Xperia Z4 to be marketed as Xperia Z3+ globally?

by XB on 28th April 2015

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Xperia Z4Sony Mobile Japan announced the Xperia Z4 last week, however an international release was noticeably absent. A number of people have criticised Sony for releasing an iterative update to the Xperia Z3, with changes limited to the chipset, 5MP front-facing camera and cap less micro USB charging port. In particular, the design remains essentially the same.

Well given these issues, if Sony does plan to launch the ‘Xperia Z4’ globally it may decide to launch it as the “Xperia Z3+”. This comes from the white paper of the Sony SCR30 Style Cover Window accessory for the Xperia Z4. Compatible products for the case are listed as the “Xperia Z4/Z3+”.

The name would certainly be more appropriate given the iterative nature of the new handset. This would leave Sony able to reveal a more worthy successor to the Xperia Z3 later – most likely in the form of the Xperia Z5.

Update: Sony has pulled the white paper completely, adding credence to the rumouor.

Xperia Z3+_1

Xperia Z3+_2


  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    So much on focusing on software side. LOL who am I kidding.

  • ShinOrochiX

    I hope they do this, release the Japanese Z4 as the Z3+ worldwide. Then what they could do is release the next flagship as the Z5 worldwide (incl. Japan) as the Bond phone with a new design, updated software and so on… Lets be honest Sony’s 5.0 firmware wasn’t worth the wait since they ‘teased’ it back in late 2014, nothing special, looks like a half done job with the AOSP style status bar.

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  • ash

    Worth a wait for me

  • Tony Okoro

    There won’t be another z4. They’ll just move on to the z5 after this. Pricing is key. So long as it’s cheaper than the s6 and produced in limited numbers. Let’s face it this device ain’t gonna fly off the shelves!

  • tmnd

    What are you saying?! Lollipop update was solid. I found very little to no issues at all.

    The update worth it.

  • japolis

    yea i like sonys lollipop, close to stock but still xperia

  • japolis

    lets hope so.. although im sticking with my year old z1c for now :p

  • japolis

    really ? all sony has to do now is update the 2 year old Z, it took a while but in 3 weeks they did global z3, z1/z ultra and t2 ultra/c3

  • japolis

    i would never buy a samsung, ive considered htc and nexus but probably sony

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  • Shaktimaan

    Z3 prime
    Z3 Neo
    Z3 Plus
    Z3 advance
    :p Samsungification in progress

    Anyways, glad that it isn’t the z4, phew!

  • aiamkesz

    I hope the “Y Concept” leak to be released as Z5 and it’s my next phone for sure after my Xperia Z for now.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    this is the way to go…marketing multiple devices but inheriting the (renowned) attributes of the main device

  • prakhar Gour
  • prakhar Gour

    IF THIS REAL its great than any other

  • Wolfmachien

    If that were real, it’d be like sprinting backwards with your balls hanging out. The current omnibalance design is far better and easy on the eye .That design in that link would be going back to the ugly xperia S era.

  • dim

    Me too.

  • XzZZ

    Maybe it will be the last xperia flagship with omnibalance design, so if the new design is not success, the omnibalance with latest processor is available too.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    go back to the arc design please.

  • HAWX

    And I hope they’ll put something else then Snapdragon 810. Also if they do the Windows edition of it that would Be Deamn cool.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    He just like to complain because he can…

  • Dean Newell

    My dream (but realistic) sony phone to replace my Z2:

    5.5″ 1920×1080 RGB OLED Display w/ Gorilla Glass 4
    Snapdragon 820 w/ 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM
    21MP IMX230 w/ 8MP Front Facing Camera and sapphire lenses and Dual LED Flash
    8.3mm thick Machined aluminium body w/ Gorilla Glass 4 accents (ie. iPhone 5/5S)

    IP68 dust/waterproofing
    4000mAh battery w/ Qi Wireless Charging
    Fingerprint sensor imbedded into bottom bezel
    Front Facing Stereo Speakers w/ dedicated amps
    32/64/128GB of UFS 2.0 NAND w/ Micro SD Card Support
    LTE Advanced support
    At least 74% screen to body ratio

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  • Well Z3+ is not that far from Z3 neo….but anyways, i hate false rumours…

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  • No. Confusing people and making them buy something they didn’t actually want, like Samsung does, is not the way to go.

  • ??. ????????

    Beautiful :]

  • ??. ????????

    Me three :D

  • charbel aoun

    Z4 should be:
    5.5 inch display QHD
    Fingerprint scanner
    32GB, 4GB RAM
    20.7 MP camera 1.8 Aperneture
    Dual flash
    5 MP camera with flash
    Snapdragon 810
    Battery 4000 mAh


    I think they mean Z3 plus all of its iterations.

