Sony explains why it changed the ‘Walkman’ app name to ‘Music’

by XB on 24th April 2015

in Applications

Walkman_9.0.0.A.2.0 beta_2Sony Mobile updated the beta version of its Walkman application earlier today moving the build number to “9.0.0.A.2.0 beta”. According to the “Walkman Beta Test” group on Google+, the changelog of this new update includes a new full player, playqueue in drawer and a new context menu.

Through the beta, the app has been renamed from “Walkman” to “Music”. For the first time, a splash screen on this new build explains why Sony has changed the name. Sony explains that “The Walkman app is changing its name to Music – because that’s what it is all about”.

One of the moderator team had this to add: “Not all people make the connection that Walkman is about music. So, to simplify for all our users, we are changing the name to make it easy to understand what this app gives you: Music.” So there you have it, quite a simple reason for the change in the end.

DOWNLOAD APK: Walkman (9.0.0.A.2.0 beta)

Walkman_9.0.0.A.2.0 beta_0

Walkman_9.0.0.A.2.0 beta_1 Walkman_9.0.0.A.2.0 beta_2

Walkman_9.0.0.A.2.0 beta_3 Walkman_9.0.0.A.2.0 beta_4

Thanks Aaron, duh-koh-tuh, Edison and shehabskull!

  • Carls Alvin

    Whatever but WALKMAN sounds better, Music sounds bored

  • ssjdino

    I guess people are just too retarded to match Walkman with music..

  • it’s simply a branding issues and as long as it doesn’t change the hi res audio dynamics technically it doesn’t matter but as a brand person I think the Walkman name is very valuable and ubiquitous.
    it was the Walkman brand name that first attracted me to so many other great things about the Xperia line

  • Svnjay

    Alesana? Great music taste!

    Anyway, Walkman was a much cooler name.

  • a.hamameh

    Like always I was the first one who share it but no -_-
    I have sent you nearly the same screenshots but no you told someone to take them and share them without sharing who was the first one who told you.
    I’m going to leave this site and move to another one.
    Sorry XperiaBlog but I’m really disappointment because you just stealing news.
    You can find my original comment here and compare it with the one above.

  • SM

    In which Xperia model Hi-res audio dynamics applied for? Premium Z series only I guess. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Lukáš Pávl

    You’re funny guy…

  • SM

    Being a late 80’s kid & a sony (Ericsson) user for last 10+ years…yes, ‘Walkman’ is just more than a brand name for me. So many memories with this…

    *nostalgic …

  • Timel

    It’s cool because people like you love to lie yourself, Walkman app drags Walkman brand through the mud, I’m really glad that Sony changed the name of its music app

  • Amimanot

    Personal opinion time:
    I like the new now playing screen, its fresh and with the new lollipop animations, its really a refreshing change from before. But, the old now playing screen is kinda unique with its own style where the new one feels samey… Most other music players out there (I think) use the same style with the huge album art on top and big bold controls on the bottom. (New – top, Old – bottom). Therefore, I would like to see if they could integrate the old style of the old now playing screen with the subtle changes introduced in the beta music app.

  • Timel

    Sony copied Google Play Music which copied an iPhone’s Music app

  • Amimanot

    Well that’s true, and that’s why I prefer the old look. Its unique and doesn’t look like the countless music apps out there.

  • Shehab Skull

    YOU are welcome ^^

  • Svnjay

    No, it doesn’t. Sony has been calling their music app Walkman for nearly a decade and it was a great name.

  • Dexter Moregan

    I think the real reason is people who is born after the first ipod was released doesn’t Walkman and for only my country, people who never watch this TV ads on TV

  • Kevin A. Koesoema

    Well, it’s kinda off-topic but i wanna ask something. Should I buy Xperia Z3 now or should I wait for the release of Xperia Z4? Please kindly answer, thanks.

  • Luis

    OFF TOPIC: I just received the Lollipop update for my Xperia Z3 Compact. I’m from Brazil.

  • el_sur

    Wait it out. There is supposed to be a new device unveiled in May, probably even the Z4 compact. I am lusting for that phone.

  • i’d say now is the BEST time to grab a Z3, Expansys and Amazon have the intl version in Purple for $450 – 500, much less than Z4, and who knows what issues Z4 may have at first. Z3 is a truly fantastic phone.

