2, I love my 5.2″ 424 ppi Triluminos Display, I love the weight of my Xperia Z2 too (makes holding the phone not awkward)

    I love my Xperia Z2.
    and I love it’s price too. Much better than Samsung’s prices

  • z3firm

    Xperia z1/z1c lollipop is rolling out . pRE-Rooted file to flash in recovery . Unbranded.

    https://youtu.be/R0y13qfuCvU Video review + download link :)

  • Amel_Marie

    Janji sony dari bulan Februari, this week or next week aint mean anything -____-“

  • Irfan Faiz

    I switched from a Galaxy S3 to a Xperia Z3. Didn’t regret the decision one bit as the S3 was struggling through basic tasks due to the Android 4.3 update.

    The S6 is an appealing device but the removed waterproofing (which I appreciated on my Z3) and omission of the SD card slot are major turn offs for me. It’s a great phone but I’m happy with my Z3. Not going to upgrade to the Z4 but I’m keen on whatever Sony has in store as its successor.

  • arse

    What is this blog? What I see here is a load of arse licking on Sony devices…lets look at devices in general from somebody who works directly with them, day in day out.

    Sony devices, Samsung devices, LG devices…they are all awful.

    Particularly build quality in Sony’s case, software and hardware builds. Both of them are brutally ‘nasty’.

    Samsung, exactly the same.

    LG? They just don’t have the popularity and the monetary prowess of Sony and Samsung – companies that also have a TONNE of advertising power.

    Then you have the quiet brands, Motorola, HTC – devices where software and hardware talk beautifully, design isnt too bad either…but they don’t sell a lot?

    Why is this?

    Money and brand power.

    I have never seen devices like Sony and Samsung fail so often – the definitive theory of ‘planned obsolescence’…failure of devices before their expiry date.

    I think I’ll stay with my HTC One M7.

  • who cares?
  • Joshua Elias

    I will be ordering one for sure

  • Anukul

    I liked galaxy s2 and now s6. It’s nearly ideal for me except no SD card, the camera is best. This time around sony did got some serious competition.

  • On a Clear Day

    The S6 is the current best of the best. It wins in the looks department whereas the iPhone? Can you say boring? It wins in the performance department – 8 cores, 3 gig of Ram, 16 megapixel main camera, 5 front, screen with nearly 2 times the resolution of the “new” but hardly different in any discernible nor substantive way iPhones. Which part of both the Xperia and the always the same but different iPhones are behind the curve don’t you anti Samsung trolls get?

  • raju

    but no update india

  • Lazy Ghost

    Give me a break. Samsung tv’s and their display technology are top notch. As for propaganda get a life. Every company uses propaganda you moron, it’s called marketing, advertising and PR. Every isheep thinks Apple is the most ethical company yet they have evaded paying their taxes to the tune of billions. Keep trolling doucher

  • Lazy Ghost

    Get a life. Jony Ive copies every major artist then tried to pass it off as his own until he gets caught. Learn some shit, it’s educational.

  • Lazy Ghost

    Actually genius business is based on cost control. This us why for years Samsung out sold apple and it’s profit margins sucked. Look at Xioami and till see the same. Ask any real business man and they’ll sat the same thing…COST CONTROL.

  • Bur

    Display and design. They finally caught up Sony, and Z4 seems boring so S6 edge for me.

  • juxt417

    Ummm it’s the same price for a flagship Samsung device as an iPhone.has been that way for a while We have stuck with Samsung because they are one of the best android phones available and android offers many more features than apple ever will.

    Last I checked the home button wasn’t a circle and the iPhone doesn’t have soft touch buttons. Which gets rid of on screen buttons. Which is another reason many people choose Samsung. Also Samsung has always had a camera bump and at least you get a top of the line camera behind that hump. Not some cheap 3 year old sensor.

    So all in all people buy Samsung because it’s the best android phone and is only rivaled by a toddlers toy with 3 year old hardware in an oversized ipod frame.

  • mrjraider

    Well the Sony battery capacity may be larger than the Samsung standard but with my 2370mah in mij Xperia SP I dont get 2 days ;)

  • Gitarooman

    nothing on that list can’t be matched by Z4 anyway if any of those rumors are true. They are pretty much confirmed already.

