Minor Xperia M2 update certified (18.3.1.A.1.9) and Xperia M2 Dual (18.3.1.B.1.10)

by XB on 26th April 2015

in Firmware, Xperia M2

Xperia M2 Dual_18.3.1.B.1.10Sony Mobile has not officially confirmed whether or not the Xperia M2 (D230X) will see the Android Lollipop firmware, but in the meantime a small update is on the horizon. Firmware build number 18.3.1.A.1.9 has been certified for the Xperia M2 by the PTCRB, which compares to current build number 18.3.1.A.1.7.

In addition, the Xperia M2 Dual (D2302) has seen firmware build number 18.3.1.B.1.10 certified, compared to current build 18.3.1.B.1.8. As you can tell from the movement in build numbers these look like minor releases. We’ll let you know if/when the firmware goes live.

Xperia M2 firmware build 18.3.1.A.1.9 certified for D2305 variant

Xperia M2_18.3.1.A.1.9

Xperia M2 Dual (D2302) firmware build 18.3.1.B.1.10 certified

Xperia M2 Dual_18.3.1.B.1.10

Thanks galaxyfreak!

  • Diogo Almeida

    What about M2 Aqua?

  • Jecht_Sin

    If Sony is still wasting time on kitkat we can kiss goodbye to Lollipop..

  • Nimini

    indeed, I’d rather wait for the lollipop than the minor bloody update..

  • Abdelrahman Khairy

    Off topic…I flashed 23.1.A.0.726 on my xperia z2 and nothing change..no “close all”.. no nfc logo in status bar… No fix for super vivid nor x-reality

  • Shaktimaan

    It’s just like Xperia sp, they’re starting to abandon the M2 now……this might as well be your last update guys!

  • Fuad Nazal

    That’s somethin’ we don’t know for sure. No try to give fake hopes to anyone, but, in some point, we might hit Lollipop. After updating all Xperia Z series. If not, then, T3 would be abandoned as well.

  • kedar

    what about Xperia t3????

  • Eddy Cen

    too bad its not a lollipop update.

  • MG

    I have 18.3.1.C.1.13 on my M2, so there is something wrong with the above firmware versions, they look too old.

  • Geese Howard

    Still waiting for Lollipop on Z…

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Chill out guys, Do you really think that Lollipop is a great update? No, Z3 users are shouting about several severe bugs and most of them are trying to downgrade to KitKat. I feel KitKat is lot more stable than Lollipop.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Keep calm, just be happy that it will be updated ;) yes i have an Xperia z aswell :)

  • Guest

    Every Time xperia with you
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  • ..

  • Shaktimaan

    Looks too good to be true :p

  • arifkpi
  • Sadman Khan

    Waaaayyyy too good to be true

  • Sadman Khan

    What bugs? Z3c user here. There is no SEVERE bug. There are extremely minor bugs which i don’t even have. This is as stable as any new update can possibly be.

  • hmmm

    lg is improoving it’s camera,and sony is releasing same camera every year z1,z2,z3,z4 same camera,same stupid senzor!!!!!you are going down sony,way down!!!!!!

  • Kizoky

    Not only M2, but E1 too

  • Sergio

    Now also certified for M2. Hope they fix battery performance, and if so, I’ll use this .15 as base for Z4 eXPERIence :)

  • charbel aoun

    Me too. What happens?

  • ???? ??????

    I request please xperia E4. In lunched lolipop version please please please…..

  • Louy Kabbani

    i hope my m2 dual see the official lollipop << cuz it's rally a great smartphone ,i have one & i hope to confirm the "lollipop" on m2 dual & a
    qua as the c3 & t2 ultra had it
    & thx sony
    sony ,, make believe

  • Raynaldi Sutedjo

    fuck update, i’m just got nothing

  • Theva Prince

    ya sure sony xperia m2 dual lolipap haha…

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