Music Beta update (9.0.1.A.2.0) brings Google Cast support

by XB on 22nd May 2015

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Music Beta 9.0.1.A.2.0_1Sony Mobile has updated the Walkman Beta build number to version 9.0.1.A.2.0beta. The big new feature of this release is Google Cast support, although the dev team cites that this is an experimental feature. Other changes include better looking album art in the lock screen (for those on Lollipop) and the “Download music info” feature has been moved to the Settings menu. If you want to download the update you can join the Music Beta on Google+ or download the APK below.

DOWNLOAD APK: Music (9.0.1.A.2.0beta)

Music Beta 9.0.1.A.2.0_1 Music Beta 9.0.1.A.2.0_2

Music Beta 9.0.1.A.2.0_3

  • SimonPieman

    No allplay support yet? We don’t want lo-fi Chromecast or Bluetooth. Xperia is about quality. 24/96 allplay streaming

  • Niels d. G.

    They should re-add the transparancy and blur effects to the menus of the multimedia apps, like in What’s New, to make it beautiful again. Not this boring plain grey everywhere…

  • wared

    The only problem I have with Sony’s music app is the “download music information”, it’s replacing the wrong images on the wrong songs and it’s repeating the same image in many songs.

  • smileman

    Having the same problem

  • smileman


  • smileman

    Please please Sony look at how the lock screen play controls look on the Nexus with stock Android. On the Nexus they are beautifully built into the lock screen. The Sony music app puts them in an ugly notification that blocks the album artwork. Why?

    Also please bring back the USB DAC option.

  • nik

    Finally!! Chromecast support :)

  • Sadman Khan


  • MariaJDecker

    ??????? $73.. per-hr @mi34//



  • Personally I find the blur effect ugly on Lollipop. It might fit Holo Design, but not Material Design.
    Then it’s all about tastes. If you don’t like it, you may love some other apps or phones.

  • Would be better with an Android version in your comment. On Lollipop, it’s like AOSP.

  • Niels d. G.

    The plain dark grey doesn’t fit Material either.
    And not everything has to look exactly the same, though. Material Design is starting to feel more like “default generic design”, since all third-party apps are starting to look almost exactly the same as competitor apps with it. There’s little to nothing that still distinguishes the third-party apps from one another. Material Design was nice and cool when it was special, but it’s not special anymore.

  • smileman

    If Sony really cared about making album art look better on the lock screen then this is how they should integrate the music play controls directly into the lock screen:×353.jpg

  • sandhu57

    ?????????? xperiablog====== —->SEE INFO< <<<< >

  • Timel

    Absolutely agree!!!

    The entire system UI must be transparency / glass-like effects like What’s New app as well, it looks beautiful and classy, paper-like flat UI doesn’t deserve with Xperia devices at all

  • Apollo89

    Material Design looks cheap and boring as hell. The awful flat design trend has already ruined the design of Windows, iOS and now Android as well.

  • Timel


    Material Design is fugly
    Windows 10 is also fugly

    I love the UI of iOS 8 and PSVita OS more

  • Timel

    Me too, Gracenote sucks!

    Hopefully Sony will add song lyrics and pitch control features to Xperia Music app

  • Roma Blackline

    ?? ??? ????????!? ??????? Walkman!

  • WendyNCarlson

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  • tony75

    ??????? xperiablog====== —->SEE INFO< <<<< >

  • Amimanot

    Unfortunately, Google also did that with stock lollipop, so it’s not entirely Sony’s fault

  • True. But then it’s all about tastes.

  • Tan Keeyong

    It should do something like ttpod

  • Tan Keeyong

    Like this

  • TracyJSlavens

    ???? $73.. per-hr @mi18//



  • You’re going to be surprised: I don’t like it. :-)

  • snaker67

    ??????? xperiablog====== —->SEE INFO< <<<< >

  • Naos

    Blur effect look cheap, this new gray is classier

  • Niels d. G.

    Cheap? The effects in What’s New actually look like a lot of time has been put into it. The flat plain dark grey in Music and Video look very amateuristic and lifeless, IMO. It looks as if they didn’t want to spend more than 5 minutes to whip up a material design look.

  • Naos

    The simpler the better. You achieve perfect design when you cannot remove anything more.

  • Niels d. G.

    In my opinion, that is called “no design”.

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