Sony fights hard to get an Xperia phone into the next James Bond film

by XB on 24th April 2015

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Spectre 007You may have thought that given the James Bond movie franchise is financed by Sony Pictures it would be a relatively easy task to get a Sony Xperia device front-and-centre when it comes to product placement. However, the reality is far from that, judging by leaked emails from the North Korea hack last year.

The emails show that getting a Sony mobile phone on set is a priority for the company, but Sony Pictures need compensation given that it “would be giving up a potentially huge product placement deal.” Various figures fly around including $18m for the above the line marketing and a fee of $5m for Daniel Craig (who plays James Bond) to use the phone.

There is hard negotiations going on as at one point there is talk of a counter-offer from Samsung, promising advertising spend of $50m and a product fee of $5m. In addition, the same source claims that “Sam (Director: Sam Mendes) and Daniel (Craig) don’t like the Sony phone for the film”, even going on to say that “in their minds, the Sony phone is not the best”.

This particular party was looking to exploit the fact that Sony phones were not well known to gain some leverage in the negotiations. Judging by the last email leaked on the matter, it looks like they had reached terms, but we’ll only truly know once the movie is released later this year.

Negotiations to get a Sony Xperia device into the next James Bond film

30 September 2014

“The mobile phones seem to be the priority for placement. I know that the phones are Sony’s priority as well. I’ve been asked to have the design team focus on creating an über modern phone instead of focusing on an existing product.”

“I told AMy that we would try to get the phone in the film . I would like for you to send me a photo of the phone that they would like for us to use and Sam will ask the art department to alter it according to his specifications ..we do not want to do it the other way around..I told AMy that if we are to use the phone we would need to get compensation as we would be giving up a potentially huge product placement deal.”

2 October 2014

“Barbara wants to get a PLACEMENT FEE for putting the phone in. She understands that Sony is willing to commit to a marketing/advertising campaign of 18MM, but she wants an additional placement fee. In the past, Sony Electronics/Mobile has not paid a fee…but has paid the following:

• $18MM Above-the-Line Advertising commitment
• $ 5MM Production Budget/Cost including TV, Print, Digital, etc.
• $ 5MM Daniel Craig FEE
• $ 1MM License Fee to EON for a limited edition Bone phone (which by the way…Sony Mobile never recouped, but paid)

Today…Sony Electronics has so far budgeted the following:

• $18MM ATL Advertising commitment
• $ 5MM Daniel Craig FEE
• $ 5MM Production Budget”

15 October 2014

“He said an offer came in from Samsung (it was a fixed placement fee of 5m, and he thought there was also a significant cross promotional advertising spend commitment, he thought 50m).

BEYOND the $$ factor, there is, as you may know, a CREATIVE factor whereby Sam and Daniel don’t like the Sony phone for the film (the thinking, subjectively/objectively is that James Bond only uses the “best,” and in their minds, the Sony phone is not the “best”). Having said that, David said if Sony made a fair market offer, that Barbara, armed with a “solid” financial proposal would go to work on Sam and Daniel and get this pushed through creatively. He obviously can’t guarantee that result (and he said as much), but he seemed very genuine and forthright on our call.”

21 October 2014

“I’m happy that we are in a good place with Sony and the placement fee. As a recap, here are the few conditions we discussed:

1. We have the exclusive placement and promotional rights for both the Electronics and the Mobile category for Bond 24.

2. We have all necessary pass through rights to do third-party mobile operator promotions and retailer promotions with the property.

3. We will provide needed electronics and phones for placement …no other identifiable brands can show up in the film. If non-Sony electronics has to be used (i.e. older products), the competitive logo must be blurred out, no identifiable trade dress products.

4. The actual unmodified Xperia phone as is used for placement and clearly identified as “Bond’s phone”.

5. We get rights to promote a Sony Mobile Bond Phone.

6. We get an exclusive window to bundle (Casino, Quantum, Skyfall) during the theatrical window and bundle Bond 24 and the 3 prior films during the DVD window (subject to payment of appropriate license).