  • Kevin A. Koesoema

    Well….I guess u’re right. Z3 is definitely amazing. Thanks for ur opinion :D

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    When you think about all the younger kids buying cellphones, only a few know Sony produces phones. They mostly known Samsung and Apple, it’s a sad truth really. But if a younger person picks up an Xperia smartphone, how would they know what a Walkman even was?

    Sony is really making it easier, and really stupid proof for new users, young and old to pick up an Xperia smartphone and use THEIR Music app and services. If a younger person who doesn’t know what a Walkman is its a good bet they would use Google’s music app or some other third party app and spend money on their services.

    Walkman to Music is just an easier way to get people to use their apps and pay for the services along with it. While I’ll miss the nostalgia that the Walkman name brings, more money for Sony which can then be rolled back into their Xperia line

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Everyone here… Actually everyone in their 20’s and above know what a Walkman is. But can the same be said for the younger generation that was raised on Apple, Beats and Samsung products? The name is a reminder of what Sony did, the innovation they’ve started and we all recognize that. But the newer generation won’t, and as stupid as that may seem why go through the risk of having new Xperia users skip over the Walkman app and just because they don’t know the name and what it does. It’s weird to think that younger people won’t know what Sony did with the Walkman, but maybe changing it to Music is a way for Sony to shed it’s past in some sense. To get out from under what it did do and start improving and innovating things now.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Maybe Sony feels that, while the Walkman brings a lot of fond memories of what they did do its time to focus on what they can do, here and now. To stop focusing and standing on what they did in the past, to push their technology, Playstation and Xperia line ahead. Maybe shedding the past is hard, but it could be easier for what they can do in present and future

  • Guest

    But isn’t all music apps based off the idea to be able to walk around listening to music? It’s like all music apps are just built off the idea of Sony’s Walkman, just adding visual controls and touchscreen instead physical controls and buttons. But then isn’t a Walkman like a copy of the inner music we have in our heads?… Dood like what is life?

  • so are they going to call the $2,000 xz-1 Walkman “music player” next year? I have a funny feeling that product line is the real reason for the change in branding, after a bit of biz thought. regardless I prefer walkman but oh well

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Is their a lot OEMs can do with music apps?

  • Amimanot

    Dude~~ Life is like, so hipster coz dying is sooo mainstream

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    The Walkman line of products is just ridiculous. At this point it’s only for audiophiles and people with money to spend.

    Sony should just put all the work from their Walkman line into their Xperia smartphones. Their speakers are pretty damn good as is, not M9 territory but the Z5 could change that. Still other OEMs use high end chips for their audio, the fact that Sony cam hang with them without having an S-Master chip is great. That’s why the Walkman line should be integrated with the Xperia line.

  • Timel

    I hope someday this Music app will be replaced with the PlayStation Music app

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    The name sounds better, little long though. Plus they really need to work on the current Playstation app. It’s in dire need of a face lift and more fluidity like their album app

  • perhaps but in Japan the line was around the block and they can hardly keep them in stock, and it is a Japanese company after all. I bought into the new one as well, and it was well worth it in my own personal opinion and I believe they have enough of a customer base in Japan alone to warrant this line. They still produce the lesser expensive models but the xz-1 and two really are great products… the build quality alone is pretty incredible, and the sound is beyond belief good. so now I wonder if “Walkman” will be reserved for that higher end product line.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Well Sony needs to do something. I would pay a bit more for an Xperia device that really contains the best Walkman features and hardware. Why not have a device that can do it all? Great build quality, screen, camera and an audiophiles dream. Combine Walkman and Xperia and get the best of both worlds in one device.

  • Sola Hoi

    Only a stupid idea will need explanation like this. For people who can’t associate walkman with music, will they buy a Sony phone?

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    walkman is a brand and music as their app names.

  • Kaz’s Ass

    it would be so cool if Sony will add the Pitch control (audio key changer) function to Xperia’s Music app

  • phil

    nobody know walkman is music? zzz.

  • Kaz’s Ass

    In fact, the Walkman brand is much stronger than the Xperia.