  • japolis

    no more glass back imo, a thin all metal would be nicr

  • japolis

    its nice if youre into it but many probably arent

  • Hieu Nguyen

    Yes! That would be amazing. I’m so regret that I didn’t go for an Xperia Arc then :(. That design made me love Sony. :))

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  • Netto Dashius Hexareus

    Snapdragon 820 is still unapplicable and incompatible with Android. Why? Because Snap820 is not a traditional CPu where you can simply run Android on it. It’s the new neuromorphic computation platform. Unless Google itself will update the Android so it’ll run on NPU, then Snap820 is not a feasible choice. Better stick on 810 and improve the software running on it.

  • nope, this might be applelification. 3+ before 4

  • ShinOrochiX

    Lol my bad then, I have an Xperia SP running 4.3 JB so can only say based on the few pictures and videos I have seen.

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  • jag

    Sony’s take on lollipop is the best I’ve seen. It’s worth all the wait we’ve made. No issues or whatsoever here.

  • adneon0

    It’s actually happening now.. SONY IS STRUGGLING !!

  • Moonlight

    They might cancel Z-series…I heard some rumors that they have this decision as an option… Probably it’s time to move on! Wish they could revive S-series!

  • adneon0

    The unique Sony culture and spirit keeps on deteriorating . ! :(

  • Timel

    Yeahhhhh I love arc Design so much ^^

  • Timel

    Ops! 4000 mAh battery?
    Some sony fanboy here told me that will make the phone thicker LOL

  • Timel

    they should cancel the entire Xperia brand, not just Z series

  • Iki

    Playstation sales and Imaging Sensor Business made Sony post its best quarterly profit in seven years and increase its projection for annual sales. Sony now expects a full-year operating profit of 20 billion yen, compared with an earlier forecast for a 40 billion-yen loss.

  • Timel

    where is One Sony phone?
    I still dont see it

    Bravia, Cyber-shot, Walkman, PlayStation, Sony Music, Sony Pictures, they should team up with Xperia division

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  • Great Dude

    Too good to be true.

  • marcy_ff2

    Yes arc design without the buttons at the bottom would look insanely good!

  • Great Dude

    8.3mm thick, 4000 mAH battery, and relastic.

    I don’t think so, however be optimistic.
    Other specifications may happen in future (although S820 can’t come this summer)

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    They’ll just market the int’l Z4 as Z4+ in Japan. :P

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    They’ll just market the int’l Z4 as Z4+ in Japan. :P

  • aiamkesz

    If you ask me then they should make their own Processor and OS too. That’d be so cool! :)

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  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Sony supply definitely do this ^. Release their flagship, and have a Windows, and Google Edition. Best way to get more people who prefer stock or Windows to buy their phones

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  • KlausWillSeeYouNow

    Processor, yes – OS, no.

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  • crazychef83

    Yes that is a great suggestion but imaging that they come out with the ONE SONY PHONE that you mention.
    Would you pay over one thousand dollars for it because that is what it will cost you. That goes for all of the smartphone nerds. that continuously say:
    Sony should use this chip and this sensor and this ui, etc…
    If sony did what you wanted would you dish out more than One Thousand DOllars for your cell phone? And then a few months later crying:
    this sucks I spent so much money on this phone and it is useless or it over heats

  • crazychef83

    will you really be using your the fingerprint scanner?
    do you really understand the aperture for the lens?

  • crazychef83

    Sorry XperiaBlog but I’m a bit tired of reading a lot of these spots that suggests what should be in the next sony smart phone.
    And then when they don’t get their way all they do is cry.

  • Kaostheory

    You do understand Sony was first with 5.0.2 and it’s stable. Samsung not even updating their S4 mini. Also originally on 4.4.4 while Samsung only got 4.4.2 on most of theirs.

  • Nawi

    Z3+ = Z3 Neo

    Sorry Vizilieaks

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  • Timel

    for me PlayStation = Personal Computer and I do love what Sony have done with their PlayStation devices especially Sony’s Orbis OS and Vita OS, I’m pretty love them at least it proved that Sony can make their own OS LOL

    But to be honest, You shouldn’t ask so much for advanced techs from Sony Sony never can do the advanced computer engineering work like making OS and chipset, Sony can’t do those job as great as Apple and Google

    Sony this era don’t have the ability to do the advanced job like that anymore, Sorry!

  • Svnjay

    I like the Xperia Play and Pro designs.

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  • hmmm

    another fail from Sony…same display,same ram,same stupid camera,same design…everything is the same = sony is going way way down!!!!

  • wumps13

    Today LG show us what is a good flagship…

  • Timel

    Yep, just one perfect flagship phone per year

  • Timel

    Samsungification, Applification, HTCification whatever! Fuck them! so stupid!