7. We get rights to use clips from the movie to do TV spots subject to talent obligations. We understand there are talent restrictions, but we need appropriate iconic footage to tell a Bond story without Bond and such talent rights as are available.

8. We need a SONY Electronics executive show-and-tell with key Danjaq/producer executives.”

Sony does its best to hide competitor phones within Sony Pictures movies

The below are excerpts from an email chain relating to the movie Chappie and the appearance of a HTC phone, which Sony wanted covered up.

RC: Can u cover the logo of the non-sony phone?

SK: Can you give me her number, so i can call and express its importance to neill? he’s okay blacking it out, but we have had test cards mention the amount of sony in the movie (seriously, more than one), so he’s especially sensitive to it right now.

it’s really one scene with a guy on the phone, and he’s a day-player bad guy. it’s not something that will feature heavily (if at all) in materials.

RC: Pls see description below from SK about the pick up. May not even be in the movie. The phone is HTC, but they are happy to cover the logo.

AP: i have no problem with this as long as they cover up the phone, you?

ML: blacking out is fine.

Via WikiLeaks.

  • Rock Kickass

    Let’s hope they do come up with a kickass, out of this world, blow your mind handset, so that it can be used in Spectre and by Sony Mobile’s customers. We’ll know soon enough.

  • Tom Brookman

    it is a Sony PIctures production and Sony needs to pay the greedy Daniel and Barbara to use their own products? What a kind of weird world!? :-(

    I would fire this greedy Barbara woman! She damages the brand.

  • Rock Kickass

    Can’t fire Barbara she’s an Executive Producer of Bond. Co-owner of Eon Productions Ltd. She would take Bond to another studio. Just as they did from MGM to Sony after Bond 16, which is why it took so long for Goldeneye to release at cinemas. 6 years in fact!

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    First fight hard to bring the lollipop update to the proper devices

  • Timel

    Hahahahahahaha Do you see Xperia fanboys? Sony Mobile is shittiest phone manufacturer, admit it! SONY PHONE IS NOT THE BEST!!!!

    Wake up and smell the coffee guys!!!

  • Cezary Raczy?ski


  • Timel

    Sam and Daniel are right!

    Sony Phones suck

  • timothy chan

    It is not the best….. certainly it is not the worst either…

  • Sweggity

    So what’s the best according to u?

  • Sweggity

    Exactly! Instead of wasting money and time on such a bullshit matter they should focus on the things that matters the most.

  • DavidBaik(????????)

    “Sony fights hard to get an Xperia phone into the next James Bond film…” Really?haha.. so cute :D

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    next joke please

  • Timel

    Nothing is the best but at least The whole world love an Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S/Note series

    Xperia is a big fail brand from Sony

  • Timel

    Joke? No This is the truth and it depends on you to admit it or not

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    So now Craig and Mendis are the Samsung Fan-boys…. Or even the fruit !!! o_O

  • Timel

    Sony is going to bankrup, Xperia devices are always unsaleable and you still lying yourself “Sony is the best” Really?

    Sony Mobile and their products are the worst and they have nothing special

  • Sam Albalushi

    So why you are here sam sheep

  • Bur

    Remember that most of the world are sheephumans who blindly follow marketing. You talking about whole world buying apple or sammy makes u just as stupid. You should never look at others, always see things objectively. Your money is yours, spend it wisely. Don’t follow the trend because it is a trend. Btw the S6 Edge really made Samsung good except the price, they deserve their spot. Apple does not.

  • P9

    bond: “xperia is not this best” he may mean XT.
    but xperia nowadays actually best smartphone out there even Z3
    hope Sony ftw with Z4 (the real bond phone?)

    and all the way, I’m glad to see Sony may so much attention to mmobile part like this, I used to think xperia will leave us a day, and it will a sad story. but hope it won’t happen forever. BEST

  • jack

    I can lend them my z2 free of chage, limited time offer.

