Sony BSP60 Smart Bluetooth Speaker hits pre-order for £220/€299 in Europe

by XB on 5th May 2015

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Sony BSP60 Smart Bluetooth Speaker_4The Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60 is now available to pre-order in Europe through the Sony Mobile Store. Pricing isn’t cheap for Sony’s dancing speaker with pre-orders at £220 in the UK and €299 in mainland Europe. However, Sony is bundling in the SmartBand Talk SWR30 free of charge if you pre-order the device before 21 June 2015. Shipments will start in late June.

This pre-order promotion will run in the following markets: France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK, Italy, Poland and Sweden. However, other regions are also set to receive the BSP60 at launch including USA, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Singapore, Ireland, Switzerland, and Luxembourg.

At its very basic, the Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60 is a portable speaker with a wake-up alarm and hands-free calling, but given the ‘smart’ tag it does so much more. This includes personal alerts and multi-lingual voice control, this can include voice reminders for the day ahead or the weather for the day. Play some music and you can also see the speaker ‘dance’ in time with whatever you are playing.

Sony Smart BSP60 Bluetooth Speaker

Sony BSP60 Smart Bluetooth Speaker_1

Sony BSP60 Smart Bluetooth Speaker_2

Sony BSP60 Smart Bluetooth Speaker_3

Sony BSP60 Smart Bluetooth Speaker_4

Sony BSP60 Smart Bluetooth Speaker_5

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

  • HAWX

    I will buy lots of cool Sony products :D! (If I get rich :)

  • SkyS1gn

    Looks so retard, my Arctic S113BT is better than this im sure!

  • metai

    Wow … these things are still around? I remember those dancing Sony speakers being sold in high-street shops in Japan … in 2008.

  • fluxx

    For 299 EUR it better does not only dance but bring me a drink.

  • azerti

    wtf ! thought it was going to be between 50 or 80€… no way i buy this for 300€ !

  • Nander

    very cool, I’ll buy one

  • SimonPieman

    I can get proper sounding AllPlay multiroom audio for less. Not crap sounding bluetooth

  • inspire

    Whatever it does or however smart it is, the price is definitely not justified here! Atleast 3x expensive!
    I can get a nice Sony home theater 5.1 in this price!

    Just wait a month for xiaomi/ other cheap Chinese manufacturer to copy the design / concept, drop the build and sound quality and sell it for 50 euros and then Sony will wonder why this little cute thing os not selling!

  • bilomar

    The speaker is cool but the price….meh

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  • thew01

    innovation always deserve it ;)

  • Stephen

    love product but price is ridiculous

  • jag

    It’s like Haro of Gundam Seed! ^^

  • Battal Aljadei
  • Sony’s starting to develop Haro :D

  • well, that’s a different kind of product ya know, but maybe they were inspired by Haro :)

  • AnP

    Sony is smart making such smart products but not all that smart when it comes to the pricing! Instead of winning people’s admiration and approval, they always do this…

  • Makiz
  • Eduardo Otero

    I don’t mind those more than €300 . I’ll get one!!

  • theskig

    So cute and so expensive…

  • cleark44

    More Right things of xperia
    ————— SEE MORE INFO<—– <<<<

  • Dino Laguvardo

    hahahah with 300 euros we can buy excellent speakers not that piece of s…..t

  • goldenblls

    The price will come down as always. Nice to see a bit of the old Sony we love coming back. Fun and not afraid to be different.

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  • jonyah

    I’d order one without the Smartband Talk. I’m assuming it’ll be about half that price or maybe 100 euro less considering the price of the band (which I already have).

  • Great Dude

    The one you mentioned is inspired by cartoons and it resembles a face.

    The one that Sony did inspired by the classic alarm clock

    However, “My Haro” can dance and make music.

    Sony’s smart bluetooth speaker can dance and make music and also it can be a “portable speaker with a wake-up alarm and hands-free calling” and also be used for “personal alerts and multi-lingual voice control, this can include voice reminders for the day ahead or the weather for the day”

  • Battal Aljadei

    Yes, i say Miuro is one year before Sony Rolly !
    Now who is the thief ?

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