SmartBand Talk SWR30 update adds out-of-range alert, new watchface and more

by XB on 30th April 2015

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SmartBand Talk Update_4.0.0.56_1Sony Mobile has updated the SmartBand Talk SWR30 (app version; firmware version to bring in a few more features which includes an out-of-range alert that notifies the user if their phone has been left behind. The alarm has also been improved with support for a vibration-only mode.

In the last update, Sony allowed users to choose from a range of customizable watchfaces for the first time. Sony has added another watchface to the mix (see the screen below). For the weather watchfaces, Sony has improved the location search. It’s nice to see some useful updates here.

SmartBand Talk Update_4.0.0.56_1

SmartBand Talk Update_4.0.0.56_2 SmartBand Talk Update_4.0.0.56_3

SmartBand Talk Update_4.0.0.56_4 SmartBand Talk Update_4.0.0.56_5

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    I’m still happy with the original SmartBand

  • valentino

    Selling my Smartwatch 2 to buy this. No regrets. but the plastic screen though..

  • theskig

    No regrets in daylight, but at night time? :)
    BTW I also have the SW2 but I think I’ll keep it for a little more…

  • valentino

    Ummm. First I thought it would be a problem at night. But you can see the band at night on street or some places with minimal light. Just change the watch to white background. The only place I cannot see the band when on pitch black darkness. Like in my bedroom without any lights on. Well I like sw2 for notification and style but I need the talk function. Hehehhe every device has different needs. And the swr 30 have 3 days+ battery life and charge fast. Unlike my sw2 less than 3 days and charge longer. Hehhe. Actually I want moto 360 but it’s too expensive no money XD.

  • Tangent Lin

    Use your phone. :-)

  • Flythe

    Nice additions, but neither Voice Control nor TrackID work on Lollipop on my Z3C, which are two of the functions I need my SmartBand the most for. Sony should go for that first. :/

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Agreed, really looking forward to upgrading to their new Smartband

  • valentino

    I put my phone in my bag most of time. Swr 30. Make it simpler when receiving calls. Actually I Came from note 3 and galaxy gear combo. So quite miss the experience. Hahha already use many Samsung and sony phones. I think I will stick with Sony Z3.

  • theskig

    You never use the watch as a torch? So useful! :)
    Handling calls is a nice feature too, but don’t expect more battery time than the SW2 if you use it as a handsfree!
    For the charging time why you need a faster one? Mine takes about an hour to recharge (and 1 and half hour with an old 500mAh SonyEricsson charger)

  • theskig

    Good choice!

  • valentino

    1 hour charging.. Wow.. I thought my old sw2 only half an hour. And swr30 only 5 or 10 minutes. Ya call handling is nice features. Everything in sw2 is good. But somehow sony doesn’t support it anymore on pc companion. Well the bad thing is I Came from galaxy gear which full of features. The thing I miss now is the music control. Hahha I cannot control next and previous song. Unlike sw2.

  • Tangent Lin

    Can’t compare this with galaxy gear, swr30 is cheaper than galaxy gear. I’m using swr30, I like it mainly because good looking, my phone can always be silent when i wear this, won’t miss any notification, with swr30 i will always wake up on time, and have decent call quality.

  • valentino

    In my country its almost same price. Ya great design. Like upgraded version. Of galaxy gear fit. But no glass and colors. I like it anyway. Dunno I feel I can compare it since its a smart wear and I have used galaxy gear.

  • anderson44

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  • Andy Emmett

    hi does anybody know where to find the id number on SWR30?

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