  • juxt417

    I agree while there is still a decent amount of bloatware.the bulk of it isn’t from Samsung anymore. I actually have 3x as many Google and carrier apps disabled than I do Samsung apps.

  • Kaostheory

    Not sure I understand, Sony is first with 5.0.2

  • Ken May 139

    I used to have a Galaxy S4 and I currently have a Galaxy S5 but because the Galaxy S6 doesn’t have a removable battery or sd card, I will NEVER EVER own a Galaxy S6.
    This is what these giant technology companies do: Hype a bunch of worthless gimmicks while taking away features that are actually useful. Why would anybody prefer a phone that doesn’t let you remove the battery? Why would anybody prefer a phone that doesn’t let you add memory capacity?

  • Arun Gladston

    I hate Samsung too…

  • Arun Gladston

    Samsung always copies, they wont create their own…If you wont believe go to google and type “Samsung galaxy s6 i phone 6″…it will automatically shows “copy”

  • Ali

    I’m using Z3 now. Despite Galaxy S6 Edge is looking very good, it looks like a fake iPhone 6 and the price is too high. That’s why I’ll stick with the XZ3 for now ;)

  • Ryan Paolo Mateo Seguira

    add me also lol

  • Timel

    the smartphone that packed with PSTV/PSVita features is a great idea but making another stand alone device like Z4 Play??? I mean Is it better? if Sony will bring all features of the PSTV/PSVita into one flagship smartphone, You want built it PS controller? I prefer the detachable PS controller and It would be so cool as well if our smartphone can turn to be the TV set-top box hahaha

  • Pete Burrows

    Yep. Got my s6 in black on Saturday. Love it. And as a bonus comes pre loaded with lollipop (rather than waiting an age with no update info for my z2)

  • jawzel hany

    Here we go again Sony keeps sending notifications on xperia news abt lollipop being released to this phone and that phone all on paper no show just to keep you waiting for nothing up till now nothing we keep on trying. Now the excuse is that they are waiting for a stable update.if the updates are not ready stop sending stories on xperia news cause it’s too much

  • valentino

    i agree with you brother but somehow. they perfecting the copied version and give a few more features..
    but from my exp samsung galaxy s line is not good enough. the note line are.

  • S.A.E.E.D

    I’m good with my Z2 it gives me all what I want… And now after updating to lollipop everything is excellent except taking pictures in low light .

  • jawzel hany

    You are right bro the world can wait for Sony to keep up,I’m going to get my self a black s6

  • S.A.E.E.D

    I’ve got the lollipop update six days ago here in the middle east!!

  • jep

    I am 32.my wallet never gave me any problem when i need to buy gadget

  • May Czos

    Definitely thinking about the S6 (edge). 4 reasons:
    – fantastic camera (great image processing)
    – almost perfect display calibration (Sony deliberately ruined it in the Z3)

    – mighty SoC
    – modern, fresh design/style

    Even though I love Xperia’s great batteries and waterproofness, that’s just not enough.

  • Nt.AFC

    SS is the best!!! just in SS world heh, Never leave SONY!

  • Reza Aryamehr Safaei

    i have z1 and i adore it but i like samsung phone because of its AMOLED Screen and its camera ….that uses sony sensors but produced much better result than sony phones!!!

  • juxt417

    Because many people, myself included, havent had the need for sd cards or extra batteries in years. Having used samsung since the galaxy acclaim I have never once had to replace a battery, if the battery gets low I just turn it off and continue on with my life and I actually had an sd card burn out on me and never bothered to replace as I much rather prefer the more reliable built in storage(not to mention ufs 2.0 is 2.5 faster than almost everything else). Also wireless charging is something many people wanted (i actually have my edge on a pma powermat as I type) and something I would gladly take over a removable battery. Only media hoarders and power users need those things and they are usually few and far between

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I know lower resolution gives less strain on the gpu ;)

  • Lee Jia Hui

    What is the point to let the S6 running on Android Lollipop if it doesn’t have micro SD slot that enables apps move to SD??
    (Ofcourse lollipop have other new features, I just saying.)
    Another thing I don’t like Samsung because its system apps “eats” a lot of Ram even when the phone first startup (normally half of it) include a lot of bloatware that waste the internal and ram memory. Need to uninstall manually.