  • Timel

    The best? LOL

    Improve your smartphone’s camera first Sony!

  • P9

    it’s personal thought, anyway. I respect ur thought also to not support Sony. but in my own thought Sony is the best.
    I wwonder if u happy with ur product why u still need to check xperia blog which even not a official blog?
    I never do it, don’t even know the fan site of other manufacturers, almost same for official site

  • mawhob22222

    What do you want Here?

  • Timel

    Because I already look at other brands and I don’t see anyone can beat Apple and Samsung today Oh! Maybe the cheap Chinese phone like Xiaomi can… but absolutely not Sony Xperia

    And You are such a narrow minded person

    Apple iPhones are always the trend-setter smartphone, they have its own OS, have the greatest and strongest ecosystems, iDevices have less fragmentation problem

    Samsung GALAXY S/Note series always show the newest innovations
    For example the GALAXY Note that always packed with a ton of useful features and its S-Pen is super cool

    And another truth is iPhones, GALAXY S/Note series they always have better camera than Sony phones Hahaha

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Sony Has suffered losses yes, but Sales is not that issue behind. The amount that Sony spend on marketing made that losses higher…… And as for the “Best” thing, Yes #SonyIsTheBest and laud it crisp and Clear !!!

  • Robson Kanyama

    I like that #ICan too

  • Robson Kanyama

    Tell him. His so stupid. #Xperia forever

  • Akand

    I can feel your emotions, man. But I slang Sony silently, not explicitly like you. Explicit criticism doesn’t show actual criticism rather it may be referred to hatred.
    As you are explicit, I must speak against you. So, can you tell me who is the Best alone?? Who is the worst alone?? And please don’t forget to mention your full logic and cover the weakness of your arguments.
    Some words in advance that may go against your reply: Still Sony Xperia devices are the most elegant in outer view. Most stable and lag free UI. Display produces good enough natural colour, not brighter and bit unrealistic colour like Samsung. Enough tough survivor with elegant glass build. Only continuous waterproof devices without sacrificing stereo speakers. King battery life.
    I think Sony just need to improve camera. And for demands from majority, a curved backpanel. I would prefer curved glass backpanel if possible. And a heartrate sensor. Fingerprint sensor not recommended by me as I don’t want to hand over my unique security to a phone mmanufacturer.
    Rather than these Xperia devices are most attractive and outstanding devices for me.

    **However, all depend on one’s personal taste**

  • Robson Kanyama

    Damn you Sony makes the camera sensors for both Apple and Samsung. #Proud Xperia owner.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    It’s all about the money. Samsung offered much more and they want the money that’s all it is. No one cares that Bond uses an apple or Samsung anyway. No one is going to give it bad reviews because, “that one phone he used isn’t an iPhone 6 or S6. Does anyone actually buy phones because that one guy used it in that one movie?

    To be honest, does Daniel Craig or anyone else really no a lot about mobile devices? You buy phones for what you want in them, not because your favorite celebrity uses one

    Might not even be the Z4 in the movie, could be the Z5 since the Z4 is only for Japan

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I’m the end it’s all movie politics and greed

  • Lelouch


  • Timel

    Apple brought nix already

    Goodbye Sony sensors!!

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I wouldn’t say promoting their devices is “bullshit”. In fact advertising their devices more is what they need to do. The people pushing updates and the people looking to advertise Sony products are two different groups of people. You’re complaing about updates to the marketing team

  • Rock Kickass

    We get it, you don’t like Sony. Now run along Timel, go be a keyboard warrior elsewhere!

  • Rock Kickass

    Yes, you’re right. It’s all about the money.

  • Rikimaru Azuma

    How pity Craig and Barbara are..,
    They already own million and million and they keep crying…
    Ok Craig take your S6 and jump in water then next try to use it…

  • Rikimaru Azuma

    Sony is going bankrup , Xperia flagship devices have no new innovation, no new wow factor.