  • Timel

    Xperia version of Lollipop is the ugliest

  • Timel

    if Sony don’t combine their techs into one flagship phone, Sony will never win this game

  • Timel

    Sony should cancel the Xperia brand not just Z series

  • Timel

    Think again
    Samsung really go hard with their S6

  • Vuyo Ncube

    GS6 doesn’t have a microSD card slot and battery life is meh, speaker faces downward
    One M9 crippled by SD810, camera is meh and battery life is meh
    LG G4 uses subpar SD808 with lower memory bandwidth and slower GPU than SD805 and older LPDDR3 RAM pushing a QHD display, battery life is probably OK but not amazing
    Apple can suck it, their next iPhone will probably cost $1000 for 16GB version

    Fingers still crossed for a 1080p Z5 with an SD820, UFS 2.0 from Samsung (with microSD card slot somehow) and new camera before 2016 :P

  • crazychef83

    I can’t respond why others should buy Sony phones instead of the competition. I can tell you why I bought a Sony phone.
    1- I like that sony is different or tries to be different from other companies, they are willing to try many things until they get it wright in my opinion.
    2- I do not like to follow crowds (I don’t like to buy what others have)
    3- I like how sony is trying to intertwine all of their products.
    4- I’m a big fan of the underdog because i’m an underdog.

  • Well, I would like to believe this but I think that the Xperia Z3+ must be in market since months ago because they will lost the run against Samsung Galaxy S6 or the new LG G4.

    Anyway, I also think the Xperia Z3+/Z4 must improve the image of Sony Mobile because many people still think that their phones can’t be worst than they are…

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    That’s great also.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Yes it would be great !!

  • Theorangefox

    I just want a Z Ultra successor with hardware improvements, and to be able to use Skype in portrait mode!

  • liminal

    I really don’t understand why people are disappointed. It seems like they are just transitioning to a new annual flagship, with a new design language and killer features. Let’s not get greedy or impatient.

    They had to release something in Japan due to previous launch timings which has meant that a chunk of people are approaching contract renewals. So what is the Z4/Z3+? In Japan it’s a flagship device to capture those Z/Z1/Z2 owners looking for a new phone. Internationally, it’s the final phase of the Omnibalance era and is not meant to be a “true” flagship. It’s offering slightly better specs but shies away from declaring itself as Sony’s best effort – it’s a +. They are possibly launching internationally (or in a few more selected markets) because this phone can probably be produced in same factories and on the same manufacturing lines as the Z3 and the new phone will keep Sony on the shelves until the autumn. Phones are in development for a long time and shifting strategy will inevitably lead to some awkward junctures. Snapdragon issues probably delayed things hence the weird timing now.

    Wait til September and I’m sure we will be impressed/exciting by a new direction from Sony Mobile. I think this won’t just be design and specs, but also branding, naming and strategy. One annual flagship line, with Compact and Ultra variants, released each year in time for the Holidays.

  • brian007

    S820 will be better

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  • Sony

    Z3S, Z4, Z4S, Z5, Z5S…

  • Yep, that name is accurate for this version. Sony should have named the same in Japan too. they just messed up with the name Z4. kind of lost a whole generation flagship. Maybe now we should expect a Z5 in fall with the release of Spectre and Z5 being the Bond phone.

  • Utsav Shah

    Or go towards walkman ZX-2 !

  • 1enolcym

    Give me one good reason to go from Xperia SP (or Nokia E52) to Galaxy S6 edge?

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  • AlexperiaT

    Yes and +soft touch plastic. Or just take Z2 Tablet and make it with 4.6-5″ display – that`s all for the design (don`t use glass and fragile case).

  • StarSix Cooper

    Xperia is the coolest phone there is, all i wanted was a better processor and gpu and they delivered, now its the perfect device for remote play and android games with the dualshock 4. Its almost stock android which is best and AMOLED 2K screens are cool but i can settle for lcd and its benefits of a slimmer/lighter device and better battery life. Sony aims perfectly at its target demographic which is people with a ps4, that love gaming and going to the pool, jacoozi or taking a bath everyday. As far as people complaining about the design? Dont fix what is not broken, Sonys name is awesome and so is the design from an artistic point of view, the sleek subtle designs, logo and accessories to accent the phones qualities (gaming mount, magnetic charger for maintaining ip68). It sells great in Japan but not here…marketing is bad out here, i sell phones for verizon and my manager gets mad when i sell the phone because it doesnt gain good gross profit for retailers and other employees dont sell it because sony offers no incentives. samsung goes out the door like crazy because the employee pay checks go up with cash spiffs and better gross profit. we hate selling apple because theres no gross profit and no cash spiffs but at least there is crazy accessories all over the store to help our pay checks.


    ps when its slow i play on my game mount and show off the ds4 with modern combat 5 and it sells its self, too bad i have to defill the phone cause theres never any in stock!