    If these things doen’t exist, maybe I’ll consider about Samsung.

  • Shyam4ever

    I am always a Sony fan, I have Xperia Mini Pro and Xperia Z1 Compact. Recently I have purchased Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. Now I realize that, purchasing Samsung device is the biggest mistake of my life. I hate Samsung… not only UI, I hate everything in Samsung.

  • Lee Jia Hui
  • Elias Malek

    I’m z3 user and xperia fun since x10 but why are you so late in update?moreover plz sony we need new design new features and of course better camera…..

  • grav1ty

    Whatever happens in life, just be honest. I started with Xperia S, followed with Xperia Z and now im going with Xperia Z3. During this time i never was flashed by a Samsung phone, it was just ugly for me. But now, honestly, S6 Edge is my favorite phone on the Market when it comes to design. TouchWiz will never be my friend, but if i had to buy a new phone right now, it definitely would NOT be a Sony phone, even if Z4 was already released. Because, it has still the same design, only minor changes and not worth for upgraders.

  • QueenLele

    I owned an Xperia Z and then switched to the Note 3 and have now returned back to Sony with the Z3. Why? Because I absolutely hated Touchwiz UI on the Note 3. The old Touchwiz and even the new Touchwiz. It’s a horrible mess. So whilst I would like the specs of the S6 and Samsung’s good camera processing (admit it, Sony’s camera processing algorithms suck) I would never endure the torture of being forced to use Touchwiz UI again. I’d much rather stick to Sony’s UI which I actually like.

  • DBS

    Perhaps you should read things before commenting with links to them? The Theme Creator DOES NOT work with Lollipop.

  • adnan

    I have xperia z3 1st thing pls make ur update in India region soon and and make lots of banner and advisement like samsung do hope ur hard work work one day but from heart ? xperia z3 rocks and hope z4 too will be and make the service centre price little less of product

  • Geese Howard

    Timel! Here is your cue!!! Say something and make Samsung proud, you big fat fanboy! :D

  • Geese Howard

    Me too, there is something wrong with the name itself to begin with… Thank god Korea still has LG!

  • Akand

    I would consider buying S6 if it had water resistance, non touchwiz UI, front facing stereo speaker, larger battery and without fingerprint scanner.

  • Akand

    Samsung’s super amoled display just makes brighter and deeper colour. but it is not natural. just take a picture of your own hand with a z2 and s5. then compare both pictures with your real hand. i think you will see.
    if deeper color is better for you, then of course amoled is for you. but i always compare which more natural.

  • pipslvr

    Same feeling here. I’ve been playing with S6 and still lags in places, specially the recents app. Then there is the battery life which is super average compared to Z3 and frankly I find the design of the S6 underwhelming.

  • brick

    Had Xperia S, then got the galaxy s4, but it was such a horrible phone I couldn’t wait to go back to Sony. Shitty build quality, ugly looks, ugly ui, tons of bugs and lags and bloatware and gimmicky features that didn’t work half the time , warranty void after root, Samsung never updates their stock apps like album or music, kitkat got the phone factory underclocked
    And finally with the lollipop update I got no new features whatsoever, old 5.0 build (not 5.0.2), no updated apps, only the ugly s5 interface (with none of the new s5 apps) and battery drain.

    Now I have the Z3 and I’m fully satisfied. The only things I miss from Samsung are the volume controls and double app multitasking.

  • brick

    What’s the point of edge? Just another useless gimmick by Samsung. All it does is adding more scratchable area and glare.

  • brick

    Do you work in a service center? If that’s the case is only natural that the most common devices break the most. I service printers and I’m always under the impression that hp printers break like crazy but my 50 bucks multifunction hp printer I bought ages ago still works beautifully.