    Then you think S6 did better ? take off piece of hardware and suck apple marketing, is more innovative than Xperia ? …

  • Geese Howard

    Who cares about James Bond! Bond (Craig) sucks since they don’t use a Sony!

  • charbel aoun

    Give it to me ;) it’s better

  • inspire

    What a joke! “bond uses only the best”! That’s why bond 007 labelled perfumes sell for 10 euros! That’s why he used xperia T in the last movie!

    BS! Give them enough $$$ and they will be ready to promote the cheapest subway sandwich!

    Not creative enough? Yeah bond movies are very creative when he flies and jumps in the air out of anyone’s imagination!

    Such thugs! Stupid excuses for securing more money :/

  • Rikimaru Azuma

    A big fail ? Not for everyone.
    Who bring waterproof worldwide ?
    Who bring Hi-res audio and noise canceling ?
    Who did best for offer NFC around the world ?

    If Sony is not the number one for sale smartphone.
    All manufacturer is glad to copy or buy their camera.

    As a company and as human Sony is an example for Apple and Samsung and many other.

    And as said Bur : Remember that most of the world are sheep humans who blindly follow marketing.

    Specially those young people who have no idea of what Sony really bring to the world since they exist..

  • charbel aoun

    Sony updates it’s better than the shitty samsung. Z1C gets lollipop, S4 mini not. S5 gets but not the full UX. My sister have a S4 and she not getting lollipop, Even she can’t flash via ODIN, or the’re banned the network connection. All admit, sony has a better quality in smartphones and updates.

  • Timel

    “And as said Bur : Remember that most of the world are sheep humans who blindly follow marketing.”

    It sounds like He talked to himself and all Sony fanboys here right? Hahahaha

    Sony said their flagship phones have the best camera but it proved that’s not true at all and they also said that their flagship phones have the best sounds quality even in reality it’s just a lame software, Sony also lied their customers by used the Walkman name with their very generic music app

  • Svnjay

    If the design was bad then why did Samsung copy it?

  • Svnjay

    “Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah”


  • Svnjay

    The walkman is a music player and the music app is a music player.

  • Timel

    No brother! I do love Sony, I just hate Sony Phones

  • Timel

    I don’t know, I’m not Sam sheep

  • Timel

    Copy Sony? LOL

    For Samsung and Apple, Sony is just a junk company and Sony is out of their sight for long time.

  • ChilliPSco

    Bit of an odd statement to make, but fair enough. I’ve worked in the mobile industry and have used a lot of phones from the very first iPhone to Samsungs and everything in between. Sony aren’t as bad as you make them out to be in all fairness. I agree with some comments that omnibalance needs to be redesigned and maybe a small refresh in other areas (camera???), but compared to a lot of phones out there, the Xperia handsets are actually quite good. The only exception being the S6 at this moment in time. Again, this is my opinion, so probably best just to agree to disagree.

  • Svnjay

    Then why do Samsung and Apple use Sony sensors if Sony is a junk company?

    Why is Samsung using Sony’s theme engine in the S6 if Sony is a junk company?

    Why did Samsung copy the Z3 design if Sony is a junk company?

    Why did Samsung copy the the Z1 and Z waterproofing in the S5 if Sony is a junk company?

    Why does the Z3 have better battery life than the S6 if Sony is a junk company?

  • Svnjay

    Then this is the wrong site for you.

  • Wolfmachien

    If Sony doesn’t make the best phones, does Samsung? Have they even looked at the stuff that Samsung makes? Might as well use an Oppo or OPO which are way better designed than the crap that Samsung makes. Anyway, can’t Sony make a concept phone (something which car makers do a lot) to put in the movie that might be indicative (not an exact copy) of their products?

  • Wolfmachien

    Why do you even bother commenting here. You do know it’s going to be deleted right?

  • Timel

    Then why do Samsung and Apple use Sony sensors if Sony is a junk company?