    I also love Walkman name more than Xperia

    Walk means go forward / keep moving forward
    Man means Mankind

    And to be honest I really don’t see the bright future for Sony Mobile and the Xperia brand at all or Maybe Sony should rethink about their smart mobile products line again? So This is my opinion, If I was Sony, I will left the the Xperia brand and 100% ditch to Walkman brand, because the first time when Sony walked in the mobile device and wearable device market they came with Walkman and it made a big success to Sony

    Walkman also know as mobile/wearable devices, Walkman know as quality sound, Walkman is Sony’s DNA But Sony should re-image the Walkman brand again, Walkman must adjust to the realities of today, Walkman can’t be only a media player like the past but it must become the high tech communication mobile device which packed with the excellent sound /image experience, the greatest camera quality

  • But seriously, did anyone need an explanation? Sony, hmmmm…

  • 3_nity

    Stupid explanation.

  • 3_nity

    Go away guy. :D

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Why did everyone care about the name ? Care about the performance and quality please !!

  • xperiaDROID

    Holy shit, you have the Walkman ZX1? I’m jealous lol.

  • jag

    He even have the rack for his MDR-1A. How did you even got that @itsarapongintoum:disqus???

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I’ll miss the Walkman but know it’s for the best. Anyway, the double 3dots menu on NowPlaying screen is just ugly. It feels like they replace the design team.

  • jag

    Haha.. we got a sulking guy here. Try to tip them in the “TIP US” link above so they can acknowledge your effort. It’s not like you’re the only one who sends these news. Everyone here are so eager to share these new things because of their love/ passion with xperia. So let’s help and share what we have in this blog. Cheers!

  • 3rdflyleaf

    It’s like a whole new design team is working. I mean, double 3dot menu? Bad UX! The old NowPlaying screen was better, it has this unique feeling.
    My friends love my Walkman interface than their music app on their Lumia, Galaxy, etc.

  • jag

    Aww… there’s no more walkman icon in the notifications tray while playing music. I’ll miss that! But anyways, it’s a good transition for the new generation/ and others who don’t know walkman at all.

  • tong_its

    In debranding the music app, Sony is subtly communicating–Why not buy our Walkman video and music players? If you’re a fan of the iconic brand and got money to burn, a Walkman device merits serious consideration. For those of us who cringe at the price of a high end Walkman player, Sony may have unwittingly given us a reason to hold on to our pre-Lollipop Xperias that won’t be updated anymore with a generic sounding music app. Not a bad deal. My Xperia S has been turned into a bedside phone stripped of apps. It makes a good alarm clock and a WALKMAN music player to boot.

  • jokensy

    This looks better.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    @jagTHESOLDIER:disqus , @rxperia:disqus

    I don’t have NWZ-ZX1. The left piece is new portable headphone DAC/AMP from SONY name PHA-1A and I connect it to my xperia Z1.

    This headphone stand was the bonus if you buy MDR-1RMK2 in Thailand.

  • goldenblls

    Absolute bollocks!

    It takes one click for someone to see that Walkman equals music.

    Sony should be maintaining that Walkman is a brand at the forefront of portable audio and everyone should think Walkman and play Walkman when they want to listen to music on the go. Everything, from portable speakers to headphones should be Walkman.

    I think they’re really letting themselves and the brand down by lessening its mindshare. It’s probably, or could be, it’s must potent force.

  • goldenblls

    That is what marketing is for.

  • Aiden Pearce

    lame excuse…if its is for calling change xperia to CALL or PHONE

  • John Zakaria

    This UI is ugly

  • AndropaX

    I’m also in this group and many peoples want bring back walkman name, but moderator sayd : “Hi all! We understand that most of you want us to keep the Walkman name. Point taken. But please stop spamming the community about the name change. This is a Sony corporate decision and part of a bigger rebranding strategy. So even if we wanted to change the name back to Walkman it is not possible. Thank you for understanding.” Maybe sony wants to sell legendary walkman brand like vaio ?

  • P9

    some dev or dev host here? pls bring back the queue artist feature too.
    it’s do available since Live with Walkman’s Walkman app.

    oh remember that time, only xperia live got Walkman named, other xperia got music. Sony start change it all since xperia s

  • Nawi
  • Alan Garcia

    no =(

  • Alvin

    It’s just name

  • Alan Garcia

    sony =( what happened???