  • 5u5m1t

    I’ve got the Z3c and I agree that nothing comes close to it in terms of giving a top end compact phone. My decision was down to getting the Z3c, Galaxy Alpha or the iPhone 6 and the Z3c won hands down. Samsung have done a lot to trim down their software but it still looks far too cartoony for my taste.

  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • GregLu

    Don’t be a stupid troll … Personnaly I have a Z3 Compact that I like and I like Sony too. I had a S4 in the past and that was my last Samsung, I also own a LG G3… But to be honnest, I don’t want a S6 just by the fast that there isn’t any SD slot + a fucking ludicrous RRP.

    That being said, I don’t think I will buy a Z4 either way and I’m more interested in a G4 even if it’s a S808, because the S810 is a firestarter. I’d rather prefer to skip a generation and wait for the next flagship at a reasonnable price. Samsung plays it a la Apple but whitout the service (The only true thing you can say honnestly about their marketing and after repair) and it will not be good. It will sell with contract but in full price I doubt that, or maybe in two month by truckload with 100 EUR off the price and a cashback of 150 EUR …

  • niugininexus

    From Z2 I went with Motorola Nexus 6. Wifey has the Z3.

  • SamsaraGuru

    Quite amazing all the religious fervor and zealot protestations here “I hate this or that about Samsung”. Samsung has produced an unparalleled device that makes both the Xperia and the iPhones barely “also rans” in the flagship races.

    There are only two levels to everything; The best and all the rest. Sony and Apple clearly fall into “the rest” category now and given Sony’s lack of serious commitment and financial difficulties and the fact Apple is so pleased with itself that it doesn’t feel it needs to do anything special are going to stay grouped with “The rest”.

  • WhyWai

    I don’t like Samusung too, but this new S6 Edge really turned my head… and now confirmed that Z4 will be mostly the same design… I’m considering get Samsung instead of Sony this this time around…

  • Prateek Kumar

    What’s wrong with not liking a certain company’s products? It’s you who seems to be butthurt after seeing all this hate for samsung phones.
    Its called Xperiablog and not galaxyblog for a reason.

  • Prateek Kumar

    you realize they give white balance settings?
    Jesus, people just make up reasons to hate these days.

  • Praveen Jaladanki

    well, both the phones turned my head ‘away’…

  • kj marway

    The crucial thing here is that the panel argument is a weak one, in that the panel is nothing more than a canvas. Granted, Sony may not make its own panels, but does it really matter?

    The panel is little more than a component – the picture processing behind it all is the differentiator. In Sony’s case, X-Reality PRO and forthcoming 4K X1 Processor.

    Apple for example, buys in parts from everyone – Sony included – the same thing takes place in the car industry, BMW buys in parts from Bosch, for example.

    Sony has not signalled in any way that it’s TV business is set to be sold – yes, it was spun off into Sony Visual Products, but it still falls under the Sony Corporation umbrella. No business is forever, there’s no guarantee any company will be in any business in five to ten years time.

    It’s no secret that Sony still produces some of the best TV’s on the market – for something as simple as the dreaded colour banding, Sony BRAVIA sets have no issue fixing and processing the image to enhance it – yet rivals with much higher price points still suffer from banding.

    So yes, many parts are sourced from rivals, but it’s the same story everywhere else. It’s how those parts are put to use by Sony’s (and rival) engineers that makes the difference.

  • fried_egg

    other than facts it was a good argument you made. the panel is the biggest and most expensive tangible part of the tv (branding is intangible) and while i agree that the software that runs it is very important it all depends on the panel’s ability. As for the tv division… http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/01/12/sony-ceo-idUSL3N0UM09H20150112 nearly all the other brand leading tv makers from the 70s/80s/90s have closed/licenced off the brand/restructured heavily their tv rustbelt and sony is under huge pressure to do the same.. (it is the koreans who dominate now, who were the oem of the 80s, and they are being squeezed by the chinese who are the oem of today) their losses can not continue forever and activist shareholders have started to circle, even though they tend to have difficulty against japanese shares due to their market culture they have already forced changes in sony a couple of years ago… sony has exited the music stores etc that had been “easy” use of their formidable position as music publisher and hardware maker… something apple was expected to add to their own make up sony was there first… yet they exited this year. Sony is not fully in control of their own destiny… the 80s, where they ruled with trintron are gone. the days where they owned chemical firms and stockbroking firms are gone… their days of pc making are gone… they are a brand and apple shows brands do not need to make anything themselves, they can outsource it all and concentrate only on growth products. tv is not a growth product and because of speed of change it is not profitable for anyone either. Sony spun off it’s tv business. This is often (eg philips tv and sony’s own viao) the first thing you do before selling it completely.

