Minor update (18.3.1.C.1.15) certified for Xperia M2 (LTE) and M2 Aqua

by XB on 27th April 2015

in Firmware, Xperia M2

Xperia M2_D2303_18.3.1.C.1.15Yesterday, we posted about minor firmware updates being certified for the Xperia M2 (HSPA+) and Xperia M2 Dual. Well today it is the turn of the LTE Xperia M2 models (D2303, D2306) and the Xperia M2 Aqua (D2403, D2406). Firmware build 18.3.1.C.1.15 has been certified, which is a small update compared to the current 18.3.1.C.1.13 build. We’ll let you know once the firmware starts to roll.

Xperia M2_D2303_18.3.1.C.1.15

Thanks Vinicius!

  • Fuad Nazal

    I guess it’s not the most important thing here, yet, it’s something more useful for 4.4.4 KitKat. Don’t know yet the extent which is made by this update, though.

    Hope to start seeding soon D:<.

  • Sergio

    “Thanks Vinicius!” Oh, come on! I told you on Twitter before!

  • Sultan Albatati

    Is it a way to see lollipop on my m2 aqua? Like z3, a week before lollipop, sony make a minor upgrade and rolling lollipop next week. bcause i have no problem in old build number. So i think it not just a bug fix but a way to see lollipop :D

  • student099

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  • Fuad Nazal

    You mean this? http://www.xperiablog.net/2015/03/20/small-xperia-z3-dual-update-23-0-1-f-0-102-rolling-in-portugal/ <- Well, certainly, there's a few days between the update and the certification to Lollipop for Z3, but, remember the fact Z series had confirmation for Lollipop, different from us, which doesn't have any clue 'bout getting or not Lollipop update.

  • Sultan Albatati

    Yeah true. But let see , z series is flagship. Sony will never want to make z owners angry with them. So they confirmed early lollipop come to their phone. But it my opinion, so you can hear or just past it.

  • Fuad Nazal

    I was no tryin’ to pick a fight here, if you think so D:<. Whatever would be the case, the chance is still rounding out there. No matter what we say, if they are interested in upgrade Xperia M2, then, will happen. But, the chance by the minor update is probable either way.

  • Joe Kasselman

    Hope to see the Accelerometer bug fixed in this update.. :D

    And YES Lollipop would be AWESOME in a few weeks.. :D, but not putting my heart on it though!

  • Joe Kasselman

    Update just landed on M2 Aqua in South Africa!!! WIll keep you updated! :D :D :D

  • Joe Kasselman

    Hi All,

    Just finished the 18.3.1.C.1.15 update, and seems to be the same. I see little performance enhancements and still to see if the Accelerometer bug is fixed.


  • Joe Kasselman

    Qnd this is hoe the accelerometer but got fixed.. Happy days!

  • Benn

    Check out the site from Sony itself, it says the next update is 5.1 for the M2, M2 Aqua and M2 Dual :) i think it’ll come like one of the last months this year

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