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  • RoberMC

    Yeah, so hard it doesn’t even have MicroSd support, and it’s processor is not cutting it against the SD 810. They also removed water resistance… Samsung is getting worst and worst.

  • RoberMC

    It is always the same, they just need to compile a new kernel for the SD820. The same happens everytime there is a significant evolution in processors. i don’t see where the problem is, it is not like anybody is going to desolder the SD800 from their devices and solder a SD820 in place

  • Timel

    I feel your jealousy hahahaha
    It hurts right? Hahaha
    So shame that Xperia’s camera is much worse than the S6, Xperia flagship phones always have the world’s worst smartphone camera Hahahaha
    Can’t help man, your Sony sucks!

    And who the fuck cares water and dust resistant? Oh! Maybe only brainless Xperia fanboys here care

    95% of users, they will keep their smartphone away from water for avoiding the water accidentally anyway
    End uses really don’t need the bullshit waterproof feature,
    Water and dust resistant is a good thing but it’s not important enough to make people buy Sony smartphone anyway

    Great camera great auto mode is what end users want and if Sony still don’t get the point then Goodbye Sony!

  • AnP

    Proud owner of the Xperia T, I have to agree with you :) Just feels so different and good, that design

  • loveley456

    Every Time xperiablog with you
    ————— SEE MORE INFO<—– <<<<

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  • Well this wont be confusing to consumers at all. Nothing like a product identity crysis to boost sales.

  • aiamkesz

    Then again the haters will flood the Internet bashing on a design being 2011. Just as they are bashing Omni-balance design for just being two years-old. I am not saying Arc design is not good but that people will always criticize.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Let they be. Hater can be only the hater nothing else.

  • vzangel

    The name is not the problem; the problem is the phone.

  • dim

    I used to own Xperia t what a good device. Good memories. Could take kit kat. Moved to z1 c.

  • pytajnik

    who cares, sony is dead anyways

  • InspectorGadget80

    Looks like I’m done with Sony. Going to buy the LG G4.

  • RoberMC

    Jealousy?, why?, if i would want a Samsung i would buy a Samsung, and if i want good pictures, i use my DSLR camera, all smartphones camera are mediocre in comparison. But i am 100% sure i would never, ever, buy a smartphone without microSd card. As i frequently use it as a media storage and server outside home.

    I also like having powerful devices and the latest exynos is like… meh… And i usually wash my phone under the tap, it shines like new after that, no dust remaining anywhere on joints, microphone, etc, it is like a brand new phone, i enjoy the waterproofing a lot (also good for taking “mediocre” pictures underwater, something my DSLR cannot do)

    What puzzles me is, what are you doing in an xperia blog, you Samsung troll?

  • Geese Howard

    Yeah it’s hard but it goes limp very fast… and what’s the point of being ‘hard’ when you can’t ‘pound hard’ huh? That’s a Samskunk for you.. Ppl who use a Sony goes hard and ‘drives’ hard! I know I do :D

  • John Kar

    “I like that sony is different or tries to be different from other
    companies, they are willing to try many things until they get it wright
    in my opinion.”

    I think that’s Samsung, not SONY. Samsung is known for throwing everything they can think of to the wall and seeing what sticks. Most times, they don’t work like the Note Edge or the Air Gestures gimmick, but sometimes they do end up working and setting trends in the industry like the phablet and now the dual-edged smartphone design.

    The S6 Edge is probably going to ruin the sales of a lot of smartphones for the next few years until someone can copy it. Rumors state that the S6 Edge is actually selling slightly better than the normal S6.

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  • 5u5m1t

    The lollipop update was way late but I’ll credit Sony in that it has not caused any problems for me as of yet.

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  • Moe Sat

    I can’t understand why sony use older camera hardwares and old software. Sony’s CEO…what are you doing?.Now,i really disappointed.Why Why Why ? SONY….you are look like a fool.:-( …you must know you are camera company.

  • Emir Zarith


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  • DavidBaik(????????)

    Shit… what about a person who collect Xperia Z series???

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  • beby99

    the sortie of the Xperia Z4 or the Xperia Z3 + outside Japan would still good news for fans of the brand who will wish renew their smartphone.

  • aseuss

    Sony, cram your NWZ hi-res audio tech into your phone, then call it Walkman Phone. It’ll sell like hotcakes. There’s a lot of nostalgia around Walkman and people who grew up in the 80s and 90s would like to say they own one again. Hey, you have nothing to lose.

  • Kyle Alexander

    You are a very very sad man. Get a life -_-

  • Kyle Alexander

    Hey u got the same phone as me. Can i ask you something? How is your SP performing? Just wanna know for reference sake.

  • Kyle Alexander

    You’ve got a point there

  • Kyle Alexander


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