  • Timel

    Walkman means music, means the great sound quality but Walkman is on all Xperia devices is absolutely bullshit! Xperia’s Walkman app is just a lame maketing hype when Sony used Walkman name with their Xperia devices that because Sony want to make people think their Xperia devices will have the great sound quality as Walkman player but the truth is Walkman app was just the fucking generic music app and have nothing special, there’re only lame audio softwares on Xperia devices, a very low sound quality when compare to the real Walkman Player…. Sony drag Walkman brand through the mud

    So if Sony doesn’t brave enough to put the h/w like s-master and other audio techs than found in Walkman Player to Xperia devices then it’s make sense that they got rid Walkman name from Xperia devices, Amen.

  • Timel

    Hi old man

    Your Walkman sucks


  • Timel

    Cool ^^

  • a.hamameh

    I have send them emails and they replied we will….. but nothing no buddy cares.
    There are another sites who care about their Fans but here no.
    Have you saw them replying here?
    No if they will reply only on their friends.

  • liam fisher

    I still won’t be updating to this music app. I will keep walkman

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  • malinalaza

    I loved you, Sony … I loved you so much … And i’m still loving you … But you disappointed me so many times … And now, when i’m alone, i find myself secretly looking on other phones … And it hurts … They are so young … So fresh … So lustful … I don’t want to cheat on you … But my self-control has boundaries … I don’t wanna do that … No … NOOOOO … No … I can’t do that … I love you, Sony …

  • Just as long as it has nothing to do with the ‘in-fighting’ that went on for years with Sony Ericsson, as Sony divisions fought to have Walkman and Cyber-shot removed from high end devices in case it impacted on their camera/music player sales (sales that would fall anyway).

    Cyber-shot was successfully removed, while Walkman was placed on the cheapest entry level models (great way to maintain a strong brand, no?) and now it seems that both are gone for good.

    Thus, you want a good camera you presumably look to buy a Sony point and shoot or DSLR? And if you like music, you’ll be buying that $1000-odd music player they released at CES.

    Of course there’s a good chance people no longer know what Walkman means, as Sony has done such a great job of doing just about everything within its power to destroy its impact and success.

    (But, let me add that of course the name of an app doesn’t actually mean anything in terms of quality or functionality; it’s mostly about perception. Sony has/had strong brands, but now many people will not see a Sony phone as being any different to any other phone with a music player or camera).

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    The best way to get in touch is via the Tip Us button at the top. The second best is via Twitter. Whilst we monitor other social channels and the comments, we can’t promise that we’ll see them in a timely fashion.

  • Why not keep both. Have a toggle in settings to use original ‘Walkman’ branding.

  • Review

    Should have dropped Walkman once cassette tapes became obsolete.

  • Review

    That’s pointless. Just let Walkman die already.

  • Rivaldo Rz

    Why on this update had bad sound quality?Focusing on ui??

  • Review

    Nope. Walkman was synonymous with portable cassette tape players. When the world transitioned to CDs, Sony released Discmans. Walkman should have died there and then.

    It was stupid to retain the Walkman name and then transpose it to an app. Nostalgia is not going to win you market share.

    In fact, there are so many better music players than Sony’s stock Music app.

  • Review

    You don’t like Material Design?

  • brick

    Honestly I don’t give a shit about the name. Walkman was an outdated device that had nothing to do with modern phones, if anything naming a music app after it devalued its legacy. Like they said, young people don’t know what a Walkman is or don’t have any nostalgia for the name because they never had one. Music is self explanatory and works in every level. On top of that I don’t care about the future of the stock Sony music player because Poweramp is still the best player in the market.

  • brick

    All they are communicating is that they don’t want to cross brand their devices. I don’t understand what kind of retard logic you’re following there to go from no Walkman name on app to buy an expensive standalone Walkman. You’d have to be insane to buy a device just because of the name.

  • Renanda Kurniawan

    landscape mode doesn’t look quite good

  • RoberMC

    Well they change to music because “That’s what it’s all about”, so… what was “walkman” brand about?, people walking?

  • Review

    Even back in the day when portable cassette players were all the rage, I preferred the non-Sony ones: sturdier and cheaper. Panasonic, Aiwa, Phillips etc.

    A similar thing is happening today: Beats headphones. Charging a premium just for the brand.

  • Jerry Anderson

    The most important app in my Xperia Tablet Z
    I’m glad they changed the name from Walkman to Music
    I have a better name too Xperia Music.

    The app is lagging performance a little but the rest it’s amazing thanks Sony Mobile Communications

  • Jerry Anderson

    Keep going Sony mobile communications enchanted Music app a lot more.. Add more contents and services improved the Xperia Mobile business

  • mountain

    Heck, why the MDR-1A? Quality for that is sub par. You should go without the amp, and get a decent pair of cans (mdr-z7)

  • Mac

    Rest in Peace Walkman..

