Sony SCR38 Style Cover Stand for Xperia C4

by XB on 11th May 2015

in Accessories, Xperia C4

Sony SCR38 Style Cover Stand for Xperia C4_5Sony Mobile plans to launch the Style Cover Stand SCR38 case for the upcoming Xperia C4 and Xperia C4 Dual. As with other Style Cover Stand cases, the SCR38 offers protection for the Xperia C4 including a sleep/wake function and the case can also be used as a desk stand. The case weighs 60 grams and is expected to launch with the Xperia C4 in June 2015.

Sony SCR38 Style Cover Stand for Xperia C4_2

Sony SCR38 Style Cover Stand for Xperia C4_1

Sony SCR38 Style Cover Stand for Xperia C4_3

Sony SCR38 Style Cover Stand for Xperia C4_4

Sony SCR38 Style Cover Stand for Xperia C4_5

  • gmfady

    beautiful cover protection & stand .. as usual Sony :-)

  • naru

    Is the Xperia C4’s construction made up of poly carbornates or have they used metals like aluminmum.

  • gmfady

    indeed its made up of poly carbonate with fortified corners
    cheers (-:

  • ssjdino

    The case is nice and all, but I’m still refreshing Xperia Blog for any freaking piece of info on M4 Aqua release date ! xD I’m desperate, I know.. xD

  • Svnjay

    It has aluminum and polycarbonate.

  • I’m doing the same.. Except I’m checking for any Z4 US release news.

  • Andre Lemard

    You should try using Pushbullet if you don’t want to keep refreshing. Whenever XB posts something, you get a notification on your phone, PC, Mac or whatever device you use on it.

  • Robin

    Where is lollipop update for Xperia ZR????? >_<

  • Paul Lam

    Why does the C4 not have a proximity sensor? The C3 had it. Bad decision from Sony. :(

  • ssjdino

    Well that’s cool, thanks for the info ! xP

  • Dickson

    XB my Xperia Z1 upgrade camera mode Superior Auto added cooking mode, AR Mask, and Style Portrait please, update camera mode and camera app

  • Dickson

    XB I’m like food mode camera in XPERIA Z1, Z2, Z3 please upgrade enchantments

  • Dickson

    Camera Mode Cooking Mode

  • In Portugal, the M4 Aqua will be released in may 28th according to (dual version)

  • ssjdino

    For a phone announced in Feb/Mar, it sure is taking it’s sweet time. xD Well better late than never, guess they want it to be super polished in software sense.

  • Snorky112

    because it has

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    does this cover have magnetic wake functionality?

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    LOL enchantments…… it too magical for you dude?

  • Andre Lemard

    It’s fine :)

  • nick

    Once again..only few in the world is going to see the cover…rest will just keep waiting

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  • binnu23

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  • Look at that virus now ! … xD

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  • The_Newtype

    More accessories are never a bad thing, but I don’t have a lot of faith in the quality of Sony add-ons as of late. Curious to see how this holds up after months of use.

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  • Great Dude

    I don’t see it and I disagree with you.

    I take both photos from Sonymobile :

    Prove it

  • Great Dude

    Nice case and helpful especially when you are using Skype with your phone.

  • Gohanks Yan

    i’m worried about the price of this smartphone


    Hey,I found one like this with magnetic lock system.

    Can the magnetic damage my Xperia in some way?

  • Jade Booth

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  • Valeria Alejandra Souza Monter

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