    I don’t know why, but Samsung and Apple can make their phone’s camera much better than Sony, Sony sensors is just a worthless shit when without great software powered than but Xperia’s camera is very junky, like the thing that made by a junk company

    Why is Samsung using Sony’s theme engine in the S6 if Sony is a junk company?

    That’s so stupid

    Why did Samsung copy the Z3 design if Sony is a junk company?

    Copy Z3 design? Brainless fanboy like need to get the fuck out of Sony cave as quick as possible before it’s too late for you

    Why did Samsung copy the the Z1 and Z waterproofing in the S5 if Sony is a junk company?

    Stupid, Waterproofing feature isn’t Sony’s patent, Sony isn’t even the first manufacturer that make waterproof smartphone, I guess that a brainless Xperia fanboy like you don’t know Samsung Xcrover right? It came out before Your shitperia Z many years

    Why does the Z3 have better battery life than the S6 if Sony is a junk company?
    How do you know that? You don’t even have a Galaxy SS6

  • inspire

    Sure they can but what would be the point if it’s not available in market and they have to spend a lot just to put it in the movie? Isn’t it kind of waste promotion (given Sony mobile financial condition)?

  • Svnjay

    Wrong troll. Sony has way better low light performance than Apple and Samsung.

    “That’s so stupid”

    Lol, you can’t answer so you just leave a stupid reply.

    You know that it’s a Z3 copy. Sony has been doing aluminum and glass before most of the industry.

    The water resistant Xperia Active was announced before the Samsung Xcover. Also, Samsung saw how good the Xperia waterproofing was an decided to copy it but Sony has a much better IP rating than Samdung.

    Don’t play dumb. Reviewers are all bashing the S6 for it’s lame battery life. It has a 2K screen and smaller battery than the S5 and the battery life is worth than the S5. You’ll be luck to get more than 3 hous of screen on time.

    Keep on trolling Samshill

  • Wolfmachien

    Just like I love Samsung SSDs and hate their phones. The SSDs look way better than their phones IMO. I do agree with you that Sony is not the best and has no new innovation but the last 2 years since the launch of SD 800, innovation in the entire mobile industry has been pretty stagnant with LG being one of the few exceptions. I really think the next bond phone is going to be a dud unless they offer something new and not the very minor incremental updates like the z3 and stuff.

    About the camera, I think Sony has some sort of deal with other manufacturers to not include good camera in their phones to sell more sensors to them. This is just wild speculation.

  • Akand

    100% true. Mr. Craig and Mrs. Barbara are too greedy.
    Actually being a celebrity doesn’t mean you are a wise man. It’s just about popularity. And I am never a fan of a celebrity. A celebrity is never someone special to me rather he/she is just an entertainer nothing else. I am his/her boss as he/she does everything just to entertain me.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Sony didn’t even use their damn phone in the Last Bond film -_- someone needs to fire their Vp of marketing seriously.

  • Timel

    No I’m happy to be here forever

  • M Usman

    Daniel is just a greedy fuc***. As if he isn’t getting paid enough for his overacting. For him the Sony handset should be nothing more than a prop. Not like he’ll uuse it for more than five minutes. The money could be better spent. Rather give him an omnibalance facelift!

  • Timel

    About the camera, I think Sony has some sort of deal with other manufacturers to not include good camera in their phones to sell more sensors to them. This is just wild speculation.

    I heard that Apple bought Linx, look like Apple don’t want to depend on Sony too much now

  • Luis

    OFF TOPIC: I just received the Lollipop update for my Xperia Z3 Compact. I’m from Brazil.

  • Svnjay

    That’s sad :/

  • Luis Ramirez

    Yet the xperia t was quickly forgotten by xperia xP probably one of the best xperia designs I wished the Zs had with their glass

  • xperiaDROID

    I would happily pay my money to watch their new movie Pixels instead of this shitty movie. No big deal, let them use the S6 in the movie, but for sure, there will be many extreme movements like jumping into the water and fighting and will accidentally drop the phone, they could easily add a part showing the S6 has broken and telling Bond that “This isn’t the Bond phone, this is (takes out the Xperia Z5) the Bond phone”.