  • fried_egg

    Anyone had Z1 Lollipop yet? EE have not rolled it out to everyone but twitter is full of europeans with Z1 5.x issues…

  • Addd ONNNN

    Don’t anyone find this weird?.. Sony is still sells walkman example the Walkman ZX1 a touchscreen media player, so the new retards spoken by the post below dont know what a walkman does but know how to buy a walkman from sony to play music?.. How does this make a difference to the Walkman App on Sony’s smartphones if the app has the same function as the Walkman ZX1 in terms of music playing?

  • WIsh7

    Don’t anyone find this weird?.. Sony is still sells walkman example the Walkman ZX1 a touchscreen media player, so the new retards spoken by the post below dont know what a walkman does but know how to buy a walkman from sony to play music?.. How does this make a difference to the Walkman App on Sony’s smartphones if the app has the same function as the Walkman ZX1 in terms of music playing??

  • mUSICA

    The Wallpaper Looks Aswm ON Pc To

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    mdr-z7 is not portable. I don’t care about amp. I use pha-1a as a dac also.

  • Kiwison

    How did you get it? Where can I find it =)

  • so where

    still a very dumb decision. Walkman is literally in the top 2 most iconic and recognizable brands Sony has ever had. I mean that couldnt do Walkman-Music” or something like that? instead just drop the biggest brand you have and replace it with the generic music?

  • visatan22005

    you yjngfjghh

  • Dakota

    Thank you sir! I’m so glad they used my screenshots, nice to give the band a bit more exposure ;D Their new album is fantastic.

  • RealityCheck2015

    Whenever i pressed the Walkman icon i never saw any Men Walking on my phone :D

  • thew01

    cheers broh :) *beer*

  • Sdamaceno

    auto-reverse advertisement… no, wait..

  • Ali

    Sony please fix the mono speaker issue comes w the 5.0.2 Xperia Z3!!!

  • brick

    I don’t have that issue on my Z3 and I’ve also never heard of it . Try a factory reset and if it isn’t fixed after that your phone must be broken or defective.

  • WALKMAN…the name was enough for everyone to know about music and Sony. It was a music brand for Sony im sad that its dead.

  • Rikimaru Azuma

    That’s a huge bonus lucky boy :)

  • Nawi

    Hi sucker pito corto

    Never like you.

    Bye ^^

  • Afnan Muhammad

    I prefer WALKMAN because it is Sony’s iconic brand.

  • poiko

    Well… Over the years I have been happy to own few Walkmans and Diskmans, always great (sounding) products.. I’ve even considered the idea of buying a dead-from-start minidisc.. All just because of that very first big blue walkman… When I saw the Walkman app on my mobile I was so happy, probably just nostalgic (let’s face it, it does not offer many features other players have), nevertheless I was happy for that to be my player of choice. Now that’s just plain “music” it’s lost all the value for me.

    I am going PowerAmp, that at least can do flawless gapless!

    I guess now is the time that I say to you, and specially many others before you: Good bye Walkman, it’s been a ride… I still remember all those times I rewind you with my Bic ballpoint just to save some battery.. Of course, no one understands now what am I talking about…

    ….anda this is just sad.

  • Vasilis K.

    Or they could just make the app support cassette playing! That’d be awesome! :P

  • azzido

    recently only bad news, first dissappointed with “new” Z4 phone, then changing good names inoto this, good bye Sony Mobile :(

  • azzido

    Lenovo K80:
    5.5 inch 1080p display vs washed out 5.2 in Z4
    4GB of RAM vs 3GB in Z4
    Battery – 4000MAh vs 2900! in Z4…
    64GB internal memory vs – 32GB in Z4

    Price: about 300$ for lenovo and ??? for Z4.
    Only camera worse in Lenovo (but with OIS).

    Z4 is even now worse in these terms and looks outdated!

    Thank you Sony to help make a decision.
    Good luck!

  • HAWX

    No need to be that “Sony hard” man ;)

  • Snorky112

    you shouldnt compare a chinese shitty phone with a sony flagship

  • John-Mark Christmas

    Then in itself shows how poor the marketing at Sony is. WALKMAN has been out for years. All they had to do was build on that and market the WALKMAN brand.