  • Leo Ros K

    Sony is my favor phone and I have newer had a bad Sony phone.
    1 Water proof, 2 microSD memory card slot (+ hoping for bigger phone mem), 3 battery life, 4 best camera and 4 BUILT QUALITY and beautiful phones is the main reason. Waiting for Z4 and and Hope to see some new improvements techniques in camera (maybe curved censor). Sony have to watch what Samsung and other is doing and try also take (back) some leadership in certain area. They have to try to stay focused on promised realizing day of theirs production too, not several months later (something I think Sony have lose big sale for). But I will stay stuck on Sony what ever happen anyway in the market (somewhat big Sony fan) if I have these 4 things I mentioned above and double sim in my future Z(x) big phones.

  • Akash_Sharma

    I think samsung has done a great job. S6 definitely looks a premium phone. I expect Sony to be a little more creative in the design and work on their UI which is not at par with the HTC sense or stock android.

  • Unknown

    I haven’t been moved with any samsung products, i can’t be fooled with things i wont use, their designs are damn ugly just stealing other product design. Am happy with sony

  • Lee Jia Hui

    ok, sorry…

  • Timothy Crayon

    Are you kidding? I won’t spend my money to buy this KOREAN CRAP……idiot inside for IDIOTS…….

  • Timothy Crayon

    Proved that “SUCKSUNG is nothing without COPYING APPLE…..”
    I agreed with you this time…..

  • Timothy Crayon

    SAMSUNG is actually NOKIA now, but MICROSOFT has NO interest to buy this KOREAN CRAP^^

  • Ellis Seiker

    yes i hated samsung but galaxy s6 turned my mind. i’m not planning to buy it but now i think buying samsung might be ok.

  • Jake Lew

    Arguable your so call best .

  • rygarto

    Just a question: Why did you feel you needed a new phone when running the Z2?

  • Jeffrey De Jesus

    More Innovative than S5, I think But SONY RULEZ!!!

  • Camilo

    I actually came from a Samsung device. Now I have the Xperia Z3 and I’m pretty amused. I’ll keep loyal to Xperia devies because of the stereo speakers, waterproofing, the camera, and because they have micro sd slot. They have more RAM too, and they’re surely gorgeous.

  • Marlowe Marzan

    Samsung makes a phone by imitation

  • Castro

    I’m using my 9th Sony mobile…. I love Sony products, they really stand apart from others but thrs no outward change in the z series models almost they look the same, I want Sony to innovate new model nd design for their every mobile, smtng like m8 or g3,,, Sony Ericsson models vr unique,,, in design

  • Žilvinas

    Add me either? or either we don’t? :D

  • Chew Loh Seng

    I would rather go for ASUS with it’s Zenfone 2 (ZE551ML – 4GB RAM) than both Samsung Galaxy S6 models… The savings that I gain can offset my Prepaid line for at least 2 years (~S$25/month, with savings of S$650 of 64GB ZF2 compared to 64GB GS6 4G+).

    Still having the Xperia SP with me, even though it’s not the main device anymore (main device now: ASUS ZF5 LTE), it is still the device that I use regularly at home, especially for music. Damn Transparent Elements, when will Sony bring it back?! I really want Xperia SP2, and will buy it if specifications is the same as Xperia M4 Aqua!

  • niugininexus

    1. USB cover has become loose.
    2. 16gb became too restricting. Got 64gb card but can’t move apps onto it without rooting. (Lollipop update fixed this though).
    Minor issues, I know :-)

  • gamer324

    Maybe for the GS6 because it’s metal and glass, but every Samsung I’ve held has always felt…weak, like if you don’t take extreme care of it’ll break.
    Plus if you get a chance, try out some Oppo or Xiaomi smartphones at a shop, their flagship builds imo, are second only to Sony or Apple (maybe the HTC One M series, but I’ve never handled those), and are head and shoulders above the rest of the industry.