    Fuck all these greedy bastards.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I agree with Timel since Samsung uses Sony sensor for galaxy S6 and S6 edge, and they do an amazing job. Even iPhone does, I mean Sony had way too many times to fix the problem. As it’s software and all.or changing the camera module if there’s an issue, I think they produced a lot and they have to use them no matter what so they used all of them in 6 phones. I really hope they fix the software and get a new camera module on Z5 and make a better phone.

  • jag

    love the idea! haha

  • jag

    Is he overacting and not underacting? Hmm… btw, glad to see you here again bro.

  • jag

    i think there’s a rumor about an xperia P2. But i think it’s fake.

  • ryq24

    Business is business! Enough said.

  • gamer324

    What did anyone else expect anyway? Also it should be noted that these are excerpts, if you read the source in its entirety, while strong negotiations are clearly shown, it isn’t really a case of strong-arming Sony Mobile or vice versa. E.g. for the oct 2 letter, the studio suggested that they could forego Craig’s specific placement fee of 5M in lieu of getting the commitment fee.
    This is how business is conducted. But other than xperiablog, every other tech site (especially the mainstream ones) have dolloped this story with their usual sensationalism and exaggerations.

  • Steve

    Haha good one :-D

  • liam fisher

    Clearly bond doesn’t know the power of Sony.

  • AnP

    Oh, these movie politics.. Sigh! Definitely a phone couldn’t alter the fate of the movie Spectre but it definitely would have been nice to another Sony phone associated with the bond movie. My Skyfall edition Xperia still works like a charm. Of course, that had nothing to do with the fact that it was used in the movie.. Just sayin’.. you know…

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  • karamelakimo

    Damm you Daniel you are greedy

  • Trying too hard

    Why try so hard to get it on just a Bond movie? I mean they’ve got Sony Pictures, their own movie studio with some pretty popular IPs.

    Take Spiderman for example. Sony has placed a buck load of Xperia product placement in every Spiderman move till date lol. Just join up with Disney and have Spiderman be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which is the hype right now. They’d get more publicity then just that bond movie.

  • RoberMC

    Haha, they think we buy phones we see in movies or TV shows as product placement, and invest big money in that thinking… naives… ¬_¬U

  • M Usman

    Thanks bro. I’ve been ill and away for a while don’t ask. I’ve not commented much lately. I’ve lost a lot of my eye sight after an illness so just recovering. Surprised you still remember me. Overacting underacting are both exaggerated versions of acting lol. He gets paid enough to be 007. They should pay him £0.07. I despise people that ask for more.for no real legitimate reason

  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • M Usman

    He wants a Sony phone he can’t afford. Maybe we should all chip in and give him one to shut him up or even better. Just super glue a dummy to his mouth

  • joe

    Look i own a Sony alpha 77 camera it is the best camera of it’s class and have the Z3 Compact . I start to play with the setting of the camera on M mode with a shot from the alpha camera using the same focal and iso and light i get almost the same result and it depend on the lens that i use on the camera so please don’t judge the camera on Xperia that u don’t know how to use it . by the way i get a shot from my phone that the note 4 of my sister never get .

  • Phil Edwards

    However, there is a big difference between being a “celebrity” such as Kim Kardashian who is known for nothing else but being a celebrity, or an actor/musician/writer or whatever who has achieved celebrity through being outstanding in their field. Most of the latter (but not all, admittedly) care more about doing a good job, rather than how popular they are. Over the years Daniel Craig turned down loads of roles in both TV and films that would have made him extremely popular.

  • RockMarz

    Lolol..the best??

  • RockMarz


  • RockMarz

    Theme engine.What are you smoking?

  • RockMarz

    You seriously not saying Sony was first to use glass or aluminum are you?