  • Zhiyang Yu


  • Rave Schepard

    Hey, are they crazy?
    Music. It’s just too simple for Sony.
    Give us Walkman back!

  • Itsarapong Intoum


  • Itsarapong Intoum

    yep :D

  • (C):stem

    I don’t care if it’s called Walkman, Music or Sony-Weird-Way-To-Name-Apps, what they should do is improving the audio libraries.

  • Steve

    Off topic but how come that happen… More then hour used but not a single percent drop….

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    They made the interface a bit boring IMO.

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  • Richy Lordy

    Yap.. Boring..

  • Tan Keeyong

    yeah. bought china phone. Then send it to service centre less than one year and have to buy new phone. So nope. we will pass

  • Tan Keeyong

    Thats because some stupid ppl always say they want big album cover for music player and now they get it.Boring design. it ruin the beautiful and unique style!!!!!now it just looks like a normal player design like google play music. i wont upgrate my player for this design.

  • Ali

    Even XDA devs developed a sound mod for this issue. When playing music or playing game the sound is very good. But notification sound or when someone calls the phone doesn’t use both speakers. It’s just using the bottom speaker.

  • mUSICA

    some1 had posted on the previous tread check there..i guess on the c3 n t2 ultra lolipop tread

  • Xajel

    Only if it has support for Google Music, but I think Google still doesn’t want that to happen

  • ssjdino

    History lessons will be hold for young buttfuck generation to educate them what the hell Walkam, CD Player, VHS were !

  • mazzikazoom

    Why Sony didn’t use auto wake-up

  • ssjdino

    Dem Walkman phones were sooooo coooool.. :/

  • jonoave

    Yep. Google Music would be awesome. I used to use MU, but won’t switch to Spotify because of Spotify’s poor audio qualit.

  • japolis

    your children wont know, and yes they have to buy a sony phone or else they end up like timel

  • a.hamameh

    OK I will check then and I will see

  • ayub407

    Restart your phone.

  • SM

    yeah… I was a proud owner of w700i

  • iono

    what device u use?

  • Guest

    Every Time xperia with you
    ————— SEE MORE INFO<—– <<<<

  • Niels d. G.
  • Great Dude

    It is only a rumor.
    Also remember that since the name is P2, then it can’t be flagship otherwise they could call it Xperia S2.

  • Great Dude

    I didn’t understand exactly what you mean.
    If you mean that Walkman devices are the same of a Walkman app,then No.
    The device is designed with a hardware to give a better sound than any android phone.
    If you mean that new generation wouldn’t learn what a Walkman is and that is why they may not buy a Walkman,then yeah you are right,they should name it “Music by Walkman” or something like that.

  • Great Dude

    Exactly my thoughts. If they do that then:
    1- New users will use it as they know what music is.
    2- They will understand that Walkman is a brand of Sony and may even buy a Walkman handset.
    3- We will love the Nostalgia feelings.

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  • WIsh7

    hmm true..

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  • Great Dude

    I hope not.
    Selling a part after part of a company means that they can’t care of it and that they don’t know how to manage it.
    They should use a better ways to manage their products sales.
    However thanks for sharing this.

  • Michael Reiche

    I think that Sony also cares about “Walkman” as a brand name, and wan’t to use it exclusively for speciel “Walkman” phones, as we have seen in the past.

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  • adneon0

    things just keep on getting monotonous with Xperia now ! -_- .. RIP WALKMAN ! RIP SONY !

  • azzido

    Yes I should and I am doing it ’cause this “chinese shitty phone” offers more, including better parameters, bigger display, bigger battery and more RAM for smaller price…

    Also, this “sony flagship” is also chinese.
    I am about to sent my Z2 on warrany due to yellowish hue on the screen.
    The “quality” of sony flaship you tend to call it…


  • Karthik

    This app has lots of bugs after the Lollipop update (on Z2).

    1. Playlist is clearing itself. Have to add music everytime again and again.
    2. Music event starts the app correctly but pauses it rather than start playing.
    3. Song pauses in the middle for no reason with an error message. May be its refreshing/reloading all files, god only knows.

    Try to fix them ASAP rather than just changing the name.

  • Smuti

    My 12 year old cousin asked me what the Walkman app is for when he played with my Z1C. So yeah it’s a smart move on Sony’s side to rename it to music. No kids today under 20 know what Walkman truly stands for unlike us old geezers.