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    I have yet saw a Xiaomi phone in my country. I did hand on the Find series of Oppo, it’s a meh to me.

  • a.hamameh

    We will see then

  • a.hamameh

    I checked thatnew S6 but it’s not

  • meir cohen

    My english is not so good. :)

  • kaleb

    I only like the processor and internal memory storage of the S6 variants. These components are fast and class leading, which holds me back in buying Z4. If only Z4 would have SD820, I would not consider buying S6. Z4 is featured-pack but with camera not living up to expectation, big bezels and now overheating processor (not really Sony’s fault).

  • mohsen

    no reason for turn to samsung; because huawei, acer and some other brands uses design of sony
    apple, samsung, huawei ,……. uses sony’s camera sensor
    but my dream phone from sony is: an exclusive OS and chipset with 4 or 6 GB ram, 4000mAh battery, 5.3 inch display with +480 ppi

  • rice03

    Galaxy S5 could not do anything last year face the supersonic iPhone 6, the South Korean manufacturer is therefore trying a new formula, Samsung has corrected its faults and was able to presente Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge with a design and manufacture which correspond its status a high-end device.

  • wtf

  • I really hope the z4 that’s released in Japan is’nt going to be the flagship device from Sony, if it is then ill just switch to Samsung because they’re beating any other phone atm.. i do hate the fact that theres no sd card slot and boring touchwiz

  • monx®

    i only need touch fingerprint reader in next xperia pls. then can forget other junks.

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  • Katty Perry
  • Ken May 139

    The questions asked: “Why would anybody prefer a phone that doesn’t let you remove the battery? Why would anybody prefer a phone that doesn’t let you add memory capacity?”
    The answer received: Some compliant people actually like having less freedom and power and those are the kind of obsequious people who will buy the Galaxy S6.
    Although created by a South Korean company, the Galaxy S6 would be a more suitable device for someone living in the NORTH Korean police state.

  • Ken May 139

    “few and far between” = individualists who cherish more choices, not less.

  • Ken May 139

    The questions asked: “Why would anybody prefer a phone that doesn’t let you remove the battery? Why would anybody prefer a phone that doesn’t let you add memory capacity?”
    The answer received: Some compliant people actually like having less freedom and power and those are the kind of obsequious people who will buy the Galaxy S6.
    Although created by a South Korean company, the Galaxy S6 would be a more suitable device for someone living in the NORTH Korean police state.

  • juxt417

    Compliancy has nothing to do with this my good friend. Having an open mind and wanting the best device on the market is what swayed my decision. Not to mention Sd cards are already becoming a frail and outdated technology and are being replaced by a much more secure, efficient and powerful means of storage.
    Although I will admit, it would have been nice of Samsung to start out at 64 GB to make up for removing sd cards. As 32 GB is barely enough especially when storing all that beautiful 4k content, but at least they started at 32 GB unlike the Cupertino folks. (Where profit comes first and no true innovation has been seen in years.) Not to mention if you really need extra storage wireless flash drives/hard drives and micro usb flash drives work quite well.
    As far as batteries go I think battery packs allow for much more freedom and versatility than having to buy specific batteries and chargers every time you buy a new phone. For example I backed the lithium card pro on kickstarter and it was well worth the money being able to fully charge my s6 edge in an hour and not have to mess with any long wires or taking my device apart. Not to mention it can charge 2 devices at once while charging itself through a full usb port. All in a package no bigger than a credit card and no wider than a smartphone. It also comes with a nanostick pad that allows you to stick the pack right to the phone and still have it fit in your pocket.
    Honestly I really don’t get why you guys think a removable battery equals freedom when all it does is lock you into that device for even longer and becomes useless when you do upgrade.
    I understand the storage issue but there are alternatives. Some of which I think are better than sd cards in the first place.

  • wenkernboys01

    Samsung sucks now! Sony forever!!!

  • wenkernboys01

    Always new Samsung phone will explode

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