  • RockMarz

    This brand name fandom is getting stupid

  • Companies pay millions just for their phone/brand being shown for about 2-3 seconds in a movie scene ?! How f*cked up is that ? Sony Mobile should give up and use the money to do real advertisement (on TV, Streets, websites…) instead !

  • Guest

    Every Time xperiablog. with you
    ————— SEE MORE INFO<—– <<<<

  • Svnjay

    Yes, Sony invented something Resource Runtime Overlay that they used in their theme engine. They then added it to the Android Open Source Project source code and HTC, Samsung are using it in their theme engine. Cyanongemod also introduced a revamped theme engine in CM12 that is utilizing Resource Runtime Overlay Did you really think it was a coincidence that Samsung and HTC introduced a theme engine at the same time?

  • Svnjay

    They have been using the aluminum frame and glass panels before it became mainstream. The S6 and many new cheap asian are being influenced by Sony’s design language.

  • Sampahio Damaceno

    I think this is a relationship of love and hate.
    If Sony do what do you say they have to do, you change your opinion about their phones?

  • ph00ny

    Um not to be an ass or anything but you are forgetting something here

    Exynos 7 being built on their 14nm finfet process, utilizing UFS storage, more power efficient RAM that they built, high resolution AMOLED screen with higher brightness and more power efficiency etc, integrated multi standard wireless charging capability isn’t new enough for you?

    As much as I used to love Sony back in the Sony Ericsson days, it’s inexcusable for them to be at least not excel in utilizing their own hardware better than the manufacturers that they supply to

    Problem with Samsung is their lack of focus with their products despite the fact that they’re very innovative in components design and manufacturing.

    Qualcomm and Apple both realize this about Samsung and you should as well.

    Loving a single manufacturer isn’t about blind love rather being able to recognize where they are compared to the competition and encourage them to be better by providing accurate feedback. Now tell me something new that Sony is bringing to the market significantly different than the competition

  • brick

    Isn’t it illegal to check out those emails and even worse to publish them around the Web? Just wondering.

  • 5u5m1t

    A Sony phone looks far more a Bond phone than a Samsung one imo. I associate Samsung phones with Suits (the TV show).

  • poiko

    …and one of the worst (if not THE) Bonds out there… All the time with your protruding lips…

  • Timel

    Hahaha spot on!

  • Timel

    Sorry but Sony Pictures made a ton of suck movies, Sony Pictures doesn’t has blockbuster movies like The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Mission Impossible, Transformers and Dawn of Justice League It’s so sad, Sony is really suck!

    Whatever Even if Sony will use hollywood for forcing their Xperia devices but believe me, no one will buy Xperia devices anyway, who is going to buy the stupidphone which has bad camera (the worst auto mode), boring design, no new wow factor and no new innovation. Right?

  • azzido

    Why Sony needs to pay Sony? And why to pay additional the actor?
    It is his job, he needs to do what they will told him on set… pathetic…
    Still, it will show in the movie for 1 second? Hahaha, really, a huge “placement” :>

  • Yan Qin

    It actually works. At least in China. Most popular Korean TV series imported to China feature Samsung phones, and young fanboys and fangirls will buy Samsung because their favorite actors or actresses used it in the screen. Samsung has became a symbol of premium in China because of that. Not everyone like you and me browse tech sites everyday to find the best device.

  • demand_greet?

    What the f…

  • Timel

    Hollywood sucks sometimes, Sony Pictures should make Chinese/HongKong movies as well I mean Sony should lunch Columbia Pictures China and make chinese movies using the same standard as hollywood and then put the Xperia Z4 in those Chinese movies

  • Timel

    100% Agree

  • Timel

    Z5? No I hope Sony next flagship phone will drop the Z series and the Xperia brand

  • japolis

    apple didnt innovate since the first iphone, its a phone for rich white girls these days
    samsungs innovations arent innovative

    nokia.. youre right, some 40yr olds might replace their 3310

  • Timel

    Stupid! what a logic

    Apple used aluminium and glass with their smartphones before Sony

    S6, Chinese phones or even Sony are being influenced by Apple iPhone

  • Timel


    Do you guys see Xperia fanboys?
    Even James Bond doesn’t want to hold the Xperia Z4, what hell is Sony Xperia? No one knows or cares about it.