  • Smuti

    I preferred Phillips ones to. But when it came to CD-players it’s was Sony’s all the way.

  • monx®

    where is the plugin button?

  • monx®

    nvm found it in ‘More about this’ menu :huh:

  • ssjdino

    That’s.. Sad.. :(

  • David

    That explanation about the change of name isn’t convincent at all. I was born in 1980 and when I was a kid the very first portable player I met was a sony walkman cassette player. I later purchased my very own walkman player. Then the walkman CD player.
    The common names of the portable players were walkman. Even if it was an AIWA, or a PANASONIC, or whatever.
    Anyway, if Sony wants to change the walkman name to “MUSIC”, fine, but please, make it a better player. We need gapless playback. Like Apple, like Neutron. A nice equalizer would be good too, Dammn why do I have to purchase a nice music player for my Xperia, if I already have the walkman (sorry, Music) app, which is supossed to be the perfect app for my music?

  • Historical_Materialist

    OK. This is a marketing decision to account for people too stupid to connect the obvious dots. Fine I guess. Even stupid people like to listen to music. But the more important question to Sony should be: when are you fucking going to Genre?!

  • Rusev Hits

    How simple minded do they consider their users to be? Walkman is a name and a brand. You associate to what it does not to what it is called. Are they going to try to change Bluetooth next because its neither blue nor a tooth? Maybe someone should tell Shazam to change their name to “what music” because that is what its about. Walkman was one of the few unique things Sony had left and rather than cherish it they completely abandon it.

  • Harai

    I bought my experia phone because of Walkman app. I love the Walkman brand even before. But I think sony does not care to what thier customers love. They don’t have that passion that customer experience is the of thier list. They dont have the drive to make the Walkman experience to experi smart phones Like best on its class sound quality. Sony people for the sake of Sony brand name be passionate and bring what your customers wanted from you.

  • Risitha Padmaperuma

    Sony Walkman is more than a brand name…
    So many memories with it.
    Sony you just lost so many advocates of your company

  • Mahsa Shirazian

    So true

  • Alex Munyiri

    Why? Why Sony, the one main thing that made all the basis of uniqueness with Sony type of phones was this, and now you take it away, count that as a customer lost for I now do not see the difference between any new or current type of Sony specifically the Xperia brand with a Samsung, Motorola or even any other type of strong or cheap competitors that you may have had
    Saying that people don’t understand the meaning of what Walkman does is a really weak reason to destroy a brand that existed even in our hearts

  • People give the younger generation far too little credit. Of course teens know what a Walkman is… such was the power of the brand that it lasted as a household name long after iPod’s came along.

    The thing is that ‘Walkman’ is an identity. It is a selling point, because it’s trusted, and it’s to a large extent nostalgic. Whilst drive and innovation can get you so far, sometimes reflecting back on your best works also helps to take you further. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – there was absolutely no need to drop the Walkman branding from the Xperia line. A huge mistake on Sony’s part. Now it’s a generic music player that surpasses the notion of “identity crisis” to have no identity at all.

    And while they’ve done a good job at integrating the simpleton Google designs into their ‘Music’ app, and it looks really rather good, it lacks the shine and quality the old design used to have – again, that uniqueness and identity. Many Xperia phones are high-end products, expensive and high quality. The Sony brands are fully capable of matching that but current decisions like this leave you with a phone capable of so much more, and leave you with a slur of uninspired, unimpressive apps that actually used to be better…and a lot less buggy too.

  • Danial liaqat

    I miss the walkman in my phone one of the reason i bought xperia z2

  • andres

    i know this is old but…
    all SONY (tv, turntable,deck, equalizers,phones, stereos) consumers, we all know what WALKMAN (cassette, CD, mp3) means, and it means MUSIC. period
    there is no reason to change WALKMAN to MUSIC

  • myname hema

    1. It is totally bull shit! What moderate team did? No one user thinking like that. Everybody knows that walkman app means it is dedicated for music only

    Ex: Let’s take an example playstore means everybody will go to that app for playing?

    2. Same thing you are changed movie app to video app here also nobody thinks like in movie app consits all the movies. Not like that it’s all about content in it. Please don’t change anything only considering few people comments and doing changes it’s affect to total sony brand please bring back my walkman app.

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