Xperia Z4 Style Cover Window themes hit the Google Play Store [Update]

by XB on 30th April 2015

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SCR30 Xperia Copper ThumbSony Mobile will launch the SCR30 Style Cover Window case for the Xperia Z4 when it is released later this year. The Style Cover Window is a waterproof case (IPX5/8 classification) which has a window allowing you to activate a number of tasks without opening the cover including reading a message, controlling music, answering a call or activating the camera. The SCR30 case is made from PU leather and will be available in four colours (Black, White, Copper, Aqua).

To prepare for the launch, Sony has updated its Xperia wallpaper themes for three colours (Black, White and Copper) to match the case you may end up buying when the Xperia Z4 launches. This includes new wallpaper for these colours. Links to all can be found below.

Xperia Z4 Style Cover Window Xperia Theme – Black

Xperia Theme Style Cover Window_Black_1_result

Xperia Theme Style Cover Window_Black_2_result

Xperia Theme Style Cover Window_Black_3_result

Xperia Z4 Style Cover Window Xperia Theme – Copper

Xperia Theme Style Cover Window_Copper_1_result

Xperia Theme Style Cover Window_Copper_2_result

Xperia Theme Style Cover Window_Copper_3_result

Xperia Z4 Style Cover Window Xperia Theme – White

Xperia Theme Style Cover Window_White_1_result

Xperia Theme Style Cover Window_White_2_result

Xperia Theme Style Cover Window_White_3_result

Update: Sony Mobile has now launched the Aqua Green Xperia Z4 Style Cover Window Xperia Theme.

Xperia Z4 Style Cover Window Xperia Theme – Aqua Green

Xperia Z4 Style Cover Window Xperia Theme – Aqua_1_result

Xperia Z4 Style Cover Window Xperia Theme – Aqua_2_result

Xperia Z4 Style Cover Window Xperia Theme – Aqua_3_result

Thanks Abdoul and Ayub!

  • Chris Mckechnie

    Am I the only one who thinks cases like this are rotten? If I wanted to see a tiny screen I’d buy an iPhone

  • gmfady

    .. beautiful style covers & themes (-:

  • yuskhayru

    Still no sign z4/z3+ to be release globally.

  • Raj Singh

    I want this phone but I don’t live in Japan.

  • mohsen

    nice as sony

  • Sasa

    Original wallpapers from these 3 themes are in 1440×2560 (lockscreen) and 2880×2560 (homescreen) resolution, which means that they are designed for QHD screens, which means that the Xperia Z3+ (global Z4) will come with QHD screen instead Full HD screen. :)

  • Svnjay

    Looks good.

  • Niels d. G.

    It’s meant to be able to see the time and some notifications without needing to open the case

  • Luis

    Wait for z5, the rumored spexs look ezcellent

  • DavidBaik(????????)

    it is ‘white’? i think that is gray. :P

  • valentino

    Like how the cover looks but hate the protection. the edges are going to scratch. Like scr24. Arggh the only thing I want from z4 is the SD 810. My dream is I can go to sony service center and replace my processor with SD810. Like a Pc. Upgrade whenever and whatever you want.

  • brick

    I hope this one will be better than the same cover for the xperia z3 which is complete garbage not worth even half of the 35€ they made me pay for it.

  • valentino

    use devil case or case mate or rasta banana bumper. XD the moment i saw the edges exposed are already a big no.

  • Dar!o

    Wait for z6 or z7, will be better then previous one!

  • Abdullah Mohamed

    IQ level over 900? xD

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  • Timel

    Many people hate double standard of Sony

  • ShinOrochiX

    Maybe one day, Google’s Project Ara is still alive!

  • Nope, the pic taken for wallpaper is cropped, so it must have higher res to match the FHD.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    tired of waiting ..

  • valentino

    but i dont like the design.. hahah i like the glass sandwich and still upgradeable processor. and waterproof dustproof. (shockproof even) XD

  • Aleky2002

    Well then DON’T buy a flip case

  • Raj Singh

    It’s not a double standard. They just don’t know WTF they’re doing.
    They still make awesome hardware but they are clueless when it comes to a sales and marketing strategy. Do they even have one?
    It’s like DC that has no clue what to do with its film universe and superhero catalogue.

  • Kaostheory

    Have you ever built a computer? I used to, the bonus is you can hide the tower which was always bigger than something like a Mac. How are you going to hide a phone that will obviously have to be way bigger than every other flagship with the same specs? Sorry to say that upgradeability will not work on portables.

  • Utsav Shah

    get it from ebay

  • Raj Singh

    No. Sony Mobile won’t cover the warranty. Already looked into it.

  • anderson44

    Every Time xperiablog with you
    ————— SEE MORE INFO<—– <<<<

  • Kristo

    Nah, waiting for the z8, to have max power. Wait, maybe z9, or z10. Or z683 :D

  • Kristo

    It’s for minimal protection (especially the screen) while still being able to do small tasks like check time/notification.

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