    Wake up and smell the coffee guys!!!


    Sony Mobile is the shittiest phone manufacturer and its lastest worthless shit like the Xperia Z4 is the shittiest flagship phone this year

    an iPhone 6s, the Galaxy S6 / Note 5 and the new flagship phone of Xiaomi are bosses while Sony is just a loser as always

  • Timel


    It’s so funny so ridiculous that you said Apple and Samsung aren’t innovative

    That’s why I said you guys are so blind and so bias Xperia fanboys… So pity

  • Svnjay

    Why did you ignore my comment above?

    The Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness utilized both glass and metal in its design.

    Also, the iPhone 4’s design was copied from Sony.

  • japolis

    k ill explain again:
    apple didnt do anything innovative since they came with iphone, which was innovative but they did nothing innovative ever since, but please give me examples.

    now, time for your other parent: samsung
    what new thing did samsung come with? a screen with 2 edges? please tell me, how is that more innovative than making a waterproof phone with only 1 cap; that one you open once to insert sim and sd and then just leave closed.
    meanwhile samsung made a phone that looks a bit like a sony (worse imo) but its not water/dust proof and cant even take an sd card…

    and yes, samsung makes less mistakes but they honestly just improve without bringing something new which is just what a cheap chinese brand could do.

    lg and sony are better examples of innovative companies, but because theyre not constantly improving the rest, people often dont notice these things.

  • japolis

    i wonder if timel can come up with a source, he probably cant

  • japolis

    well i dont really care what james bond buys or uses, as long as im still able to use sony phones, its alright

  • Maurice Phoenix

    And What Are You Doing On Xperia Sony Related Site? And Care Enough & Waste Your Precious Time To Comment On It?

  • Jaissal S

    It would be nice to see Bond or Q using the Z4 Tablet in some way. An Xperia phone would be ideal too! I watched Avengers: Age of Ultron last night and loved it! I saw Black Widow using a Samsung S6 I believe. Why can’t Sony push to get more of there phones seen in there movies. Amazing Spiderman 2 was cool to see Peter Parker use an Xperia phone. I Know its Sony Pictures too.

  • Great Dude

    Just saying : Nokia officially said that they won’t be in smartphones in 2016 and all of these rumors are false

  • Great Dude
  • Great Dude

    What about Xperia T?

  • Matt

    As far as manual mode goes, Sweet Brown can sum it up for you

  • Timel

    Keep watching, that’s all about business. I dont want to imagine what will happen to Sony when Nokia and Foxconn come back with their flagship smartphone, the powerful android smartphone packed with the greatest camera.

    Sony camera sensors and Xperia phonee are going to be just a bullshit story Hahaha

  • student099

    Every Time xperia with you
    ————— SEE MORE INFO<—– <<<<

  • InspectorGadget80

    They just showed it THEY never used the Xperia T

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  • Shubham Mutreja

    Best Devices Dont Exist!!!

    There are no best or worst phones but there are phones which are subjectively best

    For example one may find S6 best due to fingerprint scanner and 2k display and 14nm processor but some may not need fingerprint scanner and 2k display on pentile matrix AMOLED is almost equivalent to full hd on RGB LCD

    And as for 14nm processor and ddr4 ram see this

    The samsung goodies are only good by 1.2ms on average from z3
    But Samsung offers a good OIS camera, fingerprint scanner
    Sony offers Digital Noise Cancellation through its headphones, has a thick copper heat pipe for better heat dissipation, Big sensor(only helpful in manual mode), Waterproof, Better Battery life, Very Bright LCD of 866 Nits according to gsmarena
    AND AS FOR CAMERA!!! see attached picture.

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